Album Review: “Asking Alexandria” by Asking Alexandria


Here is my first review of 2018!

I had made a promise to myself that it didn’t matter how long it took me, I would review both Asking Alexandria and G-Eazy’s new albums that came out in mid-December. As much I loved doing the Christmas music reviews, these were the two that I was more excited to talk about on here!

The British band consists of Ben Bruce and Cameron Liddel on guitars, Sam Bettley on bass, and James Cassells plays the drums. In 2016, I reviewed my first AA album, when they released “The Black” with new front singer Denis Stoff. As everybody was freaking out about the departure of Danny Worsnop and don’t get me wrong, I love Danny’s voice but I was embracing the new style that was in front of me, because I didn’t think this next part would happen. Danny is now back in the band and this was their new material for their fans.

So we will start off the album with “Alone In A Room” and it starts off kind of slow before it all awakens in sound. The sound itself was gentle and very mild, but I liked it. Danny’s low and soft voice in this track, it’s the perfect starter I thought. He is known for his way of singing and then switching to the very harsher growls and yells that is metal music. However, I was glad that he kept that side away in this song. Next is their first single, “Into The Fire” and this was what made me happy because it’s everything that I love! It’s heavy, but with a hint of mysterious in the music. Danny sound so powerful and the section towards the end, the bridge is just gorgeous! I love hearing him yell, which is weird to say out loud, but he sounds so strong.

Third is “Hopelessly Hopeful” and for some odd reason, I had the hardest time spelling the title for this one. I liked the strange introduction, but the song as a whole wasn’t one of my favorites. I didn’t like the mellow sound of it, well I take that back. It wasn’t necessarily the beat that really bothered me, it was more of Danny’s voice. I thought his voice was too high pitched for the sound itself. The only time I liked both together was when his voice sounded static in the middle. Another favorite is our next track, “Where Did It Go?” and I will say, I don’t pay attention to lyrics a lot, especially with rock bands, but Danny speaks pretty quickly in the verses and the second verse, he explains the start of the band, the album before he left and the “fourth one” explaining why he left the band as “they needed a room to breathe” and speaking about their future. I thought it was genius. The sound itself gives it that edge too. I’m sure I’ve listened to it over a hundred times when it came out in early November!

And then there’s “Rise Up” and, I felt this was a great heavy track to have after the last one since it was pretty upbeat too. I think the meaning is as inspirational as the previous song. The choruses really pull you in and I feel like it will be on everyone’s workout playlist! Next we have “When The Lights Come On” and when the album came out, I wanted to hear a bit of it, so I put it on shuffle and when this song started playing, I immediately put it on my “Starred” list on Spotify. I’m seriously addicted! The only way to describe the song itself is saying, if you’ve ever been curious about how it feels when your favorite band goes out on stage every night, this is your answer! They did a pretty good job of giving you a taste into their mindset. The sound itself was perfect, it right balance between energetic and in your face.

The seventh track is “Under Denver” and this one is sort of mellow. It’s not a heavy track by any means, it is slower and dare I say? Gentle. I love how this one sounds, it has these electric notes and the static, it’s just different and I like it. I have always went back and forth with the lighter side of rock and roll, because I do love hearing the melodies and the actual  words of the lyrics, but the harsher songs can put me in a better mood no matter what is going on in my life. Next we have another song that has only Danny’s calm voice and an acoustic guitar, with a like drum sequence. It is a called “Vultures” and I feel like it’s the perfect theme for the word, I know that’s weird to say but I got a somber vibe while listening to the song itself and it made me think of actual vultures too. It’s pretty good. After that is “Eve” and we’re back on the ominous train full of loud screams and harsh guitars. I like it, purely for the creepy aspect of it, which sounds about right.

We’re on the last three songs of the album. There’s actually a fourth but it’s the radio edit of “Into The Fire” and that only means that it’s shorter in length, so there’s no point in talking about that one again! So we start it with “I Am One” and we have a true rock and roll sound, although at first I thought it had a bit of a punk feel to it too. It’s soft, but still up in your face though! This wasn’t one of my favorites, but I’ve learned over the years to never really believe in what I initially say, because I’ll just switch anyways! Next we have “Empire” and this is a bit interesting as you can clearly hear Ben Bruce in this track. He’s usually singing in the background anyways, but this one you can hear him really well. You also have rapper Bingx featured in this song too. I’ve never heard of him, so forgive me about that! I thought it was a cool song, it sounded different from what we usually hear from Asking Alexandria, even though it still has the same elements, they just added another singer that raps.  Last one is “Room 138” and it has this echo-y introduction that slowly changed to a fast paced track. You can feel the emotion being put into this song. It’s actually pretty mellow music wise, the only thing that is right in your face is Danny’s angry yells. I like it though.

I am glad the band patched up their issues and came back together, and recorded this album for their fans. I was kind of surprised that I actually liked it, since I was okay with their previous one, I didn’t think I’d be feel like that this was real, but still I’m glad it is. Out of 12 songs, I didn’t like two of them, that’s pretty good I think! It was a nice balance between the perfect go crazy in the most pit and sway back and forth with a lighter songs. It was really good!

Have you heard of Asking Alexandria’s new album? What did you think of it? Let me know!


Album Review: “The Black” by Asking Alexandria

10297611_10153819906045818_5353265450019119261_nI was excited for the 25th of March since probably the beginning of December. When the date finally came and went though, I was busy dealing with life and my demons and I didn’t care about the music that came out that day unfortunately! It was a bittersweet feeling but days later I snapped out of it and finally listened to “The Black” by a band that I’ve only recently been listening to called Asking Alexandria!

The album starts off with “Let It Sleep” and I’ve been loving this track a lot! So happy that Shannon Gunz from Sirius XM Octane has been playing the shit out of this one and the next like crazy! It’s very heavy and dark, but has a good steady medley. Everything works well together! I’ve done a review on their music video and track “The Black” earlier in February but now I finally get to do this and I’m actually kind of excited! If you read my previous album reviews before you know I don’t include the song I’ve already talked about so if you want to know what I thought about track number two, click here. Third is called “I Won’t Give In” and this was the song that basically turned me like oh my god! Everytime I hear it, it builds me up so strongly and I actually believe in both the lyrics and myself that I’m not going to give up and lately I’ve been needing that kind of self-esteem!

Fourth track is called “Sometimes It Ends” and it starts off with Ben Bruce explaining a conversation he had with new vocalist of the band, Denis Stoff about the writing of the new album and how he talked him out of making it about original singer Danny Worsnop. When the actual song starts, you can’t exactly hear what Denis is saying, one of the bad things about using harsh vocals of screaming and growls at the beginning will do to a track like this, but you can still hear the message behind them though.Sometimes things do end but you will get through it. At the end of it, it goes back to Ben talking about how grateful he is about how he’s still able to go out and play music. He also thanked Denis for talking him out of making the record mainly about Danny which everybody sort of thought it would be about him. I didn’t.

The next song is called “The Lost Souls” and I really like this one, it actually might become a favorite of mine! It starts off very soft and a little mysterious but quickly builds and becomes very powerful music wise! The vocals are a little off for me, but I don’t know why because it all goes together very well! I do love the orchestra in the background in the choruses, gives it a nice soft edge to it! Sixth track is “Just A Slave To Rock ‘n Roll” and at first, I thought I would like it and then I heard it and was totally wrong. Everybody has their differences between what sounds like rock or heavy metal and this does not sound like a rock ‘n roll. Now it could be a metaphor of the rock ‘n roll lifestyle now that I think about it, that seems more fair to say whenever I listen to it. Number seven is a song that is very light, not exactly a ballad but still good though! The song is “Send Me Home” and it’s very uplifting and it’s beautiful!

Next up is “We’ll Be OK” and we’re back on the heavy train and it’s very ominous with the soft introduction and low vocals. It’s a good song. I just need to listen to it a few more times and see what happens, because right now I don’t exactly like it. The band’s most recent single that was released like a week before the album came out was “Here I Am” and it’s another slow one. I’ve been ignoring it because I’m not into the softer songs like I wish I was! Number ten is a song called “Gone” and even though the last two were pretty slow and easy going, this is what I call a ballad and it is gorgeous! Piano, orchestra, and Ben’s voice. Second to last is “Undivided” and it sounds a little alternative as I hear some electronic sounds in the intro. I like the meaning of it a lot, this song in general is pretty badass! I actually want this one to become a single! The last one is “Circled By The Wolves” and this gives me the same vibes “We’ll Be OK” there’s nothing that really makes it special, it just sounds like a regular, fuck you rock song. I don’t have a problem with those kinds of songs but I do like for them to sound different from the rest!

I was actually surprised with this album, it was good but not what I expected though. It had a lot of heavier songs which is what everybody was looking for while waiting for it to be released. It’s also not about Danny, which I’m even more happier about because that was another concern to the older fans who have been listening to them for years. There’s nothing about this album that is “bad” it’s just some songs weren’t a favorite of mine. I’d still buy the album though!

What do you think of “The Black”? What are your favorite tracks and maybe not so favorites? 


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Music Video Review: “The Black” by Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria used to be one of those bands where you had to force me to listen to back in the day. The band as a whole scared the shit out of me! You have to understand when everybody in my class was going through their emo phase in middle school, I wasn’t even close to being ready. I only had one black shirt in my closet and it came from the church I was attending! Bands like AA and Bring Me The Horizon were NOT my thing. It seemed ironic that I actually got into both at the end of my five year rock phase last year.

Anyways, Asking Alexandria has a new a song, music video, and lead vocalist. That’s another thing I figured would happen. A band I’d get interested in has to replace their long time singer with another. I actually never heard that they had found a replacement after Danny left the group, I only heard after the release of “I Won’t Give In” and I was intrigued! I still think that was one of the best songs of 2015! Denis Stof is like the perfect replacement, I know I can’t really say that, but he’s really good! He’s not going to sound exactly like Danny, but I think both of them as singers are very alike. Danny managed to have beautiful vocals with aggressive yells in songs. He can do both, on an album and live on stage. I think that’s what every fan is mostly worried about when it comes time to replace them. Can they be as good or even better than the original singer? Denis has nothing to worry about, let me say!

Now that’s done, we can move on to the actual music video! I’ve been seeing the different tracks popping up on both my Facebook and Twitter and then advertise for the album title track came up on YouTube and I was like, “what the hell?” and I love the intro very much. It’s got a very metalcore but electric sound to it, even as a whole it’s not like the other AA songs I’ve listened to! I love the darker almost demonic voice that Denis makes, not the low one but the high pitched one. It’s very sexy! You can tell I’ve done lost my fucking mind! The chorus of it is really interesting, the way their (Denis and Ben’s voices” cut in and out. It’s all good, but after Ben’s beautiful part, the whole song just kind of loses my interest. So that’s the only part that really stinks about it. I did enjoy the music video mostly being in black and white. I just don’t understand the concept for it of course!

Asking Alexandria’s new album “The Black” comes out on March 26th!

Are you an Asking Alexandria fan? What do you think Denis Stoff taking over? Are you excited for their album?

A Mini Update

I’ve been doing a lot of recovering in the past two days, I fell out of my push wheelchair on Monday at my nana’s and I’m done fine right now. No hospital visit or anything but of course I’ve been very paranoid along with everybody else, especially my nana since she saw me fall right out of  it. In all my years of using wheelchairs that was a first. So that means I’ve done a lot of watching  TV and lying down. For a person, who hates to rest and it does run in the family. I did all of this on my own, because everything including my butt hurt when I went to sit up even on my bed. So lying down was just the better idea.

I’ve been recording and watching so many movies in the last 24 hours it’s not even funny! I’ve finally seen all of the Underworld movies as I just finished Underworld: Evolution yesterday evening. That Marcus dude is freaky in bat form. I finally got one of my questions answered though, how does Selene walk in the sunlight in the Underworld: Awakening? Well, you find out in that movie! I’ve also been watching Frozen and loving Olaf more than I did the first time I watched it. I’m trying to catch myself up with Major Crimes as my mom is done watching it, I’ve been watching it on my own. Oh and I typed Legally Blonde last night and I was reliving my days at the hospital watching that movie nonstop. “….what are my boobs too big?” BEST. QUOTE. EVER! The movie’s got a lot of great quotes in it, but that’s got to be about the best.

 I’ve also been listening to a LOT of music lately too. Another band that I vividly remember saying I’d never get into has now have ahold of me. I’m now a fan of Asking Alexandria, it was just two songs at first and it’s two albums! Now that I’ve updated you on what’s been going on, I thought I’d counter out the bad with a little bit of good and post some pretty pictures. I haven’t been outside since everything happened so these pictures belong to my sister. I hope your week has been going better than mine but the week isn’t over yet so let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed that it continues to get better from here!