End Of Paradise.


Getting myself to talk about Blondie and Batman’s last days in Hawaii is a little bittersweet for me too, because I’ve grown to love talking about their trip for two weeks. I literally devoted a whole week to writing four huge posts of their moments there! You’ve been probably wondering why I decided to write it for them right? Well, for starters, this isn’t the first time I’ve written about my sister’s adventures. I’ve done quite a few in the last two or three years! She doesn’t mind it, I think she likes it too! It’s fun for me and in the past, I’ve edited the pictures to look cool and be brighter, but for these pictures they looked so beautiful the way they were that I just kept them the same! I did fix up the ones with their faces in it and never put the ones with his cousin and grandmother out of respect in case they didn’t want to have their faces on my blog. I also know that between the two of them they’ve been going back to their working schedules and Blondie has her classes too! So I took the reign of writing each post out like if she had a blog herself. Trust me, I’ve been trying to get her to create one but she never has time!

She spent her last days of adventures in Kauai. On this day, they were supposed to go zip lining and then to a luau. Well, from what I was told after going down 105 ft in the water and then over 10,000 ft up in the air, Blondie’s anxieties were all crazy and she ended up having an anxiety attack just before going up and doing the zip lining. They still went to the luau later on that afternoon. She got a lot of pictures out there. She told our nana that she didn’t want to take her phone up where they were doing the zip lining in case she dropped her phone you know? So this was her make up for it! She got to ride on a train, which almost made me cry because our papaw has not only been to Hawaii but also LOVES trains! She saw fire breathers and she even shared on Twitter that she got up on stage and danced in front of everybody! That’s something she never does! You have to tickle her just to get her to sing out loud!

They went on one last adventure to the Jurassic Falls. The first Jurassic Park film is set in Costa Rica but apparently parts of it was filmed in Hawaii. They went on one last helicopter ride around different sections of Kauai. The Manawaipuna Falls was part of the air tour and it was part of the first Jurassic Park movie. They even got to land in the same spot! They got a nice picture of them standing directly below the falls! Looks very majestic! On Friday, they were supposed to fly out pretty late our time and get home sometime by Saturday afternoon, but they had a 12 hour delay because they had to exchange a wheel of the plane and after arriving in Dallas, they found out they missed their flight! They didn’t get home until like six ish Sunday evening! They brought souvenirs for everybody! I got a Tiki man and my little purple shoe that has little gems around both sides. Apparently it was $40! I wasn’t exactly thrilled about that but it kind of screams me so I’ll let it go! When they got back, they came into my room and showed me the things they got me! I asked for a hug from both of them, I’ve never hugged Batman before and he gave me a better hug than my sister! He gave me a real hug not some puny thing that everybody seems to give me because they think I’m fragile!

So now I’m done and I’m sad. I really enjoyed writing about Hawaii and figuring out what to include in the posts! Hope you guys enjoyed each post like I did! Is Hawaii now on your next summer vacation list?



Hilo & Kona!


They’ve been to Oahu, Pearl Harbor, and Maui. What’s next?

Luckily, for you guys after a few days of not knowing the schedule of where they were headed to next, I finally asked her. She woke up on Tuesday morning in the beautiful island of Hilo and she posted a posted a picture with a full rainbow! Exactly the way you want to start your day in a new place! Within five minutes after seeing that picture, Blondie had uploaded some of her morning walking around a very interesting beach and seeing more gorgeous waterfalls! This time she got great ones of the four of them in front of the gate and one that is an areal picture of the waterfall and the ridge of lively woods around it. So vibrant! While there, she got a few shots of a lazy turtle. A little bit about Punaluu Black Sand Beach, the first thought I had been “must be like that from the ash of exploding volcanoes!” And I was right! The sand is black, making it one of the most unique beaches that I’ve seen!

Later on that day, still exploring the area, they went to the National Volcanoes Park. A few months ago, I was watching a show talking about this park and the weird things that’s been happening to people who visit there. Apparently there’s UFOs flying over that place and they’re luring people there and killing them! Okay, so that’s not the most ideal thing to talk about on this post! My bad! They got to see their first volcano of their Hawaiian trip! This was my question at the beginning, where they going to see one? I mean you can’t go to an island made up of volcanoes without at least seeing one of them! They got to see I think two of them from what another picture she took of their tour around, it’s a giant hole with a metal-like rail around it and it had steam coming up from inside this massive opening! They also went to see the Thurston Lava Tube which is cave that was form from a large lava flow. From research, it is a 500 year old cave and the native name is Nahuku! It looks so freaking cool!! I was even a little envious after looking through the pictures!

They went to a more milder place that doesn’t involve molten lava at all! They went to a garden, called Akatsuka Orchid Garden. It is an orchid nursery, which sounds so cute! It is located on the way to the National Volcanoes Park. They have over 1,000 orchids and tropical plants. When I was in school, any time we were forced to watch a movie that we may or may not get quizzed on later I actually tried to watch it. In Biology, we watched different videos about plants and flowers to show how each one grows and why bees and birds go for the nectar inside of them. I don’t remember any of the videos from the Hawaiian plants at all! So seeing these were a bit of a surprise for me, especially that big red one! Sometimes I have a dirty mind that’s all I will say about that!

The next day they went to Kaulia-Kona pier. If you remember from either the last post or Going On a Little Cruise I talked about the things that my sister got to select to do in their stay of Hawaii. Both activities were on her list and I have to say I’m still shocked that these are hers! They started their day exploring the Kona and went inside a submarine! A 105 ft drop into the ocean they went looking at sunken ships and little fishies roaming around the blue murky waters. After coming back to land, they went over 10,000 ft up in the air over a damn volcano! And you thought you were brave!  As much as I love volcanoes, I doubt I’d ever have this on my list to do! It’s not even on my bucket list. Now the submarine thing is, but only to see the Titanic though! This was cool too! If you had just went into the ocean in a submarine and then went up in the air what would be the ideal thing to do to stop the rush? Apparently these four thought playing a little putt putt would be excellent so that’s how they ended their adventures there!

Got my information from the Go Hawaii website!

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Several months ago, my sister’s boyfriend told her that his grandma had invited them on a trip to Hawaii with her and his cousin. When she told all of us, we were happy for her, but very jealous of course! Hawaii is somewhat special for our family. My papaw was stationed there during the Vietnam war. He still likes to tell stories, he was never on actual battlefield but he was trained the same way as the others. Everytime he eats a pineapple, he always says that Hawaii has the best pineapples ever. On the first day being at their resort, she took a picture of a pineapple with a straw sticking out of it! I wasn’t jealous of her until I saw that picture! Now she’ll come home talking about how good a true Hawaiian pineapple tastes like!

Blondie and Batman were waking up very, very early Thursday morning to drive up to Indianapolis for their two hour airplane ride to Dallas and then going for the eight hours to Honolulu. My mom told me that night before that they were going to be getting up at 2am. I figured I was either going to stay up until they left or go to sleep AND then wake up in time. Nope, I didn’t get up until around 5am. I’m really glad she gave me a hug before she went to bed that night! Their flight to Dallas was at 6am and then I don’t remember what time they boarded their flight to Hawaii all I remember was the eight hour wait was awful! However, I’m really glad that I can still text her! If she went somewhere else outside of the states, I’d be screwed! They got there around 8pm our time. It was like 1pm there! It’s a six freaking hour difference!! I didn’t know when to text her except in the afternoons and late at night!

When they arrived in Honolulu at their resort, they found out that their room was on the 23rd floor at their hotel. It had a beautiful balcony, that at first Blondie was too afraid to go out and sit at, but once she did she took lots of pictures of the ocean, the surrounding buildings, and the beautiful tall palm trees. My poor nana was without Facebook at this time and everytime she posts her pictures on hers, I’ve been saving them uploading them to Twitter and then sending her the ones of the trees! The first picture that she sent to Facebook was outside of a window of the view of the ocean below! I don’t know why I wanted to shiver but I did so after seeing this picture. I guess I was seeing cold water in my head! A little bit after they got there, they decided to go right off to the beach. I never did hear if the water was warm or cold, but I’d imagine it would neutral! I texted my sister late at night for her, it was like early morning for me! She told me everything was good, but they didn’t have their bags! My folks and I were worried through the whole 8 hour flight about her, the whole “losing baggage” was not on our minds! I told her at least she was there, safe and sound! They got their bags back at eight o’clock at night!

Day two, well technically it was their first real day there. They went to see Oahu, and visited a Buddhist temple, called “Byodo-In Temple” and the pictures were so beautiful! If you haven’t figured out by now that Hawaii is a beautiful to begin with, we’re all in trouble! She saw her first big batch of mountains which led me to ask on Facebook if she had seen a volcano yet! She said that she’d see one in a few days as they were going to fly over it in a helicopter! Sorry, but even I would not been able to get through that in one piece! I’ll just it from a good distance away! Anyways, they also got to go see the Dole plantation. Does that sound familiar to you Americans? The first thing that popped into my head was pineapples, later on after seeing the other pictures were bananas! From there she pointed out that there were a lot of cats and chickens running around. Everybody in our family was like, “oh god, she’s gonna smuggle in a chicken/cat!” She ended her night exploring and found out that they fire off fireworks every Friday! I would have shared those, but they are very blurry!

Next post will be about her time at Pearl Harbor!! 🙂


A New DIY Project | Part 2


Today, I went over to my nana’s and had some fun! It’s kind of sweet to have my sister Blondie come by when she gets off work in the afternoon. She takes over the talking for me and goes on for at least an hour. Which is great for me because then I can relax and drink my pop while she talks to our grandparents. My nana made chocolate cake, so we each had a slice after a few minutes of getting there. My mom was only supposed to go to a few places and then hopefully I’d go home and eat something to eat. The only thing I had to eat was cake but I’m not complaining though. She had me distracted between the conversations and our project we got back into this afternoon. So it’s been a couple of weeks since the first post of this, my nana and I just actually finished with this today! I realized the picture I used for the first installment was actually the original “outline” of how I wanted everything to go. This first picture is how it looked like before we added anything or fixed the ones that were not glued on to the plastic board enough. To catch you up from the first post, my nana has an obsession with anything related to the beach and lighthouses. Everybody in our family knows about it and she gets a lot of different gifts related to them. She’s gotten sand from both Mississippi and California I think from my uncle and aunt who travel to both places a lot. A number of stuff that we actually used for this, she’s had for years and we’ve basically repurposed them. This is what we used for this project:

Clear plastic board
Hot glue gun
Medium and small sizes of seashells
Blue and pink marble like pebbles


My nana had told me like a day after we worked on it the first time that some of the shells were slowly coming undone from the glue and board. So that was our first thing we did was fix the ones who were sliding off their places. It wasn’t a lot, only like five of them. I kind of figured it would be the bigger ones falling off, but only one was and it was the little shells that didn’t quite get enough of glue the first time. Thankfully this time, neither of us got burnt, but I did get caught in the “cobwebs” as I like to call them because if you’ve ever used a hot glue gun, as you place the melted glue on some place and pull away, it creates this little thin strip of glue and hangs around everywhere. If they get intertwined with each other than it looks like a small cobweb but thankfully there’s no spider nearby!  This second picture is of our new part we did. This was actually pretty easy to do, I think the only reason why we were having so much difficultly last time is because we hadn’t done anything big like this since the pumpkins and that was in last October. You can tell that we were getting used to it because I wasn’t afraid to pick up the board when my nana and I were putting blue towels over the boxes so we could get better pictures of our work. After re-glued the shells, we moved on to adding the little pebbles and I wanted to make myself an “outline” to make sure everything doesn’t look too messy. So we did certain ones first and last to help control my perfectionist side. To make sure we didn’t get burned for this part, my nana unhooked the glue gun from the wall and did each one individually and I just basically dropped each one in place.

We waited a few minutes before switching sides and working on second side. This time it wasn’t as bad and I was actually enjoying it. Once that side was finished too, we let it all sit out for a minute or two before she moved it back into her office. I shared in the last post that this board will join the other beach items in her bathroom. We did find ways to use the other smaller shells that I was too afraid to use because of the fact that none of them were solid surface and probably stay in their place plus getting glue on there and then picking it up, we would get burnt a lot easier that way! So she had two small vases that several of shells came out of and she put those back in there along with the cut up fake flowers she had and were going to use in the original design I had figured out. It’s actually very to have these tan/white seashells and colors of blue and pink flowers and green leaves inside. We had to shake it up a little bit to make sure the leaves and blue flowers were going through the sides and not just stay up at the top. We did have enough pebbles left for the candle holder they came out of so that’s not so dull without them, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be placed together. We were going to also use a small amount of sand on the board but since we didn’t I suggested we put it in the other flower vase. Since the flowers are fake, they don’t need water and I thought it would neat to store the sand in there.

Here is the finish project. I hope you have enjoyed your day!


And as an added bonus to this post, here is a picture of one of our kittens. Little Kells, or “Kelso” as my mom and I like to call him. My dad likes to call him “Bear Bear” the other day he actually brought him in my room because as he said, when he opened the door to the back porch he walked right in. I think dad just saw him out by the window and grabbed him and brought him inside to show mom and I. ChiChi did pretty good with him on my bed with her. She did shake the shit out of one side of my mom because he was too close to her. Such a damn drama queen she is! Okay I’m definitely finished now!


A New DIY Project | Part 1


My nana is obsessed with the beach. Pretty much anything that has to deal with sand, palm trees, and seashells. She’ll love you til kingdom come if you are even a little addicted to it too. Growing up, she had all of these little lighthouse knick knacks around the house. She’s always had some sort of beach like, sunny atmosphere in that house. Over the years I think the love of the warm weather and beautiful scenery kind of grew even bigger than it originally was, I mean the midwest doesn’t have the (usually) hot summers of 100 degrees or so and all we have are cornfields and normal oak trees growing everywhere. Nothing really unusually here and I think she has always brought her memories into everything she does. If you were to go into the bathroom you’d seriously think you were at a hotel on the West Coast because it is literally covered with palm trees and seashells. Now she’s got this little project that we worked on yesterday. I’m still a little confused on where it’ll be placed but it seems to fit in the theme perfectly and it also lets me bring out my creative/artistic side to the project as well.

Yesterday we did this thing of getting different sizes and shapes of seashells she’s had for years at a time. We’re gluing them onto this plastic board or whatever. It’s definitely plastic and thank god because of all that happened between the both of our wheelchairs, boxes, and my papaw getting up and down from his chair about five times we were surprised nothing broke on it. I started with the three big shells you see on the picture above, I thought it was best to get an idea of how everything would look like before we even glued anything on. The three big ones there were already glued to their place but those smaller ones were never glued on in that same place. I even had to move the board forward so you could actually see the seashells instead of the boxes we places underneath so it wouldn’t be that difficult for me to place them on the board. I’m glad to say we only dropped one on the floor and nana burned only burned her fingers twice. Two factors that can be pretty tricky when you do big projects like these are nothing is made for ones who have troubles with their fingers and use their toes to hold on to something. We found a though and I think how they look now is pretty cool! The next I go over there we’re going to be adding flowers and some old sand too. So stay tuned for the second installment of this post!