Weekend Fun!



I think it’s fair to say I had fun over the weekend! My mom and dad went out for a late birthday lunch as it was my mom’s birthday last week. So I got to spend time with my grandparents. Whenever I go over there, my nana usually has me doing little jobs for her that I know how to do on your laptop or little ones around the house. I was trying to grab the handy mini can opener for the pop can and she’s been letting me use this at her house, as soon as I got my toes around in the box she had already opened it. It was like beat the clock and I had failed once again. It was also lunch time when I go over there too, so I eat a can of soup or sometimes I do what I did that day, just eat cottage cheese and ice cream. Sometimes if I have a lot to say, it’s better to eat less!

When my mom first pushed me into the kitchen, I saw that they had gotten two new Archaeology Magazines. The week before they got the newest edition but I guess the two that we missed came in too! I’ll read the bigger articles whenever I go back if papaw hasn’t hidden them away somewhere. There’s a section inside these magazines that I’ve just fallen in love with, it’s two pages and on them is a picture of the globe and they have little information from different countries. Sometimes they can be really interesting and the rest of the time they’re a little gross! The main thing I like to do, well my nana has me do, I like to read them out loud. I’ve always been the slower reader in school and of all magazines to read out loud, it’s this type of magazine! Imagine all of these big ass words! I’m getting less frustrated with them though, before I just wanted to cry whenever I got up to these words now I make a joke out of them and it makes the both of us laugh. I’ve found its less pressure if I can make people laugh in the middle of reading these articles.

While I was busy hanging out with my grandparents, my parents went out to Red Lobster and to the store. The first ever alcohol drinks she ever got me to like were these Strawberry Daiquiri slushies. I liked them at first but since I just slip them the icy parts melt too fast for me and it no longer tastes any good! Well, two summers ago my friend Sammy had this Baha Mama slushie drink and I had a spoonful and man was it good! It hardly had a burn to it. The funny part of the story was I didn’t know my mom was planning on drinking that night so when they went to grab stuff and saw these my dad went “which one of these does Meghan like?” So it was his idea (and he admitted to it!) and now have two left over. She had two out of her three already! That was first drink since NYE. I got to see Sammy, Chey, and Chevy too! Chey went to her first concert ever over the weekend. I was pretty proud of her!

On Sunday, my day was a bit duller. I knew we were going over to the garage for our Sunday dinner, but my mom wanted to take a nap beforehand and while I was bored waiting to go over, I started writing out bands that I listen to because towards the end of the night John and a friend our neighbors kept asking me what kind of bands I normally listen to, so I thought I’d do myself a bit of good and write out. I listed 42 on this note card. 41 were on my iPod, one wasn’t but it’s on my Spotify I don’t know how I managed to remember it! When I woke up that morning, it was like 10am and my mom gave me cereal for breakfast, normally I don’t like to eat first thing in the morning. I have to be in the mood for it or if it is chocolate related! By the time we left to go over to eat, I was past hungry.  John made steak, red potatoes, salmon and corn on the cobb. In other words, we ate like kings! I stayed sober this time around even though dad let me have a sip of his tomato beer, just tomato juice and a bud light. It was disgusting! My mom and I were surprised he let me take a sip of his beer! We didn’t stay over very long this time around as my mom had to get up early for work in the morning.

When we left, I wanted to go around the backyard and see the babies. This past weekend, I got to see them more than I usually do since they’re really not supposed to be inside. I started off by spending some with Tubby, since he’s the keeper of the porch now. He loves to be around people or around my mom, Blondie and I. He likes to give hugs and purrs the whole time. The others are another story entirely. Bootsie, Grumpy, Bear-Bear, Midget, and Stormy are all used to my big wheelchair. The little ones are not as they still run away from me. When I went in the back after being with Tubby, they were all a little spooked when I came towards them. They didn’t start coming around me until Midget and Bootsie came up first and then they rushed behind. I tried to take pictures of them but they kept moving away as soon as I would take a picture. Surprisingly I didn’t have a bad time dealing with the mosquitos like I thought I would, but I also didn’t want to test it out by staying out longer either.


My mom let me wear my British flag shirt. I got it for Christmas but the neckline is way too long for me, but whenever we go places I want to wear it so she put it on me and we had to use a safety pin to fix the excess so it didn’t slide off my shoulders and show more cleavage than it needed to! I don’t have white plain pants, except for these capris that have mini colored hearts on them. So that is what I wore over to my nana;s, later on that night my mom changed my shirt to my Captain America shirt so I wouldn’t have to worry about the damn safety pin. The first thing my neighbor told me when I got done parking, he wants to get a pair of pants like mine. Two days later the image of him with the pants on were stuck in my head. Not a pretty picture I have to say!

11866392_10200653414295869_2354782680374767665_nOn Sunday, I wore my new skull T-shirt I got from Wal-Mart a few months ago. My nana had to fix the neckline as it was way too long in the front and revealed more than it needed to! It’s tight around my stomach so I don’t see my dad putting it on me very much as he hates tight shirts on me. Not as a parent thing, as he thinks being that tight I’ll only wear a few times before it becomes too small for me! I no longer judge my clothes that way as I still have a shirt that I got in 2006-07 from church and it STILL fits me! It’s not tight in my stomach area, but it around getting my arms into the sleeves. I have maybe another year or two left on wearing it. As far as pants, my mom put me in gray shorts but I wanted to wear pants as I knew where I would be sitting, it would be cold. I was right but she brought over her long/knee high fuzzy socks for me to wear! Those are so nice! I’m proud to say I can put those on as well!


OOTD: Something New


It’s finally 2015, a new year of new possibilities. Another chance to scratch something off of your bucket list. I think that’s what my year is going to be about, how I can take things off my bucket list. I’ve got a huge list so if I can get through like 10 or 20 things, I might actually be happy with myself. I don’t want to be overwhelmed though. As much as I want some awesome adventures, I also want to continue to better myself. Keep up the hard work I did in 2014 as for dealing with my inner demons. One of the things I’m doing on this blog to help with battling my insecurities, is that I’m starting to do OOTD (Outfits Of The Day) it’s a very popular thing to do on fashion blogs. My main focus for these types of posts is not necessarily what to wear, it’s more about how to I want to see of my body and not wanting to hide my taste in fashion because my hands cover up anything on the front of the shirts. I’m sorry to say I can’t move them out-of-the-way either. I’ll share my first one at the end of this post.

Last night, I didn’t think we’d actually go anywhere. I was open for anything and never ask about it, best to keep things moving on the right track, and let things flow by. Dad had already spent well of his time over at the garage playing pool with his buddies. My mom and I were still at the house relaxing. I was spending my time well as I kept my eyes on Twitter and watched as all of my UK friends celebrated the new year. Once it became 8:30pm, my mom came in my room and asked me what I wanted to wear. I had been asking myself the same question for almost three hours and still had no clue. I went with one of my new shirts I got at Christmas. It was one of the shirts I got at the mall, so when I opened it Christmas morning, I knew what it was, but we were unsure of it would fit well on me. It’s from American Eagle and its a thin gray and black crop top with the saying, “All you need is love” on the front of it. We were unsure of the whole chop top thing, because my dad already hates it when my shirts fall off my shoulders. I’ve grown to live with that, but I’ve never had chop tops before, so mom got it in large and who knew, little ole me would do great in it. You would never know honesty.

When we finally got to the garage, I didn’t want them to open the big door of the garage and bring in all the cold air, and I knew I could get over the bumps of the other door, so I just followed my parents inside, which freaked them out but my wheelchair is tough, it got up the bumps. It was getting out that was tricky. My wheels spun and my back wheels turned me sideways a bit. My mom had said that she got strawberry champagne to drink and I was all excited for that. She started off drinking her wild berry margarita stuff, I didn’t like that too much even though it had some fizz to it, but then again so did the champagne. Sammy and I shared that in a red solo cup, at this point sipping doesn’t really work for me. I’ve been trying to stay good though, I didn’t gulp it down, but between the two of us we almost finished the cup. It was THAT good! Later on, Rex had gotten this some kind of Captain Morgan bottle, I tried taking a picture of it but it never made it up on Facebook. My mom and Theresa chased it with Dr. Pepper, after that it wasn’t so bad. It did have a chocolate taste afterwards. I was just happy I had brought my own pop to drink too..

My mom had made chicken patties before we left, according to her I had two of them, cut up of course. I thought that would hold me over but Ju-Ju made two different kinds of cheese dips and Sammy and her mom made everybody NYE boxes of sugary goodies. I had a lot of the cheese dip, plus peanut butter and no-bake cookies. I was surprised when I got home, my stomach didn’t just explode but it didn’t thank god. It all tasted so good! I spent my time well, watching everybody come and go, talk up a storm, towards the end things did start to spin a bit for me and I got stuck in my thoughts. When somebody finally changed the music to Nickelback things started to settle down but it didn’t last because my mom and Theresa were playing a game of pool and everybody was singing to “Rockstar” and I started dancing in my wheelchair. I really wanted to go all crazy, but I controlled myself. So I giggled at everybody else. It was a win-win for me.

By 11:48pm, everybody was paying more attention to their phones. John had switched the TV station over to a local channel so we could watch the ball drop. We all counted down together in an awkward fashion. As it turned to 2015, everybody was kissing and hugging, I sat in my chair by myself, still reflecting on how well 2014 had treated me. I was glad that I wasn’t hating that almost everybody had somebody to kiss in there. Even though I did get my hugs from my parents and our neighbor John.. After that, the garage got a bit quieter as people began to leave one by one. Around 1am, my mom and I went back to the house for a bathroom break. I started off my 2015 well as I got to help my mom a bit. I think I’m trusting my body more, as I can lift myself up with some tugging to get me started, but I took a couple of steps to help her transfer me over. Surprised us both I’m not going to lie. When we went back over I almost ran over my mom a few times. Even with my wheelchair, I can’t drink and drive. I know it’s not a laughing situation but that was a first for us. We only stayed for a little while longer before heading back home for good. I spent an hour listening to my iPod after we got home.

I didn’t go to bed until about 3:30am and that’s just a rough estimate. I woke up again at 8am and I literally thought to myself, “are you freaking kidding me?!” Thankfully, I went back to sleep but I was woken back up at 10:30am as my mom was about to leave for work. I feel like going back to sleep now, but I think it’s best to keep myself awake so that maybe I can get some decent sleep tonight. I hope everybody had an awesome NYE and have a great new year! As some women wore sequin dresses and probably froze their asses off, I wore a nice comfortable top with my sweater pants. They were from Body Central I think, a couple of seasons ago. Sorry that I don’t have links for either item. Excuse the one sock on too! I was texting and I can’t text with my socks on.


#FWF – Fire Breather


It’s been far too long since I’ve done my last FWF post. I’ve actually missed it. Is it weird that in the summer heat, we like to hold bonfires? I think of bonfires in the fall, because of the cooler weather in the evening. It’s just perfect climate for one and even though your eyes will just hate the embers and ash floating up above face the heat feels pretty good on your feet. Our neighbors have a pretty gnarly bonfire by the side of their house. It was quite nice because it wasn’t as hot and the sun was finally starting to go down, but the mosquitos were out causing havoc on my arms and feet. If they land on my arms or fingers, I can’t really feel them. I’ve got sensitive arms but it’s affected more underneath my hand instead of up top. So unless there is something crawling on my arms I can’t free it. Now on my feet, there’s a totally different story. A couple of weeks ago, I had three bites on three different toes and we didn’t have any itch cream and we didn’t get any until a few days ago when Blondie got helping of 165 bites on her body. 

This night was actually kind of special because my parents and I are usually never on this side of our neighbor’s house. I always thought they had a fireplace in their house but then they wouldn’t be calling it a bonfire if it was. I’m slow sometimes. This night was perfect. Chevy was in a mood to lay and sit on my mom and I’s laps and my neighbor had made this special drink. Since I’m still new to this drinking thing, I like to try new stuff but only drinking small sips! I’m pretty careful about this actually. Well, this drink was pretty good. Nice and cold, icy and flavorful. It was a orangeicle drink. It was awesome! It didn’t even burn my throat so I really liked it! Maybe if I remember I can ask her for the recipe and post it here for everybody! Besides that I sat next by the bonfire and enjoyed the heat of my freezing and sore feet also loved the embers float up to the sky and just disappear. We sat outside just listening to music and hearing the guy talk about different topics. The next day, I went out by the bonfire again but it wasn’t as big as it was the night before. The sun was still shining and it wasn’t hot but warm enough to overtake the heat of the fire.

That day I went from the barn to the bonfire to going on the walk with them. Little Chevy practically walked by me the whole time. It’s pretty adorable to have a toddler walking barefoot right beside a motorized wheelchair. I leaned down to her level so I could see her feet and so that she could still hear me. She had her hand on my arm rest, just hanging and walking at the same time. We’d let her hang on to the back of me but there the bar of the head rest that pokes out literally reaches the top of her head and we don’t want her to get hurt so she’s been doing this instead and I feel lots better about it. I’m still worried I’m going to run over her toes one day accidentally, that will pretty much break my heart right in half if that ever happens, but everybody is usually watching her whenever she’s around me so that’s good. I have a feeling she’s going to want to be more involved with this year’s fourth of July activities. I might actually have to share my sparklers with her and she’ll probably sit on my lap for the whole thing but I’m perfectly fine with that! Let me enjoy my piece of heaven!

I Love The Beginning Of July!

1044145_3108816457461_1594128534_nI have two days to review, because for one, I was way too tired to do anything sort of blogging on Wednesday and two, I forgot to do it yesterday. I’m honestly a little happy with myself that I did blog for both days, even though you can’t yesterday’s without a password. It’s just a poem. I was in an interesting mood let’s just say, and that was before all the alcohol too! First, I have to talk about Wednesday fun adventure at work. Yes, I think after missing six or seven weeks, I finally came back but on a different day instead. So let’s get started!

Mom had told me that if it wasn’t going to rain Wednesday morning then she would take me to work with her while she’s at her meeting. It had been raining for the past two days and she also said those words the week before, but they didn’t fall through. Wednesday morning, I got up at like 8am and I rolled over looked at the clock and paid attention to the clouds outside my windows, which was funny because the window closest to me looked fine, blue sky. The other one had the look of clouds and no sun. It just looked weird, so I just laid down and pondered if I’d really be going to work or not.

My mom got up an hour late and by the time she got me ready, I remember her saying, “we have 11 minutes left to get you ready.” She said that she was picking me up to put me in the wheelchair. Thankfully I remembered to grab my phone before she picked me up. When we finally got ourselves in the car and while my mom was driving, she said, “we’re going to be late.” I instantly thought, not my fault. I didn’t continue to click the snooze button for an hour to get some extra zzz’s. I think both of us, we’re staring at the clock than our surroundings. We did get there at a decent time and I got to visit with the residents for a bit before one of the girls got there.

I had never came in so early before. It was different, but in a good way. It was less boring for me. I got to do more things than I normally do. I don’t normally like reading out loud, because I have a problem with speaking very soft and I stumble on my words. Sometimes I can’t even say the big words. I was happy I was able to pronounce all of the words and I was proud that I get rid of that fear. The next thing we did was go into their new office. It has the most narrow hallway ever! I could barely get my wheelchair through and turning to get out into the hallway, just cracks me up. Because either my back wheels run into the corners of the door or my controller hits to hall when I go to turn right. It’s just better to laugh at things like that, because I can’t exactly help it.

The last two things I got to do was help out when they played Parachute and Soccer circle. Do you remember in Elementary, when you got out that big tarp that looked like a hot air balloon’s top? You would each grab it with your hands and make it go up and down. Then your teacher would have you go underneath it? It was always be the best day ever when you got to play that. When they do this with the residents, it’s fairly the same, except nobody goes underneath it. They just put a soft ball on top and the residents have to keep the ball inside the circle. Since I’m not familiar with it yet, I decided that if it got out-of-bounds, I’d get it. Thank god my mom didn’t put my seatbelt on because I had to do it four times. It was fun, even though the ball was huge. I was surprised I was able to drive and carry it at the same time. After that, they played Soccer Circle, which is just they move their chairs closer to each other and kick the ball to each other. I have already told myself that next time I want to join in when they do that. I have a feeling if I did that, my knees and legs will be so tired and sore for the rest of the day. That was how my Wednesday went.

Yesterday, well Wednesday afternoon, my dad got his new motorcycle and he had to go show it off to our neighbors. We had just pulled into the driveway and our neighbors came from their house to come see it. I was just wondering if they were doing anything for the fourth of July or not, and they said they might be doing something, letting off fireworks and jello shots might be involved. I had never tried those yet and I was intrigued, and even my mom was a little excited. My mom had already told me I could drink, I had my strawberry lemonade frozen mix stuff, it was good. It was also more frozen than the last one I had.

We didn’t go over there until around 5pm, and my dad was driving me nuts because he kept thinking I was gulping it down and I wasn’t. I don’t want to be hung over or throw up half the night, so I was as smart as I was going to be last night. My mom had brought her strawberry daiquiri stuff with her so she had something to join me this time around. While we were sitting around, we saw these glass pans full of little cups and they were jello shots. I’ve got to say I was nervous, because I didn’t want to get crazy drunk, but I was up to try something new. You know what they say about gaining some liquid courage right? I think that’s what I had because I had two different flavored jello shots, mango and I don’t know what that one was, but it was pink. I know it wasn’t black cherry though. They had gotten whip cream to put on top and I’ve never liked whipped cream on top of anything, but I tried it without it first and it was god awful. So I had her put a little bit of it on top and it actually took the edge off.

I tired to finish both, but that didn’t happen. A friend of our neighbors had brought over her own stuff, she brough coke and a cherry flavored vodka, and she was asking everyone if they wanted to try it. Everybody kept saying it tasted like cherry coke. For me, it did not, but I don’t know if it was just because that was my third alcohol based drink and I had killed my tastes buds or not. Later on, when it started getting darker, they let me try the other daiquiri drinks they had, I tried that Bahama Mama frozen mix and I don’t know if it was because it was more frozen and slush like, but I kind of fell in love with it, there was hardly any aftertaste or burn with it. It was so good. I think my mom and I should just treat these mixes as ice cream and just use a damn spoon!

Around 9pm, as the sun was going down, I think all of us could feel the excitement. I also think the alcohol helped, because my mom hates fireworks, and she had told us all that once we start the big ones that she was going home. She didn’t leave, but she did distract herself with a baby on her hip. Throughout the day, they would release the firecrackers around the outside of the barn and I had some fun with the snappers (I always called them poppers) and sparklers. I was happy that this year I didn’t get burned. I remember one year I did get burned and it freaked me out and I just threw it on the ground. Anyways, where we were placed, we had this damn light on and as good as it was to have, when you have fireworks, they should turn those off or they become a target of a bunch of drunken people’s fun. I think there were a few fireworks that you were supposed to prop up with something other than your hands and those became the best things ever because two people, one of them being my dad kept pointing it towards the light and since he missed. He just threw it and I mean he almost got it. It was so close!

We were having fun, and we had all this room to set off big ones. Another family on the side of the neighborhood had some of the big ones too. Some of those thought to point the medium size ones on the left side of the sky and then it was like they kept going back and forth. That doesn’t compare to the next thing that happened, that will probably go down in history as one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life and I was lucky I didn’t fall out of my damn seat because I was laughing my ass off. She had ahold of this thing that lets out 10 of these big boomers and pointed it out on the left side and all we saw was pixie dust and smoke shooting towards our house and a big POP! We laughed our asses off and I remember my dad saying, “that was the best thing ever, but don’t do it again.”

BOazWCnCcAAnpwLI think we had about an hour that we actually were having fun and letting off some of them. We thought it was just innocent fun. I mean, we were trying to make sure that nobody got hurt. I mean it was the fourth of July, you can’t exactly tell a big bunch of people they can’t do fireworks. Well one of the other neighbors, got concerned it was going to come showing towards her house and so she not only watched us, after she had told us she didn’t like them. She also called the police on us. We were fine, while the officer was talking to the lady, we decided to try out these Chinese lanterns. I love these things! I have always said that I want them for my wedding someday because they are so beautiful. Well, we almost didn’t get them up in the air because we thought we were missing something that had to do with the light. So picture a bunch of people using their phones to find something black on the ground, and a number of us had more than one alcohol drink. Luckily, we didn’t need it. They went up fine and they looked as beautiful up close and personal. After the second one was released we went back to release the small ones. We let off two more of the rockets and then we said hello to my little friend. Are you scratching your head? That’s what the firework was called, I swear!

After they had in place, everybody and I mean, had to back up. Because for one we didn’t know what it would do and we sure as hell didn’t be in its wrath, so we got the hell out of dodge. It wasn’t bad and it had a 150 blasters that shoot up in the sky in different colors. After that, we were done. Except for when we brought the box back inside my friend found another box of snappers and I got to have more fun and she let out more firecrackers. A little bit later, I started feeling more tired and my mom asked me if I was ready to go home. I was definitely ready. I went in my room and I had my mom put on my headphones on, turn on my fan, and turn off my light. I think I listened to three Five Finger Death Punch songs before I was out. I was never sick–even thought my stomach did feel awful after I had the jello shots–and my head never hurt when I got up, even though looking at the TV screen was out of the question. It was a successful night. I got to try five alcohol drinks and I finally got to try not one, but two shots. I had a lot of fun.

My Mind Is Overthinking Again

I know I have plenty of time to figure out what I want and what I want to do for my 21st birthday, but I’ve been thinking hard about the most obvious part of it all. Do I drink? I have never drank in my whole life. In a small town, like mine, you should be considered a unicorn. I’ve never done anything that some people who say is “stupid” like underage drinking, smoking, and etc. I don’t plan on ever smoking. I’ve been around smokers since I was little, I hate the smell of cigarettes smoke, but I’ve actually gotten use to it over the years.

I’ve seen the worst of what alcohol can make you do. I’ve read and watched too many specials on Oprah and now Dr. Phil about the dangers of being addicted alcohol. I’ve read four biographies of rock stars, and reading about their addicts to drugs, both illegal and medical drugs and alcohol, but still I have this “ok” factor for the alcohol. I will never do drugs. Why would you something stupid like that? Especially if you’ve heard the stories of recovering addicts of overdosing and being homeless. It’s just not worth it really.

Back to the 21st birthday dilemma, what do I do? I’ve wanted to drink before, but I don’t want to get addicted to it. My mom and aunt have got it wrapped into their brains that we’re going to get drunk and go to a strip club. I don’t want to go really. I think I’ve gone the innocent route for so long that I’d rather just do that instead. Have a party at my nana’s with family and talk about me as a baby, like we always do. If I want to, or if somebody wants to take me out, I’ll go out but I don’t go all crazy. I thought I was party person, but I don’t think I was made to be that way, considering my wheelchair is pretty bulky. Feeling like I’m in the way of others would also be the second reason. It’s just not worth it. I would rather go to Evansville, and go to Steak N’ Shake, and do some shopping. That sounds like a better idea to me! I was born to stand out, right? Might as well do something normal than get addicted to something that your mind will always remember and remind you for always.