DIY: Little Turkeys!


Hi 🙂

I think I should come out and say my nana has really surprised me on the fact that she’s been so creative throughout this season! After introducing her to all of the popsicle crafts on Pinterest, she’s really put in the effort in creating new things! I actually figured we’d stop for a month and wait until the last week of November to start on our Christmas crafts because you know those are coming soon!

So when she sent me a batch of different crafts for Thanksgiving, (a variation of turkeys popped into my inbox on Facebook one day! It was scary!) but I didn’t make fun because I was a bit worried on what we were going to do in the three to five hours I tend to stay with her on a weekly basis! She took care of that, but that does mean we are quickly running out of our brand new paints and bottles of glitter!


What you will need for this:

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Construction paper or cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Permanent Marker
  • Duct Tape (optional)
  • Glitter (optional)

My nana has these old coasters as we’re calling them, they are circular and have two different sides: one is shiny where the other has a grainy texture to it. The last time I tried painting on them, I used the shiny side and it took it forever to dry probably because of how many coats of paint I had to put on it, the one downfall of that side is that shiny texture makes the surface almost slippery, the paint didn’t want to stay where I had put it originally, so it was a pain in the butt! So when we were doing these, I decided to try out the other side and despite the fact I had to put two coats of brown on it, it actually worked a lot better for me!

Before I started painting though, I decided to make my job a lot easier and draw out a half an oval on the bottom of the circle going horizontal for the face of the turkey. After that, I painted big circles for the eyes with white in the upper part of the plain space and once that dried, I painted the surrounding around the eyes and in between with a lighter orange, as it mimicked the flap around its beak. I left that to dry for a bit before I took out the brown again and painted the rest of the area I had made for its face as I didn’t need it anymore. In case you don’t have a brush with tiny bristles, you can use a black Sharpie for the eyes! That’s what we had to use for them!


As far as the back-end of the turkey, where its feathers are located at, we used our popsicle sticks and I tried to remember what a traditional turkey’s feathers would look like, so I chose both gray and orange, but again to make things easier on me, copying what I did with its body, I drew lines in different sections of the sticks of where to stop painting! This helped a lot for the gray! I added another coat of orange just before we glued them onto the turkey itself because I didn’t think the color went down enough, and I’m glad I did that because two didn’t have enough!

Anyways, after they were done drying completely, my nana took out her hot glue gun and put quite a bit of glue on the tops of the sticks and laid the body of the turkey on top of it. We had to weight it down with something heavu so they would all stick, but it looked really cute in the end!


My nana actually didn’t use the coasters for hers, she cut up small circles of left over cardboard and used that as the body for the turkeys instead! Our methods were the basically the same past this point. We both started using popsicle sticks and the first one she created as painted in different colors that matched (or slightly) the glitter that we had left… Afterwards, she cut up a spoon-like shaped face for it with construction paper and used tiny parts of the paper for the mouth, she used white paint and the Sharpie for the eyes! She originally wanted the rest of the body to be covered in glitter, but when went cleaning in her office again, we found bend-y paper shavings and she glued those on it instead!

Her second turkey is mostly the same method as the other one, but the only difference was the body and “feathers” are covered in duct tape! And with using the duct tape too, she only had room for four sticks as to the original six we used for the other two! She had rainbow tape left over and used it instead of painting the areas. She did have to cut out another spoon shape for its face again, and everything about that is the same as the one above!

So what do you think? Would you want to re-create your own turkeys for Thanksgiving or fall in general? 



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DIY: The “America” Pumpkin



Okay, so I guess I wasn’t done talking about pumpkins this year! In my defense, I was finished because this isn’t my project, it’s my nana’s!

When my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Mike were down last, they took her out and she got a mixture of different size pumpkins and a couple of squashes too! She allowed me to pick out my favorites and I left her all the “perfect” ones while I took home the deformed ones. I didn’t want the squashes so she kept them in her kitchen along with the other tiny pumpkins. A few days later, my parents bought her two orange pumpkins for outside.

If you didn’t read the previous pumpkin DIY post, I had mentioned that while we were busy working on mine we were very tired and our whole set up was different. She had to find another way to decorate her lonesome white pumpkin and surprisingly, paint was not involved with this one!

What you will need for this:

  • Pumpkin
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Aluminum foil
  • Paintbrush (optional)

I apologize for not taking pictures ahead of time, this was technically a last minute project for her! I also hope I haven’t left out a step!

This was actually pretty simple compared to the melted crayons on the other post, because it basically only involves two things! She used the lines going down the grues of the pumpkin and squeezed the bottle of glitter and let it drip down the sides of it; only using the paintbrush to help guide it if the amount was not enough to go down… sounds so dirty! This is where having a sheet of aluminium foil comes in handy, because it tends to get messy once you get passed this stage!

After covering every inch that she wanted to start off with, she quickly grabbed the blue and white glitter bottles. Since she used a special Elmer’s glue that made the glue red, it also had specks of glitter within it, so she only had to use the white and blue to make it patriotic. Once she was finished with the top and sides, she realized the bottom was too “naked” and decided to cover it with some more glue and sprinkled gold glitter on that area.

I don’t think it would look as good if it was a normal orange pumpkin, the white makes the colors of the glue and glitter stand out! It’s unique! 🙂


In the United States, we are voting today (well, some of us are!) and I think everybody can agree that we’ve been dreading this day and in an act to make the ease the time and (perhaps the pain) of the election, my nana had created this project to show her pride as American.

We hope you are enjoying all of the DIY posts!


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DIY: Hallow-Sicles!


Today I am back with my second DIY post for this month! If you haven’t seen last week’s post, it was called “Candy Corn Banner” and you can check out the instructions on how to make your own banner!

This craft, we got started on it the same day we did the banner. Despite the fact that we were both losing energy, we were both positive and very creative that we thought we’d end up finishing both projects in one day! I still think it was accomplishment that we were able to get the first steps completed and the day I came back to her house we finished the rest of it and made a few more characters!

Again, I found this one on Pinterest but unlike the banner where it was just one link, people make crafts with Popsicle sticks all the time so there’s a mass quantities of them all over the site! However, I will include the one that gave me the idea to help you out, but everything was really simple!


What you will need for this:

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paper Plates
  • Napkins

Most that we used for these guys my nana already had in her “craft drawer” and yes, she has one of those and it’s glorious! Anyways, in the original link they used only five sticks for the characters but I honestly can’t create a whole face in that amount of room so we upped the number to eleven sticks. We lined the sticks side-by-side to make a little fence.

After we figured that out and counted multiple times to make sure we had the right amount of sticks we got started on getting them to stay together. We used a glittery Elmer’s glue that kept drying up on us everytime we tried to use it. My poor nana had so much trouble that she ended up having to take off the cap and actually paint on the glue on the sticks! Surprisingly, that worked a lot better than we thought it would!

14479700_1231948563536138_707102107228387382_n 14462939_1231948520202809_2677497953444591062_n

We ended up stopping on the project to finish the banner, so I can’t exactly tell you how long it took for it to dry completely, but it wasn’t that long! I want to say less than five minutes!

I wanted to really give myself room to be creative considering my nana was the one who had to do the beginning steps. So I decided to draw out the characters on a pieces of paper, I made a vampire, Frankenstein, witch, ghost, etc. I just wanted an outline of what I wanted on these canvases. I had my nana measure out the fences and they came out to be 4×1/2 by 4×1/2 and then I had my dad take those measurements and make me four squares on my ole sketch pad.


When I went to actually draw anything, everything literally went to hell. I am an artist, but I’ve sort of been in retirement for the last 4 or 5 years and apparently parts of me like the status and when I started to draw out a witch, I basically tore myself down.. It was awful! Anyways, I had to find a new way to go about this so I treated it like I was coloring as that doesn’t bother me as much! And I started coloring a witch, and somehow I made what looks like a cross between a warlock and a Frankenstein monster!


The next day I went back to my nana’s and added another DIY “experiment” to this project! I went on Pinterest to find a way to make homemade paints and I found one, but I will not deny, it is a pain in the butt because you only get the recipe. There’s nothing about getting the lumps out or how long to let it rest. So that part became the actual “experiment” but it was sort of a success! The day after my dad bought us some new paints so we no longer had to use the homemade paint, which is the reason why I’m not including the recipe in this post!

To finish our pumpkins, we didn’t necessarily know what would be easier for us to do as far as the faces went, so she drew out the eyes and nose on hers but I had to figure out a mouth and I went with the standard buck teeth; she did pretty good with this and I ended up doing the same thing but did my eyes differently. She also wanted to add “hair” onto her pumpkin. She originally was going to glue orange yarn, but we both thought it was too much orange so she used a last bit of black glitter for the hair and now he’s very cute!

14590505_1241503185914009_7060336713241802279_n 14519893_1241502289247432_7580038300579161209_n 14563299_1241503135914014_2116566213344113396_n

I decided to do two more, well at least get started on two others. After I finished my Jack O’ Lantern, that I’ve named “Jackie” I moved on to my next character! I still wanted to try for a witch so I painted a fence in a limeade green and while I let it dry I painted another fence white. For this fence, I decided to go freehand or in this case, “freefoot” and didn’t make an outline of the face. I made the mouth first and then worked my way up! It looked so cute, I was very proud of myself by the end of it!

I let it dry before I moved onto the next stage, which was doing the iris of the eyes. After that, I realized that I didn’t have enough room for the cap and I made a last minute decision to make it a Frankenstein monster, so I made a small hairline and luckily I had the ends of the sticks on the back showing so I painted those areas in black and lastly I added a lavender pupil so he still looked silly, unlike the scary monster I had pictured into my mind! His name is “Frankie” if you wanted to know!

14516423_1241503285913999_7241039369911842040_n 14516561_1241503399247321_4699099510049785138_n 14606330_1241503652580629_7139198808667029995_n 14606439_1241505179247143_8937994504397954314_n

We officially finished the craft the next day, but I felt if I added any more onto this post, nobody would want to read it. So that’s why I’ve decided to stop here! If you would like to see any others, go check out my Facebook page! I posted some sneak peeks!

Hope you all have enjoyed these posts! 🙂

What do you think of our fence characters? Who is your favorite?

14523204_1241505632580431_7805669159477415800_n 14591609_1241505449247116_2344691542940279765_n14591756_1246290528768608_3676587022816427698_n14595596_1246289978768663_5488545539096703528_n


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DIY: The Pumpkins!


Hi 😉

I’ve been keeping everybody on their toes about these damn pumpkins and if it wasn’t for my mom, we probably wouldn’t had done them this year!

I’ve done so many posts about these pumpkins that they’ve sort of been embedded into my brain. The only thing that my nana and I tend to forget every year is the prep! Our whole setup was different from the years before because the chair she normally sat in to actually melt the crayons on the pumpkins is gone and the chair that is in its place is papaw’s chair, which everybody is in agreement that it is NOT comfortable to sit in. It’s a damn miracle that my papaw would sit in it everyday!

Anyways, we mostly had to everything on the opposite part of the kitchen and at one point, my poor nana got stuck between the white box and her other chair by the sink and said a very bad word!

Oh, and I tried to kill a cricket in between all of this too!


What you will need for this:

  • Pumpkin (we used both white and orange)
  • Crayons
  • Hot glue gun and/or Elmer’s glue (we used both!)
  • Hair dryer
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Newspapers
  • Glitter

This year, my nana got a couple of white pumpkins and they are very cute! They’re real, not fake, because I think they would have weighted a little less especially with the one we decided to work with that day! The day before, I picked out a couple of crayons that I figured would turn out pretty good on it. I finally got to use a orange!! Because you can never use that color with a regular pumpkin. A way to get the crayons out of their wrappers, you need to soak them in a cup of water for a little bit so they become easier to peel for you! However, this year my nana just decided to not to do that – she might be gaining some patience after all!

We used an old calendar as a protector of the foam box, we didn’t feel like lighting anything on fire! Not saying we’ve ever done that either, but we’re very cautious! Anyways, I put the pumpkin on top of the aluminium foil and folded the sides inward to help keep the crayons from drippings onto the floor or wall! We sometimes wear newspapers at our legs to help protect from the heat of the hair dryer and splatters of the melting wax!

We broke the crayons into halves (or tried) and put around 12 or 13 sticks of them all around the top of the pumpkin with the hot glue gun and I basically gave this job to my nana after the second one because it always worries me; doesn’t necessarily make her feel any better either I’m sure! As for the second pumpkin, we had to use regular Elmer’s glue because the hot glue wasn’t working so just before we turned on the hair dryer to start the melting process, we reinforced the crayons to their spots. I went for the bright but also picked a couple of darker colors to line up at the top. The ending result was very pretty! I sort of liked the dark colors on it better than the neon ones, especially the violet and gray!


Have you enjoyed all of the craft-y projects we’ve been doing lately? What have you made for this fall or Halloween?


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DIY: Candy Corn Banner!



I think the main reason why I look forward to October so much is because it awakens my creative side for a while! It’s about the only holiday that allows me to be that way. People are usually doing the same thing, whether it’s decorating the outside of their house or dressing up for Halloween parties! For my nana and I, we don’t have that luxury, so we have to find ways to let ourselves out of our cages. We love to do little crafts with each other! And Halloween is our biggest and funnest season of the year!

A certain project we always do is pumpkin related. I’ve been working with pumpkins since 2012 and I love doing silly things with them, but this year I was inspired by a couple of things I had seen on my Pinterest feed. Unfortunately, none of them were about pumpkins per se, but I thought they would something easy and fun for the two of us to do instead!

I found a pin for a candy corn banner, and when I saw this I was very excited because I can’t have any fairy lights in my room but I thought a banner would be cute somewhere in my room. And when I showed it to my nana, she seemed to like the idea too!


What you will need for this:

  • Paper plates
  • Orange and yellow paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Yarn
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors

My nana loves paper plates, I think people in generally love using paper plates more than regular dishes because you don’t have to wash them, you can just throw it into the trash once you’re finished with it!

We only used two of them for this project. One of the things that we did was different from the normal directions was the fact we needed an outline of the candy corn on the actual plate so she came up with this ingenious plan of using a plastic cup to be a model for the middle and traced it where the white section of the candy would be, but to make thing easier on us, I also made lines around the upper half of the plate to tell us to stop painting orange at this stage.


After completing this, we moved onto the actual painting and I use to hate, H-A-T-E painting! Now I find it sort of soothing despite the fact I still suck at it! Anyways, I came up with the idea of switching colors and paint brushes whenever the other person was finished so we weren’t both wanting the same color. We used “number paints” those paints that come with coloring books that has numbers of the colors you painted? We have three rows of different colors and don’t worry, you will see those soon! The easiest area to fill in was the yellow! The orange was good, but if I want to continue to paint little things, I’m going to have to buy new paints!


Next I think we took a 10-15 minute break in between to let do them dry. And once they were good to go, my nana got out her scissors and began to cut them in half horizontal and once they were four halves she cut them again this time vertically and then started cutting them into little pizza slices until you end up with eight candy corn pieces!

At this stage, you can start by flipping them upside down and place a section of the yarn on the back of the candy corn and use strains of masking tape to make them stick together. We tried the Scotch tape that was doubled sided but it wasn’t really working for us so we switched to the masking tape and it ended up being a better choice! We didn’t measure out how far we wanted to place the shapes either, I tried to estimate the space as much as I could whenever I placed a new triangle but we liked the freeform of it.


And there you have it! A finished candy corn banner! She initially wanted it around the back of her door knob, but I talked her into tying the ends across two of her lower cabinets in her kitchen. One of them she doesn’t necessarily use all the time so it wouldn’t cause her any friction later. I actually think it looks really cute there too! Mine is underneath my Five Finger Death Punch poster as I have an open area there and I felt it would be better there!


So what do you think of our little creation? When do you get the most creative? What are your favorite crafts or projects to do? 


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Happy Birthday Papaw!



I didn’t think I’d have to wait two weeks to actually publish this post, but I had no room for it. It’s all right though!

My papaw’s birthday was in earlier this month, we had plans to do something special on it since planning his funeral in April. It was a family get together that everybody had been dreading because it’s going to be hard to celebrate any other holiday without my papaw being there. However, I was pretty excited about it. I know he’d want us all to enjoy ourselves.

On the first day, my Uncle Rick drove down and even though he was slightly sick I think he still enjoyed being around us. We were still goofy and laughing at each other’s stories. Especially when I managed to stomp Rick twice. He now has to test out Cashew cheese! It’s a long story! Every time we have a family gathering, we get a fruit, veggies, and meat and cheese tray. It usually fills us up in the two or three days we’re together. I mostly had vegetables than fruit. The only time I wanted oranges was when my Aunt Laurie decided to eat the last three slices and offered me at last minute. I didn’t take it because I had a full mouth of broccoli!

When we first got there, Laurie and my nana told us that she bought balloons to be released or what nana kept saying all weekend long “lift off” into the sky. As everybody went with their sappy, somewhat sad messages, I went for the humorous approach. I have to say, it was my first time writing on a balloon! The fact you can read it, is a freaking miracle! Since Rick was there that day, he, Laurie, Mike, Taylor, and nana released theirs into the sky. It rained off and on all day, it actually started misting as I watched in my wheelchair, camera in foot, snapping away!


Blondie had to work that day, so she missed the craft session. My Aunt Linda, Rick’s wife purchased us little mason jars painted in different colors like turquoise, gray, and dark gray. She also bought different lids to go on top. We were going to put papaw’s ashes each one. I originally didn’t want one at first, but I decided to have one made just in case later I’d change my mind. I chose a light gray jar with a red zig-zag decorative lid. What was funny though was we didn’t have a big enough funnel or anything to scoop into the box to pour the ashes into the jars. So my mom had to use my nana’s measuring cups! I also suggested using a piece of paper as a homemade funnel. They turned out to be pretty “cute” I don’t know how my papaw would feel about me saying that!

We didn’t go home until 4:30pm that day, it was probably the latest my Uncle Rick (he stayed a little longer) has ever went home in a while but I think he genuinely enjoyed talking to all of us.

The next day was officially my papaw’s birthday. He would have been 85 years old! My dad went out early that morning to get a paper and ended up getting stopped by the train. According to him, the whole thing was new. It was clear black going backwards on the track. He also got lottery tickets and lost, which he thinks was my papaw doing as a joke.

I stood outside spending time with the babies as it was clear and cool before we headed over to my nana’s again. We thought it was weird that our rain and storms were gone on his birthday! My mom and dad got me some bubbles the other day and I decided to take them to my nana’s. When we got there, we knew Brandon and Blondie were there already. They brought Brandon’s friend and best man Allen with them, who was very nice. Laurie had to go out and find more balloons as the other three were losing helium. The new ones had white polka dots on them. So my mom and Em and Brandon had their own balloons, while my nana used the last one and wrote down our deceased pets on each one. I released that one into the sky as mine was tied onto my mom’s.

My dad came over and spent some time with all of us. He got out his bike and watched both of his daughters and future son-in-law play with Laurie and Mike’s dog Mila with the bubbles. I haven’t had so much fun with bubbles in a long time! I’ve got to do it again soon! He also stayed and ate a sandwich or two and helped sing “happy birthday” before we ate the cake. My mom got passed the first line and started crying. My poor sister had to leave the room! I was doing fine until my aunt pointed out my mom’s bawling and red face! Later on, my mom, Blondie, and Laurie went upstairs and take pictures of the upstairs for my nana and they brought down some stuff that I’ll share in another post I promise!

I think it was a successful weekend, better than I thought it would be. I think papaw would be a happy camper knowing everybody enjoyed it too! ♥



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DIY: Painting A Mason Jar!


Howdy folks!

So today I’m here with the second post about the mason jars that my nana and I previous used for the cake in the mugs last week! I separated them so it didn’t look too chaotic in the week!

We somehow did this backwards, I think our original plan was to decorate the jars first so they would look cute with the mixture inside, but like always we didn’t do it that way!

I don’t know what exactly to explain first because my nana and I have never painted a mason jar before so this was a new one to us! She also had quite a few different paints too! She had oil paints, glittery paints in bottles that you can squeeze and regular watercolors. I originally wanted to use the oil paints but when she explained that you couldn’t use water with it, I kind of backed out of it. I figured I would make a mistake on mine and wouldn’t have a way to fix it so I used the watercolors instead, not knowing if they’ll work any better!

Let me say this was the first time in a very long time where I enjoyed painting. I hated whenever we had to paint in art at school, absolutely dreaded it! Drawing was my forte. My nana had a lot of paints for two reasons: we like to do different crafts but she also had us do little crafts as kids too! I don’t remember if I hated painting as much as I did at school, probably, but not as much as baking a cake! I forgot to mention that in last week’s post! I only remember baking a pineapple upside down cake with my sister and hated it because of how much I couldn’t do. I think I’ve redeemed myself since then and that’s why I was okay with trying painting again.

In ways, I felt I was back in art class where it was quiet and I was very quiet, concentrating on covering every surface of the jar in blue and green.

I used a fold up chair that my nana tends to keep in the kitchen. It’s at a height that I can reach while sitting in my push wheelchair. We also decided to leave the paints and dish of water on the floor because there was not a lot of room with both the aluminium foil and the jar sitting above it. I started to use a skinny brush at first for the blue because I figured if it didn’t work she wouldn’t have to clean a bigger brush instead and not saying a BIG brush either. It’s small but the actual bristles space is larger so you can have more paint on it and cover more area. Of course, it wasn’t until I was almost finished with it that I started to use it! You need more water in the paint so it will show up as you paint it on the sides of the jar. The darker colors show up better, I didn’t necessarily try out the orange, yellow and pink but I honestly don’t think you’ll be a good enough shade to appear on it. I’ll try it out and see how it does next time!

She used the glittery paints as I mentioned in the beginning as she has a better time (or usually) squeezing the paint out than I do. We used these for our pumpkins a couple of years ago, it usually turns out pretty well! She mostly went around the design of the actual jars. She used both gold and silver paints. I like these a little more than her purple one that she mainly used regular Elmer’s glue and purple glitter that you sprinkle out of a little cup. Afterwards she had glow-y legs and socks! I’d say leave them out for an hour with a napkin underneath it in case any paint dribbles down to the bottom, I left mine on her counter overnight. When we do another cake mix, I’ll take home that decorated jar that I sort of have called “the ombre jar” because the colors just intertwine with each other!

Have you ever painted a mason jar before? If so, what did you use? 



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