Tune Tuesday: Backstreet’s Back!

Over the weekend, I joined in the ever popular #lbloggers chat. One of my favorites Jasmin Charlotte hosted it and the topic was about “favorite things” and I had opened with I was listening to Backstreet Boys and they were getting me in a good mood, I was hoping the chat would top me off! From pressing the “tweet” button, I got four favorites and my new friend fellow blogger Jadirah and I started to have our own little chat about our favorite BSB songs and music videos. I had to leave early because my mom came in with my lunch and I was worried I wouldn’t make back in time and everybody would stop chatting with one another. I got back just in time though and I got to finish the chat. The chat as a whole was great, but I made a new friend while we fangirled about Backstreet Boys.

We both had some agreements on what songs we definitely liked the most, but of course all of the old singles are the best. Over the years, I have actually tried to listen to the rest of the albums because I’ve never been one to like a whole album, especially a pop, boy band album. After the chat ended, a normal person would just stop listening to them. I’m not normal and I might as well not try to become one now. I ended up listening to both “Black & Blue” which just had a birthday I think last week and “Millenium.” I have the first two albums, I’m STILL surprised they play after all these years honestly! Especially that first album, it’s the oldest one in my big CD case. I take extra care in my BSB CDs. The day it breaks on me, I’ll probably cry all over myself. Before I got my new iPod last winter, I had “Black & Blue” on my old iPod because I borrowed CDs from the library and when I switched over I lost that album and the rest, but I have 2 albums that I know for sure. I’ve just haven’t been in a mood for them in months! I know, it’s so sad! Out of all the weeks for me to want to listen to them though, it’s the week I’m devoted for One Direction. It was just a boy band kind of week, because at the end of the whole week. Nick Jonas joined the party and I don’t regret a single thing.

We established that we both are addicted to “The Call” and “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” and you have to! They were the first songs that opened the albums. Once she put “The Call” I had to switch my freaking Spotify onto that album and I just lost it. I think I even squealed like a little girl. Our second favorites are “All I Have To Give” and “As Long As You Love Me” both songs are amazing! Both can definitely make me cry on a sad/bad day. My third favorite is “Bigger” though. I also love the music video for it too. Jadirah likes the “Everybody” video because of the Halloween theme. That video used to scare the crap out of me as a kid!  Our second favorites as far music videos go, we both agreed “Quit Playing Games With My Heart” and the fact I took a Facebook quiz a while back about what BSB song was written for you? Or something like that. That was my answer and they played the music video.

She hasn’t listened to the album that came out last year, but then again neither have I. I’ve been too distracted, but I gotta say I wasn’t too distracted to watch their music video for “Show ‘Em (What You’re Made Of)” the day it came out. Brian Littrell is shirtless, how can you ignore that? I definitely couldn’t. I swear the man is a damn vampire, he never ages and I’m perfectly fine with that. What are your favorite Backstreet Boys songs and music video?

and just for fun…

Bloggers Do Collections Better!

10488251_4127989776157_704492893010089186_nSorry for the lack of Bloggers Do It Better posts! Haven’t really had any ideas for the other prompts until I read about this one. I do collections a little bit different. Oh, who am I kidding? I do everything differently from the rest! For some it could be nail polishes and/or other beauty products. For me, it’s all about music. I am sucker for the real CDs than just downloading it off of Amazon or iTunes. The only advantage of downloading it online is not having any hassle with looking for a rap or metal albums without wondering if the swear words will be cut out or not. Because online they usually give you two options for that, but you go looking for an album of those two genres at Wal-Mart, you’re basically screwed. Trust me, I learned that the hard way. Want to know something a little bit more embarrassing. As kids we used to go to the library and a few times they’d have sales and they were actually saling CDs. I was shocked because I didn’t know they were saling those too. Well, at that time I was big into rap and she found 50 Cent’s first album and I bought it and took it home. I was so excited until I went and put it into my stereo to find that the bad words were cut out. So the majority of the record was disappointing for me but then we realized the library was owned by a church and put two and two together. I was screwed from the get-go I think.

When I was in the fourth grade, I remember taking out all of my CDs from their cases because before I didn’t know they made cases like the one I use to store of them now. I think I had over 40 CDs and I was pretty proud of myself for having so much. My first ever CD was the Backstreet Boys album and I only got that because my nana had bought me my first ever boombox. I was probably seven years old when I got them and that was like a big accomplishment back then because we didn’t have iPods, iPads, laptops, and cell phones that you store and listen to your favorite artists/bands. I grew an appreciation for them and did my best to make sure to be careful with how I handled them from day-to-day. When you do everything with your feet, putting up things like CDs can get pretty tricky. Sometimes if my dad gives me a CD he holds it the right way. He gets his fingers all around the edges and lifts it up and carries it that way. If he does it that way I have to grab it by the side and I hate doing that. I have my own special way of carrying and holding a CD. I put my pinky toe in between the hole in the middle and put my other toes around the sides and grip it that way. You should see how I drive with one in my foot! Especially coming around a tight corner. It’s not a pretty sight!

10389519_734719276592405_376637255461759790_nIt is very difficult for me to like an entire album. I’ve always that problem, but since I’ve been getting into all kinds of genres the process isn’t as harsh as what it once was. It’s been pretty easy whether or not, an album is amazing or not. I have a pretty wide variety on all three of my music outlets (iPod, CDs, and Spotify) I used to say I wouldn’t get into rap, folk, metal, country and rock but yet I have. Surprisingly, in just this picture here I don’t have them categorized like I had my nana do with her case. You can see a Carrie Underwood, Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys (my first uncensored CD and it took me a year to open it up!), Pussycat Dolls, three Britney Spears albums (that gray one is hers!), and Natasha Bedingfield album. Some CDs were bought only by chance. That Natasha Bedingfield album being one of like three out of the whole thing! I mainly got the CDs from birthdays and Christmases. Once I got like seven CDs for my 13th birthday, it was a GOOD day! Because nowadays if you want that many songs you need a $100 iTunes gift card and even then do you have to figure out what all you want. Everytime I go to download songs out of a $15 gift card I usually get about 12 songs. I don’t see how that’s really fair of that much money.  Maybe I’m being greedy I don’t know, but nobody messes with me about my music and nobody will either.

It’s Been A Good Wednesday

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So it’s mid-week and I’ve got to say after my state of mind last weekend and these last two days of being bored and out of it. I can definitely say today was an awesome day! From the time I woke up this morning, it has been nothing but good for me. God blessed with a better day and I didn’t even ask for it. Yesterday, I told my mom that I didn’t think I’d wake up early enough to watch Backstreet Boys on Good Morning America. So I had went on ahead and record it just in case. Well when I got up this morning, it was so bright and pretty that I actually thought it was later than I thought it was, but it was just 5:35am and I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was really weird, but I didn’t really care because that meant I woke up in time. I didn’t sleep in and I haven’t since probably last Friday. I haven’t even taken a nap today either. I’ve had too much energy, but now that the sun is going down, most of my energy is going down. My body is exhausted. It’s probably a good thing I’m taping the season finale of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. I don’t think I’m going to crash anytime soon, but I do have a movie to finish. I’ll get to that in a bit.

After I got up, I could hear my dad talking in the living room. It wasn’t time for Blondie to get up, I thought he was talking to ChiChi and eating their breakfast pizza. Don’t ask. As I was rolling over to get readjusted and unwrap myself from my blanket. I heard another voice and noticed it was my mom. Once I realized it was her actual voice, I was really hungry and my stomach wouldn’t stop growling. So I sent a text to my mom saying that I wish we had stuff to make pancakes or cinnamon rolls. I think about an hour later, I heard this really loud bang coming from the kitchen and it didn’t sound a pan hitting the counter or stove. I only heard it once and about ten minutes later, the air conditioner came on and the small puff of what smelled like cinnamon came through my vent and I started freaking out because I couldn’t really smell out but I thought I was just losing my mind because I seriously couldn’t smell it anymore. So I posted a status on my Facebook, I really must be hungry, since I swore when the air kicked on just a little bit ago that I was smelling cinnamon rolls. I think about two seconds later, my mom posted a comment on that status saying I was indeed smelling cinnamon rolls. SCORE!

My sis and dad left this morning at probably the same time. My mom came in my room with a paper plate of the smallest cinnamon roll ever. My mom had to cut it up in smaller bites for me, but even I could measure this little thing. I finished it while she was sitting on the floor using the laptop. And then she had to bring in my second one because I was still hungry. It was 8am when this happened and I already my TV on GMA and I still can’t believe I watched that whole show even though I’ve seen it many, many times before and know if they’re going to have any performers on the show they’re going to leave until the end of the show. So I watched it for two hours straight and I’ve got to say I was glad when I did see five very handsome men on my television screen. I will always be a Backstreet Boys, and I think I had a little too much dancing to their new song and when they performed “Backstreet’s Back” I wasn’t dancing, but I was singing out loud. I couldn’t sing very loud though because my mom went back to sleep right after my second cinnamon roll. After GMA was over, I plugged my headphones into my iPod and had myself a little BSB moment. I am SO happy that Backstreet Boys are not releasing their new album the same day as Five Finger Death Punch.

I spend most of my morning listening to music. I actually didn’t listen to a Five Finger Death Punch song until around noon I think. I was having an inner child moment. I was mostly listening to BSB and Disney songs. I think around 10am I finally took off my headphones for good. I turned on my mini speakers and has anybody ever listened to Disney songs and instantly get tired? They make wonderful lullabies. They literally almost went back to bed, but I didn’t. I didn’t read at all today, but I spent most of my time on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. My dad came home for lunch around noon and my mom made me lunch. The rest of the day I spent listening to music, and just music. It was a music filled day. When my mom went to the store at 3pm, she brought back a movie for me. She brought back Silver Linings Playbook. I’m not finished with it yet but I’ll probably finish it later on tonight since I’m pushing myself to watch SVU tonight. I’m just happy it’s the only thing I’ve got on. Tomorrow I have the season finale of The Vampire Diaries. I’m not so excited about that.

Over Today.

My next book that I’m reading!

It’s 8 o’clock and my mom is finally home from work. While everybody might be keeping up with their NCAA brackets, I’m sitting in my room and watching The Golden Girls. Ha! I’m such a girl! Just because I filled out my bracket doesn’t mean I’m going to watch these games. I mean, I like basketball, but there’s a lot of basketball teams that I have heard of and everybody knows how my luck is, I already know I’m not going to win this bet and already accepted the criticism from everybody. So in other words, bring it on! I have decided on my next book to read. I thought I would want to start back up on The Dirt by Motley Crue, but not yet. This book has been practically screaming my name since I cleaned my desk. I placed everything — all my movies and books — towards me so I can clearly see all of them. My mom just got my bookmark out of my other book and she should have put that book on my desk, but before she goes to bed I’ll have to her do that.

It’s been a boring day. I should be used to days like these. I can’t seem to have a good day anymore. Even if I try to lighten up and everything, nothing seems to work. It’s actually starting to worry me. Because I feel like I’m here, but yet I don’t. I feel like I’m a ghost. I have been on YouTube most of the day, trying to find something good to occupy my time with and first it was Friends bloopers, then I switched to questions and answers of Backstreet Boys Cruise from a few years ago, and then lastly I tried watching a couple Five Finger Death Punch live videos. I made the mistake of watching a half video of Ivan singing “Far From Home” a capella and started falling asleep. I don’t find that a bad thing either. I’ve noticed recently that they have a few good ballads that can be perfect lullabies for me. Tomorrow, I am taping both Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie and Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity. Not like I’ve seen both about a hundred times, but if I have a boring day like today, I can watch it. That has become my main excuse lately.So I’m going to have my mom give me some Advil before she goes to bed. I’ve sat up too much today. I’ve also been on Pinterest too much today too, but I’m not regretting that because I love going there. None of the animals wanted to come in here and visit with me today. Well ChiChi, Oliver, and Tubby did come in here but they just kind of ignored me. So I hope everybody had a better day than I did and I hope tomorrow is better too! Enjoy your weekend because it won’t be too long and it will be Monday, but at least on Monday for me, it won’t be so boring. Because either it’s going to snow enough Sunday and there’s still snow on the roads on Monday morning that my parents are going to keep me home or I get to go to work and be crafty! I’m open for either one, I’m not picky anymore. So good night folks!

It’s A 90s Pop Hits Kind Of Day

So this is my second day with nothing to do. I’ve been doing a lot complaining I do know that. Everytime I go to look for something on TV, nothing good is on. I finally remembered to watch two of my shows that I missed last week, Last Man Standing and Malibu Country. I got to watch those and at the end of MC, I looked up at my clock and said, “it’s only 2pm!” Funny thing is, I could take a nap, but I’m not effing up my sleep schedule for this since I have to go to work tomorrow. I am watching really 90’s pop music videos on YouTube. Just watched my first N’Sync music video in a long time. I might try to watch some concerts too. Just to give myself something to do and maybe I’ll get the energy to read some of my book too. I haven’t read that in a while either. I hope your Wednesday is better than mine!

I love little Justin Timberlake! ❤

My mom still loves this song! I like Mandy Moore as a brunette better. (:

Ahh! I still remember this song! I think my mom, sister and I were all addicted to it. Sorry for the bad quality though!

Is it sad that I still have this album and remember the day I got it and No Secrets album in the mail? Lol

Last one… and you can’t end something of the 90s without the Backstreet Boys. I mean, come on!