Self-Control And Booze

So St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend, actually it’s tomorrow. Can I say, I hate being underage during this time. I’m not yet 21 and won’t be for a few more months, but I’ve feeling the urge to drop this good girl deeds and just go right for it. I’m not like that though. I need some self-control in my life and fighting temptations is smart especially when you’ve been fighting them since you were a teenager. I live in a small town. majority of everybody here adults and teens alike have all had their first drink underage I bet you. Some of them will try to say they haven’t, but how can you believe them? Everybody’s pretty open about their pasts because everybody talks about it on their Facebook statuses. Nobody has the self-control to keep their mouths shut.

I’ve been wanting to drink illegally for years. Everybody I was around had told me that they’d take me sometime and we’d all get drunk. Teenage years, it’s fun to go to somebody’s house and get drunk and have some fun with friends. I’d like to go over to somebody’s house and talk to them, but knowing they’d probably have alcohol around would make think less of them. I’m not a fan of underage drinking nowadays. I’m also not a fan of drunk drinking either. I think if you drink and drive you are an idiot. Whether you are underage or over 21 doing this you are not setting a good example of yourself at all.

The only year I can think of when I really wanted to get drunk was on New Years in 2008. My sister and I had stayed over at my nana’s. Our cousin Kristi was there and we had lots of fun without all the booze. You can have fun without it. Alcohol can’t make your party better, instead it makes you do stupid stuff that you may regret later on in life. I’ve got enough mistakes in my life. I don’t need anymore from drinking at a party. I’ve actually been debating if I want to get drunk on my birthday or not. I’ve been thinking about how to do a shot, and I started thinking I can’t even like the taste of cough medicine and I hate taking that stuff as a shot. I want to stay away from beer and Tequila for personal reasons. I’ve been looking at different vodkas, and found out there’s a cookie dough flavored vodka. My temptations hate me now.

So I’ll be sober for another St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve been thinking of only drinking on different holidays. It seemed smarter that way instead of drinking every weekend. I only want to drink on my birthday, Thanksgiving (I’ve got a lot of crazy people in my family), Valentine’s Day (because it is the most depressing holiday out there for single people), and of course┬áSt. Patrick’s Day even though I think beer is what the holiday is based on so I’ll be screwed for that one. Maybe I’ll be strong enough to keep myself away from it all…. I don’t think so. As long as I don’t have to get drunk with my mom and aunt at a strip club I’m fine.