I’m A Picnik Whore.

The other day I realized that I had forgotten a picture from my first Facebook account. So I opened up that Facebook grabbed that picture and a few others that I thought I needed to keep. I grabbed a few of my pictures of myself and then went on my “Picnik” album and saved a lot from that album. Afterwards I deleted my first account for good. I had it up all morning, I bet I freaked a bunch of people out that have both my old and new on their friends list, but don’t have it anymore.

Anyways, I uploaded the pictures. Deleted a lot of them because I don’t like keeping them on my laptop. It gets somewhat crowded if I keep a lot of them. I started thinking, I can actually redo a lot of my pictures that my family members have up on their profiles. My cousin Kristi and sister Emily like to take pictures of themselves, and if they’re not already in black and white it’s actually fun to edit their pictures. This is my cousin Kristi’s picture. This was a hard picture to edit, not as hard as her black and white, but this was close.

If you asked how I got this the way it is I wouldn’t be able to tell you. I saved about five pictures (or more) of hers and I don’t remember Emily’s. Since they both upload pictures a lot faster than everybody elses and have better quality of pictures its very easy to edit them and add lettering and stickers. However, explaining to a 76 year old is not all that fun. I will say that. I think I’m bad teacher or she has no patientence whatsoever. One of those though.