Favorite Songs

These are a list of my favorite songs of all time. Sometimes they differ in days and their numbers change. Since I like pretty much every genre of music, there might be some country songs put together because I like them together. What is your favorite songs of all time?

  1. Dirrty – Christina Aguilera It wasn’t everybody’s favorite song but it sure clicked with me. I am in love with the song, how it sounds but lyrically and beat wise. Nobody in American liked the music video. I was the 1% half that actually did but it took me a few years to actually watch it since when it came out I was getting my surgeries done. I remember that was one of the first albums I listened to when I got home from Shriner’s in 2002.
  2. All I Have To Give – Backstreet Boys I love old school BSB and who doesn’t? Old pop music was better than the crap everybody’s trying to sell nowadays. I use to dance to this song all the time when I was a kid. I still know most of the words, thank goodness! I’m also happy all five members are getting back in the studio for their new album. I cannot wait for it!
  3. Fancy – Reba McEntire You can pretty much blame my mother for this one. She use to listen to this all the time when I was little. For a while I use to get confused with this song and Stevie Nicks song “Edge Of Seventeen.” I know the difference now, after almost ten years of being confused of who was who. I love the version of Reba and Kelly Clarkson that they did for CMT’s Crossroads.
  4. Beautiful With You – Halestorm This song deserves a top five or a top ten spot. I am still madly in love with this song! I love Lzzy Hale’s voice and it just so relatable and I love songs like this. From the first time I heard it on Spotify I couldn’t get over it. It’s so freaking powerful.
  5. Express Yourself – Madonna Another song to put the blame on my mother, she was really into Madonna in the 80s and 90s, you should have seen my mom during this years Super Bowl halftime. She kept telling me if she ever came to Indiana we’d go see because that’s apparently on her bucket list. I like quite a few Madonna songs, but this one just jumped at the chance.
  6. So Sick – Ne-Yo This is such a good R&B song to listen to, it’s kind of sad but oh so good. Ne-Yo’s voice is so refreshing and sweet! I wouldn’t want to break his heart. I love the words and this song sounds. It’s a great breakup song.
  7. Lil Freak – Usher featuring Nicki Minaj Oh come on! You can’t blame me for putting this song on here. It’s a good song to dance to and be kind of sassy about. So the lyrics are subjective, you can’t pick and chose especially since I love beats before lyrics. I was blessed with blocking out lyrics to enjoy a song.
  8. I Run To You – Lady Antebellum Back to country we go! I love Lady Antebellum, and this song happened to have an interesting beginning with me. It was before I put CMT on my custom list on my TV and I was having a country phase for like four days and I had the TV on mute because it was like 6am and my dad was in the living room reading the paper. I was faking asleep like always, plus watching music videos. This video came on and I was reading the captions at the bottom of the screen and I just fall in love with the song. I was overjoyed the first time I listened to the actual song not on mute. It was so beautiful and easy to learn!
  9. White Flag – Dido This is an old favorite of mine. It’s a hopeful, moving on, break up song. It’s kind of slow and upbeat and it works. I love Dido’s voice and I love singing this song just as much listening to it.
  10. Poison & Wine – The Civil Wars This song I heard it a few times on the radio, but didn’t really like it at first. Then my friend Rikki sent it to on Spotify and it hadn’t click with me yet, but I thought it was really pretty though. Then The Vampire Diaries played it at the right place on one of the last episodes of the third season and it clicked! I was addicted to it and I love it dearly.
  11. I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack I don’t know who got me into this song, it was either my mom or my dad. One of them loved it a lot because I really hearing it everywhere. I love this song and its music video. It’s such a sweet and a girly song. One of my friends sang this song as her Senior Solo in Swing Choir and she did an awesome job!
  12. Man! I Feel Like A Woman – Shania Twain In 1999 my mom was in a very tight country phase. One day my aunt came down for a visit and brought her daughter Amy with her and she also brought a video of Shania Twain performing in Florida. I can remember watching that for hours with mom. I loved the sassyness of this song.and I absolutely love the music video as well!
  13. We Belong Together – Mariah Carey This song has to be on my list. It’s such a sweet song and very lovey-dovey which is the opposite of me but you got to love Mariah Carey though! She’s got some powerful lungs on her. I love that last high note at the end of the song that gets faded by the end.
  14. Trip The Darkness – Lacuna Coil This song should be higher on my list, but it’s not. I love this song a lot. Octane doesn’t play them as much as they should. They don’t play half of the metal bands I like, like they should. When they were playing the heck out of this song it was my only strength to keep me occupied until their album dropped. Then I bought it and haven’t thought it was old yet.
  15. Stickwitu – Pussycat Dolls featuring Avant I love this version of the song. Avant brings a different sound to it, not to mention the guitar in the background too. I love this song by itself but it’s so much better with Avant in it. He compliments Nicole’s voice so well in this song that its amazing.
  16. Candyman – Christina Aguilera I have to add another Christina song on my list. This song shows my diversity in different genres. From the first time I heard this song all I wanted to do was dance. I mean, like old school swing dance like she does in the music video. I love her attitude about this song and how old it sounds. It’s so good!
  17. What Goes Around, Comes Around – Justin Timberlake I’ve recently put this song back on my iPod because I missed it. It’s still a bad ass song even though it’s a guy version of how Karma will come back to haunt you. Normally I like it when girls write songs about that but I can make an expection since it is after all Justin Timberlake.
  18. Haunted – Evanescene This song is mysterious and I love it! I love how the whole song goes from start to finish. I love blasting it on my headphones and on my stereo with the bass turned up. My favorite part of the entire song though is the beginning of the second verse. It just sounds so in your face and intense. It is unbelievable!
  19. I Want My Tears Back – Nightwish One day on Spotify I was looking through new releases and their new album had just happened to be on this list and I clicked it and listened to it all the way through. My top favorite was this song. I had like three favorites and this instantly grabbed me. I love the solo between the guitar and pipes is very different and extremely awesome! I love how the lyrics are from a fairy tale. It all clicks somehow. I really can’t explain it, but it works. It deserves a listen or two.
  20. The Bleeding – Five Finger Death Punch I bet you’re surprised to not see this in the top ten. I’m a bit surprised myself, but we are talking about favorite songs of all time. So I had to push a few of my favorites right now to the back. I love both the acoustic version of this song and the regular version. I didn’t know there was two in the first place. I now have both on my iPod and I cannot choose between them which one I love the most. I love the introduction of the original and the more slow and Ivan singing in the acoustic version. The song is beautiful either way.
  21. Van Nuys – Sixx:A.M. Another surprise! This is my favorite off the The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack. It’s so intense and slow, but in a good way. James adds that caring and honesty voice to the words. I love the chorus so much. The ending with James’ high notes are out of this world. They are so amazing. It could have been a nice slow ballad, but they made it into an upbeat song.
  22. A Neverending Dream – Cascada I love electronic music. I love Cascada a lot, let’s just get that out there. I am pretty addicted to this song along with others too. She makes me want to dance and I love her voice.
  23. Bangarang – Skrillex featuring Sirah Who doesn’t love Dubstep? Skrillex is like the king of Dubstep. This song is so fresh everytime I listen to it. Sirah makes it 10x better too! I love his whole EP he released last year. My sister and I are addicted to his songs. I’m actually shocked to admit that I do not have this song and “Right On Time” on my iPod yet.
  24. Run The Show – Kat DeLuna featuring Busta Rhymes You can’t find this song on iTunes or Spotify, and I’m pretty sure Amazon doesn’t have it, but I haven’t checked there and my luck they would have this song and more of her songs you can’t find anywhere else. I love this song and it sounds. So in your face and out there. It is definitely a party song I will say that. It’s pretty bad ass!
  25.  Android Porn – Kraddy Even more Dubstep, this song–well it’s more of a track than a song because there’s literally nobody singing and it’s just the beat and it has lots and lots of bass to it. I love insturmentals and tracks like these are no different. It gets a +A in my book!
  26. Gettin’ Over You – David Guetta featuring Chris Willis, Fergie, & LMFAO David Guetta is the sh*t to be totally honest with you. I’ve pretty much fell in love with every song he’s released. I would love to see him, Skrillex and Deadmau5 live that would freaking insane! My sister and I would be totally in heaven just to witness something like that. I would love to see the song done live. I love Fergie’s voice but not too into LMFAO really. I would be fine just to see this song live.
  27. I Surrender – Celine Dion Celine is an amazing woman with some very powerful lungs. I have quite a few of her songs on my iPod and this has to be my favorite. It is everything that I love in a song, love (I know its weird) and easy beat to go along with it. I love her high notes throughout the song. It’s so beautiful.
  28. Oh My God – Sixx:A.M. I love the fact this song is so honest about what’s going on everywhere else and it’s about the things we force ourselves to forget it exists. James, Nikki, and DJ did an awesome job making everything known about different parts of the world that is still recovering like New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. It just puts things out there for the world to see and it’s an emotional song for the first time you hear it because you’ve blocked that out of your head that it’s sad that you’ve done that to yourself.
  29. Faint – Linkin Park I was trying to figure out which LP song should be on this list and this song just didn’t want to leave my head for nothing until I put it on here. I love every LP song so having to choose is tough sh*t to do. It is my favorite song off of Meteroa, even though everybody thinks “Numb” is my favorite. It’s not.
  30. Crushcrushcrush – Paramore I’m a Parawhore at heart and I am in love with this song. From the time it starts and when it ends its freaking amazing. I love Hayley’s voice and how the whole song sounds. I know every freaking word to this song.
  31. Breathe – Faith Hill I love this song. I grew up listening to this song and of course I had to hear my mom sing it out loud when I was little. I remember everytime it was on I would runaway because she would get louder and louder if she knew you were in the room. She knew it annoyed everybody. This song is so pretty and I love Faith’s voice on this song.
  32. Savin’ Me – Nickelback I love this song and this band like crazy. I don’t care what anybody says about them. They are one bad ass band. It also doesn’t hurt that their drummer is pretty hot too! Anyways, this song is so amazing. It’s such a caring song.
  33. Familiar Taste Of Poison – Halestorm I love how slow and easy this song is. I love to sing it out loud, and I’m getting the hang of the melody and the words. Lzzy has a powerful set of lungs and everybody thinks she should just do her yells and screams, but she’s got an awesome way of taking those screams and turning them into beautiful high notes. She’s a hard one to come by!
  34. Sweet Sour – Band Of Skulls To me this song is very unique. It always reminds me of something from the 80’s because it just has that vibe to it. The first time I heard it on SixxSense, I literally thought it was from that time. To know it’s not, makes it very interesting. I love this song to the core!
  35. Born To Make You Happy – Britney Spears I must have a Britney song on here even though it was a bitch to pick from because really I don’t listen to her all that much now. I remember when McDonald’s was giving away those little radios with N’Sync and Britney Spears mini types to go inside them and it would play at least half of a song. They also gave away videos too. The Britney Spears video was of her behind the scenes of recording Oops! I Did It Again album and the other video was of her behind the scenes of this song’s music video. After I heard this song on there I haven’t gotten over it.
  36. Hungry Eyes – Eric Carmen I must have this song on here because I love, love, love this song. It’s the song from Dirty Dancing when Baby, Johnny and Penny are going over the moves and all three of them are dancing. I was the one who actually bought this song one day a couple of years ago. I had to have it in my iPod and haven’t regretted it yet.
  37. Halfway Gone – Lifehouse During my senior year, this was my theme song. It just sounded so cool and represented me moving on from high school. I love this song then and I love it even more now. Lifehouse is just an awesome band.
  38. Sweeter – Gavin DeGraw I heard this song one day on Sirius XM’s The Pulse they played this song for the first time and it is unique and I love how the guitars give it that something that’s different from other pop-rock songs. It sounds pretty good live (on TV) and despite what my mother says, Gavin still sounds the same when performing this song.
  39. All Around Me – Flyleaf I love Flyleaf, they are an amazing Christian rock band and when I heard this song for the first time I actually didn’t like it that much. Then I found out one of my friends had the lyrics to it on her MySpace and then I started liking the lyrics and then by the end of the month I started loving the song too. Lacey has an amazing voice! She can scream and sing like no other. I can’t wait for more new Flyleaf this fall.
  40. Rebirthing – Skillet Emily got me into this band. She got most of our family into them actually. I love how different it sounds. The classical sounds at the beginning makes the sound. John’s voice is kind of scratchy but in a good way. It’s just an amazing song that I discovered and bought myself since Em bought most of the other songs.
  41. Prituri Se Planinata (NiT GriT Remix) – Nit Grit featuring Stellamara This song was featured in the fourth installment movie of the Step Up franchise. It’s the song during the art gallery scene, and it’s so freaking pretty! I like unique songs and as I was digging up information what the song was called and who it was by, and once I found it on YouTube, I was so happy because all of the scenes I liked from that whole movie, it was this song from that scene. The movie is pretty awesome!
  42. Wanna Be Rich – Hinder This is probably one of the best songs ever! The first time I heard it, I thought it was so dead-on to what I’ve been thinking about this country. Besides having the best lyrics, it is pretty awesome to dance to and jump around like a dead fish. It’s actually a “new” song since the album just came out recently. The album is pretty good, but this is one of four songs I liked out of the entire thing.
  43. Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero – Stone Sour Okay, now when I went to look for these songs as a set like the radio stations play it, I was so bummed to find it separate. I mean, come on! Don’t sell it as separate songs when the radio stations have it as a set. That’s a rip off! Anyways, both songs are pretty good! I’ve got to say though, I didn’t like either one at first, but like I’ve said before. I can never say I “hate” a certain song, because one way or another, I will end up liking it. I actually like “Gone Sovereign” more than “Absolute Zero” because I hated the little sounds at the beginning of it. So annoying. Now I don’t care.
  44. Eyes On Me – Celine Dion I love this song and I almost know every word and I’ve known about it for not even a month. It’s ridiculous of how fast I can find a song and instantly love it enough to buy it within a week of finding ir. By four days, I’ve runned it down into the ground. It’s so unique and it has some Indian sounds, which I love so much! I never imagined Celine Dion’s voice with something like this, but it actually works.
  45. Say It Right – Nelly Furtado I’m surprised that I haven’t put this song on the list. It’s such a great song. It’s another one of those unique sounding songs. The introduction is so calm. The drums and guitar solo at the end is just pure bliss. Nelly Furtado’s voice is very calmly too. So right together!
  46. War Of Change – Thousand Foot Krutch I blame my friend Becky for tweeting about TFK all the time. She told me to listen to them and I finally caved in. I actually listened to this song before I listened to the album. I heard this song on the radio, because after trying ignore it for months, I listened to it and loved it. Just like I knew I would.
  47. Put The Gun Down – ZZ Ward I have to admit, at first I hated this song. I love unique songs, but for some odd reason I just didn’t care for this song at all. Now I love it. I love the mixture of blues and hip hop together. Christina Aguilera gave us a taste of it when she released her Back To Basics album in 2007. Now here it is the end of 2012 and there’s a new face bringing two different genres of music together.
  48. Bones – Young Guns The introduction to this song kills me every single time. It will never get old for me. It’s too addicting to ignore this song. I love the riffs throughout and it’s actually kind of catchy in parts, especially in the chorus. It won’t take you long to know every word of the chorus.
  49. Hello – Evanescence I remember first listening to Fallen, and out of all the songs, this was the only one I didn’t like. It was mysterious and too slow for me at that time. Now after years of ignoring it, I had the entire album on my rock/metal playlist and wasn’t really paying attention. This song started playing and of course, now that I love slow and mysterious songs, this song doesn’t really bug me anymore. It’s actually very beautiful and I love what the piano adds to Amy’s voice. It meshes so well.
  50. Cease Fire – Christina Aguilera This, again, is another mysterious song, but it’s so good though! I love the drums and the echoing of Christina’s voice. I also think it’s a very empowering song too. If you really read the lyrics while she’s singing, you’ll understand what I mean. Especially during the chorus. It’s something new that we haven’t heard from Christina. I think it’s an interesting sound and I’ve got a soft side for drums too. I got it from my mom, so blame it on her.

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    1. I’m sorry I’m just now getting back to you! Dido’s music in general is just so easy-going, perfect for a relaxing afternoon. I actually REALLY need to update this, because I have other songs that deserve a place on it too. 🙂


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