OOTD: Oh, Deer!



Today I have another outfit of the day, but I wanted to mention that I wore it on Friday, I just wasn’t able to get the pictures right away to publish it over the weekend.

As I mentioned in my V-Day OOTD I went shopping and managed to buy more colorful clothes, mostly in the T-shirt department. I really love my black clothing and everything, but unfortunately most of the tops I own doesn’t go with my bright and crazy leggings so somehow I managed to buy probably seven tops that do not have a shade of black on them! I did buy one gray and two black and white tops, but you’ll see soon the only reason I bought those last two were because they go with my personality really well!

I guess since we’re already on the subject, we can start on the shirt which is a simple tee in a pale shade of yellow. I don’t really care for pastel colors, but I do like a mint and nice yellow like this. The day I wore this, my mom wore her pink top, and we looked like a couple of Easter eggs! I think it’s a nice color though, it’s not in your face yellow, it’s a very sweet and gentle color.


I think since because this is just a basic top, it was cheaper than the “Love” shirt I put up last week. They were also on sale too, which was the real reason why I came home with five different shirts. I’m pretty sure they were all $3 each and that is really good. I originally had another shirt that I wanted to wear with these pants I’m about to talk about in a minute, but I lost to both my mom and sister. My dad was on my side but beer was involved so his answer was invalided.

Anyways, the leggings were the first thing I saw when we got into the section and I fell in love with them instantly. You guys know I love my Aztec designs, so this one is no different except it has little deer and birdcage images with the normal shapes throughout, but the background is a solid black and it has a rainbow ombre of bold colors from the waist to the ankles.


Everybody that I was around that day, seemed to really like them and think they were from another brand that has become sort of popular recently, called LaRue but they’re from Wal-Mart instead. These were just $4 and that is a LOT better than some places especially LaRue’s prices as I was told! I know a lot of people have opinions about Wal-Mart’s leggings that they have a little bit of a history of tearing while in the wash, but I’ve never had any issues with them and majority of the leggings in my drawer is from there!

I also wore my shawl that morning since I had an early day at physical therapy and it was pretty chilly! I even had to wear a pair of socks, they weren’t anything fancy though! Just plan black socks that I feel shrunk while in the washer because my mom was having issues putting them on me and my nana almost took off my left foot trying to remove it when I got to her house!

So what do you think of this outfit? Yay or nay? 



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OOTD: Turquoise


Hey guys!

I haven’t been doing a lot of OOTD posts lately. This is mostly because it is winter in the where I live and we actually just got over Blizzard Jonas, we got the smaller part of it I think. We only got about three inches of snow. Which isn’t that bad, but considering we were supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow over a two day period and we only had one day! I’m not complaining on the amount of snow we got though, because I know our winter isn’t over and NYC’s amount scares the living shit out of me!

I have been out and about, I just keep forgetting to ask my mom for a picture of my outfit. Also, whenever we come home from the dentist I’m usually too exhausted to do anything else but take a nap that creating, editing, and scheduling a blog post for the next day  is just not important to me! So I hope you all will forgive me! My nana was originally supposed to take my picture for this post, but I forgot to remind her so my mom had to take them when we got home and it felt so good outside that we got to do them in the yard and visit with the cats a bit too!

If you remember, I’ve actually worn these leggings before and said I might do a OOTD post with my turquoise shirt. I remembered wearing the leggings, but the color of shirt was a bit fuzzy in my mind. My mom actually took the other outfit so knowing I haven’t talked about this version makes me happy and I can stop worrying about it now! My other post is here! I’ve actually had the turquoise shirt longer than the ivory shirt. Turquoise is very bright on me. I’ve only ever had two shirts in this color in my whole life! This shirt is just a solid, cotton shirt from Walmart years ago! It actually does match my leggings! I’ve wanted to find a big fiery orange necklace to go with it, so it would go with it too! It would be a nice finish to the whole thing!

Sorry about the socks by the way! I tried to take them off but I couldn’t tell when she was taking the pictures so that’s why the right foot is still covered, but since you’ve already seen the pants it’s not like it’s a big deal, right? Funny story, my mom couldn’t find a pair of socks in my room that went together, so I ended up with mis-matched socks so there’s another good thing about it!

So what do you think of this outfit? Which color do you like better? Turquoise or ivory with these leggings?



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OOTD: Black + Tan


Hey guys!

This is my second OOTD in the last two days, be proud of me especially since this picture was taken outside! My mom took off my jacket and I wanted to say to hell with it!

I went back to my nana’s yesterday, we had lunch and a good day! I just got permission to talk about what’s sort of going on lately. So I’m hoping I can get that up sometime soon! Saturday’s outfit consists of lots of black! I like and own a lot of it in my closet. You guys know how much my mom hates it, she wishes I had more black leggings than black shirts. I have a lot of funky, colorful leggings that goes with absolutely nothing in my closet!

Anyways, everything was bought at Wal-Mart. The shirt I’ve had for years, it’s my standard black shirt but the material feels very silky, almost like a swinsuit. My leggings are black with a tan and white Aztec/tribal print on them. You guys seem to enjoy my leggings a lot! I always get nice comments about them! I got a few for Christmas so you’ll be seeing a lot of new ones! These were actually the first present I opened that morning! They aren’t as snug as my other pants. I can breathe/eat while wearing them, but I have to say when the wind blows, it goes right into my sleeves. And yes, I’m talking from experience! Of course to round it all out, I wore my black socks to complete my casual look!

What do you think about this outfit? Yay or nay? What kind of patterns do you love the most?



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OOTD: Aztec


Hi 🙂

So first off, if you came from Facebook or Twitter, you might realize the pictures are different from the others. I like to tease you a bit. I thought it would be cuter if I added the one with Oscar on my lap instead of the other, boring picture.

I went over to my nana’s Tuesday morning and this was what I wore over there. I actually got these leggings from a trip to the Dollar General last winter or maybe two years ago. They are my mom’s favorite, she likes to put them on me a lot. I’ve found a similar pair on Amazon, click here. They were a random purchase, we saw them on top of the racks and I knew I couldn’t leave without them. I had to wait until Christmas to wear them, but it was worth the wait! The shirt is a cotton, ivory top. I got it from Walmart along with the second top which is solid turquoise. Surprisingly both of them work well with the pants! So I actually have two ways to do this outfit and with me, that is really rare!

Have you been liking my OOTD posts? What do you like about them?