It’s Been A Good Wednesday

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So it’s mid-week and I’ve got to say after my state of mind last weekend and these last two days of being bored and out of it. I can definitely say today was an awesome day! From the time I woke up this morning, it has been nothing but good for me. God blessed with a better day and I didn’t even ask for it. Yesterday, I told my mom that I didn’t think I’d wake up early enough to watch Backstreet Boys on Good Morning America. So I had went on ahead and record it just in case. Well when I got up this morning, it was so bright and pretty that I actually thought it was later than I thought it was, but it was just 5:35am and I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was really weird, but I didn’t really care because that meant I woke up in time. I didn’t sleep in and I haven’t since probably last Friday. I haven’t even taken a nap today either. I’ve had too much energy, but now that the sun is going down, most of my energy is going down. My body is exhausted. It’s probably a good thing I’m taping the season finale of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. I don’t think I’m going to crash anytime soon, but I do have a movie to finish. I’ll get to that in a bit.

After I got up, I could hear my dad talking in the living room. It wasn’t time for Blondie to get up, I thought he was talking to ChiChi and eating their breakfast pizza. Don’t ask. As I was rolling over to get readjusted and unwrap myself from my blanket. I heard another voice and noticed it was my mom. Once I realized it was her actual voice, I was really hungry and my stomach wouldn’t stop growling. So I sent a text to my mom saying that I wish we had stuff to make pancakes or cinnamon rolls. I think about an hour later, I heard this really loud bang coming from the kitchen and it didn’t sound a pan hitting the counter or stove. I only heard it once and about ten minutes later, the air conditioner came on and the small puff of what smelled like cinnamon came through my vent and I started freaking out because I couldn’t really smell out but I thought I was just losing my mind because I seriously couldn’t smell it anymore. So I posted a status on my Facebook, I really must be hungry, since I swore when the air kicked on just a little bit ago that I was smelling cinnamon rolls. I think about two seconds later, my mom posted a comment on that status saying I was indeed smelling cinnamon rolls. SCORE!

My sis and dad left this morning at probably the same time. My mom came in my room with a paper plate of the smallest cinnamon roll ever. My mom had to cut it up in smaller bites for me, but even I could measure this little thing. I finished it while she was sitting on the floor using the laptop. And then she had to bring in my second one because I was still hungry. It was 8am when this happened and I already my TV on GMA and I still can’t believe I watched that whole show even though I’ve seen it many, many times before and know if they’re going to have any performers on the show they’re going to leave until the end of the show. So I watched it for two hours straight and I’ve got to say I was glad when I did see five very handsome men on my television screen. I will always be a Backstreet Boys, and I think I had a little too much dancing to their new song and when they performed “Backstreet’s Back” I wasn’t dancing, but I was singing out loud. I couldn’t sing very loud though because my mom went back to sleep right after my second cinnamon roll. After GMA was over, I plugged my headphones into my iPod and had myself a little BSB moment. I am SO happy that Backstreet Boys are not releasing their new album the same day as Five Finger Death Punch.

I spend most of my morning listening to music. I actually didn’t listen to a Five Finger Death Punch song until around noon I think. I was having an inner child moment. I was mostly listening to BSB and Disney songs. I think around 10am I finally took off my headphones for good. I turned on my mini speakers and has anybody ever listened to Disney songs and instantly get tired? They make wonderful lullabies. They literally almost went back to bed, but I didn’t. I didn’t read at all today, but I spent most of my time on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. My dad came home for lunch around noon and my mom made me lunch. The rest of the day I spent listening to music, and just music. It was a music filled day. When my mom went to the store at 3pm, she brought back a movie for me. She brought back Silver Linings Playbook. I’m not finished with it yet but I’ll probably finish it later on tonight since I’m pushing myself to watch SVU tonight. I’m just happy it’s the only thing I’ve got on. Tomorrow I have the season finale of The Vampire Diaries. I’m not so excited about that.

Music To Die By

There is a YouTube clip of the guys of Sixx:A.M. being asked this question, and it literally took them about 20 minutes to answer it. Three dudes with different tastes. Nikki asked if James would live or die on this desert island? James said it would be music to die by. At the end of them making jokes, and literally thinking about it. Which I am trying to rack my brain to figure out what I’d choose. If anybody has looked at “Music” tab at the top of my site. The first one underneath it is a tab called, “Favorite Albums” so I can chosing three albums from that list as my three albums to die by.

Oh, this is difficult. Now I understand why they having such a rough time with picking out just one album. No wonder they ended up with four. Anyways, I think my first would have to be Blood by In This Moment. I’ve listened to it from start to finish and it’s got this haunting sound to it. It would be a perfect album to have if you’re going to die on a desert island. Maybe you’ll get lucky and your spirit will stay around the island and everybody who goes on the island will be your victims? Second album will be a bit more mellow, and A Thousand Suns by Linkin Park is calling my name. Especially the songs “Iridescent” and “The Messager” so slow and sweet. But I like those two songs, so maybe that’s not a good choice. Okay, that’s unofficial if I’d use that album or not.

The other album that is fighting for second place comes from my morning so forgive me. I can’t give up on my Backstreet Boys. So I’m thinking their album that came out in 2001 called The Hits would actually be a perfect second album to die by. Knowing me, I’d die alone so I’d might as well depress myself to the death with some BSB love songs. I’ve not only given hope for my love life but my life in general. How weird is this, guess what just came on my iPod? Yeah, Backstreet Boys. They were my first music loves so they might as well be one of the last things I’ll ever listen to. Okay, last but not least. I think Halestorm deserves this spot. Their album The Strange Cases Of… is such an amazing album. I cannot get enough of it. I love it to be pieces. I love Lzzy’s voice. So I think that would be my last album. These are the albums I’d die by.

Three Days Until August.

It’s almost August, the eighth month out of the year. Jeez! What happened to July? I find it interesting that both April and May can be the slowest months to get through and then once as June comes around it’s like you’re driving a car in a narrow corner and you have to turn very carefully and slowly to get to the other side. That’s how I think of getting past May into June. After you’ve turned around, those next two months are straight through. No turns or stop signs in sight. You just drive forever and by the end you’re like, “that was quick!” That’s summer for you!

I’ve got a bunch of thing lined up for me next month. I’m thinking about just skipping these next three days and just going ahead and starting a new month, what do you think? June was the month of Linkin Park, July was my depressing month, and August is happily titled my “full” album. I start out the month on an interesting note. I go to the doctors within the first week of August. I’m fine with going to the regular doctor than eye doctor or dentist. As long as they don’t have to take my blood I’ll be fine. Since I’ve had this check-up before two years ago, I already know there will be no blood taken. I hope not at least. I’m praying I don’t have to.

That next week is made up of little things. August 10th, my sister has her first-last Football game that she has to cheer at that Friday night. My mom already has that day off so that means I get to go. It’s going to be hot as hell, but I love going to Football games. On August 13th they are announcing the Dancing With The Stars pros on Good Morning America, so that means I have to wake up bright and early to watch that and wait til the end of the show to even see who will be on it. That’s what they did in the spring. The next day, which is the 14th is when one of my favorite bands In This Moment release their next album, Blood and hopefully by then I’d have an iTunes card and buy it off of there because I am not buying it at Wal-Mart. I don’t want to get a rock album that has half of the words bleeped out of it. It’s stupid.

I don’t know which week everything is, but I do know the dates to everything, so I’m surprised I can even think straight at the moment. August 27th is the date that we find out who will be the last contestant on Dancing With The Stars. (If you want to vote for either Sabrina Bryan, Carson Kressley, or Kyle Massey read DWTS All-Star (Celeb Cast) post.) Another morning I have to get up early in the morning, and since I missed the other morning that had this announcement I have to watch this one. Good Morning America is having the Backstreet Boys come perform on August 31st. It will be the first time that all five members will get on stage together and perform live. I am so freaking excited! That’s the only 31st that I am excited about. That’s what I got coming for me next month. I’m not for sure how much more I got coming, but I hope nothing overlaps or I’ll be really mad if that happens.

When TRL Ruled My Life

Growing up, coming home and watching TV was a given. Nobody as a kid or a teenager wants to do their homework as soon they come home. Favorite shows would come on an hour after you get home. I remember coming home from school a lot and watch Full House and  Family Matters on ABC Family or one of those channels. I think around when I turned nine years old I started to watch this show on MTV, it was called TRL (Total Request Live) and I remember watching every once in a while. I would watch for Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, and N’Sync. For me at that time, everything revolved around them. After I came home from Shriner’s I remember watching it more often. I started getting into rap music again and discovered Good Charlotte and Simple Plan and just exploded my musicial tastes from there.

I was just watching VH1’s doctumentary of “The TRL Decade” and was seriously holding back tears because I miss that part of my usual routine and it was my childhood to watch music videos all day long when I was sick and around 4pm it would be TRL time. That was my day. No wonder I’m crazy about my music. I still watch music videos all day long sometimes. I remember watching Backstreet Boys on there. Practically kissing the TV as well. Then when I got into 50 Cent and Eminem, it was a bomb went off. I would get excited about watching their interviews and wish I was there watching them perform to all the people there. I remember the first time I heard and watched Fort Minor’s “Petrified” it was on the countdown and I instantly loved it. I don’t remember seeing any Linkin Park on the countdown unfortunately. MTV will never be as good as it was back then. Maybe that’s why they’ve been playing all these reality shows now.

What Happened To Music Videos?

VH1 has been advertising their new documentary about the TRL (Total Request Live) days on MTV. I might watch it, but I don’t know. I’m worried it’ll make me cry. Not even joking either. Ever since they’ve been playing nothing but reality TV shows and crap on there, it doesn’t seem like MTV anymore. When I was growing up, MTV was the go-to channel to watch music videos all day long. I do have to say, both MTV and MTV2 still play music videos, you just have to get up very early in the mornings to watch any of them. It’s like old cartoons that use to be on Nickelodeon, they came back but you have to stay up from midnight to 4am on the weekdays. Where’s the fun in that? Play it on the weekends like it use to be! I know every person that was born in the late 80s and early (maybe late) 90s would LOVE to watch some shows of their childhood. Everything is getting pushed back and that’s not right.

I remember when I was 9 or 10 years old, there was an award show that night before and mom taped it for us. So we watched parts of it that morning. We watched Britney Spears perform “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and what I remember of this performance was the fact that in the beginning of it, sounds a part from Wizard of Oz. Think back to the scene where Dorothy was  trapped inside the witches castle and her little knights or whatever the hell they were called were chanting something, and me knowing the Wizard of Oz really well, when Britney Spears performance had the exact same chant I was amazed and it has never left. Besides her performance, mom had gotten the Backstreet Boys performance. They sang “Show Me The Reason Of Being Lonely” and I was in a trance. Rock music hadn’t been around me yet, so I was still in love with pop music.

I also remember when I was little, we were getting ready for school. I was going into the living room to watch TV and I remember watch music videos, I definitely still see the play-by-play of Dream’s “He Loves U Not” and that was such a bad ass song back then! My parents would say MTV was better back in the 80’s. Well, from what I’ve read I don’t think that’s true. Back then, they had to censored a lot of the videos and lyrics of the song. Now, it’s just the lyrics it seems like. Sometimes the lyrics aren’t blocked well enough. Maybe it is a good thing they play music videos in the early mornings considering what they do play. YouTube and VEVO have become the way the go to way to watch music videos. It’s sad that it’s like that since the whole reality shows have taken over. I do have to say VH1 has been the last (I don’t know how much FUSE and BET plays music videos) that still plays them from 6am until 10am. Which is like the best thing ever for somebody like me, who still loves her music videos.