Book Review: “If We Were Villains” by M.L. Rio


June was a surprisingly good month for my books. I thought I would be about to get through three to four books, but I guess I was reading a lot faster than I originally thought and I managed to finally hit 25 books as we neared the end of it.

When “If We Were Villains” first came out, I was unsure if I’d really be interested in it. I was intrigued by the suspenseful mood but having a big chunk of it built around Shakespeare made me worry since I’ve always had trouble understanding the meaning of what everyone was saying, like most would, but then again, I’m always searching for something like Victoria Helen Stone’s “Jane Doe” and I will admit this book isn’t anywhere near in that direction, but I liked it just as much though.


Oliver Marks has just served ten years in jail – for a murder he may or may not have committed. On the day he’s released, he’s greeted by the man who put him in prison. Detective Colborne is retiring, but before he does, he wants to know what really happened a decade ago.

As one of seven young actors studying Shakespeare at an elite arts college, Oliver and his friends play the same roles onstage and off: hero, villain, tyrant, temptress, ingenue, extra. But when the casting changes, and the secondary characters usurp the stars, the plays spill dangerously over into life, and one of them is found dead. The rest face their greatest acting challenge yet: convincing the police, and themselves, that they are blameless.

taken from Goodreads.

As the reader, you get to hear both the events that happened in 1999 to a group of students. Four boys and three girls, as they study theatre in college. Everything starts up like it does every day, but then they get their individual requirements for the Halloween show and something changes within the group itself. One character ends up dead and everyone is trying to go on about life, while in the back of their minds, they try to solve who actually killed their friend.

It was just us—the seven of us and the trees and the sky and the lake and the moon and, of course, Shakespeare.

Honestly, it’s a very cliche of “who done it” style of book but I will say it also had a very unique layout. The fact that the author included many Shakespeare references throughout was interesting to me! I got to see how the characters live and breathed William Shakespeare’s plays on a daily basis. You could see each of them act out various characters – sadly I was more focused on how these people would bring them to life as if I could see the show in front of me, and this was a wonderful display of elements. I still had some issues with the dialogue of that time’s way of speaking. I made it through in one piece, but I doubt I will read anything like that for a while. Thanks to this book, I have put both “Macbeth” and “King Lear” on my TBR list!

My true issue was once you made it passed the events that happen after Halloween, everything became very boring, it didn’t pick back up under the final Act, which for a while I wondered if it was worth finishing because it was that bad for me! As I suffered through this section, I tried to figure out who could play each of the characters…

I started hunting when I first started reading but I was thinking of various other actors, and I went with Jamie Campbell Bower as Alexander, Camila Mendes as Filippa, Emilia Clarke as Wren and Sam Claflin as our main Oliver, although I did end up changing my mind toward the end of the story, but I don’t know who the person I saw at that point. Honestly, this was a difficult thing to do because I rarely see a person’s actual face when creating the character’s features, so I could have all of the descriptions an author can give me, and I could still have problems forming them.

Have you read “If We Were Villains” by M.L. Rio yet? If you have, what were your thoughts on it? I’d also like to know who you saw for the important characters down in the comments too.


REVIEW | Me Before You


Hi 🙂

Today I am with my second review about Me Before You. This time I am talking about the film. Yes, I have finally been able to watch it, thanks to the fact that we had a free preview weekend on Epix and this was on my list from the get-go. The bad part was during that same weekend that not only did my DVR act up but my remote kept dying on me and we had no triple A batteries in our house!

If you read my book review that I published back in March or April, I explained that I read this book for a difference. I wanted to see how Will Traynor is portrayed. How does he become quadriplegic?  This was a question that I had in my head the day the trailer came out. So when I finally read the book, I got my answer but I had to make sure the movie was as clear about the reason too. I am glad that the reason is as good as they could make it in a movie.

I did watch it with an open-mind and I was very surprised! I was expected to see a LOT of missing dialogue and beloved scenes, but you can’t expect a movie to have everything in the right order! I did have some issues with the actors. Whenever you read a book, a person or in my case a silhouette of a person will appear as that character. Since I did see the promo pictures of the two main characters when the movie came out, I immediately liked Emilia Clarke as Lou, but I did not approve of Sam Claftin–able-bodied or not–he was not in my head while I read the book. I also didn’t like Matthew Lewis as Patrick or the actor who played Nathan. However, I also imagined Mr. Traynor as a bigger man so I figured I wouldn’t like Charles Dance but I quickly changed my mind. So besides this, I was pretty impressed with it!

I wish they had included more things described with Will’s disability. I think Lou getting a better understanding of his condition was made through going online to those chat boards and learning as much as she could, and they did share a bit of that but I felt it was not as in a lot of detail. The only thing we really got to see that even goes with being quadriplegic was when Nathan put him into his wheelchair and whenever he was sick, that was about it and I really hated that! I mean, he was just basically sitting in a power chair for fun. If it wasn’t for the beginning and those five small scenes, I probably would change my tone and say it sucked but it was really as close to the book as you could get honestly!

So have you watched the film yet? And did you read the book? What were some things that you wish they had added in or taken out?


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The Next James Bond



This idea has been stuck in my brain for almost a full year! Or whenever the media decided that Idris Elba would make a great James Bond, but apparently the director disagreed with everybody, and even pissed off quite a few people with his comments! I’ve never been interested in the whole “James Bond” hype but I do enjoy the newer films that feature Daniel Craig, but it may be from the fact that I have a huge weakness for anybody with blond hair and baby blue eyes so it may not be about the movies in general!

A fellow blogger and friend Shona wrote a post about her choices of potential James Bonds’ for the future and she even included making the character female by using Natalie Dormer or Emily Blunt instead. Considering I love both of them, I have no problem with this arrangement! After thinking about it every night, I decided that I wanted to list a few of my candidates too!


1.) Gerard Butler

If I had written this post after I watched Gods Of Egypt Mr. Butler would be a little lower on my list. Back in September, my mom rented movies and got London Has Fallen and I ended up loving it so much I watched it twice! (Even bought it for my birthday!)

I think Gerard Butler is the best choice to play James Bond because we’ve seen him play a lot of interesting characters in the past. I would like to see him playing a firm, unability to love, spy if you will that we all love about the James Bond character!


2.) Theo James

The first movie that introduced me to Theo was Underworld: Awakening and I’ve been really interested in the films he’s been in and I think he has a lot of potiental even he never gets the part of James Bond. I think we’ve just scratched the surface of what he can do as an actor.


3.) James McAvoy

I love James, I really do, and I’m not just saying that because he plays an X-Men (same goes to Nicholas below too!), I have watched a couple other movies he’s been in and one that made me think of giving him the role of James Bond is Welcome To The Punch – which I thought was the strangest title so far, but the whole action scenes were amazing! He’s really surprised me lately and I like it!


4.) Nicholas Hoult

Between Nicholas and Theo, these are the two “young ones” of the bunch but I think it’s a good thing because despite the fact that the James Bond character is roughly late 30’s or early 40’s, it means that these two have plenty of time to convince others that either of them could be the next 007 someday!


5.) Charlie Hunnam

Again with the blond hair and baby blue eyes deal, I had to pick Charlie Hunnam!

I think he’s proven himself to be a very serious actor and he’s taken on a lot of fierce, bad-assy roles in the past; which is the reason why I’ve put him so low on my list because I’ve never seen him out of this gritty characters. I think if he was in one film that has some similarities as the James Bond movies where they’re Pierce Brosman era or Daniel Craig, I think it would at least give us an idea if he stands a chance in the lineup.


6.) Tom Hardy

I blame my crush on Tom Hardy on a family friend Mandy, it’s totally her fault! He is very handsome but I also love how stern he is in these action/adventure roles too! I’ve seen him in almost every genre, from a funny role as a spy in This Means War and Bane in The Dark Knight Rises so I think he could be James Bond too!

After writing up this list of guys, I’m going to need a cold shower I think! One thing that I think everybody can agree with me on is that all six look really, really good in a tux so that’s a plus! 😉

What do you think of my list? Who do you think should play James Bond after Daniel Craig retires from the role?


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11 Hottest Characters On The Originals and The Vampire Diaries!

If I am annoying you with these post about the new season of The Vampire Diaries I would suggest just skipping this post today!

Last week I gave out a small list of characters that will no longer see (unless they come back in flashbacks!) anymore. This week I thought i’d share who I have gushed at for the past six seasons! I’ve also decided to include a few of my favorites from their spin-off The Originals too. If you didn’t know by now, both TVD and The Originals will return next week October 8th starting at 8pm EST! Who is excited?!?!

Ian Somerhalder (who plays Damon Salvatore)

I have to be truthful here, if it wasn’t for Damon Salvatore’s entrance at the end of the first episode of TVD I probably wouldn’t be a big of a fan like I am! I remember hiding underneath my blanket because that scene just scared the shit out of me! Ian Somerhalder was my first vampire/guy in general that I’ve ever fell in love by looking into his piercing blue eyes! I’ve never been THAT impressed by his body but his sense of humor is another story!

Daniel Gilles (who plays Elijah Mikaelson)

When Elijah made his first appearance during season two, I was dumbfounded. This “old” dude dressed up in his suits in every episode. He’s got the best serious, don’t play any games tone that is so intoxicating! A girl could seriously get used it. There were two episodes that really changed my outlook of both the show and this character. The first was when he meets the Salvatore brothers for the first time as they were trying to save Elena, I remember that episode being VERY bloody. A little more than the whole first season actually! Then there’s the scene on The Originals where he’s fighting off infected vampires of werewolf bites. Just the words “gentleman, shall we?” and the way he unbuttoned his suit, I had to rewind that part like four of five times because I was so taken by it!

Steven R. McQueen (who plays Jeremy Gilbert)

Little Gilbert. When Steven’s character Jeremy left for “art school” this past season I was so sad, but I was also glad he wasn’t being killed either because then we’ll never see him again. He came back during the season six finale and had a small moment with his sleeping sister. I’ve always loved Jeremy, I think I’ve cried more for him and Tyler than anybody else on both shows!

Phoebe Tonkin (who plays Hayley Marshall)

I remember falling in love with Phoebe Tonkin while she was on The Secret Circle, I loved her as Faye and this darker role. When that show was cancelled and she appeared on TVD as Hayley, I was probably the only one who was happy to see her there. I was really Team Klayley during the first season of The Originals and I guess i still am, but it would never work out honestly. Especially after how this past season of TO ended. Excuse my language, but she fucked herself after trying to run away with Hope. I’ve grown to really love Phoebe as a person! She’s just gorgeous!

Joseph Morgan (who plays Klaus Mikaelson)

Joseph Morgan. Yummy man you are!! I remember reading a spoiler just before his first episode on TVD on a site that explained his past jobs in the UK but truth be told, I didn’t really care for him at first!! Once he came to the show though, man did he surprise the crap off me! And I mean that in a good way! That’s what you want the villain-y character to do.  It was the first time I’ve ever been scared of a character on the show all throughout the show(s) but now we’ve seen him in a different light and that’s been nice to see that inside Klaus cares for certain things.

Paul Wesley (who plays Stefan Salvatore)

Stefan was the first one we got to meet during the first episode. The one we were the most curious about I think. I still remember falling in love with him and wishing he came into my school! No joke I did!! I am a die hard fan of Stelena! I did have a slip up at the beginning of season two, but I’ll always want him and Elena together. However, I’ve been leaning more and more to Steroline too! He deserves to be loved! He’s too cute not to love honestly!

Claire Holt (who plays Rebekah Mikaelson)

I remember when Claire made his entrance on the show. The 1920’s episode of when Stefan first met three of the Originals on his distant Rippah days. I always hated whenever Klaus would stake her on her decisions of wanting a normal life even though she is an immortal. The fact he trusted her enough to raise his daughter for six months of her life was really heartwarming. I really miss her playing Rebekah but I’ve grown to enjoy Maisie too! I like it whenever Claire makes those cameos though!

Charles Michael Davis (who plays Marcel Gerrad)

I was going to watch a spin off of TVD especially if it included the Original family of vampires. When we were first introduced to Marcel I was really intrigued on his role as king of the vampires in New Orleans. The fact he wasn’t going to let go of his power over the city when the Mikaelson family came back into town, but I like the friendship that was there between him and the whole family, especially the love connection with Rebekah. Charles’ smile makes me melt… like seriously!

Elyse Levesque (who played Genevieve)

Genevieve was a name that I could never spell before seeing it on The Originals thanks to closed captions! This was the first witch that I actually liked during the first season of the show. She was evil and had the right edge to get what she wanted but when she tried to kill Hayley and Hope I quickly flipped my direction. Elyse is a gorgeous woman, blue eyes and red hair! I’ve got a serious weakness for red heads thanks to my nana!

Nathaniel Buzolic (who plays Kol Mikaelson)

I was so sad when Kol got killed off TVD. I really was, I thought he was a strong character considering you had the two older brother Klaus and Elijah. When Matt was seeing the dead on the otherside he was sitting in the corner clutching anything he could to not disappear like everybody else he was really scared but who knew he’d be stupid enough to make a deal with mommy dearest herself and come back to befriend Davina, not to mention fall in love with her too in another body of course! I’ve already heard Nathaniel’s coming back for flashbacks in the new season of The Originals so that’s awesome!

Michael Trevino (who plays Tyler Lockwood)

Tyler Lockwood, man! During the first season he was an ass! I literally hated his guts and then he turned into a werewolf and fell in love with Caroline. Swoon! The episode that he’s got himself chained up as it was a full moon that night, I cried through that whole scene! I was eating dinner and I couldn’t finish my meal because I was crying so much. During the commercial my parents were making fun of me because I was reacting the way I was! I couldn’t help it! I’m too much like my mom in that way!

Who is your favorite?

Am I Really Excited For The “Fifty Shades of Grey” Movie?

I actually wasn’t going to do this kind of post, but everytime I tried to ignore it, it always came up to me. Have you read the first book of the erotica novel by E.L. James, Fifty Shades Of Grey yet? Well, here is your chance to watch the debut trailer of the film coming out early next year, plus some thoughts I’d share about this whole thing, of both the book and everything about the film.

To some, today is just a normal Thursday, second to last day until the weekend. Well, for the rest of us, generally talking about the women here. Married, in a relationship and single women are all looking forward to the debut and official trailer of the infamous book that took over the world last year. Fifty Shades of Grey. If you live under a rock or have heard of it but still trying to figure out if it’s worth even reading it. Instead of giving you a summary of the story,  some of you may not know but I actually did a book review of the first book of the trilogy and I’ve got to say, it took me a while to get through it and I ended up not liking it after I finished. However, it didn’t really stop me from reading four or five other books just like it afterwards.

The book is about the BDSM lifestyle, the whole dominance and submissive roles of couples. How make you can take with mixing both pain and pleasure. This was not only my first erotica novel I’ve ever read, but it was also my first ever BDSM novel as well. When I read this book I was very weary of the whole adventure of this man’s secret life and everything he was into, plus how successful he was and how he kept those parts of him apart so well. Whereas, Ana was the very ordinary girl who had her own insecurities but yet she wasn’t afraid to say what she thought needed to be said. These two characters have chemistry but if I remember correctly not enough to keep me interested in the book. So when I heard that there was going to be a movie about the book, since I hated it, I thought I wouldn’t have any thoughts about how would perfect for the roles of each characters, how much of the book would they keep out especially the BSDM parts of the story, and if I’d be interested in watching the trailers. In other words, I thought I’d never be into the phenomenon again.

Well, I have to say that I am very into the whole process from going to the book and now to film. I don’t know if it’s because this will be my first movie I’d be seeing after reading the book, or if I’m just curious how much of the book is still the script and the details of the set. After they had announced who would be directing the movie, it was said that they had begun the casting parts. I had my choices and was definitely not happy that none of them were picked. Everybody had their top actors and actresses choices for Christian and Ana to be for Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledal and this was what I found on different comments from Facebook. So when everybody heard about Dakota Johnson, was to be cast as Ana Steele, people were of course mad about that. For the male role and when it was announced that Charlie Hunnam would be Christian Grey, if I didn’t know any better I thought I saw more people being more excited about that then the first casting announcement. After that, it was said that Charlie had to quit the production and Jamie Dornan was the replacement for Charlie, it was a shock but some understood Charlie’s reasons as he did it because of the scheduling for the show, Sons of Anarchy. I have to say at this point in time, I wanted Charlie to play Christian. That was basically the reason why I was so into the production of it, then I heard about Jamie and I thought I’d be done with it.

Today, they premiered the first trailer of the film that will be coming out on Valentine’s Day next year. I may or may not have watched the trailer… Yes, I got excited for it. Even though it was a two minute and seventeen second trailer, I could remember and see different details of the book inside this short glimpse. At the end of the trailer, it shows Christian unlocking the door of the infamous “Red Room” and it shows a small dose of what goes on inside this room. I’ve watched it three times and my friend actually sent me the link of a website that probably had the trailer first but sadly I couldn’t get that link to load so I resulted to going on YouTube and that’s where I found it. I was still on the mend of Dakota playing Ana but after seeing this trailer I could believe her as to be Ana Steele very well. I’m still on the fence about Jamie for Christian though, it’s going to take more than a two minute trailer to make me believe that he’s Christian Grey because even before I had picked out my favorites for the role, that wasn’t anywhere near who I wanted to play that powerful character of the series, but we’ll see when it comes out next year.