The Dinner Party From Hell

The night was supposed to be just a small dinner party and that’s it. At first, that’s what it was and it was lovely. My husband and I just got back from our vacation and we wanted to have a night with our folks. Well, everything up until that point was fine. By the middle of the week when I actually had time to get stuff for the dinner, like candles, cheese plate and different wines, my sister called me from New York, saying she was jealous that we’d had invited her to the dinner. At first, I thought she was just kidding until I stopped laughing on the phone and heard silence. She was really mad for not getting an invite. The woman lives in New York for crying out loud and we invited his folks for dinner as well. She would, no offense, ruin the whole dinner. So when she finally came back down from her attitude I thought I got her to understand that Jim’s family was coming over as well and our house was small enough, Kellie would just bring her never-ending party voice with her and whatever small and simple dinner party we wanted wasn’t going to happen. She told me she understood and that maybe we could get together soon. When we hung up the phone, I was in the wine aisle, and something told me to buy an extra one just to get through the next few days afterwards.

When Friday came around, Jim cooked the food and I made up the dining room table, so it looked elegant and yet, simple too. The room was painted white and had specks of baby blue around. Whenever we had people over, I switched the blue with an ivory or dark brown, to make the flooring or carpet throughout the house. Both colors showed some elegance too. We decided on having a three course meal, because the both of us were so nervous about how the night was going to go, that we didn’t really eat the entire day. Well, I definitely didn’t eat anything. When our folks arrived, they walked into the kitchen and sat by the small bar, our fathers were by Jim and watched him grill the steaks to medium-rare. My mothers were helping me arrange the forks and plates and we were talking about little things that all women talk about when we’re all in the same room together. Just after five minutes with them, they made me crave a big glass of wine.

Once Jim had finished with the steaks. I moved everybody into the dining room and then went back to the kitchen to help Jim out. When I walked into the room, he had just gulped his bit of wine in his glass and I had to giggle. Looks like we should have planned this out a little more before we invited both of our folks over to our house. He smiled at me as he put the chopped up steaks neatly on a serving platter. He gave me a quick peck on the cheek and I grabbed the wine and his glass and headed back into the dining room. While we were walking back into the room, we could hear them talking loudly and as we came around the corner, my sister was dresses in a gray knitted sweater with black leggings and brown boots, hugging my dad with the most biggest grin on her face. Not like our night couldn’t get any better than this? “Kellie, what are you doing here? I thought we made plans for next week?” I said in a cautious low, bur firm voice as I could feel extra tension from Jim and his folks on the my left side.

“Oh, I know but daddy said I should come along anyways. It would be fun!” She said as grabbed another chair from the living room. I laid down the wine and glasses on the table as Jim put down the steaks and grabbed the rest of the food from the kitchen. I ran into the secondary closet to hopefully meet Kellie in time, “Kellie, you can’t stay here.” She had a hold of the chair with a tight grip on the chair as she rested it on the wall, “Oh come on, Rachel, I will be good I promise.” Kellie said with a smile that Rachel swore looked more like a grin in disguise. “No you won’t. I know how you are! You’ve lived in New York City for the past year and a half, plus L.A. for five years before that, you live to party sweetie. Jim’s folks are classy, they didn’t like me when I was first dating their son because if I think back I was fully attached to you and your wicked ways, as they call it.” Kellie looked annoyed, but she liked her lifestyle, she was the modern hippie and there was nothing that was going to change her. Not even her own sister, Rachel. “I’m sorry that I am embarrassment to your husband’s family, but if they can get along with mom and dad, they can get along with me too. So back off sis!” Kellie lifted the chair into the air and walked off into the dining room with a strong smile on her face.

Rachel walked out of the closet and shut the door. When she walked back into the dining room, she got a good look at Jim’s face of disappointment and his parent’s were just carrying on with the conversations they were having before they walked in. Jim’s dad, Ronald was like every other man in the community, liked to work in the garden and play golf throughout the week. Okay, maybe he wasn’t like every other man in the community, but he definitely acted like my father. They didn’t take much for them to be excited about something and same thing about anger. They needed anger management when it came to driving. Sadly, Jim was exactly the same way. Even if he didn’t like admitting it out loud, he had one hell of a temper when it came to somebody testing his patience. I always thought it was quite funny. Our mothers were very different, my mother worked at a diner as a waitress and she swears she still loves it. She has a bad attitude and absolute;y no filter. No wonder Kellie is the way she is today. Jim’s mother Claudia is regal, she thinks she is the queen, and that’s the way she’s always been. However, she is very loving to her children. She just likes things a certain way. Imagine life before I was married to her son.

Even thought our folks could at least act like be nice to each other. Jim and I were still on pins and needles to have his folks try to be nice to Kellie. Kellie has a very stand-offish attitude towards different people. When she met Jim for the first time, she hated him and thought he was a dumbass, which at time he can be like that. She treated him like hell but he took everything she put him through. Actually impressed her that nothing phased him. However, ever since we got married, it was the first and had hoped the last time to get his parents and my sister in the same room together. Let’s just say, my sister isn’t going to be drinking any alcohol tonight. Anyways, just sitting at the table watching everybody like a hawk while they pile their food their plates. Kellie hasn’t been talking to Jim’s family just our mom. I’m trying to decide if that’s a good or bad thing. What was she talking about? Claudia has always liked Jim and I to sit together, but I seriously wanted to break tradition and move over to their side of the table and be on the conversation. I bet Claudia was about to flip her lid as well. She’s not as jealous as she acts, but having four sons and only one was brave enough to get married. I kind of feel bad for the woman.

After dinner was over. Jim and I grabbed everybody’s plates and headed into the kitchen. I think Jim and I’s heads are going to explode soon. We looked on the clock and saw that it was just 8pm, and I was surprised that Kellie hadn’t said much throughout dinner. Sadly, the party wasn’t over yet. My mother in law had made (or the lack there of) apple pie for dessert so we had to grab even more plates and whip cream for the pie. I took out the apple pie out of the fridge and unwrapped the plastic from it and started pre-cutting it in slices for each person. As I was slicing the last piece, I heard small clicking ahead and saw that it was Kellie, “do you guys need help with anything?” Jim and I looked at each other and decided to give her a reward and told her, “can you take these plates into the dining room and place them on the table for me?” Jim said potently, you could tell his mother was around. Kellie gave a small smile and grabbed the plates and said, “sure.” I carried the cooled pie behind her and Jim was behind us with the second bottle of wine.

When we all sat back in our seats, you could see we were all getting tired of sitting up in these uncomfortable chairs. I think I only picked out these chairs because they matched the wooden floors in the dining room and kitchen. Everybody was either enjoying the apple pie too much or they were too exhausted to talk out loud. Both sides of our folks were quiet while eating our dessert, but when we were just enjoying the quiet, Kellie had to time in and ask a question, “So Jim, have you and my sister thought more about the possibility of adding a baby or two into this house soon?” It wasn’t that bad of a question really. “Well, Kellie actually Rachel and I have been coming in terms of how proud we are in our careers lately that we might actually start trying sooner than later.” Jim said in a nice voice. Both mothers beamed brightly with the thought of grandchildren in the near future. Our father grinned at the hardships Jim and I would have to face once we have kids. Kellie, “whoo hoo! get that bed to rockin!” Once that comment was said, my father started laughing as my heart sank into my stomach. Kellie hadn’t had any alcohol and yet she still said something inappropriate in front of Ron and Claudia. However, I did notice Ron grinning slightly but got rid of it when Claudia turned to look at him withe a stern face. My mother probably wasn’t proud with the words her younger daughter just said, but yet she kept quiet. Jim was speechless. Luckily, after that both of our mothers said it was time for them to go home.

They raised up from their seats and put their napkins on the table after the wiped their faces with them. Jim grabbed both of the purses and our mothers jackets to give to them as they were saying their goodbyes to each other and us. Kellie still sat on her chair eating the rest of my mother’s pie on her plate. Our parents gave her a hug and kiss, before walking over to Jim and I to thank us for inviting them to come over for dinner and being nice to Kellie for their sake. They walked out of the house and headed to their bent-up car. Jim’s dad Ron put on Claudia’s jacket over her shoulder and she had a hold of her red purse in her right hand. They hugged us one last time and also thanked for the lovely night and even said bye to Kellie, which surprised the hell out of the both of us! When they left the house Jim waved one last time before shutting the door. Kellie was slowly eating the rest of her pie and just staring to us, From there, you could feel the awkwardness from the three of us. Jim grabbed the other plates from the table and walked into the kitchen to be them all in the dishwasher to be washed tomorrow. It was just 10pm and we were both tired from the long day, and yet my baby sister was sitting in her chair looking like she wasn’t leaving anytime soon. Jim came back from the kitchen giving me a look like he was going to pass out soon, so he gave me a kiss goodnight and headed upstairs. Which left me alone with my sister, who was finally finished with her pie.

She walked into the kitchen and was nice enough put her plate in the dishwasher. She walked up to me acting like she was heading to the coat rack to grab her purse to leave, but instead tricked my emotions and turned to the right and plopped down on the couch. I turned around to look at her. Lazy but obviously comfortable. “What are you doing Kellie? Shouldn’t you be leaving too?” I said in a nice voice, although it was difficult as hell to be nice after what she said during eating dessert. She fixed herself on the couch and rearranged the pillows around her and took over her black-laced pumps and threw them on the floor. Apparently she was staying over tonight. “Could you be a dear and hand me a blanket I saw in the back of your closet for me please?” Kellie said in a smart-ackley way. I am not in the mood to deal with her bossy ways, but I figured if I did what she said and she’d stay there and never say another for the rest of the night I would be okay. I walked into the closet and grabbed the blanket like she told me to and I tossed it to her. She had already grabbed the remote from the activity center and turned on the TV to a chick flick. As she I was walking away from the living room, I heard her say, “I had fun tonight. Tell my brother-in-law I said he did a lovely job with the steaks.” I began walking up the stairs slowly, “I will don’t worry.” She smiled at my words and then lastly I heard, “try and make a baby tonight. I’ll turn up the volume on TV if you do.” Man, does she have a way with words. “Good night Kellie.” She giggled and said, “Good night future mother of my niece or nephew.” I rolled my eyes and went up to the bedroom. I didn’t acknowledge that Jim was reading. I collapsed into the bed and covered myself up with the blanket and fell asleep. Somehow I don’t regret a thing.


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