A Week Of Feeling Calm

10544398_4241218566806_6971953532657585447_nI’ve been practically missing from this week. Despite talking about the new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, a Five Sentence Fiction entry, and the book review. I really haven’t done a lifestyle post for this past week. I think since it’s Sunday, it’s a perfect day for that. First though, I am going to explain this picture. This will probably be the only picture I’ll ever be allowed to post on here of my dad. I bet you’re asking yourself, “are you sure that’s your dad? I mean that could be anybody?” Yup, that’s my dad because you know how, because I can see that beard of his in the outline of the light of this picture. Last night we had a pretty big storm and in the first twenty minutes of it our lights begun to flicker on and off. At 8:48pm it decided to just stay off for the next three hours.I spent my time listening to my iPod through my headphones and my parents and our family cat Oliver taking turns of scaring the living shit out of me. Oy!

This past week has been a very weird one for me. Yesterday I was supposed to go to my first bachelorette party since I turned twenty-one. I have been excited for it since the end of May. The bride-to-be actually arranged it on the weekend on a day where my mom was off so I could be included in it. I thought that was so sweet of her to do, but I had thoughts about rain. Just rain. Ruining the experience for me. I have a history of blaming the whole universe of things that can’t be changed and this time I don’t know what happened. I found myself on a Tuesday afternoon looking at the time of when it would start and seeing how the weather would be for that night and it said, scattered thunderstorms. In my mind, I went “well they can change their minds before then.” Even after I said that to myself I got this feeling of calmness and that if everything doesn’t work out I’d be okay. Which never happens! I had that feeling the whole week, even when other things were coming from other directions I still had that feeling about them too. Except for when a friend of ours came to pick up little Silver Moonlight. I was sad but I now understand that even though I named her I never felt any connection towards her. She would be the first to leave the nest.

Ever since I adopted the saying, “no expectations, no disappointments” into my lifebook. I have been hopeful over things but I also know better that plans sound a lot better when you’re talking about them then going and actually doing them. However, when I decided to be good about it this time I kept myself off my Twitter and the blog. I didn’t want to ruin my comfortable state of mind. I also didn’t want to be a child in how I was acting because I wasn’t getting my way. I understand now that you can’t have everything, but you can choose to see the joy and laughter in things. Saturday morning was just this, my mom has known about how excited I was to be invited to this. She’s been the one quiet in this situation too. She hardly told me what the weather would be like until Friday afternoon and of course yesterday morning too. So she had a plan of her own. She came in suddenly and I was in the middle of watching The Nanny when she grabbed the remote to pause it. I thought I was in trouble by how fast everything at this point was going. She sat on my bed and told me how bad she felt that these storms were going to happen on the exact time the party started, how ironic right? She suggested that we go to Evansville and go out to eat. I was completely excited because after I agreed, she asked me where I wanted to go. I said Steak ‘n Shake. Mom was apparently not in the mood for that by any means but when they realized how cloudy it was outside and which wheelchair I’d preferred to take with us, something would be soaked by the time we got there. So we went to Washington instead.

My parents and I went out of eat at Ponderosa and went to Wal-Mart afterwards. It was the first time in a while were it was the three of us out to eat, so it was weird but one of the things I was going to get by the end of the meal was something sweet. I finally got to have ice cream! Vanilla soft serve ice  cream with peanuts and crushed up M&M’s. My dad had a twist of chocolate and vanilla with a slice of carrot cake. When we finally said we were stuffed, we weren’t kidding! I was definitely stuffed. I never usually leave a restaurant feeling like that. When we decided we were going to go to Wal-Mart I immediately thought, we did this backwards. We always do that wrong. You should shop first and then eat. Unless you’re at the mall then you shop for a bit, eat and then go back to shopping. Anyways, it was weird feeling again. My parents are usually good about leaving me to do whatever I want when we go to Wal-Mart, because I usually know where I’m going. This time I didn’t. After I took my first stop in the makeup department. I realized of how little I know about my skin and what shades would go better with me. I should never go in there without my mom and/or my sister. I felt weird but not ugly which I thought was interesting. I never wear makeup. Like NEVER! So actually considering a foundation and a bright red lipstick for the month of September scared me a little.

I went into ever aisle I think because the place was packed and when you’re in a powered chair you need to move quickly. Funny thing is, when I was looking at the posters I was apparently taking up the aisle with my chair for the PEPSI dude to get through. I didn’t realize this until he gave up waiting and went through the clothing aisles by this time I was on the last two. I felt bad because then again he did find another way to get through. I went through the two “artistic” aisles. One is full of early school supplies and the other is just for crafts. On the other side of the craft aisle, I saw these beautiful vases that I literally wanted to take home but yet had no idea where they’d go. They were a deep red that to me, was a feeling of warmth to them. I had to show mom when they finally found me. Anybody want to guess where I was? My sanctuary. The entertainment department. The only things I found there that spiked my interests was the new Linkin Park album and I found the two seasons of Sons Of Anarchy that I need to get soon, trust me even my dad was like, “Ooh! This is what we mean!” The only thing stopping us from buying it was the fact that both seasons were close to $30. Yikes! So that’s it of my very calm, but great week. I love good surprises! Onto this week though!


Earlier this week, it rained and my mom caught our babies all bundled up together taking a nap next to the door. If you look closely on the top right corner, you see Kelso watching over the backyard.
Earlier this week, it rained and my mom caught our babies all bundled up together taking a nap next to the door. If you look closely on the top right corner, you see Kelso watching over the backyard.



We had the three other babies in my room. Who knew a stick from an old bookshelf and toliet papers rolls would be perfect kitten toys?
We had the three other babies in my room. Who knew a stick from an old bookshelf and toliet papers rolls would be perfect kitten toys?

Roll With Me: #1

The nice weather is making the trees bloom, slowly!
The nice weather is making the trees bloom, slowly!

I hope one of my new fellow bloggers friends doesn’t mind that I’m kind of borrowing one of the things she does on her blog. Jenni Hearted does this “Walk With Me” posts on her blog and I remember seeing them and going, I would love to do something similar to that. So I’m giving her the credit, but  I’m not calling it “Walk With Me” since I use a wheelchair, I decided to go with calling these type of posts, “Roll With Me” instead.

This afternoon has been a good one! Despite spring being the season where your allergies go absolutely insane! Spring has its good features too! I’ve said before that I like autumn because of the changing of the leaves, but when you get to watch the slow process of leaves growing on the tall trees. It really makes you reconsider your favorite season. Sometimes spring gets a bad rap. I mean, the only reason we look forward to it is because we’re sick and tired of winter in general! Majority of us mainly look forward to summer more than spring. I hate summer and I’ve always hated it. The only good part about it that I like is July 4th. We have a fair here and we’ve had hometown singers play at the park. By the end of July and beginning of August, you start to get that small town feel and when the corn is ready to harvest, you really start to feel it. Up until recently, I never liked that feeling, but now my hometown is considered a city, I’m glad that feeling still lives on inside,

I spent probably an hour or thirty minutes outside. It didn’t seem that long. I think the more that I’m around the cats and around the trees, I feel like taking pictures of basically everything! That’s what I basically do everytime I go outside now. I really need to go through my phone and delete pictures, because I feel like my pictures that I take get smaller and smaller and I’m pretty sure my toes are not doing it. Of course, my phone is not like everybody’s smart phone. I guess I should be lucky I can even take pictures at all. I’ve found recently that (and it might be from all of the nature and places photography on Pinterest) I’ve been inspired by different things that I’ve seen. Two things that I saw while I was outside that I couldn’t get good pictures of were these trees. Our neighbors have, they’re either dogwood trees or cherry blossoms, but in the autumn they’re leaves go everywhere, but in the spring when they start to bloom, they get all white and so beautiful! A few days ago, they were completely bare and now they have little white leaves everywhere. The next tree is next door from us, as I was coming from the backyard into the front part, I got a very interesting look at the tree and I instantly thought, “it looks like my back.” It has a very noticeable curvature and I literally tried getting a good picture of it, but I didn’t want the houses in the actual picture so unless I can get a few minutes in the road one day and actually get a good picture of it, you’ll just have to imagine it for the time being. Sorry.


Something else I was looking at the entire time I was outside was the moss growing on the ground by the roots of the trees. I’ve got to say, I hate driving my wheelchair over the roots. They always make it a bumpy ride! Plus, my wheels tend to get caught int between them too! Before I went outside I saw this commercial on my TV that was talking about grass, how the roots will grow deeper underground, and you won’t have to mow as much. They also say something about you could have healthy looking grass, instead of it having little brown spots and takes out the weeds. I’m sorry, I like the natural grass the most, even if its unhealthy. If we had that then it would take away the little wild flowers that grow in different parts of the yard. Those little yellow flowers are a childhood thing for me. Dandelions are the same thing too! You can’t take those away just because they’re considered weeds! The last thing I was enjoying looking at was the little clovers everywhere in our front yard. I was having fun looking for four-leaf clover and I’m betting my dad was thinking I was weird and hoping I didn’t fall out of my wheelchair trying to find one.

Grumpy enjoying the nice weather.

When I first went outside, my mom came out with me to see if the dirt in our backyard was really as soft as what dad was talking about, and it wasn’t. I made tire tracks but I always do that! Mom brought out ChiChi and she got chases by Grumpy through the yard and poor ChiChi can’t go about her business without one of the cats wanting to check her out. Now she knows how we, the humans, feel on a daily basis. The cats seem to enjoying the nice weather just as much as I was. You can’t see it in this picture–because if I got any closer he would have run off–Grumpy has his first “battle wound” from being outside with the big cats. My mom thinks he got it from either Bootsie or Wren. They both have bad tempers and we can see it happening. Anyways, when it was just Wren and Stef, they would follow me from the front yard to the backyard. Well, this time it was Bootsie doing it. She kept following me everywhere until that is when a couple of my dad’s friends came over and one of them brought over his new puppy. I think, if I heard right, his name is Diesel. We used to have medium size dogs in my family, and now we have ChiChi. This dog is exactly like our old dog Chance, she was a pit bull and from the moment he came out of the truck I literally wanted to start crying. It’s been so long since I’ve actually been around a pit bull. The other part about him was that he looked like my grandparent’s dog Casey, white with medium size brown spots on him. It was like both dogs were reincarnated into this little guy and I was having a hard time containing myself and my emotions. I miss both dogs.

848041124Don’t ask why both Grumpy and Midget are looking to the left. I was just lucky and literally holding my breath at the same time because I knew one false move and they’d move. All four cats seemed to be very lonely being outside. I mean, even after my mom brought them a half a cup of dry food for them to eat they were still at my wheels, rubbing up against me. I’m not saying it doesn’t bother me. After my dad’s friends left, I went back in the backyard and the only one who was around me was Midget. She was still traumatized from the puppy. The other three were nowhere to be seen until I went back to the front yard and there they were laying out on the porch like a bunch of bums. Weird though for you, I don’t know why and I was literally just discussing this with my mom, that everytime I go outside, even for five minutes, I get so tired! My mom said she does the same thing when she and dad ride the bike. The sun has weird powers or something. I’ve always had weird sleep patterns, but I tend to get my best sleep in the daytime. The sunlight has always made me sneeze and sleepy. I’m that weird. After failing to get the last pictures of the pretty trees, I finally decided it was time to come back inside and get the song out of my head. It’s not a good idea to leave to go outside in a middle of a song that you’re learning to sing out loud, because then you have about half the chorus and melody playing in your head and it just drives you crazy! So that was my afternoon. How was yours?

Five Sentence Fiction: Companion


What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.  PS: I did last week’s prompt but forgot to post it on Lillie’s site. If you want to read my mini story of RUINS click here.

This week: COMPANION

The rain poured down onto the ground, refreshing the light brown-green grass and dry sidewalks, people brought out their umbrellas as to others like me just stayed inside all day long and fell asleep listening to it.

When thunder cracked in the velvet blue sky, Rocco hid underneath the table; he usually likes to travel with me but lately as the different seasons would come, his likeness of spring, summer, and fall have changed.

He cries and whimpers until the storm stops, when the loud noises stop he comes out of his hiding place to look outside the window near the door, he watches the rain drop onto the street and his eyes follow each one.

I was bored throughout the entire time the storm came through, but leave it to a dog to find some adventure in a small window of time, I was almost tempted to go to sleep on the couch like every sob case who’s first day of vacation was ruined.

Rocco’s tail waved back and forth, fast as ever, he started barking to go outside but I didn’t even know if it would thunder again; I sat up from my spot and unlatched the door to open it and he went flying out of the room and stayed on the wet sidewalk chasing after the raindrops up above him, at least he found some paradise in today.

Five Sentence Fiction: Sunshine


What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.

This week: SUNSHINE

Winter was cruel to the animals in the woods, while the bigger animals slept away with their full bellies and warm fur, the smaller critters scattered to one place to another to find someplace warm and cozy.

As the snow would fall from the sky, it would continue to rise from the ground, making things harder for the mice and insects to find some scraps of food.

The woods still buzzed with life though, the deer still went out here and there, looking for some sort of grains from the frozen stalks in the countryside, the crows still made their way into the sky despite the blistering temperatures.

Through time the snow begins to melt and slowly turn back into ice again, all of the little critters stay indoors as the big ones wake up for a midday snack and don’t understand why they keep slipping and sliding when they walk on the lake to get a drink of water.

By the end of the days of winter, the woods has become more greener again, the trees have more life to them and the sun shines more in the day to awaken all of the animals from their slumber and then winter turns into spring.

Lonely Sunday

Today is the day that the majority of the midwest was supposed to get this big snow blizzard. We’ve heard nothing but the conditions of the both the snow and temperatures. My sister was supposed to go back yesterday but she talked my parents into letting stay home instead and she was to start her classes tomorrow and from seeing the tweets that she kept retweeted all day long, they never cancel classes, but a few hours ago, they did cancel classes. So she doesn’t feel that bad now. When I woke up this morning. Outside my windows seemed crappy and I didn’t look out them either. Somehow the snow was all up north of us and we ended up with the all this rain. Everybody has talked about it on Facebook and it has gotten quite annoying. The nice little videos of pets playing in the snow is cute, but everything else just sucks. I hate seeing it constantly. Sorry. Anyways, one of the reasons why everybody’s complaining that we didn’t get any snow or just a few flakes, is what my mom said earlier today and she was right, with all this rain we got as the temperature gets lower and lower, all that rain will turn into ice. I just saw on Facebook that is no school for anybody down here either. I’m over the snow, it’s not Christmas anymore so it needs to go. NOW!

I’ve spent my whole day online. Between trying to finish 2 Gunz and listening to music on Spotify. I’ve been really bored. Both of the monsters have been with Blondie all day. Even our cat Oliver hasn’t been in here. All three of them were in here on and off, so I’m feeling kind of lonely even if though none of them really come in here to cuddle with me anyways. Last night ChiChi decided to get me some lovings and yeah, that’s it. Okay, I’m going to get off of here and listen and sing along to Halestorm. And maybe even finish 2 Gunz too! Good night and if you are around the snow and ice,  be careful on the roads!

I’d Rather Have Sun Than Snow And Rain For Christmas

Our oldest cat Oliver decided to take shelter underneath our festive Christmas tree the other night while my mom, Blondie and I were decorating Christmas cookies and the little kittens were running around the house like chickens with their heads cut off! Lol

There is only today and tomorrow separating us from Christmas. Next Tuesday is New Years Eve. I feel like Charlie Brown right now and hearing him say in my head, good grief! Where did this year go? I’ve been trying to keep ideas in my head until the beginning of next week for what kind of countdowns I want to do for the last posts of this year. I had this simple plan for this year to blog every day; in the beginning I blogged for whatever was in my head. As time went on and there wasn’t anything going on, I started adding quotes to the mix. They were a good thing to add to the blog, because if I wasn’t in the mood to do anything I just posted a quote and that was my contribution for the day. I was glad that out of 365 days I only missed four days out of the year. Majority of those days weren’t really my fault either. Some how I added three more writing challenges and was nominated for two blog awards. You can’t beat that! 

For the next couple of days, my grandparent’s house is going to feel incredibly small. Yesterday, well Saturday night, while our backyard was becoming a pond because of all of the rain we were getting from last that night to all day Saturday. It was awful! I basically had to stay inside a house while my parents went Christmas shopping. Anyways, my aunt and uncle and their cat Roxi made their early arrival. We hung out with them all day yesterday and that was pretty fun. I just never thought I’d hate the word, “Haubstadt” because my uncle and he took my sister in the semi to do something. My mom and nana wrapped presents in the beginning of the visit and I talked to my aunt. After they were done. My mom and aunt went to the store. By the time everybody came back, they had to go back to the store to get something for supper. Within 12 hours later I can officially say my family is crazy and the majority of them aren’t going to be here until tomorrow afternoon. God help us all!

While we were trapped inside our house, well I was trapped inside the house. I don’t really think I’d have a prayer if I drove my wheelchair into the backyard. The battery would have crapped out on me on contact with the water. So anyways, I was inside for safety reasons and much common sense too. I sat in my room and wanting to do an online crossword puzzle because it was National Crossword Puzzle day and I didn’t even know if they had those online anyways, but I found one on Yahoo! I also found other games suck as a Pac-man type of game and pool practice. I’ve been a little addicted to that second one. There’s no timer on it and I’m by myself. I don’t really understand the game of pool either, but it hasn’t stopped me from playing a few ten times a day. That afternoon I found a couple of movies playing throughout the day, but our satellite kept going out. So I tried watching the third Santa Clause movie and I’ve got to say, I don’t like that movie. I also taped another Harry Potter movie but I haven’t watched it yet. I finally finished Trouble With The Curve though and that was pretty good! For my first Clint Eastwood movie, it was one of those few good movies were it doesn’t a second installment. There was one movie where I was excited about, because I hadn’t seen it yet. I taped Captain America: The First Avenger. After watching The Avengers a few good dozen times, it was good to see the history behind Steve Rogers. I just didn’t like how it ended though. I wanted more of it.

For The Love Of Cats

Well, it is definitely feeling like fall outside. Even though, yesterday while I was at my nana’s, she said that it was supposed to get like 80s and the back in the 50s at night. Which I’m all right to get that low at night, but 80s doesn’t feel like fall like weather. That feels like we’re going backwards to me. That’s the ideal temp I’d want around summertime not in the 100s. Today, its gorgeous! There are some cloudy popping up around, but it didn’t look bad when I was out there. Now, however, it looks like we could get some rain tonight. Well, at least I got to enjoy some of the nice weather and sunshine while it was out. My mom took me to my nana’s while she did her errands and when we got back. My mom went to get my wheelchair and she left it outside and yesterday, my mom had told me that either I had hairs attached to the back of my pants or one of the cats have taken refuge on my chair while I’m gone. We found out that Wren likes sitting in my chair. My mom backed up my chair so I could see her just chilling in my seat. Tubby is the one that likes to climb up on the my lap when he’s in one of his moods. He does it every once in a while and I love it when it does, but he is a big freaking cat. He also loves to use his claws too! I sat outside while my mom was putting stuff in the house and Wren and Tubby were giving me lovings. Well right before I went back in the backyard, I got this picture of all four of them lying on the porch together.


When I finally went in the backyard, I was being followed by Stef, Wren, and Tubby. It’s usually just the twins, but I’ll add a third. Bootsie went to the other way. When I got up to the back porch, both tiny kittens hid from me. It’s very strange how Tubby and Rudy’s litter they were used to being around my wheelchair. They climbed it constantly. Tubby was the first to climb to the top of my chair, which is my headrest. I still have that picture somewhere of him in midair on top of my headrest. So cute and yet so tiny! Stef and Wren are still tiny and skinny. Everytime I move from front yard to backyard, they follow me. I love it! I think it’s so cute! I’ve heard of dogs doing that, but never cats. When I was going from the backyard to the front, I stopped to enjoy the beautiful breeze that came through, plus the tree root stopped me after I went over it. The twins stopped with me and laid out on the ground, and they were right by each other and I had to get a couple of pictures of them too!


While I go behind the house, I try to get the two little ones to come around me, but they are still pretty scared of everything. Bear especially! Everything that moves or makes noise she gets the hell out of dodge and she just runs as fast as she can get to the nearest hiding spot, which are the sides of the cage. Zoltan is a whole other story. He’s not as scared, actually more brave than his little sister. He also has a bit of a problem with following my mom around. Now that they have finally mastered the ramp to the back porch, he can go down it without any trouble. It’s so cute! My mom was taking stuff out to be burned and apparently little Zoltan went and followed her out. He’s used to her and mom, but not me yet. I did get a cute picture of Bear taking shelter from the heat of the sun, and I would have taken a picture of Zoltan meowing at the back door with the big cats, but the other cats were around him and covering him up with their bodies.


I’m inside now and have been for a while. My dad has been out riding the bike and sometimes, my mom plays “beat the clock” with the cats. She brings a cat in and when we hear the roaring of the bike, the cat has to go! Dad kind of likes the cats. We know he likes Wren and Stef, because he makes his voice go high-pitched and he’s all sweet to them. Well, mom brought in Tubby for me while I was writing the second paragraph, she brought Tubby in and now that I’m almost done, she brings in Wren. When Tubby was in here, he lied on my side, right on the edge of the butt. Wren is laying right on my blanket, purring away. She looks so cute, I wish I could take a picture of her, but she’s in an awkward spot and she might start moving from her spot if I try to get my phone around her. She looks like she could take a nap on my bed right now.