A-Z Disability Challenge | F : Treat Your Friends In The Way You’d Want To Be Treated

I know I’ve said this for almost every post, but for today it is really important. The topic I will be discussing is how you should treat your disabled friends. I wish this was common sense, but I guess for some people, they lack knowing how to act while hanging out with a person with any kind of disability in both private and publicly!

I am purely basing this off of my own experiences I had while I was in school, because this was the time that I saw anybody outside of my family really making the conscious decision to really hang out with me outside of having a sleep over and of course, seeing each other in classes. This was also the point in my life that I realized that I was truly different than my “friends” because whenever I was around them, I made myself forget that I was disabled. I wanted to be like them so badly that I never felt accepted to be myself, so I wanted to write this post for both sides.

I loved birthday parties! I enjoyed getting out of the house and spending time with my friends outside of school. Although, from the ages 7 to about 10, there wasn’t anything too major that we all did together. I never played spin the bottle or seven minutes in heaven like most preteens did. Now whenever I had birthday parties and sleepovers, I was in a more controlled environment and everybody was basically forced to do what I wanted to do. After my 7th birthday and having over 20+ kids, that included a bunch of rowdy boys, came over to our house, I never had boys over ever. So, I never really had the chance to play spin the bottle like I really wanted to!

I think my favorite parties were over at Haley and Zack’s houses. I’ve been friends with both of them for YEARS! I met Haley in kindergarten, she was my first true friend and Zack’s grandparents lived really close to mine, so we’d see each other almost every other weekend. Anyways, I loved going to their parties. Whenever I would go over to Haley’s, we would be indoors, but when I was attending Zack’s, we were mostly outdoors, sitting by the bonfire, or at least I was. Both made sure to include me as best as they could, but there were a lot of things that they were doing that I knew I couldn’t do, so I felt conflicted a lot of the times, but whenever I’d get in that little funk, I’d end up talking to their families. I love both of their mothers, and whenever I see them, we’ll talk and hug each other!

Once we all got into high school, it was almost like, everybody was too uncool to have sleepovers. I had the hardest time finding people that wanted or had the time to sleep over at my house. I rarely slept at anybody’s house other than my friend Haley and with my cousin Kristi. There was a reason for this though, after I had my back surgeries I grew a lot both in height and weight,  in a short period of time, and it wasn’t until probably 2008 that I began to feel okay with somebody touching my back again. I was still pretty fragile by the time I hit middle school to the end of junior year of high school. This is why I only hung out at two people’s houses, because only two adults were really comfortable and basically took up the challenge to lift me up stairs, beds, couches, etc.

It wasn’t until the end of high school, were things really started to change. There is nothing like a broken heart, especially when it’s caused by your friends. Boys will come and go, but I think I cried more about not being to hang out with my friends. It was never like I wasn’t allowed to go out because my parents said so, it was the fact that nobody would do it. It wasn’t until my 18th birthday that I actually had a friend of mine, take me out. One person.

So, imagine the disappointment when I was told that I was going to get picked up to go out to eat with some friends and I never got a call or a text that said “they were right outside.” In that moment, I truly hated the body I was born in, because I thought if I wasn’t like this, I could be driving my own car, picking them up, and we’d be happy as clowns. Instead, I sat in my room permanently attached to my mom’s shoulder as the minutes trickled by and I received no messages.

It wasn’t until my mom basically said this is not right and packed us up, she texted my cousin Kristi to see if she wanted to go putt-putting that afternoon. While we were at a stop light, I got a text message from the same person I was supposed to be waiting on, asking if I was there already because they’d seen my mom’s car–still didn’t get the message that they were going to pick me up like they said–so I quickly realized that the whole thing was a big joke and that I got excited for no absolutely fucking reason! I know it’s been over 8 years, but I still feel somewhat hurt about this! Friends should never make you feel like that, ever! I can never literally look forward to anything because of this one outing that never happened. It’s okay though, my mom, sister, Kristi and I had fun at miniature golf anyways!

I do worry about these younger generation of disabled kids and teens, because I know how I was and how I dealt with my pain of never feeling like you are enough for roughly anybody. It wasn’t healthy and I know that now. It wasn’t until 2012, two years after I graduated from high school, that I truly began to really love myself for who I was. I started treating myself better! Unfortunately, I’m still not good at keeping up with my friendships, and it’s probably stemmed from this past experiences and other stuff. That’s why it’s highly important to always remember to treat your friends, whether they are able or disabled, like you would want to be treated.

The End.

Do you have any advice for the younger generations on how to treat other people? Were you ever put in the same situations? How did you make it out? Let me know!

What I Love About Afternoon Tea!



Last October, when I stayed at my mom’s work while she recovered from her second surgery, my nana and I got to have a lot of fun together and one of the things we both got to enjoy was a theme dinner there at the nursing home.

Gail who works in the activities department explained to us that they try to have four different themes in a year. She and the other girls decorate the different dining rooms and they plan with the chefs of a meal that would go with that particular theme. The one I got to enjoy was “Serenade At The Seven Seas” or something like that. I liked it. I also loved trying the different courses, but the other ladies were a bit mixed though!


The theme was called “My Fair Lady” and I guess the ladies in the activities department decorated the dinning rooms and made feathered hats or “bonnets” for the female residents! She took pictures and even wrote out the menu of what they served to the residents! I was going to use the one she made, but it had some spelling mistakes so I just redid it – later I realized I could have spelling mistakes on mine! Funny how they works!


They also had a little tea party too!

According to Gail, in the film a couple of characters host a party and they decided to recreate that with the residents, so they decorated the large activity room with very pretty and colorful table clothes and had these beautiful centerpieces in the middle of them. They looked very vintage but yet modern too! They also made the ladies hats with feathers and ribbons in crafts. My nana really loved that, but as you can see apparently so did Alex!

28535342_1768924659838523_1707063689_nIn 2016, I actually wanted to have an afternoon tea themed birthday party. I had so many ideas that I wanted to do. I wanted to decorate my grandparent’s kitchen table with different fabrics, and since my birthday is like the day after Halloween, I knew my nana had a large black table liner and I thought if we put that on the table itself and laid out a red runner in the middle that way it wouldn’t look too dark and gloomy for the party!

Over the course of the last two years, I’ve actually wondered what I’d serve to this tea party if I ever had one! Since I read so many of my fellow blogger friends going to afternoon tea at different hotels or just plainly at home with their family members and/or close friends., I’ve been able to figure out what all is served, and I’ve grown to love the three teared stand of food that is laid out on the table. The first thing they give you is your tea. However, I’m like the 1% that doesn’t like coffee or tea, so I’m more interested in finding a good lemonade recipe. My mom actually made a homemade strawberry lemonade last year, where she let the strawberries sit out in the juice overnight to allow the flavors to marinate together. I’m kind of partial to anything raspberry, so whenever I see a “raspberry lemonade” on a menu at a restaurant, I instantly order it! So I’d rather have a raspberry lemonade instead.

As much as I’ve gathered, you usually start with the sandwiches, they are usually placed on the bottom and bigger tear. The traditional flavors are egg salad, smoked salmon and cumber all cut in small bites so they look more dainty, and they always have the crusts cut off! Now I look on Pinterest for other ideas to make this a little bit more casual, so I am curious about creating a sandwich or two as some kind of wrap or pinwheel–using the traditional plain tortilla or having a variation of spinach or whole wheat!


On the second tear you had the scones, which apparently in the states we say the word completely wrong! I’d explain on how it’s really pronounced but I don’t even know how to describe it, so I apologize there.

I have actually seen quite a few of my favorite chefs make scones on their television programs, so I already know of some different kinds I’d like to try out. I also know that when you’re making them for the first time, they’re suppose to be crumbly, so there’s nothing wrong with them, that’s just how they’re meant to be! Ree Drummond created the Maple Oat Nut Scones after not being able to visit a Starbucks where she lives; they look really good! The way she described them on her show The Pioneer Woman they taste like a biscuit type of pancake, because it has a strong taste of maple syrup! However, I think I would have to keep the coffee out of it! And then there’s a Cheddar and Dill Scone recipe from Ina Garten, she’s made this with both cheddar and a Stilton, which is like a stronger blue cheese! She’s very inspired by French food and had a gourmet food store back in the day, so she’s figured out different ways to make a good savory scone!

28536475_1768924629838526_1468751189_nNow the real question is what would I do about the clotted cream and jam that they serve alongside the scones itself? I know we don’t have the traditional clotted cream or nobody makes it to that level as the British, so the next best choice to have would either be mascarpone or cream cheese! Personally, I’ve never been in jam or perseveres, so I wouldn’t necessarily put it out as an option if it was only me, but if I had a group of people, I’d probably get a small jar of strawberry or blueberry jam, but for those who want to be really adventurous they can try out the marmalade. You know, I love the smell of that stuff because it’s like oranges, but I have never tried it before and if it was put out there on the table, I probably would like to try a small dab of it.

As far as the top layer of the stand, my thoughts have differed, sometimes I think a very casual take on decorative cupcakes would work out very nicely! You could make minis so they’d fit on the tear better. However if you wanted to add a fun twist to them, like stuffing them, it wouldn’t necessarily work on the tiny ones. I’ve noticed I keep looking into French pastries. You’d think I’ve been watching too much Ina Garten lately! So the possibility of having macrons, which is something that is on my food bucket list (yes, I do have one those! I actually need to work on that soon!) and there’s the tarts or tarlets you can make, like the Mini Raspberry Tarts that Julia Baker made on her TV show! These were so cute and seemed really easy to make! If you’re a chocoholic, in which I sort of am, you need a couple of good chocolate desserts too! Truffles would be a good idea, as you can just eat it in one bite! You could dip strawberries in chocolate or make little pote de creme (puddings!) in mason jars too.

There doesn’t seem like there’s a right or wrong way to create your own afternoon tea! If you’re interested in learning and seeing what is actually served at the teas in the United Kingdom, I have compiled a list of favorite blog posts for you! I hope you have enjoyed this post!

A Candy Shop Afternoon Tea at Conrad St. James – Lux Life | Love Is In The Air at Langham London’s Valentine’s Afternoon Tea – Fresh And Fearless | Afternoon Tea at Mr. Fogg’s Gin Parlour – Little Miss Katy | Afternoon Tea at Rockcliffe Hall – This Northern Gal | Sweet Treats: Glam Rock Afternoon Tea at K West Hotel & Spa – AbsolutelyLucy

Have you ever attended an afternoon tea before? If you have, what was it about it that you loved the most? For those of you who haven’t, have you ever been tempted to create one yourself? Let me know in the comments!


Chevy’s 4th Birthday!


Hey guys!

Our neighbor Sammy, her daughter Chevy recently celebrated her fourth birthday! It’s still pretty weird that she’s at that age because I can still imagine her trying to figure out my wheelchair sitting up in the playpen in my backyard one summer afternoon. There’s something about babies and kids in general whenever they see feet driving around my chair just freaks them out in the best way! Now she’s going to preschool and learning about letters and numbers. She’s starting to become a little being and not this baby anymore!

They decided this year to have the party at the park so the kids could have fun at the playground. The theme was Frozen related, all about the summer loving snowman Olaf. They even had an Olaf cake and pinata! It was all very cute! The kids sat at one table while the grown ups sat at another table. When we first got there, they decided to do the cake and I handed my camera over to Sammy to help me out a little because I was still too short in my electric wheelchair. While we sang Chevy happy birthday, she practically disappeared because she didn’t like all of the attention. It took her a bit to be comfortable to blow out the candles. Once I got my camera back, I moved myself away from the sun as it was beaming on my back and neck. All of the adults had the right idea, they all sat in the shade. I realized when I got over there that now would be a good time to take some photos of the landscape.

When I was junior, I was invited into NHS (National Honor Society) and one of our first projects of the year was fixing the playground out in the park. I wasn’t able to help out, but I always remembered it because it was the first thing our group did for our community. I don’t know if they have replaced any of the equipment that the kids were playing on as we watched from our table, but it’s what came to my mind was that memory.

After the kids ate their cake, Sammy moved on to opening presents. Chevy got a lot of neat things, like tutus, puzzles, bouncy ball. We got her a chalk set that were HUGE! I would never be able to grip one in my toes because they were so big! Right after that, they did the pinata, but they kind of forgot the bat so the kids had to pull on the strings at the bottom of Olaf’s butt! I think it was the fifth kid that ended up breaking it, which actually surprised me. I figured Chevy would end up picking the right one! What got all of us though was as the kids were crouching down to grab the candy, my dad walks up and takes two Laffy Taffys! And my mom took a piece of gum! I waited until the kids were gone from that area to ask for a sucker!

When everybody had a good handful of different candies, I got to move from the shelter house and go towards the swings and trees. I wasn’t that hot because of how much I was in the shade, of course the back of my neck, face and legs were red as can be so both of my parents freaked out a bit, but I didn’t care. I was too busy talking to Sammy and some of the older kids that everything just kind of faded! I really enjoyed being out there and I wasn’t too bothered by the bugs either!

When was the last time you went to the park? 



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Happy Birthday Papaw!



I didn’t think I’d have to wait two weeks to actually publish this post, but I had no room for it. It’s all right though!

My papaw’s birthday was in earlier this month, we had plans to do something special on it since planning his funeral in April. It was a family get together that everybody had been dreading because it’s going to be hard to celebrate any other holiday without my papaw being there. However, I was pretty excited about it. I know he’d want us all to enjoy ourselves.

On the first day, my Uncle Rick drove down and even though he was slightly sick I think he still enjoyed being around us. We were still goofy and laughing at each other’s stories. Especially when I managed to stomp Rick twice. He now has to test out Cashew cheese! It’s a long story! Every time we have a family gathering, we get a fruit, veggies, and meat and cheese tray. It usually fills us up in the two or three days we’re together. I mostly had vegetables than fruit. The only time I wanted oranges was when my Aunt Laurie decided to eat the last three slices and offered me at last minute. I didn’t take it because I had a full mouth of broccoli!

When we first got there, Laurie and my nana told us that she bought balloons to be released or what nana kept saying all weekend long “lift off” into the sky. As everybody went with their sappy, somewhat sad messages, I went for the humorous approach. I have to say, it was my first time writing on a balloon! The fact you can read it, is a freaking miracle! Since Rick was there that day, he, Laurie, Mike, Taylor, and nana released theirs into the sky. It rained off and on all day, it actually started misting as I watched in my wheelchair, camera in foot, snapping away!


Blondie had to work that day, so she missed the craft session. My Aunt Linda, Rick’s wife purchased us little mason jars painted in different colors like turquoise, gray, and dark gray. She also bought different lids to go on top. We were going to put papaw’s ashes each one. I originally didn’t want one at first, but I decided to have one made just in case later I’d change my mind. I chose a light gray jar with a red zig-zag decorative lid. What was funny though was we didn’t have a big enough funnel or anything to scoop into the box to pour the ashes into the jars. So my mom had to use my nana’s measuring cups! I also suggested using a piece of paper as a homemade funnel. They turned out to be pretty “cute” I don’t know how my papaw would feel about me saying that!

We didn’t go home until 4:30pm that day, it was probably the latest my Uncle Rick (he stayed a little longer) has ever went home in a while but I think he genuinely enjoyed talking to all of us.

The next day was officially my papaw’s birthday. He would have been 85 years old! My dad went out early that morning to get a paper and ended up getting stopped by the train. According to him, the whole thing was new. It was clear black going backwards on the track. He also got lottery tickets and lost, which he thinks was my papaw doing as a joke.

I stood outside spending time with the babies as it was clear and cool before we headed over to my nana’s again. We thought it was weird that our rain and storms were gone on his birthday! My mom and dad got me some bubbles the other day and I decided to take them to my nana’s. When we got there, we knew Brandon and Blondie were there already. They brought Brandon’s friend and best man Allen with them, who was very nice. Laurie had to go out and find more balloons as the other three were losing helium. The new ones had white polka dots on them. So my mom and Em and Brandon had their own balloons, while my nana used the last one and wrote down our deceased pets on each one. I released that one into the sky as mine was tied onto my mom’s.

My dad came over and spent some time with all of us. He got out his bike and watched both of his daughters and future son-in-law play with Laurie and Mike’s dog Mila with the bubbles. I haven’t had so much fun with bubbles in a long time! I’ve got to do it again soon! He also stayed and ate a sandwich or two and helped sing “happy birthday” before we ate the cake. My mom got passed the first line and started crying. My poor sister had to leave the room! I was doing fine until my aunt pointed out my mom’s bawling and red face! Later on, my mom, Blondie, and Laurie went upstairs and take pictures of the upstairs for my nana and they brought down some stuff that I’ll share in another post I promise!

I think it was a successful weekend, better than I thought it would be. I think papaw would be a happy camper knowing everybody enjoyed it too! ♥



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OOTD: Shades Of Gray and Pink


This time I swear it’s a OOTD post! The other one should have been too since I had three “Life Lately” posts going up for three weeks. I think the reason why I did it like that was because those type of posts are the only way I’m going to get things out at once. Usually when I release my frustrations on here in a post I tend to feel a LOT better. People can say “write them out in a notebook” but it never works out well. It’s like my thoughts freeze up on travel down to my foot. Thanks for the help though!

June is full of birthdays! My Aunt Laurie’s was Tuesday and my papaw’s was on Friday. According to my nana, he got a nice package in the mail full of music. To me, that’s like the perfect birthday gift! One year I got a total of six CDs. Nothing has been able to top it. Over the weekend, we went out to our hometown camping park, where we helped celebrate little Maci’s second birthday! I cannot believe she’s two! She was walking all over the place in her cute little sandals and she was talking a lot more. The cutest word she said was “puppy” and I’m not even kidding you! She was so cute! My mom, Blondie and I went out there and ate a little bit, visit with our friends, and watched Maci rip into the presents. We left just before she was about to rip into the cake!

When we left, we realized how much my legs didn’t agree with the sun. I kept getting little red marks along my knees, but Blondie thinks they were razor burns since my mom did shave me earlier. It was 93 degrees, I was going to get a little toasty! Trust me everytime my mom went to put me on the seat of my wheelchair it felt like I was sitting hot coal. If I felt sleepy at all before then I definitely wasn’t after that! When we got home, we met dad as he was about to take pork over to our neighbors for our Sunday suppers! The three of us girls went around the house to find the kittens! Wren’s kittens are slowly coming up to Blondie now so that’s a good sign. In each litter of kittens, we get a few that have little infections in their eyes. We had three of them do it this time and all three were from Midget’s litter! My mom got them some eye medicine the other day and I’m happy to say their eyes are doing so much better! Little Otis has hazel eyes which match his ginger coat very well! We didn’t stay out there too long before heading inside were it was cooler. Dad has its perks, when its blistering hot outside, you can rely on him to make sure the house is in the low 60’s.

We went over to the neighbors around 6:30 and dad fed me like always, he made shredded pork and Ju-Ju made the pea salad and mac & cheese! Apparently both of them had the same idea because dad said he almost made a batch too! After we were done, we watched everybody play pool and the twins came and ate, because Batman had to work the whole day and he was starving! Blondie ended up leaving early to go home to take a nap, and Batman and Rusty spent the end of the visit talking about sneakers and baseball. They even threw the ball a bit out back. Teresa, Sammy, Chey, and Chevy in her little truck came over too! We didn’t get to visit with them long because my mom has a scheduled bedtime on the days before she has to work. I got my hug from Chevy and a nice little kiss! Just before going inside, I went around the back porch to see the babies one last time because mom said they tend to get a little wild in the evenings. They kept running away from me but two: Penelope and Otis. Now that this cat can see, he’s very curious! As soon as I got to my place I was told to come inside because of the damn mosquitoes flying around. Only one bit me so that’s good. It was a fun time though!

My outfit is actually pretty old! Both items are that I’ve had for years! They each still fit well so that’s good. I wore the same shade of gray on both and didn’t realize until afterwards! My shirt has a pretty white design on it with little rhinestones everywhere in the front. My shorts, yes I wore shorts! Probably one of the smartest decisions too! They weren’t like short-short so they weren’t that bad but they’re a bit baggy on me as anything would on my tiny legs! Since it was a birthday party, my mom got Maci a glow pet and a nice little headband that has red, white and blue ribbons hanging down on the sides. I think the adults liked it more than she did! She kept throwing it off her head. Poor thing!



The Weekend Review

865614557This weekend has been a great one! After months of not being able to clean my room, I finally had legit reason to do it. I’ve been trying to hang out with my friend Vikki and her new little baby for some time now. It gets a little difficult to hang out with people when you can’t exactly get yourself from point A to point B. We’ve been trying to figure out how to get me to where she lives but I hardly ever go to that part of town so I knew one way or another she’d have to go over to the house instead. She wrote me on comments on my Facebook status Wednesday night and I had went to bed in the middle of it and my mom had gotten up in the middle of the night and I guess saw the comments between us and decided to help get us together. My dad had been talking about this concert that he and his buddies were going to go to on Friday. So my mom tells her that she can come over on Friday afternoon. We had it all planned out. I was originally going to clean my room Thursday evening after I got home from being at my nana’s house, but I did NOT have any energy when I got home and neither did my mom, so we both agreed that Friday morning we’d clean.

I got up at like, noon and I literally rubbed my face so I could see and went online before anybody put me to work or fed me anything. I had to do a few things and then I could do whatever. By two o’clock my mom had washed my hair and afterwards I was in my chair cleaning the crap out of my room. When I finished, I was in waiting mode and I was texting her a lot, then dad left just before six, and then she got to the house. She stayed for a good couple of hours and it was really nice to talk to somebody that I graduated high school with, I haven’t had a good conversation like that in a while. She told me that ever since she had Miss Jocelyn that she hasn’t been out either. She had asked me before she got there, if I wanted a Yoohoo. I hadn’t had one of those in YEARS! I do remember that one time I had one though, but I don’t remember how they tasted like, if it would soda like or taste like chocolate milk. I do know it’s still in fridge, now whether or not it’s been open by my dad or not is another story. Anyways, I asked her to bring some of her nail polish if she had any and she ended up bringing her makeup bag. She had a lot of pretty polishes but we never got to that point because of Joce but I was very understanding though. She was a good baby honestly. Around 9pm, we were in the living room, we kept hearing weird noises from the front door. I knew it had to been Midget, scratching at the door, but then about five seconds later, we heard words and then a knock. It freaked us out and then I went to get my mom, who was in her bedroom at the time with ChiChi. She opened the door and found Kristen at the door. I was surprised and happy at the same time.10659154_4484263842786_2445763817537496355_n

Kristen and her boyfriend came over and stayed at least half hour, Vikki had fed Jocelyn in my room because she was getting a little fussy and while Kristen was holding her, she just exploded all over Kristen. Vikki and I were thinking, it was bound to happen sometime, we just didn’t think it happen to Kristen. Vikki’s boyfriend or fiancée came over to pick them up and after they left, Kristen and her boyfriend left. By 8pm though, I was exhausted! I think I actually went to bed before it turned midnight. Dad didn’t get home until like 1 or 2 in the morning. The next day, it was Sammy’s birthday. She was going to have a carnival theme and she came over Thursday night I think and told us that she was going to have like different things like ring toss and cotton candy. I thought it was fun, especially since I played the crap out of the redneck ring toss. It was originally supposed to be a drinking game but I kind of started a little bit early and somehow the drinking part never got off the ground. We used glow in the dark sticks that hooked to each other as our rings and two together fit nicely around the beer cans. I was apparently a wiz at that game as I was hitting a lot of them, to the point that I could hit two at a time. When Sammy set up the balloons for the darts, I knew that I’d be rusty but not that bad! I only hit one balloon. Sammy and Chey were a lot better than me but I can still throw darts though. Considering I can’t play cornhole like everybody else, ring toss was a definite good game to have for me especially in the dark. I just have to remember now that it would not be smart to pull a thigh muscle sometime afterwards. That night was a blast and absolutely no alcohol was involved for me. Oh, and we might’ve found a bike I’d get to have my first ride on too!

10409054_4484264122793_8996116007302882451_nOn Sunday, I got to sleep in til 1pm, I gotta stop doing that honestly. My parents went on a bike ride with our neighbors and I went to my nana’s again. We had a very interesting topics to talk about, some things were a bit hard to swallow but I got through it and I think I’ve somehow healed myself in a way after having that chat. Two of those topics might be on this blog sometime this week. When my mom and dad got back from their bike ride. I went home with mom and when we got home, I thought it was too damn pretty to spend the rest of the afternoon inside. So I stayed outside hanging out with the cats for the first thirty minutes. Of course, I had to take pictures. I’m lucky I didn’t fall out of my wheelchair while I was petting Midget in the backyard because while I was in my big wheelchair, my seatbelt snapped off and freaked me out, but I was fine. After I was done looking around in our yard and at the trees. I have a huge fascination with our trees. I don’t know why but I do. It’s not the sizes of them, it’s more of the shades of green they go from in the changing seasons. Right now, they’re at a rich green and they look very pretty, but you can’t get a good picture of them because of the sun glaring at them. I also love the lone tree next to our house, it’s got this curve of the trunk and I just love it. It’s not perfect like the rest of them. As I was going from the backyard to the front, Midget was following me. Thankfully, none of them followed me when I went to our neighbor’s house. I stayed there and chatted with about different things. They also have a little kitten, named Twitches and she’s so cute! She definitely liked me petting her and when Sammy put her on my lap, she didn’t quite understand why my hands weren’t petting her so she leaning up to my face and nibbling on my fingers to get my attention. When I went home, my dad told me that mom was going to make a salad. She made a homemade salad with broccoli. It was nice and fresh!  So that was how my weekend went!

Midget (Stormy making a photo bomb)
Midget (Stormy making a photo bomb)
Full in bloom, won't be long til the leaves are gone
Full in bloom, won’t be long til the leaves are gone