Nana’s Amaryllis


Happy Thursday everybody!

Today I’m talking about flowers, even though it’s still freaking cold where I am!

If you were born in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s then you’ve probably heard of Chia Pets. They were plants that grew with little water and normal sunlight indoors. I remember the commercials about them coming in different animals like bears, lions, and hippos. Anything that walked on four legs mainly is what I remember. I never had one but always thought they were interesting but I was also raised to not believe a lot of things on TV. Especially those damn commercials, they’ll try to sale you anything!

Well for Christmas, my sister and her now fiancee Brandon got my nana an Amaryllis plant. Since Blondie said, it looked like the plants that they saw in Hawaii over the summer. My nana and I thought the flowers over there were pretty neat! It requires a little more attention than the Chia Pets, but it’s fairly the same on everything else. It can be left inside and only needs to be watered once a day. The good thing about it is that, it never “dies” it’s like a Phoenix. After one dies, it’s reborn and more flowers grow on it. She finally got one to officially bloom after waiting a couple of weeks for it. It grows really fast! She took it out the day after Christmas and it literally had a budge growing from the bottom of the vase. It looked like an artichoke!

I’ve been going over there and helping her out with certain things, she tries to take weekly photos of it and the progress it makes! My nana’s had to use skewers to make sure it doesn’t lean over too much, and I helped her wrap yarn around all four skewers to protect it from falling over sideways! Oh, and I hope you don’t mind the pictures of Adam Lambert in almost every picture. She’s a big fan!

I know most bloggers have obsessions with peonies and cactuses (so does my nana!) but what do you kind of Amaryllis and any other kind of plant trending among us bloggers? What’s your favorite flower(s)?



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Reading Out Loud


If you guys knew what kind of music my nana listened to, you’d either be surprised or overjoyed. I’m like right in the middle of both feelings. She’s even listened to some of my favorites too, like Linkin Park, Sixx:A.M., and Within Temptation. However, nobody has her attention the most other than Adam Lambert. Ever since he started touring with the legendary band Queen, she’s been listening to their music more and has even followed Roger Taylor and Brian May on Twitter!

Our entire family has known about her growing love of modern rock bands for the last few years, but my Uncle Rick has gotten her something to enjoy that doesn’t necessarily involve Adam Lambert or listening to music in general. For Christmas, he got her this book, The Untold Story Of Queen by Mark Blake. He got the paperback edition which I have to say I love paperbacks, but for her, she has trouble with holding the book open and reading the small print. So I decided to help her out a bit and read the book for her.

I’m still trying to figure out why I decided to do this because I’m not a fan of Queen and I doubt I ever will be a fan of theirs, that’s just something I do. Anyways, I like reading out loud. My only problem with it is that whenever I read out loud it’s like nothing registers in my head.. I might be reading it, but there’s a good chance I won’t remember all the information that I just read a half hour ago. I had this problem in school too, somehow I block it out. That’s not the reason why I volunteered to read it for her, she would have never been able to read the book if I hadn’t offered. I mean, her original idea was to use a magnifying glass and hold it as she’s reading. She’d never make a dent in it that way!

It’s a pretty thick book, so if we don’t do any DIY projects for the next few months, you’ll know why! On the first day of reading it, we only made it through four and a half pages. The last page had a slight error which at first I swore up and down it was just me. Maybe I had read it wrong, but I had to say that sentence like four times before I showed it to my nana and she said it wrong too! There was an un-needed “this” in the sentence and I thought it needed to take out the “th” in the word and just be “is” but she thinks it needs to be changed to “was” but anyways, it does pay to read aloud a few times to see and hear mistakes in not only your own work, but somebody else’s too! I probably won’t do a review about it, but if my nana is up for it I might ask if she would like to do it instead!

Have you read this book? What do you think of it? Do you listen to Queen? What are your thoughts about Adam Lambert taking Freddie Mecury’s place on tour?


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When Music Takes Over The Conversation, Or In This Case A Blog Post

Ever have a conversation with one of your family members where you’ve had every subject in the world but yet there’s that one subject that is still a bit awkward to talk about? My nana and I talk about everything, and I mean everything! There are certain things you can’t tell your parents and telling your friends and always getting that impression that they’re thinking wrongly of you. Even though everybody that is around me, they’ve usually known me forever and are fine with my attitude and personality. It’s everybody else who doesn’t understand. I know not everybody should understand you, but in my life I’d rather have people know who I am, then try to guess or ask around. If you’ve done this, you are an idiot. Unless you’ve asked family members then you’re fine.

Anyways, back to the beginning. I went to my nana’s today for lunch. We always have fun chatting about a hundred things at a time. It usually gets converted to something about Adam Lambert. If you don’t know about this. My nana is a BIG Adam Lambert fan. It’s getting kind of normal to know my nana likes the same music I do. Anytime I have something new that I like I give the links to songs either on YouTube and send them to her Spotify account. Yeah, she’s that high-tech. She’s got a sense of humor and knows what she likes musically. From Elvis, Bon Jovi, Adam, and Queen. She discovered those on her own, well sort of. I got her into Linkin Park. That’s the only rock act I got her into so far. I’ve sent her songs I thought she’d like by sound. I don’t normally send her anything lyrically. I’m not always about lyrics, just sound. Then Sixx:A.M. came along and I sent her “This Is Gonna Hurt” to her Spotify and of course, she loved it!

I’ve recently sent her a few songs. I’ve sent her Within Temptation’s Somewhere (Acoustic), Adelitas Way’s Alive, and Nightwish’s I Want My Tears Back. I sent her these tracks at the beginning of the month. She said she liked them, but she didn’t act as excited as the next three I sent her. I had sent The Civil Wars’ song Poison & Wine on Spotify, but I had to send her Soldiers by Otherwise and I Can’t Wait by Runner Runner via YouTube. She really liked Soldiers. She has a good sense with music. Certain people can’t really see it because it gets blocked by her obsession with Adam. No offense towards her, because we all have that one artist or band we go absolutely nuts for! However, I have about 20 of them. I’m not really obsessed with them, I just love them enough to be a respectful fan. Not saying every obsessed fan isn’t respectable.

Will & Grace

My nana and I were talking last week about general stuff and somehow we got on the subject about sexuality. Talking about things like this is better than talking about it with one of your parents. We got on this subject about Adam Lambert, and let’s say she’s obsessed with him. We were talking about how a lot of people judge others on how we present ourselves. Everybody knew when Adam Lambert was on Idol was gay, people just didn’t want to believe it.

Well in the mist of that conversation. I told my nana that I wish I actually lived like Grace. She had two gay friends and one crazy friend. I got the crazy friend but I want the cool job and two gay friends. I believe that every girl in the world needs a friend like Jack. Jack was insane but understanding. Every girl in the world needs a guy that understands and wants somebody whose not going to judge her drastically about the things she does. It seems like every guy in the world is a cocky, headstrong, asshole just waiting to fock up our world. Not saying I wouldn’t want a friend like Will, because I’d like to bring him along if I’m shopping but that’s pretty much yet. With Will you couldn’t tell he was gay until the middle of the episode. Then you understood him more from what he’s talking about. You know?