Writing Prompt: The Dying Phoenix

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I swear I surprise myself every day! I haven’t been so inspired to write any stories since my last one in March, but I was literally scrolling through Pinterest and I found this and I had something within me and I just decided to roll with it. I’m treating this like a free write, so don’t shocked if you see any mistakes on here, okay?

The prompt banner says, “Write the story of a magical creature missing their species’ key feature (a siren without a voice, a unicorn without a horn, a dragon without fire, etc). At first I was inspired by the “a siren without a voice” but then I thought about looking into other mythical creatures and remembered Phoenixes and thought this would be kind of cool to explore a dying phoenix. So I hope you all enjoy this little story!

I am dying.

We are all dying in our nests, awaiting to be reborn, and discover new worlds among men. It’s a lifetime achievement to be present in every birth, genius invention, and war. You are there as a sign that the circle continues and never ends, you give the humans hope for their future, but what happens when you are the one, who is constantly dying and on the urge of never awakening? There’s no direct answer to that, but yet I am living it.

My name is Sonnet. Yup, that is my name. It was given to me by my master, Edmund Groose (Gross). He was given a phoenix for his 44th birthday, after being ill for some time. He thought of me as a good sign, as phoenixes are generally always dying and coming back to life, but I was never a good luck bird to him or anyone else for that matter.

He told me while I was perched inside the bar in my bronze cage, that he gave me that name for his love of poetry, as he was infatuated with my brightly colored feathers, of purple and green. I looked like a peacock more than a phoenix honestly. I was to be his companion for 14 years, which is the exact lines of a written sonnet. After his untimely death, I was sent away to another master, and another, and another after him.

In all I had a total of 14 masters in my lifetime.

Now you might think this is unusual, but I never once died and was reborn with any of them. I was a young bird at the start and lived out the lives of the people around me, but was never the spectacle of the other phoenixes of the world. While I aged throughout the decades, my colors started to fade but never exploded into a ball of fire at the end of the day like some many others, I stayed and suffered through the fiery pain inside.

I was never unhappy with my situation though. I was going through what some many others were, I was slowly dying and I actually relished in that feeling. I was always afraid that once I made my first rebirth, if I’d still have my memories of my previous owner? Would I still want to look outside the window into the morning sunrise and be given freshly caught fish from the sea? I often wondered if I’d still feel the same as I always had after I came back and lived again.

The world had not changed too drastically from the time I was given to Edmund Groose in the 1800’s, as I wasn’t exposed to too much, as it was illegal to have such an exotic bird of my kind but I was basically a family heirloom to the Groose family. I never left the house or roughly my cage in the corner of the spare bedroom. It was a dark and gloomy room to let such a magnificent bird sleep, but when I was let out for some excercise, the room itself was big enough to fly around the columns on the walls and even sit on the windowsill to absorb as much sunlight as I could to hopefully bring back my beautiful hue on my body and even my spirit, but over time I realized that it wasn’t working and that I was officially dying for good.

The pain is beginning to be too much for me. I can hardly stand up on the bar at the top of my cage. The cage I was originally in, is breaking apart at the seams right along with me. I no longer have the strength to stand up, as the heat of the fire within me is burning the muscles and bones in my body. My feathers are slowly decaying, one by one falling and drifting down to the floor. Once there, the green shade had turned into a black and fragile texture to the touch.

I hope I die and never come back, for I’d like to be the one phoenix that never rises from the ashes. The enigma to other birds of my species to be afraid of what could happen to them, but the question remains, would they accept death or divert altogether?


Surrounded By Felines



It’s finally Friday, even though it just feels like we had a weekend like two days ago. I thought that I would share some things of what I did yesterday. My mom had the day off and I knew that she’d probably bring a kitten in my room for an hour or so, but I wanted to go on the porch. I thought she’d put me in the push wheelchair and leave out on the back porch but she put me in my electric wheelchair and let me roam in the yard freely. I feel more secure (even with my seatbelt off!) in my bulky chair than the lightweight/flexible one that I’ve slipped out of twice. I know my limitations in this one more and I like being able to use my joystick to move around rather than relying on somebody to push me. The wonderful life of a wheelchair user!

When I went out of the front door we were greeted by Midget and Tubby. Poor Tubbster can rarely go in the back porch without having the others growl and hiss at him so he spends majority of his time in the front as blazing sun stars down at him. Don’t worry he takes refuge underneath the porch, cars or in the house across the street’s bushes. He comes around us whenever we’re out there, he likes to get some attention and he usually repays you with a hug! No, really! Blondie taught him how to do that as a kitten and he’s the only one that still does it! After spending some time with him, I decided to go around to the back where the yard was empty. The first one to greet me was Bootsie. She was feeling lovingly and feisty all at once! After a few seconds, the little ones slowly came out of their hiding places. They all circled my wheelchair, sniffing my tires and toes. Before I knew it they had collapsed onto the ground trapping me in place allowing the damn mosquitoes to eat me alive!

I say that like it was a bad thing, but it wasn’t. It was actually easier to get pictures of each one or watch while they attacked each other. Back to Bootsie, after so many months of giving birth she starts to be really “mean.” She starts to attack her own and swat at them for no reason. I realize for when I was outside with them she was clearly playing but I had to protect my favorites: Felix and Stormy. It was actually pretty cute because when I first came around the corner to see them, all of the little ones basically ignored me at first–even Stormy! Leave it to Felix though, he came right up to my foot and I could feel him purr! He wasn’t as afraid of my wheelchair as everybody else was which was nice! While I was trying to go a closer picture of Otis I looked on the ground and saw this pretty white/red feather sticking out of the grass. Of course I had to pick it up, because it looked so pretty! I think all in all I stayed out there for half an hour. I wish I could have stayed out longer but my foot was itching me on the side so instead of fighting it and getting any more I came inside with like 12 pictures I had taken on my phone and a little souvenir of a bird whom I hope wasn’t killed by Bootsie or any other of the other cats!

These are just some of the pictures I got, of course I got a lot of Stormy lounging around. He and Gru were the only ones who wouldn’t scatter if I moved closer to take a picture of them. While I was out trying to work my camera on my phone, I guess I messed through the Settings and I’ve had this problem of all my pictures when I send them off to Twitter or my mom they’d turn out to be really small, which is why the one of Ozzy is a little smaller than the others because I had to resize it. The other ones turned out to be huge on Facebook! Maybe it I did mess something up a couple of years and I unknowingly fixed it. Hmmm… if I go out any this weekend I’ll be sure to take pictures and then we’ll see! Have a good weekend folks!

Bear-Bear & Stormy #brothers
Bear-Bear & Stormy #brothers

Feels Good At First

d24aa33fc62f7e292341b88f8088605eFor us in the Midwest, we are familiar with the seasons spring, summer, and fall as these three tend to collide together in one BIG season that lasts longer than winter. Seriously! We usually never get a long enough spring of sweet, innocent weather until it switches to blitzering hot that you don’t want to go outside for a long period of time and even though it says “fall” on your calendar, you never take it seriously because it could still be hot as hell or winter could be coming early instead. My birthday is in November and it’s has felt like summer, fall and winter before. It’s a very interesting concept but after spending your life in one place, as much as your heart and soul wants to travel, this is where you belong. This is comfort zone.

I’ve found out that birds do sing in the winter. I remember in school, students and teachers used to say that the birds fly south for the winter. Unless I was hearing crows all winter long, I don’t think that’s all true. I’ve heard birds chirpping outside my window. My favorite time to see birds is in the late autumn, because they’re trying to find food and they go in packs like wolves flying around together in the blue sky, moving with the wind like a flag would. There are so many of them that they take up so much space on the bare trees and cornfields. I think falling in love with the season of fall the most has made me love of trees without their leaves. I love it when they change colors, but a bare tree looks so beautiful when the sun touches it. When a storm comes through, the leaves are not there to protect the small branches and the strong wind and lightning can make an old and wise tree crumble into the ground. I would rather see a tree that a storm destroyed than some man-made machine cut it down. When we were getting the new highway and the first time we took it, I felt so depressed as the trees that were there and the history and years they grew there, just made me sad.

I wasn’t trying to make this depressing, I actually wanted to talk about the good of spring and all of her sister seasons. Spring makes a sad person come out of the dark side and smile again. I know, because I’ve seen it before. The sun comes out and the cool breeze coats the body in love again that the harsh cold burns. Spring brings out the sweet music too. I love to listen to mellow, soft rock and pop music in the winter to get me ready for spring. Train is a good band to get you ready for spring. They’re not heavy, the way I’m used to, but their soft lyrics of love, sorrow, and happiness hugs you tightly. In the last thirty minutes I’ve been listening to Plumb’s album “Need You Now” to keep me in the borderline of happy and sad. I’m not necessarily sad, I’m trying feeling down. The sun is out though, so I’ve been trying to think on the positives of the day. Because I know the rain and storms could come back sooner than you think. I hope you enjoy your day, whether it’s sunny and storming. There are so many reasons to be happy, even if it’s only for a little white. I’ve decided to include a playlist of Plumb’s album, because the only you’ll understand the way I’m feeling is if you felt it too. So just give it a chance. My favorite songs on the album are, “Invisible,” “Drifting,” “I Want You Here,” “Need You Now (How Many Times),” “Chocolate & Ice Cream,” and “Don’t Deserve You.”