Hair Dye.

So my dark roots are coming back. I actually miss my Auburn hair that I had for a few months. Even though my dad thinks I shouldn’t dye my hair again, because you can see the red halfway down my hair. It’s not at my tips but I need another change. Auburn wasn’t my first choice. I wanted that bright red. I had that spray red stuff on my hair for Halloween and ever since I had that I’ve wanted it permantant.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had another color in my hair before. I’ve had those red highlights that only last two weeks. I got them when I was younger and I was with my grandma (my dad’s mom) and aunt. That was interesting because I really wanted another color but I didn’t want my dad to flip since I was so young and got it with them. Thankfully by the end of that week they were gone so I didn’t get into trouble.

For my 19th birthday I was going to get a tattoo but I am deadly afraid of needles and STILL haven’t got one yet. So instead we got hair dye. I got auburn and Emily got brown. She really wants to be a brunette. She’s the only one that’s a blonde in my family. We dyed our hair at my nana’s house in her kitchen. That was an interesting weekend and that was the good day. I think we all inhaled too much of the fumes. We all got a little crazy that day. The next day wasn’t any better either.

So now that I know red dye works in my hair. I kind of wonder if the purple or blue works too? We’ve tried blonde at the salon and it actually didn’t work and my friend Meaghan said she’s a natural dark brown brunette. She’s had blonde and hair both in her hair but yet it doesn’t work for me. I wish it would because my mom doesn’t want to do the purple dye. So I’m kind of thinking I’d find somebody else to do for me instead.