Something I’ve Always Wanted To Do

When you were little, or even now go to someplace and celebrated something or somebody and released balloons into the sky it was cool to see all these different colored circles floating up to the sky and wondering how far up yours goes and if you’ll find it later afterwards. Which that usually never happens. Trust me, I’ve wanted to do that but mom has always said no.

Something I’ve wanted to do though is let a balloon with a light in it float up to the sky at night like this picture. To me that’s so cool and special. I don’t know why it’s special, but I’m sure you can make special than what you’re suppose to. Have you ever watched James and The Giant Peach? James takes a potato chip bag from the trash can after he gets yelled at by his aunts. He takes this bag and draws on it and sings a song to a spider he finds by his window.

After he gets done drawing on the bag, he folds it up and blows inside it to make it expand. Afterwards he grabs a string to tie his birthday candle onto the bag balloon and lights it and opens up his window and releases it and it just floats away. I’d love to do that. I think releasing a bunch them is just magical and makes you wonder if God and the angels see them at all.