November Playlist



Well, if you’re an American, you’re probably in the process of still celebrating Thanksgiving and eating the leftovers of last week’s feast or taking advantage of the Black Friday deals online today. If you have a little bit of free time on your hands, I thought you could check out my November Playlist too!

This might actually be a little souped up from the previous months as I’m adding what I listened to while doing NaNoWriMo as well! Right now though, it’s all about the individual songs and the artists that I couldn’t get enough of in November.

Happy Song by Bring Me The Horizon
Express Yourself by Madonna
Bad Girlfriend by Theory Of A Deadman
Judas by Banks
Faith by George Michael
Dusk Til Dawn by ZAYN and Sia
I Like Me Better by LAUV
Better by Meghan Trainor feat. Yo Gotti
Mi Gente by J. Balvin
Meant To Be by Bebe Rexha feat. Florida Georgia Line 

Now we get on what I was listening to while working on NaNo all month long!

I find I do better with instrumentals. Over the years, I’ve noticed that if I’m not careful I can literally write out a song word-for-word on whatever I’m writing at that moment. As funny as that sounds, it can get pretty annoying too! I have two “fantasy” playlists on my Spotify profile, but I think I’m going to need a playlist devoted to piano instrumentals because I’ve consumed a bit throughout this month.

I found Luca D’Alberto and I was in the middle of a bittersweet moment between my MC and his grandmother and I felt as though I was in trance from the music because after I had finished with that chapter, I had over 1,000+ words and I had listened to seven songs in one sitting! The other sessions I listened to Nil Ciuro and Sophie Hutchings. However, for my other scenes that require fast, upbeat songs that get me in the zone, I had to find some more bass-y music, so I like to find trap music or gaming music. I’ve used the Call Of Duty, The Evil Within 2, and For Honor soundtracks. All can be found on Spotify in the browse section!

Now with that being done, I can finally give you the full playlist on Spotify, so you can really listen to what I’ve been loving this past November. Enjoy!


Getting Past Volume 10

I’ve had my share of stereo systems and making them crash in some way. It’s usually been something about the disc skip button. That’s how I ruined three out of four of them. The fourth one was my sister’s, thanfully for her I didn’t break it. After my third strike everybody should have taken them all away, but my sister was sweet and let me have it. She never used it because of all her animals she had in her room. They couldn’t handle loud noises, and I’m thinking that’s probably why I couldn’t keep a fish alive too. Blame it on the bass.

Everytime my dad’s plugged them all in the wall, he is like me he wants to test it out. However he is his own way of testing it. He puts Country music because the first thing that pops up whenever it starts up its on radio. So anytime the power goes off and comes back again, I have to switch it back and turn it down just in case. Nothing against Country music or anything, but if you really want to test it put anything hip hop, rock, and electrica music on and that would be the best thing to test it on. Bass works really with those three. You can definitely hear it from a couple rooms and feel the room shake. It’s all fun!

Dad plugged in the one I use now a few years ago. He tested it by using the radio and surprising put it on 91.1 which is a local station here that plays today’s biggest hits in everything, well almost everything and it was awesome! He even cranked it up to 23. Which it has never been at since. Getting past 10 on volume is a little tricky. Dad doesn’t like my techno stuff and he definitely doesn’t want anything to ruin his surround sound on TV when it watches his ball games. So it’s usually stuck on 9 or 10. Where the bass isn’t at it’s best but you can still hear it, but it doesn’t shake my room. Mom likes my music, well some and I think she’d rather have it on 10. Whenever nobody is in the house, I’m a little afraid that the neighbors will call the police of my “loud music” so I keep it at 10. Today is the first day I’ve ever put it on 11. It’s very loud, the bass is amazing, and my room is doing an awful lot of shaking. So as you can see, I don’t care and I just want to enjoy my good mood. So now I’m going to turn it off.

Sleigh Bells.

I love Sleigh Bells! I’m addicted to them! I love how they sound and love how my stereo sounds when I play “Crown On The Ground.” Even though in some of the songs, you can’t understand a word the girl Alexis is saying, but by the time the bass makes your floor move. You really don’t feel like learning the words that much. Instead you want dance around in your room or car. I think some of their songs, if my cousin Chris would play them on his car stereo would defintely be enough to make my ears bleed. “Beach Girls” and “Kids” sound the same. Probably same lyrics in portions of the songs. I have yet to hear them live, but I think I’m worried I won’t like them live. So anyways, I defintely recommand Sleigh Bells, if you love a lot of bass!