The Little Girls In Pink

[Original Post: 8/10/2013 Saturday]

If things could get any worse they just did. Little Julianne has a birthday coming up and considering she is the only girl against four brothers, she deserves some pampering with her mother Michelle. At least, that was the original plan as her mother’s special present to her daughter. Julianne was turning six years old and she was about to become a big sister, to her new baby sister Clementine that was about to be born in December. Julianne was understanding that when the little baby comes, her role as a big sister will come with some responsibility and she will have to learn the same rules as her older brothers. Julianne was the big joke against her four brothers, Jack, Aiden, Arrow, and Oliver since they think she can’t do the same things as they can. Thankfully, she was born with her mother’s attitude and she took things such as this as challenges. She liked to get her hands dirty even at such a young age. Their father, Kris was just glad she was becoming more like her mother and doesn’t let anybody control her. The new baby girl will be raised the same way, but there will be a lot more pink in the house than blue!

Since Julianne’s birthday was coming fast, the family decided to throw her a small birthday party. Michelle wasn’t too far along in her pregnancy that a bunch of little kids bugged her so much. She thanks her four boys for helping with that. Julianne loves her hot pink and different girly things just as much her mom. So when Julianne goes to school on Monday, she goes to the table she and her friends, Paige, Caitlin, and Brittany sit at snack time and arts and crafts. They discuss of the things they want to do at the party. “The boys built this fort in the backyard, we can take it over and make it ours and make it pink!” Julianne said to her three best friends as they were drawing on their paper and drinking juice from their individual cups that decorated last week. Julianne made hers all pink with her name taped to the side with an ivory lace. It was girly and vintage too! The girls all make plans to take over her older brothers fort and they definitely want to play with their Barbie dolls and have a little tea party inside their fort. These boys won’t know what hit them!

That evening, after getting home from school, little Julianne and her four brothers were running around the backyard, playing hide and seek. Until, their father Kris hollers for the boys to come back inside and do their homework. Julianne doesn’t have any homework because she’s too young still to bring home any, instead she brings home her crafts she’s made throughout the day. So Miss Julianne gets to stay outside and inspect the boys fort. Once she knows the boys are long gone, she makes her way to their fort that is practically hidden behind the bushes and broken tree branches that have been there since the last storm. She turns the knob and walks inside to the dark space and inspects the space to see if her little outside tea party table will fit in there, plus four little chairs. So she walks around a little more and finds a Dr. Seuss book on the ground. She sits on the hard ground up against the sturdy wooden wall and started flipping their pages, until she called from her father and then she dropped the book and run out the door as fast she could before her brother came out to look for her.
Four days later, it was finally Miss Julianne Leah’s sixth birthday! She was still asleep on that Friday morning when her father came in and scooped her up to carry her into the kitchen. She was still asleep when he put her on her chair. Her head almost landed in her cereal bowl. Her brothers couldn’t care less if it was her birthday or not, they started throwing cereal at her to try to wake her up. Which after a little while started to do the trick, but caused bad payback that she’ll have to do later since now she hurried to eat her breakfast and get pretty pink and white shirt with big tutu that was covered feathers. She even wore her cute little white sandals to match. She looked a cotton candy princess! When her mother took her to school she was greeted by her teacher and the other students. They said “happy birthday” and gave her little drawings as gifts. Her teacher had the best gift of all though! A little pink tiara with a silver wand that had pink string swirling down the bottom. She felt like a real princess! When the day was over, her mother came back with chocolate cupcakes with hot pink icing on top, even had little blue star sprinkles. She didn’t think they day could get any better, until they were getting ready to leave and took all three of her friends with them.

Now it was time for some revenge against her four rotten brothers. She usually doesn’t like setting herself up to them, because she would be outnumbered. Now, she wasn’t and girls are always better in numbers. She knew her friends were up for the challenge. When they got to the house, Julianne took the girls on a tour of the house and even showed them baby Clementine’s room. It was full of purple and pink cheetah print. While Julianne’s room was hot pink and white with zebra print. The girls put their bags on Julianne’s bed and headed downstairs to grab their snack before going outside. They watched the boys outside playing tag and they whispered their plans to move their stuff into the fort. After they had their snack, the four girls went outside and began to move things from the deck to the yard. The boys were confused when they started seeing four little girls in tutus pushing the tea party table off the deck and onto the yard. They didn’t understand why they were doing it until the girls changed course and headed to their fort. Even though the boys hadn’t been using their fort for almost two months, it was still theirs and there was no way in the world they were going to let the girls have it. There was one small problem though, Arrow is only eight years old, he loves his little sister a lot, but now he has to decide if he should help them get to the fort in one place or be a mean brother and try to stop them on his little sister’s birthday. Tough call for such a little boy, so she instead of choosing he acted like he had to use the potty and went inside the house instead.

The young ladies only three boys to have fun with, since Arrow decided everything was a bit too much for him. So Jack, Aiden, and Oliver were the only ones arguing with the birthday girl and her friends. “Hey, Juli what are doing taking your girly little table into our fort?” said ringleader Jack, “You guys haven’t been using it, so we decided to take over and make it our castle.” Julianne said with proper, squeaky voice and her friend nodded along. “Ew! You’re going to turn it into a girly place. It is ours! Daddy made it for us and no girl will ever be allowed inside!” Jack said in a firm voice. “Oh really? So if I said I’ve already been inside it, cleaned it, and made it pink would you still want it?” Like I said, just because she was a girl doesn’t mean she was going to let her brothers control her. “Even daddy saw me and never said a word about me going in there!” Julianne said with a grin. The boys had lost their fight. They knew they didn’t want to go inside if it was pink, which was a lie because Julianne never got the chance to change the colors to pink. They boys fell for it and decided to leave. For once their baby sister had some guts to stand her ground against them. After the match was done, the girls continued to move their little party to the fort.
The girls finally got everything inside the fort without the help of the boys. They sat in their chairs inside their little wooden castle where everything was good. Just big enough for four little girls and their table and chairs. They sipped their tea and ate their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and talked about their day like proper ladies would normally do. While Arrow and Aiden stand guard at their door for any strangers to come around and disturb the girls fun. Sounds like Julianne has had the perfect birthday she’s ever had!

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