Tune Tuesday: Denmark


So we’ve entered the letter “D” and I’ve got to say trying to find good music from Denmark was like a finding a needle in a haystack. Not the easiest thing in the world, but yet a lot better than three other countries I had hoped to include in our travels but unfortunately I couldn’t anything for them. You get a big diverse in between these two genres, techno and a metalcore band. I’ve actually heard of all three that I’ve picked out for this post for a while. Medina was featured in a deadmau5 track and her new album “Arrogant” came out this year. I am perfectly fine if they don’t speak English. The second techno act that I found was Oh Land, and I had to pick them because I cannot play Just Dance 3 without dancing to their track on there. My sister and I can do that all day long — okay, maybe not all day, but still — do you listen to any other techno artists from Denmark that you think I should listen to? Send them to me on a comment down below! The last one is actually half Denmark and Sweden based, as the majority are Danish and the female singer Elize is Swedish. Amaranthe is a REALLY good band. I just love them dearly, ever since I listened to their first record I have seriously been hooked. I am so pumped that they are going to release their third album later this year! I’m so ready! What are you listening to right now?

Forever by Medina

Arrogant by Medina

Son Of A Gun by Oh Land

Mechanical Illusion by Amaranthe

Automatic by Amaranthe