From Snowboarder To Dancer?


Things have a way of creeping up on me. If you’ve read my stuff before you remember me talking about how I found this Victor Borge CD Cover in my papaw’s old stereo system case and after I found out who he was, he was later brought up again when my nana and I were sorting through VCR tapes. Well, I’ve got a similar story to share with you. Back in January, I was on YouTube watching videos and everybody, including myself, hates waiting for the videos to load and we definitely hate the ads that are constantly on there as well. That afternoon when I was waiting for my video to load this very interesting commercial popped up on the screen. For once I actually turned off my music and didn’t even consider pushing the “Skip this ad” button either. The commercial was of P&G: Thank You, Mom and it was about the paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy. This was my first introduction to this interesting and inspiring woman. She and her mom, talk about how she was infected and how she lost her legs in the process and how all she wanted to do was go back to snowboarding.

When I first watched it, I kind of teared up a bit because it was so inspiring to hear of her story. I didn’t quite understand why I had decided to watch it. I’m usually not interested in watching those types of commercials, because I usually do my ugly cry and thankfully I didn’t. Sometimes I don’t feel a connection to disabled athletes because I was never one in school (Powder Puff Football doesn’t count) and watching everybody play sports including family members hardly had impact on me. When Dancing With The Stars cast was revealed last month. She was in Sochi, Russia competing in the Paralympic Games (which she ended up taking home a bronze medal) during the first couple of weeks of learning her steps for DWTS and her dance partner Derek Hough was right there with her, learning all about her and watching her snowboard down those giant hills! Before the first episode of the new season had aired she had a LONG schedule. She won her medal that Friday before, got on a plane, got home on Sunday and did camera blocking and costume fitting and on Monday had her first run on the dance floor in front of all America to see. If I thought the commercial inspired me, her dancing, sure made me have some hope inside of me that I hadn’t had before. When you watch shows like this, it inspires you to do the same or something similar and for me, I’ve always loved dance. From ballet to hip hop and then the Viennese waltz to the Paso. Just one little problem, I don’t have the ability to stand on my feet and my electric wheelchair doesn’t move as well as a push wheelchair either!

I’m pretty sure everybody can agree when I say this, that when it was revealed that she was to be on the show. The first thought was, oh my god! I hope her feet don’t go flying across the room! During Monday night’s episode, that was one of the worries of their dance. They were doing Swing dancing and I thought that was pretty cool! However, I was concerned about how she would be able to do that, because before watching her dance, I didn’t even know that her prosthetic legs could bend at the knee. So when she started moving her legs all around I was impressed! And thankfully that her legs didn’t go flying off and hit Bruno in the face! It’s a very strange feeling to find a sense of inspiration from somebody who can walk like a normal person but has prosthetic legs too. If we weren’t told that she was missing her legs, we wouldn’t wonder about her legs and it would just be about her dancing completely. However, I like the fact we know because she is inspiration to not only myself but others as well. I have always watched DWTS Monday night and after the show was over, dream about one of the male pro dancers teaching me to dance and before, it just made me sad. Now I’m happy that it actually leaves me with a smile because if a woman like Amy could do it, why should I feel ashamed being able to move my hips around in the comfort of my own room. She and Derek were safe from elimination this week. They haven’t announced what they’ll be dancing next week, but I’m excited to see it and I’ll be ready to vote like always!

The Luck Of Bloopers

I’ve had one of those days where I can’t explain how I am feeling and it’s starting to make worry. Since I’ve been depressed before, I’m a little worried that I could go back into that hole again since I stopped therapy last week. I’ve been feeling like I’m not in the mood to do anything and you can only blame the weather for so long. Sorry, but it’s true! I don’t think if I talk about it with my mom that she would really understand. Honestly I don’t think anybody understand, nobody did the last three times. I think I’d rather keep it inside than talk about it with my family. Yet I’m letting you guys know about it. Sometimes just letting it out on here, helps more than talking about it out loud. My body just feels drained and my sleep is out of it too. That might be it too. At least I’m eating like a freaking pig again. That’s a plus I guess! The only bit of happiness I have right now are my TV shows. Isn’t that weird? Last night nobody went home from Dancing With The Stars, because of technical issues from last week. Tonight I watched The Originals and loved it! I taped Agents of S.H.i.E.L.D. for tomorrow. However I have like two movies that I am almost finished with them. Oh, and my aunt told me that it’s been snowing off and on up north. It’s kind of weird to ask my sister if it’s snowing when over the weekend she was here. That was weird for me too! Luckily, I haven’t confused myself…yet.

Well, I’m “feeling” kind of tired so I’m going to lie down and watch some Frasier or Mad About You recordings. I listened to Katy Perry’s new album and it was pretty good. I didn’t finish it, but for the ones I heard were great! I love the sound of “Legendary Lovers” and I think my favorite is right now is “This Is How We Do” and it kind of has a hip-hop vibe to it. I’ll probably finish listening to the rest tomorrow. I’m trying to remember if I’m forgetting anything and I don’t think I am. Okay, thanks for letting me vent and thank you for ignoring my first paragraph. I’ll leave you with this.

Heaven Bend To Take My Hand…

Today has been a good day. Despite the pain in my lower back and stomach, it went pretty good! I finally got to sleep in this morning. I went to bed at midnight, slept for most of the night, and remember waking up to turn over to my other side and falling back asleep. I got up at 10:30am. I was a freaking happy camper! I probably won’t be able to sleep in tomorrow morning, because we are doing things differently this week. My mom is doing my nana’s errands a day earlier and we’re having lunch too. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get Subway. I am in need of a Chicken Bacon Ranch wrap. I haven’t had one in a while. I have been having a slow but relaxing day. It’s even a Wednesday, and it’s just been a calming day. I like days like these. It gives my brain full of doubts a break from life. I wasn’t even going to do a proper post for today and just do a quote instead, but I did have two good things that happened today. So I have to share this.

My mom went out to do her errands a day early too. When she got back, she literally put bags in the kitchen. I heard her break up ice on our front porch and come back in. When she went out again, she came back into the house with little Wren. Thankfully, I know which of the gray kittens are which. Winnie and Wren are both gray with some white, but Winnie has some orange around her face. Wren only has white around her face. My mom and sister still get confused but I go by their first pictures. Anyways, she put her on my bed and the kitten wanted to explore. Luckily this one didn’t take a dive off my bed like Winnie did the day before. Winnie is a very curious kitten. She literally left my room. It was kind of cute to see something so tiny just escape my room. Wren wanted to go off the bed but my mom caught her just in time. When she took her back outside, she brought my kitty Ivan. He is my buddy. My mom said he probably won’t fall asleep so fast since when she grabbed him, he was wrestling with Oreo. When she put him on my bed, he started walking around and staring at me. I must have had one hell of a hair do since he kept looking at me and even tried climbing up my hands to get closer to my face. I love when he does that!

He stayed in my room, slept for more than three hours. He actually slept on the bed this around. I couldn’t lay down because he tends to run off when I do that. So that whole time I fought through the pain in my back just for this kitten. After my mom put him back outside. I laid down for a bit and decided to sit back up. I “played” on the laptop and listened to music. Finally, I got up and decided to take a break from the music and laptop altogether. I grabbed my Kindle and sat back against my wall and read almost three chapters. I am almost finished with one of the books. I can’t read three books at once. I can’t get my brain to store all the information from all three books. So I am sticking to my guns and keep reading the book I am reading, finish it, do a book review, and move on to the next one!

In about two hours, the season finale of Law & Order: Specials Victims Unit will be on. It’s another cliffhanger episode too. I hate those for season finales. Last night Dancing With The Stars crowned a new champion. It was probably the only time my mom and I were actually agreeing with each other. As much I loved Aly and Mark. Kellie and Derek deserved that trophy especially after that amazing freestyle. I couldn’t believe Aly and Mark got fourth place, because (and my mom agreed on this too!) Jacoby and Karina’s freestyle wasn’t as awesome as Aly and Mark’s. My mom and I really think Derek should come back next season! My mom and I’s tv shows are all ending, but we have Major Crimes coming back this summer!! I’ve got my first summer series starting up on the third, it is Push Girls. I haven’t been able to watch it. I have watched three episodes, but I haven’t watched the first season as a whole. So I’m hoping as June comes closer that maybe Sundance Channel will be doing reruns. I have been seeing WEtv has been showing some episodes too! They would come on the same time as DWTS. That sucked I gotta say! So far I have three or four summer shows. Another favorite will start-up again, Breaking Pointe on the CW. I have a new show on ABC (I think) called The Mistresses that I may watch too. The only show I know that doesn’t end this week is Hannibal. Thank God!

Rebel Beat

Yesterday afternoon, I felt good (even though I was bloated as crap all day long!) and I didn’t really do much. I didn’t go to work so I was actually more bored than I had planned on being. Basically everything I tried doing didn’t last very long. I wasn’t content with one thing after another. I remember not being to listen any of my songs on my iPod all the way through and if I did listen to anything it was last night after Dancing With The Stars, everytime it ends I tend to dream in my head while I have my headphones on that I can dance too. I’m more like daydreaming at night because for one thing it’s dark outside and I know I wasn’t asleep yet. Anyways, I think around 4pm, my mom was on the phone with my nana and she had said something about the cats and I thought well if she brought Ivan in here, that would cheer me up enough. She said no on bringing them inside to play, but I did get to go outside and sit on the back porch. The kittens were mostly around the left side of the porch. I’m pretty sure my dad loves having not only Bootsie by his man cave, but five tiny kittens as well. They were running around, chasing after each other and fighting. Just like Tubby and Rudy used to do with their siblings.

I try to get them to come up on the porch with me, but I think they’re a little afraid of me. I’m use to sitting on my bed with them and now I’m on the ground and yet there is this big hot pink and black thing behind me. Thursday, we had a small storm, and dad was gone for the day. Emily was at home sick and so before the storm came, mom told Em to go bring the kittens inside, along with Bootsie. I don’t think my mom wanted her inside the house, but it was okay. We had five kittens running around our living room. My mom sat in her usual seat on the couch with ChiChi. Emily sat on the right side by the kitchen doorway and I got the way into the bathroom hallway. We actually had our front door open and screen door locked, so we could watch it all from the outside. The kittens actually liked watching it rain, they freaked everytime they heard the thunder crash, but then I’d go back to doing what they were doing before. They tried climbing up the sides of the door and when Bootsie started eating Oliver’s food, Ivan and Oreo had to join in. While Stef was getting love from my mom, Wren was playing with the bag we got for the first batch of kittens. Little Winnie decided she was ready to explore my wheelchair. It’s bad enough that Ivan took a spill off my bed two days before this, but seeing Winnie climb her way up my back tire. I was actually proud. I literally thought that it was going to be Ivan or Stef that was going to do it first, but the under-cat did it first. Did you see what I did there?

While I was outside yesterday, trying to pry the little ones on the ramp, I scoot lower off the ramp to reach them. They kept moving and I wanted to pet them. My mom was inside and my dad was outside, so I was mentally prepared if I tipped over on the side of the ramp, I knew which one was going to freak out the most. Anyways, as I was trying to make different noises to get them wondering and come closer to me. Stef and Winnie thought they were just going to start attacking my right foot. I had it at the side and was paying attention to it. I also had about four gnats trying to get into my ears. I was definitely distracted. I started playing with them that way and as I was just sitting there watching them run around and try to jump off the shovel (which I’ve got to say was freaking hilarious!) they started disappearing under the porch with mama. I knew after that play time with Meghan was over. I started scooted back up the ramp and towards my wheelchair. I didn’t exactly want to go back inside because it was so nice and hardly any bugs around. I’m mostly talking about bees and wasps. I have my right foot pedal off my wheelchair because I don’t need it. So a few years ago, we removed it from its spot and there is literally enough room for somebody small to lay back somewhere on the ground. I even had an arm rest for my left arm because of the left pedal. I just laid back and watched the birds eat and look at the pretty bloomed trees sway back and forth from the wind. It was very soothing! My dad’s friend came over and they went in his “man cave” and chill out. I guess my dad thought I looked bored or something because he asked if I wanted to go back in my chair twice. After the second one I went back in my chair.

It is just 9am and I am already starting to feel like I’m going to pass out. I am listening to my music all the way through and thinking about my books today. So I might get lucky today and try to read my books again after two days of hardly no reading. I had a good blog birthday! I also heard Five Finger Death Punch’s new song “Lift Me Up” and my dad already likes it. It literally took him about 15 seconds to say those words. We’re both excited for this summer. I can see hanging out with him a lot this summer and his truck’s speakers. I don’t care if we go cruise around, as long as I get the hear the power in the speakers. I’ve already heard it this morning and had to crank it up even though both of my parents are asleep. They love me. So I’m going to go now and listen to music and maybe watch a movie. Oh, my dad has already said we might get movies tomorrow. I want to see Silver Linings Playbook and Safe Haven so bad! Okay, I’m definitely going to go now! Bye!

Gold Wrapper Heaven.

As promised, I am going to talk about my day yesterday. It was a fairly good day all around. Of course, it wasn’t until an hour after I got home from work what happened at the Boston marathon pretty much took my good mood and flushed it away. After I heard and saw it everywhere on both Facebook and Twitter, I prayed and stayed off both for a while. I didn’t watch The Voice last night, but I did tape it and I am watching it right now. I did watch Dancing With The Stars, and I loved it! So many favorites last night. When I took my time to vote after the show, I gave my last two votes (since you could vote up to nine times) I had voted for seven couples, but like I said those last votes were for the two couples with the lowest points. Victor and Lindsay and Any and Sharna. I love both of those couples, because I think they could do better. I thought Victor deserved better scores from the judges. Andy had a few slip ups, but I think he could do better next week. Since both of them have been in the bottom two before, I’m a little scared.

I started my day at 8am, and my mom had gotten up around 9:30am and took me to the bathroom and told me I was going to be tired when I got home from work. I wasn’t tired when I got home. I was far from it really. Anyways, I got to go to work today after missing last week. I had a new driver, which reminded me of  one of my English teachers I had in school. He was very nice and he liked to talk. When I got to work, I got to go around and talk to some of the residents and once I got into the room, I found coloring pages we were going to color. She picked out “Earth Day” pages and spring like pages as well. She said their markers were missing so I had to use crayons. It’s been a while since I’ve used those, so I kept my mouth shut because I knew I didn’t like them, but I didn’t exactly remember why. Until I started on my second one. My toes were screaming for mercy! Apparently, when I grip a crayon I grip it with all my might. That was putting a strain on my toes because of the pressure. The crayons are small and I think because they’re so small, I guess my toes think it’s going to slip right out of my toes. I don’t know. So I bet you’re wondering why I have a picture of those chocolates, right? Well, after we were done with doing the coloring pages. The girl I work with asked if I wanted to go with her up to the office. I went with her and we stayed up there until right when my mom came to pick me up.

One of the other ladies, came in right before she was about to leave, and she had these little chocolates. She asked us if we wanted to try one and I jumped at the chance because I watch too much TV and everytime one of their commercials come on, I instantly start to crave them. I’ve never tried them before and she handle it up for me as I took a bite and my God, it was one of the most heavenly things I’ve ever tried before. I didn’t think chocolate could taste so freaking good before. I only had to take two bites out of it and I began to wish it was in a bar form. So I got to try my first expensive chocolate truffle. Fair warning though, she did ask me if I wanted another one, I fully regret not taking that second one. I think the only reason why I didn’t take it was before I knew she was about to go home and I didn’t want her to stay only to feed me these addictive little things. It came three in a pack. I was so tempted! So if anybody in my family wants to get me a gift for any reason at all, I’d like to have like a pack of these. I’ll just hope to God nobody in my family likes them.

The Dancing Eyes

Google images

Today is finally the day that every music lover lives for. The day when new music gets released to buy anywhere! I’ve been looking forward to this day for two months straight. Some of you might’ve gotten Volbeat and/or Stone Sour’s new albums, but for me I have been excited for Device debut album to come out. I’ve definitely been taking advantage of the pre stream Noisecreep posted last week of the band’s album on SoundCloud. I’ve literally been picking out my favorite tracks from the album and I got to say the album is pretty badass. I am really liking “Close My Eyes Forever” with Lzzy Hale. Both of my parents have caught me listening to it and freak out in their own ways. It was pretty hilarious! Dad didn’t know what to say about it and my mom was cleaning and literally opened my bedroom door and started singing the song out loud. It was embarrassing as crap! I put on my Twitter that if she ruins the song for me, I’ll be pissed. I seriously would too. Their song, “You Think You Know” is probably my favorite out of all the songs. It’s so powerful and awesome! If you haven’t bought the album yet, you gotta do it!It wasn’t all album that call out today.

Two singles I’ve been waiting for a year and a half from two different genres were also released. I don’t remember who had it up on their site at the moment, but I do know the site wouldn’t load correctly (much like my Twitter yesterday!) and I didn’t get to listen to it. I listened to it on YouTube, and it was a bad quality but it was still the song and it wasn’t cut after 30 seconds. When I got up this morning at 11am, I had to find it and listen to it. I was very happy to listen to it, but sadly I’ve only listened to it twice today. Another single that was released today was “Here’s To Never Growing Up” by the lovely Avril Lavigne. This was the only one I hadn’t heard. I actually haven’t heard the 30 second snippet, because everytime her fanpage talked about it, you have to register for an account to just hear it. I couldn’t even hear it on YouTube because it apparently wasn’t leaked yet. It was weird, but very worth the wait. I’ve listened to it about four times today. I am definitely in love with it already. I am a die-hard Avril Lavigne fan and proud of it!

I haven’t used my iTunes card yet. My mom has been busy all day long so I haven’t been able to go in there and get my songs yet. I’m going to do it tomorrow, so I feel kind of bad for getting up at 11am and staying up the entire day. However, I needed to try and fix my sleep schedule. So I’m going to get off here and continue to watch the eliminations of Dancing With The Stars, so I hope everybody had a great Tuesday! Enjoy all the new music releases.

Beautiful Day

Well, today is Monday. I was supposed to go to work, but I had to cancel. So guess what I spent my day doing? I slept for most of the day. My sleep schedule is all messed up. However, an hour after I got up. My mom finally came to “wake me up” and instead of waking me up, she just waltzed into my room, noticed it was hot in my room, and then decided to open my window. The funny thing is, I haven’t felt any cool air come out of there. My mom has been running ragged and been cleaning the house. Spring cleaning at its finest! Since she has been cleaning all afternoon, the house has gotten hotter. So we finally had to put on the air conditioner. My dad wasn’t the first one to turn it on and he’s the hot one in my family. It actually feels good to hear the birds chirp in the distance and look at the sky. I’ve been enjoying scaring the crap out of my sister and dad when they got home. All they heard was a small voice saying, “hi” and have no idea who said it. Speaking of that, our stray cat Bootsie (or as I call her “Mama”) found a way up the porch handles and got ahold of my window and starting meowing at me. She did this twice. All I heard was loud meows and saw black ears at the edge of the screen and we thought Oliver was cuckoo.

I just ate supper and now I’m waiting for Dancing With The Stars to start at eight. I missed last week’s episode and I didn’t vote because I didn’t think it was right to vote for my favorites if I didn’t even watch them perform. All of my favorites are performing tonight so I’m fine. Since I have a half hour left, I thought I’d try to read some of my book. I’ve been saying that for the past two days and yet I haven’t done it. I haven’t worked on my story either. I’m thinking of printing that off and starting over on it because the whole thing needs to be fixed in parts. I am liking the changes I’m doing, but there are little things I’m thinking about and I just need to see them, highlight them and fix it all. I have a lot of thoughts concerning my story. That’s my main thought floating around in my head. My next thought is tomorrow is the day I finally get to use my iTunes card after almost eight days of getting it last week. I cannot believe I have lasted this long. I didn’t think I would actually make it.

I’m hoping for a good day tomorrow. I don’t want to sleep all day like I did today. I like sleeping in, but this is ridiculous! Okay, I’m going to go back to listening Back To The Future and reading Katie Ashley’s Music Of The Heart. I remember saying two weeks ago that I would only read a book for two weeks and then move on, but I don’t think that’s going to work out for me. So good night all!