EP Review: “Vintersjäl / Cold Outside” by Anette Olzon


I’ve been wondering why I love international music so much! Music overseas is sort of different than it is over here in the states. We’re not as open to different genres. I always look past that, I look for what kind of music they make, how they sound, etc. I’ve even gotten to the point where I’m fine with all the different languages. I may not understand a word they are saying, but since I only look at how the song sounds as a whole, it’s not a barrier as it is with others.

Anette Olzon has been a favorite of mine since 2012, I found the Nightwish album “Imaginearum” very interesting and her voice was beautiful, very angelic! And then she left the band and my first thought, “Oh no!” I started keeping up with her blog and listened to her debut album “Shine” as soon as it hit Spotify. I always look forward to the things she does, whether it’s music or not. She’s super friendly to her fans.

When she announced that she was releasing an EP of two versions of the same song, I was so unbelievably excited! The EP is called “Vintersjäl / Cold Outside” and it was released digitally, so it’s only on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, and Amazon.

When it finally popped up on my Spotify, I was so happy! I immediately listened to the English version first, but after a couple of days I finally got a chance to hear the Swedish version and I’m not going to lie, I liked “Vintersjäl” better! Here’s the reason why: normally if a song has two versions of the same song, the beat isn’t that much different, but for this song it is! I found “Vintersjäl” to be a little more symphonic rock sounding. I remember a post she had wrote last year on her blog about writing a song in her native language, but she was afraid it sounded too corny than writing one in English. Ever since I read that I’ve always been curious of what she meant, because again I don’t know Swedish but I still loved it!

The English version is called “Cold Outside” and I found Anette’s voice so beautiful in this song, the lyrics and meaning of it are so good! The beat is like I said, different from the first. This one is like a mixture of pop-rock; it’s got some keyboards notes, that makes it more poppy but it has some good rock moments in too! I don’t want to say it has some electronica elements to it, because I’d feel too many would be scared by that. It does have an interesting vibe behind it.

Have you heard of Anette’s new EP yet? What are your thoughts about it?


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Tune Tuesday | Sweden


A few weeks ago, when I was talking about The Netherlands, I explained in the first paragraph that there were two places where I am excited to talk about and I have to say Sweden was my second place! Both places have generated a lot of great music for me in the last five, six years now.

I think I should probably list the only male that I had written down into my day planner. I heard Alesso the first time last November when his hit single with another Swedish singer that I’ll be discussing in a minute Tove Lo with their hit song “Heroes” and who knew at that time that it would actually start up my EDM obsession. You were to look through my Starred playlist on Spotify, from mid-November to late January, there is only one dance track and its this song in this time period by February all hell had broken lose apparently because I have so much that I’ve starred in that genre that it seems a little crazy! Back to Tove Lo, I wasn’t into her first single “Habits” like everybody was when it first came out so when I heard this song, I think it started everything as far as me getting into her music.

Last year’s post I talked about ex-Nightwish singer Anette Olzon and she runs her own blog too! Back a couple of years when I was really reading every post she published.. she likes to share music she’s found on Spotify and new/old artists from her country, Zara Larsson was one of them. I had watched the video she had shared on the blog post and I remember she included the words “she sounds like Rihanna” at first I thought she was kidding, but nope she wasn’t! She’s got very a unique voice! I really like it! I also follow Zara’s blog too! Thank god for Google translator! Lastly, this lady is probably my first Swedish singer I ever got into, back in later months of 2010 I heard this song called “Dancing On My Own” and I have to say before going through this EDM phase, I’d only listen to it maybe 2 days and then I’d be done for a few months. So I found this song on one of those times and I remember buying it immediately because I loved it so much! Later on, I heard “Hang With Me” and even though I never bought that song too, I still love it just as much. To end this, how to tell my mom that the “Show Me Love” song by her is by a Swedish singer? Because I’m betting money she doesn’t know that yet!

Tune Tuesday: Sweden


This week we’re in a country that has a BIG music scene! We are in Sweden! I bet one of the first acts you think of that comes from this beautiful country is the pop group, ABBA. I am sadden to say that we hear or think of Sweden, that’s not the first thing that pops into my head. I like of bands from Sweden! It’s crazy on how much music I’ve found in the last couple of years that I’ve been turned on from Sweden! Let’s be honest here for a second, when I got into the metal band Nightwish, I didn’t know that there was a singer before Anette Olzon. I also didn’t care either, from the first time I listened to them I fell in love with Anette’s voice and I still am! Now that she’s left NW and gone solo, I’ve still been hooked to her music. I’ve listened to her debut album, Shine probably five times and from that first listen I immediately put the album on my favorites list of albums! I’ll just say it is very difficult to get on that list. That means I felt something while I listened to it and heard everything. A lot of the times I listen to albums I get so lost inside the album and I lose out the whole thing. For me, going into this trance isn’t neccessarily a good thing. Anyways, two others that I’ve decided to include are Avatar and Hysterica. I was introduced to Avatar, when their first album dropped and their first single played on Sirius XM Octane channel. Hysterica is an all female heavy metal band. So if you thought my female fronted side was fierce, this is just worse. I found them to be freaking awesome! All of the members play the insturments and sing + growl are female. How about that for the ones who say metal music is a man’s world?! Since Avatar is the only all-male band here I think I should let them start out the listening portion. So enjoy and rock on!

Smells Like A Freak Show by Avatar

Bloody Angel by Avatar

Hear Me by Anette Olzon

Follow Me by Pain featuring Anette Olzon

Girls Made Of Heavy Metal by Hysterica

Fighters Of The Century by Hysterica

Heels Of Steel by Hysterica