End Of Paradise.


Getting myself to talk about Blondie and Batman’s last days in Hawaii is a little bittersweet for me too, because I’ve grown to love talking about their trip for two weeks. I literally devoted a whole week to writing four huge posts of their moments there! You’ve been probably wondering why I decided to write it for them right? Well, for starters, this isn’t the first time I’ve written about my sister’s adventures. I’ve done quite a few in the last two or three years! She doesn’t mind it, I think she likes it too! It’s fun for me and in the past, I’ve edited the pictures to look cool and be brighter, but for these pictures they looked so beautiful the way they were that I just kept them the same! I did fix up the ones with their faces in it and never put the ones with his cousin and grandmother out of respect in case they didn’t want to have their faces on my blog. I also know that between the two of them they’ve been going back to their working schedules and Blondie has her classes too! So I took the reign of writing each post out like if she had a blog herself. Trust me, I’ve been trying to get her to create one but she never has time!

She spent her last days of adventures in Kauai. On this day, they were supposed to go zip lining and then to a luau. Well, from what I was told after going down 105 ft in the water and then over 10,000 ft up in the air, Blondie’s anxieties were all crazy and she ended up having an anxiety attack just before going up and doing the zip lining. They still went to the luau later on that afternoon. She got a lot of pictures out there. She told our nana that she didn’t want to take her phone up where they were doing the zip lining in case she dropped her phone you know? So this was her make up for it! She got to ride on a train, which almost made me cry because our papaw has not only been to Hawaii but also LOVES trains! She saw fire breathers and she even shared on Twitter that she got up on stage and danced in front of everybody! That’s something she never does! You have to tickle her just to get her to sing out loud!

They went on one last adventure to the Jurassic Falls. The first Jurassic Park film is set in Costa Rica but apparently parts of it was filmed in Hawaii. They went on one last helicopter ride around different sections of Kauai. The Manawaipuna Falls was part of the air tour and it was part of the first Jurassic Park movie. They even got to land in the same spot! They got a nice picture of them standing directly below the falls! Looks very majestic! On Friday, they were supposed to fly out pretty late our time and get home sometime by Saturday afternoon, but they had a 12 hour delay because they had to exchange a wheel of the plane and after arriving in Dallas, they found out they missed their flight! They didn’t get home until like six ish Sunday evening! They brought souvenirs for everybody! I got a Tiki man and my little purple shoe that has little gems around both sides. Apparently it was $40! I wasn’t exactly thrilled about that but it kind of screams me so I’ll let it go! When they got back, they came into my room and showed me the things they got me! I asked for a hug from both of them, I’ve never hugged Batman before and he gave me a better hug than my sister! He gave me a real hug not some puny thing that everybody seems to give me because they think I’m fragile!

So now I’m done and I’m sad. I really enjoyed writing about Hawaii and figuring out what to include in the posts! Hope you guys enjoyed each post like I did! Is Hawaii now on your next summer vacation list?



Currently I’m


I’m pretty bored at the moment. Everybody here is taking a nap and I’m not in a nap kind of frame right now, even though my body says it could just sleep for a few days. Apparently it hasn’t calm down yet from all the fun over the weekend. I went over to my nana’s today while my parents went on a bike ride. I got to try out my new wheelchair over at their house and it sucked. I felt trapped in it and I’m not just saying it because I had a seatbelt on either. When you’re so used to being able to reach the floor without your butt falling out of the chair or say you have the controller at your toes just ready for you to turn it, being in a chair that literally makes you feel like its swallowing you whole and feeling trapped and hopeless is pretty easy. Hopefully my dad can take our neighbor into fixing it to be a little lower and fix the cracking noise it seems to make everytime I make on the seat. There’s a lot of things that just don’t work on it well yet. So I’m doing a “currently” list as a part of my Ketchup With Us by Mel and Michele list theme.

Reading: Hot Ticket by Olivia Cunning – Chapter 27
Trying: To be as quiet as I can be while having on my music on at the same time.
Drinking: Cherry RC
Texting: Nobody at the moment.
Pinning: Other DIY stuff for shirts.
Tweeting: My friend Claire 
Doing: Trying not to fall asleep and fall head first on the floor.
Loving: The sunshine and Transformers commercials on TV. 
Hating: My new regular wheelchair.
Discovering: New songs.
Enjoying: My beautiful Wednesday
Thinking: Oh, you don’t want to even know!
Feeling: Discouraged
Hoping: That what I want to do to a few of my shirts come out okay.
Listening: Epica’s “The Quantum Enigma”
Celebrating: Getting ready to celebrate next Monday’s special day!
Smelling: Watermelon 
Considering: Reading after I finish this
Finishing: The movie The Parent Trap
Starting: The episodes I taped of Hey Arnold last night
Thanking: God for getting out me out of the house and letting my feelings out.


What I Like To Watch


Since this the last full week of June. I thought I’d do like a few days of lists for the ladies of Ketchup With Us. I think I did better than I thought I would. Even though I only did like ten of these types of posts, I still did better than the two days I only thought I would do. If you’ve been reading my blog before, you know that I am in complete love with my DVR. I did not think I would really love the whole rewinding, pauseing, and skipping the commercials buttons but I really have! I’ve had a lot of things still stored onto my side of the DVR. If you were to look on my parents and then look on mine, you’d be laughing your ass off! They have a buttload of scary movies mixed in with my dad’s Bizarre Foods and biker/gang shows. My mom has to tape her favorite shows like Roseanne, Everybody Loves Raymond, and her newly favorite The Good Wife. I’ve got my fair share of TV shows but not as many as both of them combined. Movies are what I have my DVR. I have to be really bored to watch several of them, but the rest I can watch all the time. So I’m making a list of my movies and TV shows that I have on my DVR right now. I will be a sad person if my parents change over to another company.

  1. Mad About You

  2. Unique Sweets 

  3. Hey Arnold 

  4. Mysteries At The Museum 

  5. Star Trek Into Darkness

  6. Madeline

  7. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

  8. Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

  9. National Treasure

  10. Avatar

  11. X-Men 2

  12. Captain America: The First Avenger

  13. Alice In Wonderland

  14. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2

  15. Halloweentown

  16. Halloweentown High

  17. Grease

  18. Van Heising

  19. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

  20. The Avengers

  21. Brave

  22. Underworld Awakening

  23. The Lion King

  24. Cinderella

  25. Beastly

  26. Casper

  27. Happy Feet Two

  28. Marie Anionette

  29. The Parent Trap

  30. Flubber

  31. All Dogs Go To Heaven 2

  32. Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity

  33. Blue Collar Comedy Tour 

  34. Christina Aguilera: Back To Basics Down Under Tour

  35. Papa Roach At Club Nokia

  36. Train Live In Chicago

  37. Motley Crue: Carnival Of Sins

Top 7 Achievements

The ladies of Ketchup With Us, Mel and Michele have been doing this amazing list theme for the whole month of June and I’ve only done four days of lists. I feel like a bad person, but I have actually do a lot of different types of lists over the years. I am too afraid that I might repeat myself in a way, so I have been very selective in choosing what kind of list I still haven’t done. Well that thought led me into a comment I got earlier this week and it was for my “Things I’ve Done” tab at the top in Bucket List. The lovely commenter said that “nobody rarely does a lists of achievements because they’ve forgotten all the little things that make their lives special and unique..” Her words, not mine I swear! I decided to share some things that I’ve done that maybe you don’t know I’ve done before.

  1. Have a surprise party thrown for me – When I was in either second or third grade, my mom and nana put on this nice party for me. I remember that my aide took me to the bathroom and said we were going to take a detour and we ending up on the other side and found my entire class singing “happy birthday” when we walked out of the other side.
  2. Go to Disney World – I went to Disney World a year after I had my surgeries and it was from the Make-A-Wish foundation. My family and I spent an entire week in Florida in this nice little community. One of the days it rained like the whole time we were there and on our day that we didn’t have anything planned, we could either go to the beach, go to Epcot, or to the place we went two days before. Guess what my stupid butt picked? I totally regret not going to Epcot. I’ve never been to a beach and didn’t think getting my wheelchair stuck in the sand would be a great idea either.
  3. Try a Starbucks coffee – For my 21st birthday a normal person would go to a bar and get drunk, I spent my birthday shopping for books and clothes and one of the things I wanted to do was try something from Starbucks. Stupid me got the order wrong and I ended up with a real coffee that everybody agreed tasted awful! I literally couldn’t be around the smell of coffee for a month and being around my papaw was pure torture!
  4. Have a pen pal – When I was in the fourth grade, we had pen pals from the other school in a nearby county. My person was another young girl that ended up inspiring me in a way. Back then, I didn’t have that good judgement and hated steak. Now I love it and everytime I eat it I think of her. Is that weird?
  5. Bake cake pops – That was a fun experience! This was before I had patience at all and I matched my dad and sister. Blondie got this cake pop maker for Christmas and dad wanted to try it out one night, and the label said it would be an easy process. It wasn’t! It didn’t say how much batter to put in the holes and how long to keep them in the freezer after they get done baking and don’t get me started on the icing!
  6. Decorate Easter eggs – I am like the best/worst person to ever do Easter eggs. Because as a kid I liked to get messy, I was never good at painting but that was easy! As an adult, it is a lot different! Now I know it’s just safe to be a helper instead of just decorating. As long as I don’t run over any eggs I’m okay!
  7. Own a pair of skinny jeans – For me, since I already have skinny legs. Skinny jeans should be kind of easy to find right? Well, not when you have giant hips and an ass. Throughout my time in high school I had only one pair of skinny jeans that actually complemented my legs and the problem areas.


Top 10 Favorite Songs By Linkin Park

Mel and Michele are the hosts of Ketchup With Us. There are two ways of doing a post. You could do it in the way I’ve been doing it. A 10 minute post of whatever is in your head at the moment. Or you could link up any post you want, brand new or old post on your blog. For the month of June, they’ve got a new prompt added to the mix and it is all about lists! Everybody loves a good list! So once you’re done with whatever you’ve chosen to do, just send it to their blogs!



In honor of the release of Linkin Park’s newest album “The Hunting Party” today. I thought I’d make a list of my favorite songs by them because I just let them have one week to talk about them, I must have a second week. Since I’ve already published this week’s Tune Tuesday post as well, I’ve had to make this a separate post which is perfectly fine with me.  

  1. Papercut – I literally use to listen to this song just because of the introduction. The “creepy” sounds of it just made me so happy when I was just getting into them. When I go to watch the music video for it though, I instantly return back to my junior year of high school, being in my Short Stories class reading about the story called The Yellow Wall Paper. Just remembering it and watching the video at the same time, it was like they were using it as a reference. I can never forget that story because of that music video.
  2. Numb – I have always liked “Numb” and “In The End.” It’s those first songs of both albums that you remember hearing from your friends and they’ve just became your favorites because you can relate to them in more ways than one. When I was a senior in high school, I actually wanted to do a slow, piano version of the song as my senior solo in my choir class, but unfortunately my teacher told me that he didn’t like when girls sang guys songs. I was sad but I understood.
  3. No More Sorrow – I love this song, it’s another good introduction song too. Just how the guitars sound at the very beginning, it’s got that very big rock sound that we didn’t really hear from them yet at that time. I love Chester’s screams and it’s a good song to handbang.
  4. Victimized –  It’s a short freaking song, but it’s a pretty powerful one though! If you’ve been a big LP fan for a long time and you like the two albums MTM then you REALLY missed Mike’s raps. That’s why everybody was pissed that it wasn’t longer, my problem about it was I really liked the sound in general. The drums and guitars just sounded so damn intense that I wanted to be longer than two minutes. You always like the shortest songs the most and wish they never end though.
  5. Points Of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer – I have to add one of the LP/Jay-Z mash ups from 2004. When we got that album, we only got it for my dad because he was obsessed with “Numb/Encore” and you can’t blame me because sadly I wasn’t into them fully yet. When I discovered them back in 2009 though, I became obsessed with this track and so did my mother. She was mainly addicted to Mike’s raps. I’m pretty proud of how much LP lyrics she knows.
  6. Valentine’s Day – I love this song. It is one of those depressing songs that you just can’t help but listen to on Valentine’s Day and everybody that is a hardcore fan of LP knows YOU have to play it even if you’re having a good day. If you don’t, well then you’re not a fan. I’m just kidding!
  7. Waiting For The End – This is another song that my mom and I were addicted to when it first came out. I am still addicted to it honestly. I still use it as my ringtone. I just love the sound of the guitars and of course Chester slow words. The fact that all of the members contributed vocals on that song, makes things that much better too!
  8. New Divide – Yes, I was VERY sad to find out that LP was not going to be featured on the new Transformers movie but I do like Imagine Dragons take on it though. When ND came out, we hadn’t heard from them in a while and everybody was SO excited to hear new music from them.
  9. Not Alone – For some odd reason, when I changed over to my new iPod majority of my favorite LP songs didn’t quite make it. This one included and this song has a powerful meaning since it was released after the wake of the Haiti tragedy. I love Chester’s soft lyrics as well as the nice melody of the drums too. So sweet and nice.
  10. Across The Line – This song does not exist on any of the CDs but I think it was on one of the LPU special released demos. I love the lyrics of different topics from drugs and military. It’s very edgy and the guitars in the middle is just amazing awesome!

Show Your Support and Wear Blue!


To continue on with the ladies (Mel and Michele) of Ketchup With Us making a list every day for the whole month of June! I thought I’d give you guys some fun things for you to read. This month represents something pretty important for not only me, but my family as well! You see, I talk about my disability but I hardly ever give you information about how I got it. This whole month the AMC Facebook page is posting different pictures of educational notes of how you can get it and what can be affected by it. I wanted to do a similar thing but I wanted to share it on here for my wonderful readers! So if you don’t know what Arthrogryposis is and a little back story about what have, this should help you out. If you’d like to read more about it. Go to the Facebook page that I have highlighted up top!  

  1. Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenital (AMC) means multiple fixed joints. For me, my arms and legs are servely affected My arms don’t extend from the elbow.. I’ve got both of my arms and I have limited movement of my knees.
  2. A fixed joint is called a joint contracture; it doesn’t move. My arms don’t extend from the elbow.
  3. AMC happens around 8 to 10 weeks after conception.
  4. AMC is not a problem in the formation of the joint or limb; it’s a problem caused by disruption of movement in the uterus.
  5. Some types of AMC are genetic, some are not. Mine isn’t. I’m the first in my family to get it.
  6. Every single person was born without the line in their wrist or inner elbow; you create those when you move around in the womb.
  7. Physical therapy stretches, and long stretches through serial casting can help gain range of motion. If I didn’t have physical therapy from the time I was a baby and until now as an adult, I wouldn’t be able to get my arms to stretch out up and down, I can somewhat move my hands up and down but not a lot.
  8. People with AMC can live normal life spans.
  9. AMC does not get worse, only better.
  10. It is commonly said that people with AMC have above-average intelligence, theorized to be because they have to find different solutions to problems due to their physical limitations.

Roll With Me: The Perfect Getaway/Alternative Fashion Haul

Have you ever looked out your cars windows and thought the sky ahead looked like fresh new painting? Have you ever looked at the ground that you were slowly passing by and notice that there were three shades of green? These are just two thoughts that came to me this afternoon as we were coming home from our little family adventure. It’s kind of funny that this even happened because it has done nothing but rain and storm for the past few days now. Weirdly enough, as we were on our way home it was actually raining! We literally got home just in time before the small storm came through. The sun has come out a few times and it made the day all that much better for us all. I like being out of the house, but being out of our hometown does something else too. It makes things even interesting to kind of hope not to run into anybody you know because you know if you do, your parents embarrass the living crap out of you. For me though, I’ve just learned to ignore those feeling of insecurity. They say that Holiday World is the perfect getaway, I highly disagree with that!

It’s absolutely hilarious that when my sister and I go shopping, we each have different styles and complaints about one another. We’re sisters, it’s normal to be like that! I mean, we don’t yell at each other for our clothes that we choose. However, when she calls herself fat that’s when I find the urge to yell at her because she’s not that at all. She’s very into the floral, light, and jeans fandom. Her favorite stores are Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe but we only went into Forever 21 this time around. Our normal stores we go into were the ones we actually never made it to them. The only store we went into that’s basically a tradition for my dad and I, we like to end our day by going into the candy store and finding sweet treats to rot our teeth with, and this time we got to expand our tastes. He let me get chocolate covered pretzels this time around and I’m proud to say they did not melt on the way home. Just don’t ask me about the sour fruit roll ups, because I have no clue if they made it or not. I think the trip all around was pretty successful, between thinking we weren’t going to go when I got up this morning since it was cloudy as crap. I have been working with my nana doing odd jobs for her and basically spent $70 worth of stuff in literally two stores!

Now to talk about what I got, I wanted to put it together with another thing. The ladies (Mel and Michele) that run Ketchup With Us are doing a lists theme for the whole month of June! So I decided to incorporate what I bought at the mall into this little thing. So it’s a two-for-one deal in a nutshell! The two stores that I went into and bought stuff was at Hot Topic and Spencer’s. I almost bought two different floral leggings at both Tilly’s and Forever 21. I am LOVING these floral designs especially the sunflower and daisy designs. The only downfall is I have nothing that would go with them than a black shirt. At the end of our day, I asked my mom how much money I had left and we literally right by Tilly’s again and I was just tempted to go inside and buy them but considering I only had $3 left, I knew there wouldn’t be any way that I’d ask my parents to pay especially since they were definitely done walking for the day. So I didn’t get those leggings and this is probably the first time ever that I didn’t buy any leggings at all. Yeah, even I was surprised!

I’ve been really into the band Of Mice & Men for about six or seven months now. For anybody thinking in their hands right now, yes I went into Tilly’s to see if they had any Austin Carile shirts in the store. They unfortunately didn’t, but while we went into my ultimate favorite store Hot Topic, my main attention was to find Of Mice & Men shirts and they had a LOT to choose from and I was excited! Since they were having a sale I bought one and got another one whatever percent off. Whenever my mom went up to pay I decided to go wait by the door to make sure I could get out without tipping anything over. My mom came back and told me that the cashier wanted to show me something. She showed me the small tattoo of the “&” symbol and I was SO happy because as soon as she saw my reaction she started telling us about how much fun seeing them, Bring Me The Horizon, Issues on the American Dream Tour. She said that she had a hard time containing herself around the younger girls that were fangirling uncontrollably. I could literally live in that place and just talk to her and listen to the amazing music that was playing.

While my sister was in the middle of shopping at her favorite Forever 21, I’m sorry but every time I go into there I always wish that I had dried mud on my tires just to create a little something to take away the damn brightness of that place. It is absolutely too girly in there for me. So my dad came in to take me into Spencer’s. I like the clothes in there mostly the music tees and graphic tees covered in skulls and flowers. We did find the mother load of different Sons Of Anarchy stuff. I was very tempted to buy the Jax Teller blanket I am not going to lie! I ended up finding the jewelry part and was memorized with all of the skulls and gothic stuff that I could just stayed in that area all day if it wasn’t for the stuff on the opposite side of us. I ended up buying a small pack of different black and silver bracelets and when we found out that they were having a sale too, I ended up getting the necklace that I pointed out to dad before we found mom. It looks very gothic and considering years ago I would never wear black, anything with skulls or anything else that was related to the gothic style just smacks me right in the face every time.

This was the first one we found and I like the song "You're Not Alone" a LOT! So I had to get this one just for the song and what it represents to me.
1.) This was the first one we found and I like the song “You’re Not Alone” a LOT! So I had to get this one just for the song and what it represents to me. To buy this top click on the image!
2.) This was the second shirt and I totally forgot to feel the symbol for my hands as they are very senstive to different textures especially anything with glitter. It's got gold glitter and the picture doesn't do it justice at all. If you want to buy this top, click the image!
2.) This was the second shirt and I totally forgot to feel the symbol for my hands as they are very sensitive to different textures especially anything with glitter. It’s got gold glitter and the picture doesn’t do it justice at all. If you want to buy this top, click the image!
3.) FIVE bracelets in one small little package. Not a bad deal honestly. After we paid for them my mom was concerned that they won't stretch around my ankle but they do! Thank god! Sorry but I couldn't them on the website!
3.) FIVE bracelets in one small little package. Not a bad deal honestly. After we paid for them my mom was concerned that they won’t stretch around my ankle but they do! Thank god! Sorry but I couldn’t them on the website!
4.) This beautiful piece was the first to really catch my eye. I saw a few like this one on different sites and I'm glad I found one like them in the store. I love the black rose and the thornst a lot. If you want to buy this piece, click on the image!
4.) This beautiful piece was the first to really catch my eye. I saw a few like this one on different sites and I’m glad I found one like them in the store. I love the black rose and the thorns a lot. If you want to buy this piece, click on the image!

For just the heck of it, I’ll even share a song from a band that I have never heard of until today while we were in Hot Topic. The band Chelsea Grin was playing in the store just as we were about to leave and I was seriously headbanging throughout the whole damn song. I literally told my mom that when I got home I was going to put it on my Spotitfy playlist. As soon as I got home, it was the third thing I did and I even liked and added a few others into my rock/metal playlist too. I always find a good song in the different stores I go into, but Hot Topic always has the best music playing. Sorry!