Blogs That I Love #18


I can’t believe I haven’t done this until now. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been reading any new blogs this month. It’s just been the same old, same old even though I follow like over 600 blogs on my Bloglovin account. I think I like saving them than reading honestly. I’ve been so into watching vlogs lately that reading my favorite and new blogs has been put on the back burner. I hate it, but that is what’s happening at the moment. Speaking of vlogs, next week will be the my favorite Vloggers for this month! If you’re not following any of these I suggest you do so!

  1. The Stylish Confessions – Malu is Dutch fashion and beauty blogger. I hate to say this, but I didn’t find her blog first. I found her funny One Direction edits on YouTube, but it lead me to find her Twitter AND then her blog! First off, I love her name. Malu. I love her, she’s so beautiful! Everytime she does posts about her outfits, you wish you could have everything she’s wearing plus a closet big enough for all those clothes! Mine, unfortunately isn’t enough for anything she wears! I think her celebrity twin is Olivia Wilde.
  2. Dear Ms. Leigh – Rachael is originally from England, but she’s been living in Michigan. Just a little ways from me! She is a lifestyle blogger that loves to talk about vintage, food, books, and being an expat. She is incredibly sweet and we’ve had quite a few good chats on Twitter every now and then.
  3. Girl VS. Globe – Sabina is a travel blogger, and I’ve got to say I don’t focus my attention on travel bloggers on here a lot. I don’t know why because I love them just as much as my lifestyle bloggers. Anyways, this girl is like a couple of years younger than me but she acts a lot older than I thought she was, which usually happens! She does a lot of other posts that are relating to traveling, like budgeting for trips. She also writes about topics relating to life too! I love how she just packs up and goes to another place and blogs about it. I would LOVE to do that someday, but I know the wheelchair will get in the way of that.
  4. Starla Says – I have to say this. Monday I posted on my Twitter that I was planning on doing this post and asked who wanted to be included, usually nobody answers me and I get maybe a couple of favorites and that’s it, but Mariah wrote me back and of course, I gotta include her! I found her blog as part of the end of a blog chat a few months ago. She is so sweet! She’s from London, and mostly blogs about lifestyle and healthy living!


The Christmas Tag


I found this little Christmas tag while scrolling through my Twitter the other night by Miss Jemma of Dorkface. I’ve seen a lot of different Christmas post from other friends in the past few weeks, I’m kind of feeling like Charlie Brown at the moment. Not really knowing why I feel so down about Christmas, but I am! My nana and I still haven’t decided what we’re going to do about little DIY gifts to everybody in our family like we did last year. It’ll be another last minute Christmas project too! I’m kind of hoping you enjoy this little tag and maybe get a good laugh at some of my answers! Merry Christmas!

What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?

I’ve always had dreams of being snowed in somewhere that had a beautiful fire-place and an indoor hot tub. To some this would be a nice date type of thing to do with their partner, but I’d like to go by myself or my sister. I only said her because she’d be the only one that could handle the snow and being indoors!

Favorite Christmas movie?

I am a lover of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. That’s the classic in my family!

Are you on the Naughty list or the Nice list?

I refuse to answer this, because I know I’ll be wrong! Lol

Have you ever had a white Christmas?

Yes, I have. I love them! It doesn’t matter how old I get, it’s probably one of the prettiest times of the year, especially the snow came the night before and the sun is out and glaring over the snow. If you’ve lived out in the outside of your city or town, you know what exactly I mean!

Where do you usually spend your Christmas?

I spend mine at my house in the very early mornings and then around 8am, we all get ready to head to my nana’s house for the next part of the morning!

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

Nope. I don’t think we’ve never done that actually!

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Dasher, Rudolph…So no!

What holiday tradition are you looking forward to most this year?

If we don’t get the chance to make anything homemade this year, we still have our annual decorating sugar cookies.

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

We’ve never had a real tree. We’ve all watched Christmas Vacation to know we’d get stuck with the damn huge tree and ChiChi would drink the tree water, plus our cats would go into our tree and jump out and scare the living shit out of us.

Hands down, what’s your all-time favorite Christmas food and Christmas sweet treat?

Cinnamon rolls, so technically that crosses both answers!

Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?

I like receiving gifts, but it is better to give gifts away! It warms my heart.

Does your favorite family have a special Christmas recipe you like to help make?

They never really do any food stuff for Christmas, I mean my dad ALWAYS makes us breakfast, besides nana. She’s the one who makes the cinnamon rolls for me. Yes, me. My dad likes to include eggs on our Christmas breakfast and I hate them, but I usually only eat the rolls and fried potatoes he also makes too! I’m getting hungry thinking about it!

Are you a pro-wrapper or do you fail miserably?

I’ve never wrapped a gift. I’m hoping to this year though!

Most memorable Christmas moment?

I throw up in my cousin’s brand new shoes.

What made you realize the truth about Santa?

The early nights of going to bed when you didn’t want to.

Do you make New Year resolutions? Do you stick to them?

I like them, I’m glad to say I’ve had two good years of breaking them but not entirely stopping them.

What makes Christmas special for you?

Being around my family and sharing laughs and the huge wrappers piling in the middle of the living room floor.

Tune Tuesday: New Zealand


It’s another Tuesday full of heavy metal, this time we head to New Zealand. Honestly, I had two other acts for our trip to NZ but I’ve been recently introduced to this new band I found on Twitter a couple of months ago. If you talk about music on your Twitter account, you might get a lot of different bands and singers following you back randomly and/or asking you to check out their music on YouTube. Majority of the time you ignore or sometimes you actually do listen to it on the first time they say something to you. There hasn’t been very many bands that I’ve actually been interested in at the first time they’ve sent me a tweet or anything. I have been followed by random bands before, both famous and unsigned bands. It can get pretty interesting at times. When I get into a band, I want to good quality stuff, meaning I want to be able to hear everything that goes on. I mostly listen to any new music on my Spotify account. In other words, if you don’t have a Spotify file then it’s very unlikely I’ll be listening back to your stuff. Sorry!

Back to our travels though, the band that I’ve selected is called Saving Grace and they are definitely a heavy metal band. As I’ve said they come from New Zealand and they are pretty awesome! Their newest album “The Urgency” came out in January of this year. The band consists of Nicholas Tautuhi on vocals, Vasely Sapunov is on guitars, Ross McDougall is also on guitars, George White is on bass, and Shaun Anderson plays the drums. Not only are they a good band to listen to – the guys are incredibly sweet to their fans! Which is always a good thing to know when you get into a new band that you’ve never heard of before. Maybe one day I’ll get to see these guys live and meet them face to face. If you have NOT listened to Saving Grace I leave you these videos as my gift to you all. Enjoy! See you next week!

Ablaze by Saving Grace

Unbreakable by Saving Grace

I Am A Brand. We All Are.

Last night I was invited to two different blog chats on Twitter set to be at the same time. I was worried about the fact if I have too much traffic on my account, I’d either go into Twitter jail or my laptop would crap out entirely. Thankfully, neither one of these happened and I ended up enjoying my time between both chats. One was about ladies uplifting each other about beauty and it was hosted by @FallonJai and @PecanMomma. The second chat I was apart of was about networking and branding of your blog and it was hosted by @LaceandZippers. Both chats were comforting and fun to join and hopefully I’ll join for the next round of chats soon.

While I was answering different questions and tweeting different people. There was a question that got me thinking about my blog as a whole and apparently I let my thoughts out in full swing because I felt content with my answer and the aftermath after the chat ended. My blog might’ve started out only as a hobby, but it has grown to be like a brand to me. To answer the question you might have as of how it could be a brand, I was asked and I answered with this.

I thought about it all last night to see if I’d regret any of my answers but I never did. I actually thought about the fact that my blog is like a brand at a store at the mall or somewhere. The only differences is I’m not selling any clothes or jewelry, which apparently you can do that actually. It’s called a “blog sale” I recently just learned about it too. Everything I say is free and you can come and go to find something’s always new whether it’s the subjects I talk about or the different banner/backgrounds I use on the themes.

I took a Fashion & Textiles class during my freshman year of high school but I don’t remember how different stores get their brands to sale in their stores, but I feel like blogging would have some similarities between the two of them. When I was younger, I never really tried to keep a diary or journal because of two reasons.  1.) I could never get anything truthful and meaningful out of the words I had written. 2.) I was always afraid that somebody would criticize me for what I was feeling and what kind of thoughts I had going through my head. When I hit middle school, I got into songwriting. I was making up little stories of the emotions I was going through and I was getting to the point were I was showing people them from time to time. It wasn’t until my senior year were my muse for these songs was gone, I didn’t have the same feelings I had earlier to generate ideas for songs anymore. After that, I discovered blogging and that became my little hobby and I caught up with it longer than anyone ever did in my Grammar class.

I feel like I’ve grown from that time. Blogging was something I did when I was bored. Now it’s something I do that I love to do. I talk about my blog everywhere I go. I know the thoughts and see the weird and concerned looks from others whenever I tell them that I own a blog whenever they ask what I’ve been up to lately. My blog is my life, it’s my baby. It’s a lot different from writing on a piece of paper. I mean, I still have trouble going at it old school. It took a while to write a post on my Word Processor too. Writing a blog post generates ideas for me (sometimes!) and I’m free to talk about what I want and how I feel and surprisingly I don’t care about others might think about it. I am building, I’ve been building this brand my whole life. I’ve just done it in different ways. I talk about music, family, friends, school, movies, books, cats, and etc that I’ve made myself this online store of different things. Everything that I do on this blog is for me and nobody else. To everybody who thinks I spend too much time blogging, go fuck yourself! This is me having the freedom to be exactly who and  how I want to be. This is no longer a hobby for me and honestly it hasn’t been for a couple of years now. It is my brand, my memoir because you can read all of my posts and look how far I’ve come on my writing and seen how much this blog and my audience – thank you very much by the way – have changed my life. Maybe those dreams of having a professional quality type of blog will come sooner rather than later.

Thanks for reading!

Is There A Difference?



Tuesday’s are a day of fun, at least for me they are! I do a lot of different blog chats throughout the week and Tuesday’s are the busiest day of the week because I have three chats going on back-to-back in the afternoon, of course they’re all UK-based chats so it’s evening there for them. My first chat starts at 2pm and my last that I haven’t been joining in the last few weeks starts at 4pm. In between those two, I have my favorite out of three chats that I love the most, the #fblchat (Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Chat)  if you’ve seen me tweeting this hashtag and always wondered why I end with that, now you know! Different bloggers host the chat and come up with the different themes of discussion. Yesterday the topic was about bloggers being influential. I thought this was a good topic to talk about, but by the middle of the chat I was either losing interest or getting tired of sitting up, and I was hardly getting any notifications of people favoriting or retweeting my tweets of their agreement. Which became a good thing as I answered the last question in my personal opinion, is there a difference between being a Blogger or just having a blog? My answer was simply:

“Ooh, I think a “Blogger” is someone who wants to share themselves with the world and is proud of it to talk about it in everyday life.”

After I posted my answer, I began to read others answers and realized that I might’ve been wrong on how I answered it, but then again I thought, “no, there is a difference between the two.” People were saying that if you have a blog, you’re automatically a blogger. I don’t agree with this and instead of explaining my answer on Twitter during the chat, I stayed quiet hearing my thoughts boil up to the top. I knew I had to release it sometime. So here are my thoughts on this subject. There is a difference between the two, being able to call yourself a blogger and having a blog are two completely different things. No matter what anybody says. I stand by my answer and say that I’ve been a blogger for five years (almost six) and have used two different platforms, learned how to do everything on my own and kept at it after going through different things. I never stopped doing it. I talk about it in my everyday life, almost everybody that comes around me gets told different parts of my blog. I am very open with it because it has become part of my life and I cherish it. Not only that I’ve healed myself from different things that I’ve gone through by keeping up with my blog. I honestly don’t like admitting it, but I’ve helped people through my posts. I am very proud of myself and my little blog for doing so much. I feel so blessed to have met other bloggers and enjoy reading all the nice comments I get on different posts. I don’t know what I’d do without my blog, so that’s why I’m in defense mode as you can tell, sorry!

Now on the part about just having a blog, when I think of someone just having a blog and not really doing anything with it, I don’t consider them being a blogger. You don’t have to blog everyday I know that, I understand writer’s block very well trust me. This isn’t about writer’s block here. There is a thin line between having a blog and actually blogging on it. To me, blogging is more about pictures and that goes for all of the different themes you select for your blog, beauty fashion, parenting, etc. Blogging is about pulling somebody into your little world that you’ve created in this 2-5 (or more) paragraph post. You try to make them see and understand your pain, struggles, joy, humor in one single post. That’s why I am not a person who supports this thing of calling people who use Tumblr bloggers. They are NOT bloggers by any means! At least none of which that I’ve seen over the years. Both Tumblr and Pinterest are not the ideal platforms to use to share anything. Yes, a picture can say a million words but it’s also like an abstract painting, not everybody is going to meaning of it if you don’t explain why you’re talking about it. I mean, come on! I’ve had lots of different bloggers agree with me on this before, because if you’re just reposting pictures and calling yourself a blogger, you’re calling us real bloggers a bad name. We work hard to give our readers a glimpse of our loves and everyday life and here you are just liking a picture of somebody else’s work and putting it on your profile. You get excited of how everybody is loving your new post. How is that blogging?

Let me just say to finally end this post for good. I know I am not the most perfect blogger in the world but I do try to be the best person I can be, and I’m only being honest and real with you. You can agree or disagree with me, I really don’t care what you think. I just had some thoughts on the matter that I think need to be considered before I did anything else today. At least now I’ll be able to go about my evening in peace.  So I hope you have a good night and enjoy your Thursday!