Century Child

Blythe was speechless–literally, at the sight of this woman that just popped out of nowhere. The woman gave a half grin to the very scared young girl. She didn’t know what to think or if running away was such a good idea to do. “No, running isn’t a very good idea, so I’d take that thought out of your mind at once.” Blythe’s eyes widened as the woman was reading her thoughts and answering the one question she didn’t want to be answered at all, especially out loud. The woman had put her hands up as wide as she was about to give Blythe the biggest hug she’s ever gotten. It’s been a long time since she’s actually gotten a hug from anybody, so she didn’t know what to do if this woman was truly going to hug her. “Don’t worry I’m not going to hug you.” she said as she was closing her eyes. Oh that’s right, she can hear my thoughts. Who the hell was this creepy woman? “My name is Celeste and I am not creepy, just mysterious.” as she raised her left eyelid to glare at Blythe to make sure she was still there.

Blythe was sure as hell not going to move a muscle without knowing if this Celeste creature wasn’t going to come after her like a lightning rod. The wind began to pick up and the green leaves from the trees fell off the branches onto the ground and then they swirled around them in harmony with the wind. Celeste started chanting at a fast pace and then light appeared from two corners of the woods. They looked life size, but you couldn’t tell because the perfect harmony of wind and leaves circling in front of the lights. Blythe turned back at Celeste, she was now glowing in a pure white light with a hint of blue, and she didn’t know what in the world was going on. Then all of a sudden, everything that was going on stopped, the wind was gone and the leaves were now red and orange, like it was autumn. Blythe picked up one of the red leaves from the ground and the core started changing back to green until she dropped it on the ground.

Those life size light by the trees were no longer lights. They were two more beautiful ladies, one with long blonde hair covered in a dark green Victorian dress. She had green eyes that matched perfectly with her dress; she also had blush cheeks and slightly red lips. The other woman had a red dress that tears all around the bottom of the dress; it had a black belt at the waist. She also had red hair that shined beautifully as the light danced off it. She had brown eyes and burgundy lips. She looked much older than the blonde and Celeste. Both of them were wearing combat boots, which threw Blythe off, since it was scorching hot out here. The water was even starting to change temperature now. They walked towards Blythe and Celeste and as they walked around the lake to come closer, more light appeared from behind the women and as the light came and fade, more people appeared from the shadows of the trees. They never made it out of the trees but surrounded the lake. Blythe noticed they all looked like they weren’t from here. They were dressed heavily in dresses with corsets and tulles and even more boots. The males had long hair and wore amour around the chest and backs. They looked like they were decades behind on their style in fashion, but she didn’t even keep up with the fashion trends, so why should she judge them?

“Miss Celeste, you didn’t scare Blythe, did you?” The older woman in red said as they were closer than before. Blythe couldn’t remember if she had told Celeste her name or not, but she didn’t she did. “Oh, don’t be afraid dear. I know who you are honey.” she said as she cupped Blythe’s face. “You do? How?” Blythe said softly as she noticed the people around them more and more. They weren’t afraid to show themselves now and came out of the trees. “Who are you?” she said, kind of afraid to have that question answered. “I am Odessa, the first witch of Century Coven.” she said, and the blonde came closer to Celeste, “and I am Tara, the sister witch of Century Coven.” as she smiled to Blythe. “And you’ve already met me.” as Celeste looked towards the young girl. “You’re all witches?” she said softly so the others wouldn’t hear her. “Yes sweetie, and they can read your mind too.” as Celeste leaned down towards Blythe. She turned around to find everybody smiling and grinning at her. “Thanks, for the warning.” she said at last.

“Why don’t you step out of the water, it must be freezing your feet.” Tara said as she raised her right hand towards Blythe. They walked up the hill until Blythe let go of Tara’s hand and leaned down to put on her lone flip flop. Tara turned around to look at Blythe with distraught. “You don’t look very pretty dressed like that.” Tara said as she looked her up and down. “Aren’t girls supposed to be tan in the century? Ugh, it’s not right.” she said is disgust. Blythe kind of wanted to laugh at her because Tara was the one in the blazing heat in a dress and corset. “I’m not like most girls. I don’t go tanning every day and go out with friends.” she said sadly. “Must not have any friends, huh dear?” Celeste said in a cruel voice. Blythe turned around with a force that even surprised Celeste a little. “Girls, be nice. It’s time for a new harvest and we have to continue to add new members.” Odessa said with a firm, but sweet voice. “New members?” Blythe said. “Yes, at the end of every century we need a new child to sacrifice and at the end of the night, that child (if pleased by the gods) will be recarinated into a witch or wizard.” Odessa said back to Blythe. She couldn’t absorb all the information that was just given to her, but she still had to ask “so you’re going to sacrifice me?” Celeste and Tara smiled sweetly at the young girl and nodded. What was going to happen to her? What were her parents going to think of it too?

Odessa had told the rest of the coven that they were setting here by the lake tonight. As if on cue, the other witches and wizards sat up tents and Blythe saw several witches snap their fingers and a horse and buggy appeared out of thin air. Startled Blythe and she yelped. Tara walked around with her, introducing her to other members of the coven. They all looked the same, clothing wise, but their faces were all different. Tara introduced her to one of the oldest members in the coven, his name was Victor. He was from England and was selected in the late 17th century. He kneed down and gripped her hand, a small glowing pink ribbon appeared from out of his sleeve and it wrapped itself around her wrist by itself. When it was tied around her arm, she turned her arm around and saw the bottom part now had rhinestones in the middle that wasn’t there at first. Blythe smiled at the gift, it was the first gift she ever got from anybody except for the presents she got for her birthday and Christmas. This was different. This was a welcoming present from one of the oldest wizards of her new home.

Tara walked her by the other sister witches, including a mother and daughter. Which Tara said is rare, because whenever the gods select a new child to be sacrificed, there is not age you have to be to be selected, but it must only be one person. Not two. Blythe stopped in her tracks and asked how this mother and daughter were selected then? “Since there’s no age limitation, the daughter was about two years old when the gods said that she was ready to be turned. We had to be the decision based on how young the little girl was. That took about two more years then we asked every member what we should do. Some of the witches had wanted children before they were turned so they thought this would be their only shot at being a mother. A month later, the gods decided to let the mother be turned as well. They were both sacrificed that night.” Tara said sweetly, as shook the little girl’s hand. “This is Lucy. Lucy this may be your fellow sister witch, Blythe.” the little girl grinned and said in a small sweet voice, “Hi Blythe!” and Blythe leaned down and shook the little girl’s hand and she felt something in her hand. She turned it over and found a white rose form on her palm. The little girl’s mother tapped the rose pedals and they changed from a pure white color to a beautiful deep red. She was starting to feel the love of everybody around her. It was different for her since she felt unloved from her parents. They worked all the time and she didn’t think she had the same type of love that Lucy and her mother had for each other. Blythe felt lucky that the gods had selected her to be sacrificed as this century child. She wanted to feel at home and feel like she belonged somewhere.

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