What Is Love?

Since September, I’ve been working on this mini story. I never meant for it to continue after the first post. I had started working on it as an entry as apart of the fun writing challenges I contribute to every week. I seriously thought I would thought I would do this storyline once, and when that Friday’s prompt came out, I saw it and I was like, what the hell? I continued on with it and after that, some people started liking the story and concept to it that I ended trying to keep going on with it. I always thought I would stop in the middle of it and never return to it, but I’ve been constantly looking at pictures on Pinterest and thinking about next scenes with each character. You know when you like a character when you actually dream about it at night. I’ve never been into love or relationships, but I have over 160 friends on my Facebook and I read about their lives and hardships and I guess after hearing, reading, and seeing everything that goes in different relationships. I guess I inspired in someway and this has become my little outlet. I don’t like to think that “it’s the best” because I’ve never been a cocky person when I’m writing, because I know I’m not the best and there are a LOT of mistakes. As long you guys get the plot and storyline, that’s all that matters to me. Like I’ve told everybody else, this is kind of like a first draft.

Main characters:

  • Chloe Middleton Cohen – Chloe is the mid-twenties, middle sister. She is the one who is on the fence about love in general. She believes in it, but she has her doubts about it too. She’s a very caring person. She loves her family and in the first few sections, almost has a tomboy attitude.
  • Brenda Middleton Williams – Brenda is the late-twenties, oldest sister. She is married and has four daughters. What a perfect life she thought she had, everything comes crumbling down for her, because her husband John has been cheating on her for some time. She believes in love and wants things to always work out. She kind of acts like a trophy wife in part two, but that’s before she finds out about her husband.
  • Claire Middleton – Claire is nineteen and is the youngest sister. She fully does not believe in love. She is the one who cheats on her partners when she’s relationships. She’s afraid if she gets too close, they’ll be the ones breaking her heart and leave her. She thinks she’s becoming heartless, so she tries to be around her nieces as much as she can to keep the humanity in her heart. She is really a nice person, but has a similar attitude as her sister Chloe.
  • Hank Cohen – Hank is in his mid-twenties and the oldest in his family. He has known the Middleton family for years and will do anything for Chloe and her family. He is a hard-working man who tries to do good with every situation. He’s also very much a mama’s boy too.
  • John Williams – John is in his early thirties and I describe him as my worst nightmare. He’s snotty, cocky, and been cheating on his wife off and on for the past few years. He loves his wife and daughters very much though.
  • Chuck Middleton – Chuck is Brenda, Chloe, and Claire’s father. He left their mother when the girls were very young. After the divorce, he got married to a younger woman, and she gave birth to a son. Chuck is the main reason for the reason why the girls have different views about love.

I’ve looked at other authors and their stories, especially if they use music in their stories. They sometimes have a playlist to go along with it. I’m slowly developing a playlist to go along with the story. Some of the titles are based off different songs I was listening to at the time I was writing that section. The original title for the first part of the story, has been renamed. I got finished the new part and has named it after a song I was listening to earlier, before I began working on the changes. I’ve quickly figured out that is no certain genre of it either. Here is the playlist so far:

  1. Beautiful Bride – Flyleaf
  2. Our Song – Taylor Swift
  3. I Cross My Heart – George Strait (this was given to me after I had put a question on Facebook of the most romantic song)
  4. Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
  5. Little Liar – Eyes Set To Kill
  6. Take It Outside – Brantley Gilbert
  7. Happily Never After – Pussycat Dolls
  8. The Mirror Never Lies – Butcher Babies
  9. Circles – Christina Aguilera
  10. Devil’s Backbone – The Civil Wars
  11. Where Is The Blood – Delain
  12. My Kind Of Love – Emeli Sande
  13. By The Grace Of God – Katy Perry (Chloe’s theme song)
  14. Stupid – Sarah McLachlan (Brenda’s theme song)
  15. Cut – Plumb (Claire’s theme song)
  16. Better Than Me – Hinder (Claire and Matt’s theme song)
  17. I Won’t Give Up – Jason Marz
  18. Second Chance – Shinedown
  19. Soulmate – Natasha Bedingfield
  20. Say Hello To Goodbye – Shontelle
  21. Feel It – The Black Eyed Peas
  22. Let Her Go – Passenger
  23. Somebody Loves Somebody – Celine Dion
  24. I Never Told You – Colbie Caillat
  25. Relentless Chaos – Miss May I

If you haven’t read any, first two, or here and there. Here is your chance to read all ten sections. I really hope that after I hope this I don’t stop writing on it, because it does give me joy to work on it and see where these characters end up at the end of each section. At the beginning, I thought I was writing Chloe to fit my personality, but I think Claire is more like me than anyone of the characters. I don’t believe in love and I would do the same thing if I was in her situation. If I change my beliefs at the end of the story, now that would be a miracle. Kind of like John getting his and Brenda’s marriage back on track. Here all the sections.  The first part is still the same as the original. It has a few changes, the new one has more details than this one does. Enjoy!

  1. Bridezilla Has A Breakdown – It was apart of Picture It & Write. It has been changed to “Beautiful Bride.”
  2. Chloe Needs A Drink – It was apart of Free Write Friday.
  3. Little Liar
  4. Flesh And Blood
  5. Happily Never After
  6. The Mirror Never Lies
  7. Circles
  8. Devil’s Backbone
  9. Love, Hate, and Drama, OH MY!
  10. Stay With Me
  11. Beside You
  12. When Somebody Loves Somebody
  13. The Connection
  14. Drifted
  15. Relentless Chaos

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