[Original post:  July 20th 2013 for Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday weekly prompt.]

After so many years, you’d think I’d never want to see the sunshine through a window, want to smell the fresh air, and want to hear the many sounds of life in the day and night. It’s been 17 years since the world had been flipped upside down. Instead of people living on the beautiful Earth, in handmade houses, enjoying the summer heat and making snowmen in the winter. We are underground. I think I should really start at the beginning of how we ended up here and where our lives stand in these bunkers we’ve made our homes for the last seventeen years.

My name is Jordan, I am a “young adult” as the older generations would call me. They get the pleasure of bragging about how much freedom they used to have when it was safe to live outside of the bunkers. They get to explain to the youngsters about how we got here and as time goes on, you can see some have given up hope on ever seeing the light of day ever again. My grandfather is old, but still living well enough that he explained about our great-grandmother and her life she had to endured. She was born deaf, she had two kids and they had to learn sign language to communicate with her. Right before the world turned into what it is now, my mom gave birth to my little sister Laura, she was born deaf and when she grew up we had to learn sign language as well. Grandpa helped out as much as he could, he taught me different songs to share with her. Even though she cannot hear around her, she knows about the bunker and the history of everything.

We were sent here just as Laura was born, we were told that the government was in deep trouble. Our country was no longer free and unless we wanted to stay alive we would have to move from our country. Some people did move overseas, but luckily for some good people in the world, for ones who didn’t want to abandoned their country that they loved so much. They made special tunnels and bunkers for each state. It was like the states had made up their own world but underground. Within the last three months, it was completed and just in time too, because there was some news of different countries wanting to attack our country, with bombs as big as the atomic bomb. That could wipe out entire cities and families. Once word got out about the bombs, people moved out of their homes and went underground for safety.

When we first moved into the bunkers, we were checked for infections and had to give out special information to be able to get a family sized bunker. Which was just a medium size, almost as big as a standard classroom at a school, for a family of four. Once everything was cleared and ready to go, you were allowed to move in. Different department stores felt like since the world was crumbling before their eyes, that they should just donate furniture for each family. I was told that each district felt like you were living in a dorm building in college. The entire place was covered in carpet except for the kitchen room. Each week, different people who thought the world wouldn’t crumb, stayed behind to do only one thing to gather food from the other states. All of the women would make the meals for all of the families in the district, and you were placed in a cafeteria type of place. It felt like school but without all the homework. It was a system that only desperate people could think of

For seventeen years, I’ve been with my family living underground, waiting for this infamous bomb to be released. Lots of families have wondered if they should move out of the bunkers and move back to their homes. My mother has never changed her mind about moving us down here. I asked my grandfather the other day if he could, would he want to move back into the nursing home that wasn’t going to move their residents underground for the fear of hidden diseases and bacteria. My mom didn’t think they were thinking about the safety of their residents and quite frankly she wasn’t the only one who thought that way. He told me if there was a way to go back in time to see his parents and sister, he would much rather do that instead. He misses his family very much. Even though he remembers more of the awesome video games he used to play back in the day then he does anything else. In his defense, he became a very well-known gamer in the business. Even created a few games too.
Since life isn’t very freeing nowadays, crime still exists and TV is less, life feels like what I used to read about in my history books about the people in the Great Depression in the 20′s and it’s crazy to think our government couldn’t think of their people first before they had to get themselves in trouble. I was told, my sisters and I were born into one of the worst generations ever. Ever since the news of the “attacks” that were supposed to come in, everything stopped. I haven’t been in school for a total of four years. I would have been a freshman in high school by now, but I’m not. Nobody bothered to make a couple of classrooms so we could continue to educate ourselves. Many young families, stopped having babies because of living underground. Life has all but stopped for us down here. We need salvation.


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