Self-Control And Booze

So St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend, actually it’s tomorrow. Can I say, I hate being underage during this time. I’m not yet 21 and won’t be for a few more months, but I’ve feeling the urge to drop this good girl deeds and just go right for it. I’m not like that though. I need some self-control in my life and fighting temptations is smart especially when you’ve been fighting them since you were a teenager. I live in a small town. majority of everybody here adults and teens alike have all had their first drink underage I bet you. Some of them will try to say they haven’t, but how can you believe them? Everybody’s pretty open about their pasts because everybody talks about it on their Facebook statuses. Nobody has the self-control to keep their mouths shut.

I’ve been wanting to drink illegally for years. Everybody I was around had told me that they’d take me sometime and we’d all get drunk. Teenage years, it’s fun to go to somebody’s house and get drunk and have some fun with friends. I’d like to go over to somebody’s house and talk to them, but knowing they’d probably have alcohol around would make think less of them. I’m not a fan of underage drinking nowadays. I’m also not a fan of drunk drinking either. I think if you drink and drive you are an idiot. Whether you are underage or over 21 doing this you are not setting a good example of yourself at all.

The only year I can think of when I really wanted to get drunk was on New Years in 2008. My sister and I had stayed over at my nana’s. Our cousin Kristi was there and we had lots of fun without all the booze. You can have fun without it. Alcohol can’t make your party better, instead it makes you do stupid stuff that you may regret later on in life. I’ve got enough mistakes in my life. I don’t need anymore from drinking at a party. I’ve actually been debating if I want to get drunk on my birthday or not. I’ve been thinking about how to do a shot, and I started thinking I can’t even like the taste of cough medicine and I hate taking that stuff as a shot. I want to stay away from beer and Tequila for personal reasons. I’ve been looking at different vodkas, and found out there’s a cookie dough flavored vodka. My temptations hate me now.

So I’ll be sober for another St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve been thinking of only drinking on different holidays. It seemed smarter that way instead of drinking every weekend. I only want to drink on my birthday, Thanksgiving (I’ve got a lot of crazy people in my family), Valentine’s Day (because it is the most depressing holiday out there for single people), and of course¬†St. Patrick’s Day even though I think beer is what the holiday is based on so I’ll be screwed for that one. Maybe I’ll be strong enough to keep myself away from it all…. I don’t think so. As long as I don’t have to get drunk with my mom and aunt at a strip club I’m fine.

Facebook High School

I’ve realized something. Facebook is very annoying. Everybody hates it, but we still use it. Get online in the middle of the night and check things out. Updating about things certain people in this world shouldn’t know. Uploading memories into albums and remembering when things were bad. Since Facebook has changed their timeline again. Surprisingly I actually like it, but I’ve found out I’m the only one who does. It’s alright, it’s good to be alone for once. The timeline shows you ALL of your posts from the time you started Facebook. When I first heard about that, I’m not going to lie I was tempted to reactivate my original account to see my posts from 2008, which was the year I started, but I didn’t because I knew it was stupid.

I’ve had this new account for probably three months and I’m already getting people trying to add me. It’s getting really annoying! I hate the fact that everybody is just adding you for the heck of it. It’s somehow turned into a popularity contest of whose got the most friends. It is stupid! When I first started this account I made it just for myself, family, and Twitter friends. I only had close to four friends from my other account I wanted back because I really liked them. The rest I was done with. I wasn’t going to add them because I knew it would be too good to be true. Well then I caved. I added a few here and there. Now I’m mad at myself for adding all these freaking people who never talk to me. Why should I have you as MY friend when you aren’t being a real friend and talking to me? So tomorrow, I’m going to be deleting people. I need to have more control of who I want on my profile, and right now I’m not wanting anybody, but I gotta be nice to some of them because they don’t deserve this.

Role Model

I discovered this video yesterday after I posted on my Twitter¬†I missed Justin Timberlake’s amazing voice. Thanks to my friend Mariel, she was the one who started the obsession on this song. I didn’t think Justin Timberlake was a good rapper, but I changed my mind after hearing this for the first time. The song is really good. The last time I actually heard a fairly good rap song was when “Black and Yellow” by Wiz Khalfia first came out. After that, I haven’t heard many others. I still think after 2008 the whole rap industry went downhill. Everybody is turning to dance music, which is cool you know? But nothing sounds like a true rap song anymore.

One thing I happened to notice while watching this music video was how it reminded me of another music video. Anybody seen Fort Minor’s music video for “Petrified?” Some parts of both videos are somewhat similar. I know it’s sad that I say this, but it’s true. You can either agree or disagree, but don’t judge me. Want to know one thing is the same, besides the black and white part of the video? The spatkler. That was what started it, and I couldn’t help myself. Both videos are awesome.

Remember That One Time On The Bus, When…?

I have a lot of crazy stories of the time I rode the bus to school and back home, but there was one story that is just priceless and very funny to try to talk about. Because anytime I try to tell about it I instantly start laughing because my bus driver, at the time he was our sub. Anyways, he did not expect it and neither did I. It’s a funny story and I’m going to share it.

In 2008, we had a sub bus driver. On my bus, we had a total of four students on our bus at the time. Now there’s a story before this, between my friend Nathan and myself our music stations didn’t mess well with each other. It wasn’t til Junior year that I started bringing in my iPod so I didn’t have to listen to Country music ALL the time! Well when Nathan had to stay after school, guess who got to channel the station. This girl.

Anyways, our bus driver apparently liked the Country stations a lot more than he liked mine. We have two pop stations here in my hometown. Well I got on the bus and got strabbed in place and our bus driver changed it to one of the channels. I didn’t know it was going to play these songs, but it did.

The first song that played was “Goodies” by Ciara featuring Petey Pablo. Second song was “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent featuring Olivia. And the last one was “Hot In Here” by Nelly. That was an awkward ride home, believe me. He had that mirror so he can see behind him in the back and for him always telling us after he become our official bus driver that he couldn’t hear the radio. Sadly, I think he heard those three songs. I felt bad afterwards.

When we got up to the house, I was laughing my butt off because of his face. When my mom brought the lift down and greeted my bus driver and I. He said to my mom, “you know her music is a little wild.” I think my mom started laughing after he said that because she was the reason why I even listen to that kind of music. When he left and we went inside she asked me what played and I told her and I thought her eyes were going to come out of her skull. It was hilarious but yet weird. I think it’s safe to say I think he switched the station back to Country afterwards. Can you blame him?

So that’s my story. That’s the priceless story I will never forget.

What Happened To Hip Hop?

Today must be a Hip Hop day, because all I’ve wanted to do is listen to Hip Hop. This is sad to say, but I can now tell the difference between nowadays music compared to Hip Hop three or four years ago. What the hell happened? Everybody now just wants to be played on Pop stations I guess. It amazes me how much its changed. When the big time rappers like Snoop Dogg use to feature in new rapper song’s they use to make it better. Now it just makes it suck. Snoop Dogg can’t do a guest verse in a song anymore and make the song the shit anymore.

I like do like Far East Movement and everything, but I think more rappers are using too much eletronic stuff in their music. It was good when one or two would do it but when they put it in all their songs and every other artist wants to use it too. It sucks. Nobody wants to be original anymore. All the big rappers are getting themselves in trouble with the law and are in jail. There are a few rappers that desperately need to come back and grace us with some good Hip Hop music. I’d go back to listening to rap music if it went back to the old stuff.

Even though I don’t agree with the drugs, violence, and girls in the videos. I’d still like to hear some real stuff again. I’ve never really liked Lil Wayne and he is probably one of the last rappers besides Ludacris to still kill radio stations with their songs. I love Ludacris! He’s one actor that can still be considered gangsta. I think after a couple movies 50 Cent just crumbled down. He’s not even worth listening to anymore. Eminem, will always be the realest rappers. Thank God for him! I remember 2008 being the last year that Rap music actually ruled the charts. Now they don’t have a chance in hell. Such a shame too.