Alice In Wonderland.

I just got done watching the infamous Alice In Wonderland that came out last year. I am deadly scared of clowns and I am stubborn and I didn’t give it a chance because I don’t normally watch remakes or cartoon movies. Especially Disney movies. I was very upset when I heard that they were doing a remake of this movie. First of all, I don’t like when writers that do descide to remake movies like these that they have to take things from the storyline and make it brand new. Is this movie the older verison from the cartoon one? Since Alice does seem older in this one than the first one. I was just curious.

Some of the characters I actually had to think about. Especially how they were placed in the first movie. We met the rabbit first in the cartoon version. Then she feel in down the hole. She started falling right side up and slowly. Then all of a sudden she started falling fastly. I can’t think of another word to use. In the 2010 verison, they all come together and meet Alice all at once. I could not think of who the blue bird was. Kind of funny really, because I was trying to think and watch it at the same. Multi-tasking during a movie rocks! I finally know how it is now, but don’t ask me what he’s name was because they all had weird names to be honest with you.

Lots of things were different in this movie than the other. Especially having the Bloody Red Queen. She’s tiny with a big head in the live version. Big fat lady in the cartoon verison. There wasn’t even a White Queen in the cartoon movie. Am I right? The other rabbit and Hatter were still crazy, even though the other rabbit was a lot worse than Hatter. The mouse in the cartoon verison looked and sounded like he was drunk. I still think they spiked their drinks before typing. Especially in this movie. That other rabbit was defintely on something. The mouse was mean! Hatter in the cartoon movie is an old man. In this one, Hatter is Johnny Depp underneath all that creepy makeup. So that actually Hatter somewhat hot if you wanna go there.

I liked the whole movie surpringly. I didn’t think I would. Lots of big words and my brain kind of hates me right at the moment because of that. Have you ever thought of Alice In Wonderland (both movies) kind of like Wizard of Oz? Seriously, it actually has the same storyline. This thought didn’t come to me til the end, when Alice looks over at the girls and says to them, “you remind me of two boys I’ve met before.” My brain instantly thought. WIZARD OF OZ! Sorry, if you disagree. Anyways, great movie. Goes right with the quote. “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” I defintely judged it before actually watching it. I have got to stop doing that.