Getting There

I’ve been reading a lot in the course of the last two days. I finally am halfway through it. If you don’t know what I’m reading, I’m reading Slash’s book. I had about three books from rockstars I wanted to read at the beginning. I wanted to read Duff McKagan’s book first since I knew his book was out for sure. I just wanted to read his, even though I knew what I’d be reading about. I still wanted to it, but once I started looking around for books I saw his and saw the price and freaked. His book is pushed back to number three on my waiting list. Then I started getting into Sixx:A.M. and wanted to read his book. I’ve got a couple weeks until Christmas I’m sure if it’s expensive any money I get I can pay for it. If I have any money left over I might break this “rockstar” biographies that I’m doing and get somebody else’s.

Reading about Slash’s life is what I expected in a sense. I knew the 80’s were crazy, but I didn’t know they were this crazy. He talks about everything and anything he could remember. I have¬†caught myself laughing at him sometimes because certain things he wrote about are just unbelieveable. ¬†Then there are sad moments in the book, yesterday I was reading the first sad thing I found and I literally had to take a break from reading it because I was close to crying. Luckily, I didn’t because that would have been interesting to explain to my dad. I think he doesn’t believe I’m reading his book when I don’t like any 80’s rock bands. Yes, I do get made fun of by certain family members because of it. I don’t care. I may not listen to them in that time period, but I got two Slash songs and I love Sixx:A.M. so everybody should just get off my case.