The Bridesmaid Dresses!



I am discussing everything wedding today! If you follow me on Twitter, you might’ve noticed that on February 26th, I finally got fitted for my maid of honor dress as the rest of the bridesmaids had gone in early January, since some of the girls were still on break. We were supposed to go, but my nana had been having some issues with her health and my mom didn’t want to risk leaving her alone.

It was during this trip that they got to pick the style of dress they wanted to wear, because I think Blondie was going back and forth on what exactly she wanted us to wear for the wedding, she originally didn’t want any kind of lace. She didn’t want it on her dress or ours, even though I believe if you’re going to have a Disney (and Superhero) theme wedding, lace would be a classic go-to addition. Ultimately, the rest of the camp found a dress that they liked–after trying like 8 others–and it has lace on it! So technically I was happy about it and I didn’t even express my opinions on it, because I feared I’d get yelled at, so I kept my mouth shut!

The girls that went are all wearing one shoulder strap dress, that has thick lace material all around the front that gradually goes to the left shoulder and it has a nice bodice with a thin belt just before the bottom flows out; it’s very soft and it has an airy, so you can do a lot of movement! The girls will be wearing it in the color “tickle” which is described as a lighter shade of pink. The color scheme that the couple has went with are pink and silver.

Here are Sam, Jace and Jayde modeling the longer dresses, trying to get fitted into their sizes, on the first day there!


I’d say the middle (Jace) is almost the gray/silver they’re going for, but all of the dresses will be in that pink, while Brandon, his groomsmen, and my dad–yes, he’s wearing a tux, but with a bandana–are wearing silver tuxes and I think pink ties! Oh, and brown shoes! Yeah, my mom and I are still wondering who’s idea that was because Blondie was there with them as they got fitted for theirs!

Now on that day I finally got fitted for my dress and I will be truthful when I say this, I am pale as a ghost and have awkward shoulders. I have previously explained this several times on here about the fact my shirts always fall off one of my shoulders, no matter how many times we try to fix it, it’ll find a way to slip right off! When my mom looked to see how big that strap was on the shoulder, she was really worried if it would even stay on the shoulder because it is a thick section of material and I have such small shoulders, that we were wondering how would this work on me?

Well, the day we arrived there, it was partially crowded with brides and their families and friends. Dad dropped us off while he and Brandon went to get his tux and pants fitted (he was NOT in a mood to do this at all!) and I sat quietly in my wheelchair fighting the urges to look through the dresses and wondering if I would have to find another dress because the chosen one wasn’t going to stay on my shoulders.

We were taken into a little fitting room, because I did not feel comfortable to be out in the open as she took my measurements. The lady was not exactly liked by my sister, mostly because she had measured her friend Jace wrong the first time they were there, saying she was one size when she wasn’t. We have never measured my body before, even for prom, mostly because both dresses were bought from JC Penney and Dillard’s. This had happened again when she measured only my chest and bust, but not my hips. So she started us with a size 2 and 4.

The size 4 barely went over the top of my head, we never got past my ears, and we tried to go in reverse and put my feet in first but my ass was too big for it, so I clearly wasn’t a 4. We tried a 5 and then 6, an 8, and finally found out that 10 was good, it went over my head and fit perfectly, but I could hardly breathe! So we figured that a size 12 would be better in case I did in fact gain more weight over the cross of the next few months and my mom didn’t think I would be able to eat and dance in it either.

Between my hips, ass, and the damn zipper we were having the worst time trying these dresses on! In a way, my mom and I were happy that I learned to transfer and stand up nice and strong on my own two feet, but my poor pinky wasn’t having to do it multiple times. Blondie was the one actually pulling it up to my chest and attempting to zip it up, as my mom was the one holding up my upper body. By the second or third try, my sister just situated herself behind me where I was literally sitting on her lap! I loved her for that because my feet were ready to give out a couple of times. When we got to the last dress, her poor thumb was red and slightly swollen after trying to pull it up at the back.

This was the end result of that mess!


Now as you can see how the dress is on my upper body and most importantly my shoulder, you can see our concerns of the material being so much that it actually looks like it could slip off! I refuse to go strapless though, that was my rule from the get go, was no strapless dresses for me! I don’t think it would stay up. It’s not the size of my bosom that I was concerned about it is mostly because since I can’t move my hands to lift it back up, I feel it would be a disaster! So when it comes in, we’re going to have that section altered and tighten on my shoulder and hopefully we won’t have to really worries about it afterwards!

As I’ve said above, the six bridesmaids are wearing long dresses, since I am the maid of honor, I am wearing a “short” dress. However, the more we went up in sizes, the length of the actual dress kept increasing! I wanted a shorter dress because after both of my proms and having a long dresses, I would have be careful in driving my wheelchair because I would run over myself! I cannot tell you how many times I did that during my Junior year. I think when I wore my brown dress for Homecoming, I had my mom tie a hair tie in the back to help keep everything together so I wouldn’t get stopped by my dress! I believe we did this during prom too, but I don’t necessarily remember. We’re hoping the length hasn’t changed drastically to this dress that we’d have to do the same thing, but you never know!

Unfortunately, I don’t know what the brand the dress is originally from and I’ve looked it up and still didn’t find anything about it. The price for the actual dress is $179.95, I think Blondie said she had a discount, so I think they would be a little less than that; also since it was a short dress, that also should make it cheaper, but I think it was still around $100 which is what I told myself I did not want to do was get something so expensive, but it is mine and if I run over and ruin it, I don’t have to give it back to the store like my dad and groom have to! Haha!

What do you do think of the dresses? Yay or nay!



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Why You Should Do OOTD Posts


Two things that have never meshed well together is fashion and having a physical disability, for obvious reasons!

Being able to find clothes that actually fit every part of you, even your problem areas, can be very difficult! I’ve only had an issue once in my life and I’m thankful it’s only been that one time. As a kid, I had to have surgery on my side and eventually my back; I also had to have a metal halo placed onto my head. While waiting for each surgery I had my clothes had be altered a bit. They were cut in the back and placed back together with velcro! It was the only way we were able to wear shirts of any kind at that time! I had quite a few shirts fixed like this and I actually hated it because the velcro would always come undone!

I’ve had some issues with blue jeans and shirts with a wide or V necks. Technically, I, myself didn’t have any trouble with my jeans. It was everybody else who did, because nobody could pull them down. It was mostly because of my hips than anything else! As for the shirts, it’s been an ongoing love and hate thing I’ve had for years! Whenever I wear a wide neck or V-neck shirt, it always goes off one of my shoulders. I have days where I don’t care about it and I mean, it’s going to happen! It happens to every single shirt I’ve had! The only way to fix them is either to sew them tighter around the neck or use a safety pin and I don’t feel comfortable with those things being around my neck/back! Other than that, fashion isn’t too evil to me as some people with physical disabilities have to deal with on a regular basis!

At the end of 2014, I started thinking about adding something new to my blog. I started to read and love bloggers’ OOTD (outfit of the day) posts. It always gave me a snippet of their style and what they mainly went for while out shopping. Every once in awhile, I did talk about my style but I rarely talked or showed what I had in my own closet.

The main reason why I never did an OOTD post before this was because of my hands, with my condition (Arthrogryposis) my hands are bent at the elbow and I can’t unfold or move them away from that area without help. So whenever I wear tops that have graphic letters and scene on them, a person has to actually move my hand (mostly my right arm!) over to the side so they can read it. Thankfully, half of the time I wear shirts with more lettering than pictures so I can just say what it reads so nobody touches my hands. So I’ve sort of built up a resentment towards my poor hands over the years! It’s not that I don’t like them, they’re just there. I have limited movement in them–I have more movement in them than I was supposed to!


When I started finding other bloggers in wheelchairs post their OOTD posts, I just decided I needed to break out of my shell and find the love for my hands. So on January 1, 2014 I published my first ever OOTD post on here of what I wore to the NYE party at my neighbor’s house! It was VERY casual! Luckily, I had been in talks with my mom, nana, and sister that I wanted to start doing this and since I didn’t have a way of taking a picture of myself at the time, my mom would have to do it for me! After that first time, I only did it like three times from January to March 2014. When it began to get warmer outside, we did it a lot more and I started to learn a little pose!

If I’m sitting in my push wheelchair, the armrests are higher up than my other chair, but it moves my arm out of the way of the shirt! It’s my go-to pose now! At the end of the year, I had a lot of posts I had ever dreamed of having and I was so happy and inspired to keep going with it! I still have problems with finding the love for my hands, but I feel like I’ll always have that issue with them. It’ll also take longer than one year to finally love them too!

Something that I don’t think a lot of people have noticed in my posts is that I don’t wear makeup in them! I’ve never been a big fan of it and so I have over 24 posts and I’m pushing the boundaries of “normal” fashion bloggers! If you have a disability of any kind and have a blog or maybe thinking of creating one soon, I recommend you start doing an OOTD post here and there as after awhile, it’s no longer about your condition, you’re talking about the clothes and it’s just like everybody else’s posts!

Do you like the OOTD posts? Would you ever consider doing them on your blog or instagram account?


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The Pros & Cons Of Updating Your Phone When You’re Disabled


I wrote this post for Bloggeration Magazine’s March piece last year but somehow it never made it out of the drafts. So I thought I’d let it out for you today! Hope you enjoy!

It seems like everybody has smartphone nowadays. They are the ideal device for the working and everybody over the age of sixteen. I actually remember the timeline of the cell phones from the late 90’s through the mid-00’s to right now. They came in different sizes and shapes. Some were simple to conceal away and then there were a few that looked too stupid to purchase – the sad part is everybody has had a mixture of both kinds at some point in their lives!

When it comes to somebody like me, having to do things with my feet, finding the right phone can be a very complicated process because you don’t really know what’ll work for you until you try it out, but unfortunately you can’t exactly try out a cell phone for 30 days. Well, I don’t know can you really try out a phone for a number of days?

I’ve only had two cell phones in my whole life. In the past, we found ways to use the house phone on my own. I had to lie on my side with the phone on the pillow and we’ve also used little headsets and I absolutely hated it because that was not how you held a telephone! However tons of people use Bluetooth now while riding and/or driving in the car. I think this was the reason why I wanted to learn how to text so badly because that’s what everybody did. It was the next source of communication.

I still use a flip phone. It’s funny to explain to people about what kind of phone I have and why they usually get a text message to ask to stop sending messages with the emojis because the words will literally disappear and they will be made into little boxes! I have a hard time explaining to people, even family members, why I’ll probably never get a “better” phone. So I’ve decided to give you guys a little pro and con post.


  • Beautiful photography
  • Having all of the social media accounts in one place (Spotify, Twitter, and Instagram)
  • Never having to “write” out each note like future blog posts
  • Never missing a blog chat on Twitter
  • Play Bubble Shooter in the middle of the night on my bed
  • Never having to flip it open to read a message – this gets annoying at night!


  • Having to sit up constantly, especially at night to read a text
  • Too big to hold with one foot or both
  • Toes are too big to touch the right keys
  • Can’t hold and click the button to take a picture
  • Slower at typing than on my laptop

As I was thinking of my personal pros and cons of this situation. I was really curious on what other people thought about a previous phone they’ve had in comparison to their newest whether it’s an iPhone or Android. I actually got a lot of good feedback on the subject.

A family friend of mine, Tracy says her phone is a tiny computer in her pocket. She even said it can start her car!! Sammy said it’s faster but admits that since you can do so much on it that everybody spends too much time on them. Despite the fact that everybody was talking about the good their smartphones can bring, I actually had some people give me some pros for the older flip phones too! Russell said they got better signal and the battery lasts forever–which is very true! I can use my phone longer than my iPod in a month! Brittany said it was less likely you could butt dial anyone with a flip phone than these newer phones unless you didn’t have a code lock to open it.

I wanted to continue to get different opinions, but I think in a way what I generally needed were comments from other people with disabilities and luckily for me I can do just that by asking the members of the Arthrogryposis group I belong to on Facebook. I had a few people give me their insight. One person said she mainly uses her tablet instead. She said that has to use a mouth stick, but she can easily text with it! A fellow friend of mine, Rhianna, says she can lay on her bed and text with her nose (I’ve seen one person text with their tongue and chin!) and uses her voice to navigate through her phone. Another person described how she uses this feature to take pictures, all she has to do is say the word “cheese” and her phone will automatically take it for her!

Technology as a whole, moves faster than the general person. When a creator builds these different devices, they are looking for ways make things easier so that’s why they’ve moved on to touch screens and being voice activated. I don’t think these things are all bad, I think it’s pretty cool on what people manage to make things easier to use, however I also feel for people like me are forgotten about too. We can’t use certain electronics. The iPod I have right now is a Nano and the screen is smaller in width than my big toe which is what I use to move through the different songs and playlists. I can still use it but opening it that Christmas made me feel very uncomfortable because I did not think it would work out very well. If it came with a mini camera I swear I’d probably love it a little bit more than I do right now!

So what do you think, should I go ahead and update my phone or just leave it be?


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Photography 101 | How To Hold Your Camera



I am pretty open about my life on the internet. I honestly like educating people about my condition Arthrogryposis and figure out how to adapt to my surroundings. I don’t really remember the day I picked up my fork to feed myself or put the pencil in between my toes to write, it just happened. I love being able to do things for myself. I love not having to depend on a family member or one of my friends to do something for me. I’ve always been resilient and I don’t like to give up easily.

I’ve always tried to post my own pictures on here. Unfortunately, when I first started blogging, I think I was too afraid to show the world that I was real. There is a face to this disability, she has a name and a story. One day I just started including my own pictures from my phone every once in a while. I was really inspired to edit and use filters on the pictures but also being able to make up a complete blog post with a photo was pretty fun!

Last year, I hosted a blog chat and our theme was photography and what kind of props we like to use for our posts. I was very proud of myself for just thinking of it off the top of my head! I gave you a sense of what I liked to use but I never shared on how exactly I do any of my photography for my blog!

I would say from the end of 2015 to now, I’ve hit a new level of photography. I still don’t consider myself a “master” at it or anything, but as far as getting a certain angle, I try my best to get it on my own.


One of my beloved angles is from the ground view. It’s a simple way to take a photo of anything with a flat surface, but in my case it’s my most popular pose to snap a picture at our cats!

I have learned to go slow, don’t rush the experience. I know with dealing with cats, they are not interested in getting their pictures taken. Okay, maybe Nelson and Bear-Bear like it, but that’s about it. Everybody else just tolerates it I think. I know for a fact that Midget and Bootsie absolutely hate it because I can rarely get them to stay put to capture them on camera.

And sadly, sometimes they will be laying on something high up like dad’s grill or sitting on the post at the back door and I can’t get to them no matter how hard I try. It’s at those times where I holler at my mom to come outside and get them all around so I can take photos of them. Sometimes they lay in certain positions or on my lap and I’m not able to get the shot myself so she’ll take the reins and the ending result is something adorable like this!


The rest of the time, I do everything else. The pictures are taken by me. I do everything on my blog, nobody does it unless I’ve granted them access but I haven’t been asked by Blondie or anybody else in a few years so, everything that you’ve read on here that doesn’t say “Guest Post” in the front is by me.

I don’t use that Dragon software. I actually hate it. I don’t like the easy road and when we got to try it out in my computer class freshman year, I could have cared less, especially when everybody kept coming up to me saying, “Meghan, this would be perfect for you!” No, thank you. I have enough trouble trying to speak, I can’t imagine how many issues I’d have with that. However, if it works for you. That’s fine.

The Simple Forward:


I think this is the second simplest way to hold a camera of any size with your feet. I’m naturally a left footer, so this works really well for me!

I know it’s a little hard to tell, but both of my feet are deformed and my right foot is called a clubfoot. A good chunk of it is pointed to the far right where my heel is headed to the left. I have a section of my bones on the left side of the foot and it makes for a slight flat surface. If I were to lay my foot out straight without twisting the leg at all, I can hold a fairly large book or notebook on top and balance it and move to one side of the room. It takes a lot of practice and I still spill things, but it works.


As far as holding my camera though, I put the camera at the edge of the bones so that it standing flat on the area of the foot. Thankfully, there is just enough room for a small camera to stand straight for a good even-leveled photo. For some added security, I place my left foot on top where the “palm” of it is keeping it from tipping over and using my big toe to push the button to finally get the shot. This is my nana’s camera, so hers is lighter and kind of smaller in width, so it doesn’t fit as well in the space on my right foot as much as mine!


I’m still doing the pose here, but the difference is that whenever I’m sitting higher up whether it’s on my bed or in the wheelchair, I will naturally tilt my camera forward to get a closer look at whatever I am wanting to take.



This was taken at the side of my bones because of the entire angle of the colored pencils. Whenever I take pictures on the side of my right foot, the item will ultimately be at a horizontal line. I try my best not to do this but I do feel the most comfortable with this technique!

I also have a second way to hold it, especially for those closer or low takes. It’s the same method I’ve explained above, the only difference is instead of putting the camera on my bones on the side. My camera is in the middle of my foot, directly behind my toes and I do have to keep my foot straight throughout the whole time. It’s a good pose but I feel better with the first



If you ever see things straight like this, this means I have used the second technique as it would be easier to everything in one shot.

Going Vertical:


This one is actually pretty easy to do, you just have to work on keeping steady because it is an awkward pose to do.

The best way to describe this angle is like grasping something, like you would hold a bowl of cereal or warm soup with both of your hands. However, the difference with using your feet is that, especially with mine, I’m not able to basically wrap my feet around my camera fully. I’m only able to hold in a small enough space in between both feet. I usually try to go high enough so I can reach the buttons, but I’ve learned that if I get my right foot too high then I’m not able to see the screen very well, kind of like in this picture above!



The Downward Spiral:


This one requires both practice and patience in the beginning, mostly because in this pose you moving the camera to face down on the floor, not straight ahead, so if you are not paying attention to what you are doing on all sides, you will drop and might possibility break your camera!

The way I hold my camera for this pose is like the forward, because I am depending on my right foot a little more stability while my left is around the buttons. For this, the camera is mostly between the “mountain” of bones and the side of my heel. One side is resting on the bones where the rest is in the space in the middle of that area. My left foot on top of it, but I’ve flipped my foot to the side and the upper part of the camera is in between the arch of the foot. Sometimes I can click the keys with both my big and “index” toes, it just depends on how far over I’ve got the camera in the dip.


There is another bad part about this pose. Since you are placing your camera directly on top of what you want to take a picture of, you are also cutting off a bit of your light that would be helpful to brighten up the product or whatever. Everybody says, “don’t use your flash” because sometimes it is too bright and can reflect a glare if it’s plastic or glass, but my advice for that is if all you can use a simple digital camera and can’t afford Photoshop, use the flash! Sometimes it can be your best friend, you never know!



As you can see, to be able to get everything in one shot, you have to lift the camera as high as you can. For those of us in wheelchairs, this can get pretty tricky because sometimes you can’t hold the camera up that high and still be able to see what you are shooting in the first place!

The reason why I’m calling this the “downward spiral” is because of the many times I’ve dropped it from this position and the batteries would end up on one side than the actual camera, so it had spun around as it hit the ground! And I’ll be honest, I just wing it while I hold it up in the air. I check it after I’ve taken a couple every time to make sure I’m at least in the right direction! This was a lucky shot! You may not be able to read all of the labels of the bottles but you do see everything and that’s the whole idea!

How do you take your pictures? What is your go-to position to get the perfect shot?


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Photography 101 | How To Sit In Your Wheelchair



This year I want to show you more of myself. You know that I can do things with my feet, like mix and decorate cakes and write with my “magical” toes, but you don’t see a lot of what goes on behind the scenes. You haven’t been able to see how much work goes into this blogging lifestyle. I mean, it’s one thing to constantly talk about it but I’ve never shown you what all I really do in general.

I also wanted to write these posts for people like me that may not know how to hold a camera with their feet yet, but if you’re a blogger with some kind of a disability my advice for you is to try to do things on your own. Afterwards, do a blog post about it. Whether you’ve succeed in that goal or failed at it, at least you can tell yourself “okay, that doesn’t work. How can I fix this?” You will learn more about yourself creating that post and you might get more ideas of how to make it better!

So let’s start discussing placement. I think it’s important to talk about how you’re going to place your body to get a certain image. For an able bodied person, they can walk over and stay standing up to get a photo of something, but for us handling a camera with both their feet and sitting in a wheelchair, we’re very limited on where we want to go! However, if things are placed low to the ground, then we have an extra advantage because we don’t have to crouch down like others do.

As you’ll read in tomorrow’s post about how I hold my camera in each position. This one focuses on how I am sitting whenever I want to capture an image. I have three positions I do in my wheelchair. I also do two of these poses while sitting up in bed if I am at home, but I have done all three out in public.

The Simple Forward:


So this pose is the simple forward for a reason, because I’m just simple sitting in my chair. This is my second popular pose because it is probably the easiest out of the three and doesn’t necessarily require a lot of strength in your upper body.

There is two ways to use this pose, you can do it like how I’m showing you above, so if you are taking photos of children, animals, or anything that’s not too high up or low to the ground. I tend to do this one a lot; mostly because if you were to drop your camera it wouldn’t hurt it as much because there’s not that much of a distance between the floor and where you’re shooting!

You may not be able to see it as good in this picture but I am sitting with my feet, just an inch of two, up in the air.


Going Vertical:


I have to say, despite literally rotating your camera on it’s side, this is technically an easy pose! Well, compared to the last one, it is a lot easier! This one requires a lot of patience and in the first few times you go to hold your camera like this, you will lose your grip and drop the camera.

In a way, this is like the one I explained above, but the only difference is that you can get a good vertical shot, like say you’re doing an outfit of the day (OOTD) post, this could be a good angle because you will be able to get everything, your feet, hair, and wheelchair in general. However, as I say that I rather use the simple forward because you can get more of the background in the shot than using this way, but that’s just me!


The Downward Spiral:


Now this will be the one where holding your breath may be needed! And no, I’m not kidding!

For this position, you’re initially attempting to do the infamous flat lay photography. If you’re a blogger, you know what that means already, but if you don’t. You mainly only use this pose whenever you’re taking pictures of products, like whenever I post about nail polishes, I’m literally in this god forsaken position! However, if you’re as mischievous as I am, doing this to freak out your family and friends is an added bonus, just don’t get cocky or else you will be the one to end up on the floor too!

Anyways, you will need a lot of strength in your upper body, because whenever I use this position I tend to shake–almost shiver–in the middle of doing it. If you don’t do this a lot, (which you won’t after the first time you go for it, trust me), you will strain your neck. The muscles in my neck have never been good, especially after having my surgeries and I became depended on my headrest; what still gets me though is that I don’t use my electric wheelchair as much anymore so I don’t use a headrest and I still have issues with my neck!

A dangerous factor that you need to realize is that you could also slide right out of your wheelchair while trying to do this. So as you can see in this next photo, I have my feet raised pretty high to be able to get one notebook in the shot.

I am still learning how to place; I tend to arrange things vertical than horizontally, like a regular person would, but it also has to do with the placement of my feet too! I can’t get everything in one take while holding onto the button at the same time! To be able to even attempt a flat lay portrait, you need a lot of room so that the product(s) don’t look crowded. You also need to be able to read everything as well!


I will say that when you’re doing this pose, I’d check your seatbelt and watch how much room you have in your seat, because half the time when you are in this position you are leaning back in your chair but you have your butt on the edge. However, if you have great balance and can lift your feet up higher without tipping backwards then you won’t have to worry about being at the end of the seat.

What do you think of my positions? Could you imagine taking pictures with your feet? 


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OOTD: Valentine


Hi 🙂

I bet you’re wondering why I am posting again, well yesterday I went for my first day in physical therapy and I went to my nana’s house afterwards, so I got dressed all fancy for Valentine’s Day! I also want to apologize for the brightness on the pictures. My mom put me right in the direction of the sunlight and I knew this would happen. I tried to fix it on PicMonkey but it was driving me crazy and they would not let me save them without creating an account first. So hopefully everybody that reads this post will understand. Oh, and you’re going to love my expressions!

Okay, let’s start this off! On Sunday, my mom, sister and I had ourselves a girl’s day out and we went to a bridal expo, which I will talk more about sometime next month. We also went to Wal-Mart and I still had a gift card from Christmas and I used it up in one day buying all new clothes! Retail therapy has its perks!

First things first, we have to discuss something. My mom has the worst time lifting me up into the car while I wear my coat. She cannot get ahold of my arms and safely put me into the seat, so we’ve had to remove it beforehand. We found a rack of shawls as we were passing by and we thought we’d try one out. I went for the green and blue plaid colored one. The shawl was $5! Surprisingly, it works and what I love about it, is that I can wear it in the “right” way, where my hands are placed on the outside of it (even though they’ll be colder that way!) and it doesn’t look silly on me because of my skrawny arms.


Underneath is a red top, and we found this as we were looking at the different holiday shirts. I am sucker for clothes with sayings on it, I always have been! This one is just a simple outline of a heart in white with the word “love” written in the middle. I am happy that the lettering is large enough that even if I don’t move my arms over, people can still read what it says without a problem. That is always a plus with me!

This shirt was probably $7.88, but don’t count me on that!


As far as my leggings, I had two options. I have another gray pair of leggings, they are a darker gray with a light gray floral pattern. I thought those would look good with the shirt, but that night I realized I still had my “lace” ones too! They’re not made out of lace, but they have that lace-y look to them. They’re a gray, almost white background while the actual lace-floral pattern is in black. I love these but I haven’t had anything that goes with them until now!


To finish out my outfit, I wore red socks that have little Christmas trees on the sides to tell you which is left or right. My Aunt Laurie got me these as a Christmas present. Unfortunately, I may have to stop wearing them because of the material just sheds everywhere! My mom and I tend to have scraps of red all over us by the end of the day! They keep my toes very warm at night anyways!

So what do you think of my outfit? Yay or nay? 



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NOTM: Blue & Purple


Howdy folks!

If you guys know me, you know I don’t like to post on the weekends, but I am really running out of room because I’ve got so much coming for you guys!

If you notice last month, I didn’t publish a new Nails Of The Month post. I really need to give my toes a break at least once a month or something like that. The nails would be like a greenish hue whenever we would remove the polish. I was actually going to wait even further in the month whenever my Aunt Laurie came down so she could do my fingers too, but my luck and I’d change my mind so I don’t know now!


“Big Teal” by Sally Hansen!

I’m pretty sure I’ve worn this color before for a NOTM before! I just can’t say which other color I paired it up with though!

When my nana and I got the feeling to do this, it was the day before Arthrogryposis Awareness Day and so I had have a blue shade and she had quite a few different ones to choose from but I went with this one as it looks simple… Not too dark or light. Since it was like this, it only required one coat! Actually both polishes only needed one or two wipes across the nails!


“Purple Potion” by Sally Hansen!

Yes, I picked this one out because of its clever name! I’ve been in an autumnal feel for the past few days so the fact that it sounded a little Halloweenie made me very happy! It’s a nice dark purple, which is my favorite! I love when it has hints of black in it!

I decided to do something different than what I usually go for, instead of doing mismatch I went for the four toes are a color and one toe is another! I think it’s a stylish, but feminine nail look. I tried to talk my nana into doing hers like that, but she thought she was too old to do it! I think it’s a beautiful addition to the blue explosion!

So what do you think of my nails? Yay or nay? 



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