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So I think it was three weeks ago I was to publish a cute little blog post about my neighbor’s brand new puppies! My mom went and stole a couple in two days and we’ve been having puppy fever! We thought our cats were enough for us but I guess not. What I thought was very interesting though was the fact that we can’t have any more kittens, but two dogs in our neighborhood were pregnant and had a big batch of pups! Lord help us!

Now I’ll say, this little guy isn’t necessarily ours. He belongs to my sister. Yes, she and Brandon took one home with them. She’s been wanting a Rottweiler for YEARS! She almost got a chance to have one back in January, but my dad basically told her no and they never got one, they ended up with Sammy instead. Well, one day while at home they came over with us to see them, all ten puppies! Oh my gosh! My heart couldn’t take it! Somehow Brandon got her to go home without one that day, the next day my mom brought over two more and they ended up with this one because Brandon said he wanted a darker one. They originally named him “Yadi” after Yadier Molina of St. Louis Cardinals, but the next day I woke up and went on Facebook to see they had changed it to “Chipper” after Chipper Jones of Atlanta Braves, who was my papaw’s favorite baseball player.

Chipper is a lap dog. He’s going to be around 80-100 lbs and he’s going to be a big softie! Which there’s nothing wrong with that! Our dog Chance was a pit too and she was the sweetest thing on the planet! He likes to bite feet – basically anything he can get to! He knows how to sit and stand, not on command but he’s getting there!

He’s loving his “brothers” Gru and Otis already! It’s poor Sammy and Toni that don’t really like him at the moment. Hopefully they’ll both be okay with him as he gets older! He likes to play with the cat’s toys than his own! They have a weird looking “skunk” that looks more like a black and white spider named Stinky and our family dog ChiChi has these two little bears I shared during February’s photo challenge. She loves the blue bear, but she doesn’t really play with the pink one so when they brought him around the first time he came over to the house I grabbed that and he just kind of took to it so it’s now his little chew toy named Pinky! They got him a couple of tennis balls and other chewable toys like a bone and knotted robes. My sister puts them into an old lunch bag that she now calls his “baby bag” because whenever they go somewhere they bring his toys with them so he’s not too bored with himself and at least attempt to stay out of trouble!

Here are some pictures of him recently!

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Meeting A Celebrity.

I have never met anybody that I really liked and knew about from movies, TV shows, and music. However, I have met major league Baseball players back when I had my surgeries done in 2002. I have the proof in the pictures, baseball, and shirt that they all signed. There were four of them, but I only remember one because he was kind of special. Woody Williams was one of the guys there and when my mom told him that I could write with my feet he gave me a deal. If he gave me his autograph I had to give him mine. So he got up from his seat and I wrote out my name. He was kind of shocked, they all were. That was the only time I’ve met anybody famous.

This weekend the cast members of The Vampire Diaries for a convention in Nashville, TN. Almost of the guys were there, but three. David Anders, Daniel Gillies, Joseph Morgan, Michael Trevino, and Paul Wesley were all there. I have never went to an convention before and I don’t know if I’d ever go to one because traveling with me is almost impossible. Anyways, I’ve been seeing updates of everybody retweeting the Q&A’s of all these guys. Everybody said David Anders was hilarious yesterday. I just seen a bunch of retweets from Paul’s Q&A today. I’d love to meet all of them or most of them, but I’d be too afraid to ask anything.

I’ve gone back and forth about being a member of Linkin Park’s Underground, which is just fan based community of their fans and if you’re a member you have a chance to do meets and greets. I think that’s cool and all, but it costs too. I’ve tried my hardest to get my mom to pay, but it’s not working. It’s working more on my nana because she’s actually likes Linkin Park kind of like I do. Not as big, but getting there. I’d really, really like to meet them too! They’re like at the top of my list on the guy side to meet.