Will Travel

I am following over 700 different accounts on Twitter, they range from fans of bands, celebrities, and TV shows. If you want the whole story of how I really got into the whole Twitter phase of my life. Blame it on Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park. In the fall of 2008, I had created my first ever account but I was so confused on how to use it that I lost my will to use it, that is until the summer of 2009 were I was following the guys of Linkin Park and their fans like crazy. I got to release some thoughts that I felt were trapped deep inside my head. It was a great idea until I started to have old classmates and family members creeping up on me and seeing my tweets. Is it bad that in the beginning that I actually blocked a few people I knew? In 2010, I deleted my original account and got a new one a week later. Trust me, my break from Facebook was longer. Now I follow different bloggers and several contestants of Dancing With The Stars.

As you may know, I really enjoyed seeing Amy Purdy on DWTS this past year. She was my idol on that show for season 18, as she is a double amputee snowboarder that decided to join the cast two days after she won a bronze medal at the Paralympics in Russia last winter. She was partnered with my mom’s favorite Derek Hough. This week on DWTS Derek was having a bad week finding creative ideas for his and partner for this season, Bethany Mota. The next day, I saw a tweet that I didn’t think would inspire me in any shape or form, but it did. Amy posted a tweet of a link she had him watch on the week he wasn’t getting any ideas of what to do for their routines. The video at the bottom was the link she included in the tweet. It was 11:30am and my mom was just getting up, I had been up for a few hours. I decided to watch the video of author of the book, Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert talk about finding ideas and describing them as “geniuses” and how to turn off those doubts of after you’ve done something amazing.

In the middle of the 19 minute video of Elizabeth’s speech, my mom came in with one of our kittens: Stormy. I didn’t get the chance to pause the video while she was in my room, so it kept playing and she talked and soothed Stormy to stay up on my bed. After she left, I quickly figured out how to rewind it just a tad after I found the place I missed hearing, I continued on and different things she was saying were really revealing to me. Without giving too much away, I’ll just skip to the parts were it really made me think. When I get ideas, I have trouble getting them and having them last for a long period of time. When I was in high school, I used to write songs and I did this for nine or ten years, by the end of it though my ideas would only last for a good ten minutes before they float away. Now I have the problem of getting an idea and the words to write it out from my brain down to my feet to type it out so it’s real. Apparently it’s a slow process going down to my feet and that’s the reason why it takes a few days for ideas to be let out.

If you have 20 minutes to yourself and have a headphones set with you, I think you should watch this and maybe you’ll learn something about yourself. I did…

Road To Thanksgiving


I think this is my first week of Thanksgiving were I am actually paying attention to what is going on around me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older and I’d like to take over the reign of getting things ready for Thanksgiving in our family, but it’s just drastic change from last year and the years before. My only concern is that we have fun and I have my celery and dip. That’s basically all I want honestly! As I get older, I was wonder about if somebody would allow me to make something, but by the time I find something it’s too late to get everything ready to make it. Since I can’t use the stove/oven by myself because of the use of my feet, my courage of cooking or baking anything for my family or friends in the neighborhood just freak me out. I’ve never done it before. Even in our Cooking Ed class or whatever it was called by then, I never got to do anything that the students got to do because I couldn’t reach the countertops. I got left in charge of putting the rags that they used in the washer. Oh boy! In my last year of that class, since I got sick I missed their whole week of cooking/baking and I got left with memorizing different types of cookies and what are in them. I failed that damn test. I knew I was going to fail it, I just did it because I wanted it over. I’m pretty sure I could pass it now though!

My family is celebrating our Thanksgiving on Friday. So I’m making my “road to Thanksgiving” a bit early but it’s okay. We thought everybody in our family had heard of my mom’s schedule enough over the weekend that we’d all knew what days she was off work and when we were going to celebrate it. Well, my poor dad has been a little bit backwards. We’ve had to tell him at least twice now. This is the first time I think we’ve ever had to celebrate a holiday on another day than the actual day. I thought I’d be the one doing this or at least my papaw, but nope it’s my dad instead. My week really started on Saturday when my mom began getting things from the store. I still remember most of the stuff we needed that we had on our trustee list my mom had stuffed in her purse. On Monday and Tuesday, my mom and I had our finale of Dancing With The Stars to watch, you know? She didn’t have to work on Tuesday or Wednesday, so she could stay up and watch it with me. An hour before it all started, she went to McDonald’s to get herself a milkshake. I already had a dessert product from there like two days before, my dad got us a hot fudge sundae to share. I didn’t end up with nothing though, they’re still selling smoothies here, so she got me a strawberry and banana smoothie. I finished it within an hour while Wren laid on my bed next to me.

10383084_4713071762841_7525113251877170692_nWell, when I was finished with my smoothie. My mom asked me if I wanted to watch DWTS with her in the living room. I told her yes. So she took me in there and Wren in there, along with my Transformers blanket because I was freezing my toes off! I stayed in there on the smaller couch for three hours. Wren only lasted a good ten minutes on the couch before she got down and went back to my room on my bed. After the first break, mom went in there to bring her back out in the living room. She led her for a bit and then put her back on me and there she stayed for the next hours. I loved how this season ended even though I wasn’t too sure if I’d be so pumped for it like last season. I was worried that even though we didn’t have Amy Purdy on there anymore, I’d lose my interest in the show. I didn’t though, I was very much Team Sadie, Tommy, and Alfonso. My mom on the other hand switched on me. She’s usually on Team Derek, but she went on Team Val this season. You should have seen her on Tuesday when Sadie and Mark got those tens from the judges’ scores  for their fusion dances. She was NOT happy, but I was! I loved it! She was also not happy about Janel and Val getting booted first too. After that, she didn’t care about who won which ruined my outlook of the night. I would have been fine with anyone, but she’s just mad that her favorites didn’t win, but she always tells me if you don’t vote you can get mad at who wins. Karma’s a bitch! And I say that in the nicest way possible!

Wednesday, I went over to my nana’s for the second time. I’m not complaining but I think after the third hour being there the day before, we kind of ran out of things to talk about which ended up being a very good thing because something happened that neither one of us was expecting at all. Our family is notorious for surprising different family members. My uncle Dave is the king of this and his son Chris has been in second for years! One year we were having our Thanksgiving lunch, we all just got done eating and we were having our infamous food fight at the end and I remember “running” from everybody’s whip cream fingers as fast as I could. We all ended up in the kitchen because that year we had so many people that we had to put the kitchen table into the living room. We got into the kitchen, we were shouting and pointing at each other. All of a sudden, we heard this knock which freaked us out because we were all there. Nobody we knew was going to be there was there. So then when my cousin Chris came through that door our entire family kind of exploded with joy, then he got on the food fight by dropping a cupcake on the floor.

1476090_674439456003244_7982745793397983540_nJust like that year, my nana and I were in the kitchen, we just got done eating and were trying to figure out what we were going to discuss next. She was facing towards the door and windows, I was facing the opposite direction so when she started to freak out on me, I didn’t know what was going on. She totally scared me until she said “you’re never going to believe who’s here.” I thought it was my sister at first until she went to the door and I turned out and looked out the window. They said they heard somebody scream, I’m pretty that was me. I even scared my papaw that once everybody was inside I went to get him and I think he was surprised too! It was such a fun time to be around Chris, Amber, and the kids again after almost four years. The kids had grown a lot! I showed Lynnie majority of the house, even my nana’s dollhouse. She’s got such a tiny voice. She had her hair up in the Elsa braid. I actually talked to her about Frozen and what teams we were on. She like Elsa the most, I told her I was on Team Olaf. We established that her daddy could be Kristoff especially since we explained he talks to a moose named Sven, then Chris said that he talks to his cars which doesn’t surprise me one bit.

My mom and dad got to see them after they came back from getting a head start at Christmas shopping. Neither one didn’t stay very long, but were glad they came down finally! Of course we can’t have a family visit without taking pictures. I felt bad for my sister, she was stuck at work while they were down here. She definitely wanted to be home then and that night as our older kittens from Bootsie’s first litter, Tubby decided to turn up after a year. Dad had always he got hit by a car because apparently there was a cat like him at the side of the street. He just didn’t tell us because he didn’t want to upset us. Blondie texted my mom after she continued to send pictures to her that he was home to never him go back outside, but after having my mom and ChiChi follow him around throughout the house, he meowed and mom put him back outside. Dad thinks somebody else has been taking care of him as good and calm he was being to us and other cats too.

 Now that it’s actually Thanksgiving, it’s a bit weird. I taped Macy’s Day Parade and I tried to watch a bit of it after I woke up, but I’m starting to understand why I don’t usually watch it. I loved it as a kid because of the giant balloons, but now they’ve got performers that you know they’re all lip-syncing to their music. Especially those broadway sections, but I like those I always have. I know, I know! I’m being weird again. Anyways, the parts I did watch it I only saw at least 3 balloon characters. Really? So I’m thinking now that setting it up to tape was a bad idea. I did this last year too, you’d think I’d remember it! However, one thing that my family and I always say we’re going to do is watch the Thanksgivi10426523_4715594625911_262121616550919199_nng episode of Mad About You, called “Giblets For Murray” its were their dog Murray eats their turkey after they just told their family that it was their year hosting Thanksgiving and they were going to do things their way, well then they walk into the kitchen and find the dog going to town on the turkey. They spend the last part of the episode trying to sneak in another turkey into the kitchen without anybody noticing. It’s honestly a great episode, probably the best! I know every word of it because I’ve watched it so many times.

I hope everybody in the US is having a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for everything I have, my family and friends, this blog and ever-growing amount of music I can consume in a week. This is my road to Thanksgiving, if I can get myself to do anything tomorrow evening I’ll be posting my day with my crazy family that I am so stoked to seeing. I waited up for my sister last night as she came home from work in the snow. Yeah, I’m pretty sure we won’t be getting any snow for Christmas. That’s just my guess since it’s here on Thanksgiving. Dad said we didn’t get much though. I hope you’ve enjoy this post.

Afternoon Out + Day In

866212080It was Monday. It’s a day that everybody just dreads after a good weekend, or just a weekend ends period. After not completing last week’s episode of Witches Of East End I kind of wasn’t into watching the new episode last night or this morning. So I kind of forgot about it being a Sunday altogether. I did though, taped Total Divas and watched that morning. I already had plans to go outside today before I even went to bed, so when I woke up at 9am, and my room was partly dark because the clouds had shielded the sun away. When I rolled over onto my back my mood and had intentions of going outside again was still intact. I ended up just started asking everyone if it was going to rain or not. Thankfully, the rain kept away long enough that I got to enjoy a good three hours outside. Not many times were I’m outside when it could potently rain or storm. The weather was breezy and cool, as the sun wasn’t out all but twice, I wasn’t too bothered by it though. It just felt good to be out of the house and around the cats.

I think they like the attention they get when one of us goes outside to spend some time with them. They’re getting used to my wheelchair, especially the unexpected turns I tend to make while on the porch and backyard. I could literally be there on the front porch for more than five minutes and all five cats will be on the porch, either lying on the ground or looking into the screen door, hoping somebody will either let them inside or feed them. Midget is starting to turn into her mommy, as she’s starting to climb on the screen door and window now. Which is very interesting because Midget doesn’t really do well indoors. Grumpy is more a indoors cat then his sister, if my door is closed to keep them in my room to visit, she tries everything to possibly to get out of there. She doesn’t like being locked in at all. Grumpy has his moments. He likes cuddling more than anything. He’ll reach up to you with his front paws and meow and purr to get you to pet him. He’s kind of taken over the role of our old cat Tubby, we don’t see him anymore and if he does come around he’s very scared of people and freaks out. It’s kind of sad honestly because he was one of the sweetest cats and loved getting cuddles too. Anyways, when Midget and her sister Stef wee little, they liked to follow me from one part of the yard to the other, like seriously! You’d swear they were racing me! It was so cute! I love doing it with Midget still, I literally caught myself looking over my shoulder and seeing her far back behind me, if I think she’s not going to try to race me she proves me wrong by scaring the shit out of me and running as fast as she can next up to the house. One of these days, we’re going to run into each other because my wheels will probably get caught on the tree roots. That would be an awkward scene to explain to my parents. “How the hell did you run over the cat’s paws?” “Oh, I got caught on the damn tree roots.” Lame.

Our two littlest babies, Kells and Stormy are getting used to my wheelchairs. Kells loves laying directly underneath my wheelchair and of course I hate it because I am literally stuck there until somebody opens the door and brings out food. Stormy is my go-to kitty whenever I can’t go outside. Mom likes to bring him inside because he kind of likes being inside. He actually likes his cuddles too. Everytime we have him inside, it’s almost like he wants me to go onto the floor because he gets very lonely and meows like crazy. He doesn’t like the bed very much. The times I go on the floor he gets in a lovey dovey mood, he still wants to play but he’s less curious and wants to cuddle up to my legs and take a nap. Which is fine with me because then I can either watch TV or do a crossword puzzle/read my book while he snoozes. On Sunday, Blondie was cleaning the inside of her car, it wasn’t so lonely to be out there by myself. I mean, the cats can’t give you a genuine conversation like a human being can, so I texted my friend and neighbor if she was at home. When she said she was. I asked my mom if I could go over there, after some persuasion she finally let me go, I went over there and had a good conversation with Sammy and her mom. Another one of our friends Kim came over just before Chey got off the bus. Which just blew my mind! I totally forgot there was school and it’s been in session for several weeks now. She didn’t come home very happy, so it was kind of difficult but she was okay. While I was sitting out there, the damn mosquitos were eating me up bad, Theresa went into the house and brought out these black sticks and for some odd reason I thought they were sparklers from July. Nope, they were incense sticks. Theresa put a few out around the floorboards of the porch and then Sammy brought some and stuck them in the ground around my chair. I told it looked like she was doing a witch ritual because she basically put them around the front end of my wheelchair. I’m not going to lie, they really did help a lot. They smelled pretty good, I think she said they had passion fruit, coconut, and mango. I was definitely the coconut the most. I honestly didn’t want to leave but I really had to go to the bathroom.

Tuesday, it’s been pretty boring. I’ve mainly been watching TV and listening to music all day long. Which isn’t a bad way to spend a day but it was boring. I got to watch Dr. Phil and totally regretted it. I’ve been drowning myself in Motionless In White and Flyleaf new albums too. I think after two days of being outside and around the kitties, I think I had my fill of them. I didn’t have any feelings of going outside when I got up. I’m very happy to see Dancing With The Stars back on again! I’m also very glad that Lolo went home (sorry spoiler!) I’m still trying to figure out which teams I’m on as it is the very first week, but I’m being pulled to Tavis Smiley, Tommy Chong, Sadie Robertson, and Lea Thompson right now. I don’t know who my mom is pulling for at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll be finding out soon because we’ll probably be at each other’s throats in a few more weeks, so beware!


Tune Tuesday: Australia!


It’s the third week for the Tune Tuesday Music Travel and this time we’re going down under!! Yup, time for Australia. I feel like Australia is growing a pretty good music scene there. It’s not just the hot actors coming out of the sun, it’s the singers and pure metal heads too! Australia’s got a pretty big music festival called Soundwave in Brisbane (I think) and all kinds of bands go to play there. They just had the festival a couple of months ago, Five Finger Death Punch and Of Mice & Men went there to play. Last year I was listening to one of my favorite radio stations and they have a segment where they music from different places all over the world. The band was called The Amity Affliction. The song was called “Open Letter” and from the first listen I seriously hooked. I think a few weeks later I ended up buying it on iTunes. They are about to release their new album, “Let The Ocean Take Me” and I am excited! I love both of their new singles! Their new album comes this week so go get TODAY!!!

I know that I talk about rock and metal music a lot, but I’ve got enough for other genres too. Pop music was my first love in a sense and so anytime I hear a good pop song on the radio there’s a big chance I’ll end up liking it too. Cody Simpson has been out and about for a while. I just heard about him this year though as he was on Dancing With The Stars this past season and paired up with new pro dancer Witney Carson. I liked whenever they danced, he always tried to bring a bit of himself in all of his dances. It kept him apart from the rest and that was a good thing. He got to use one of his songs for the dance number they did in the season. They actually used it twice as he ended up performing the song live on the finale episode. It’s a catchy song but I mostly like for the beat. It’s usually never about the words anymore for these pop singers. All about the beat for me and like for you, it’s uptempo! Do you listen to any bands or singers from Australia? I’m always looking for new music so share with me! Oh and what are you listening to?

Open Letter by The Amity Affliction

Pittsburgh by The Amity Affliction

Surfboard by Cody Simpson

Something Always Happens

UntitledIt’s been a pretty long day but it was a great one too!! There’s not many Monday’s where that’s actually happened. I do pray before I attempted to go to bed last night that to watch over me today and help me how a good day. God must’ve heard me, since it turned out the way it did!

I was originally supposed to get up early to go over to my nana’s while my parents took the bike and Blondie’s to the shop. When my mom woke me up at almost 8am, she only took me to the bathroom and had me go back to sleep. When she woke me up again, it was an hour before noon and I had only gotten an hour of sleep after that first time she woke me up. We went to Jasper twice, and I had my headphones on so I mostly in la-la land for most of the ride. When we dad got his bike back, we had seen these two older couples go into these bikes and trikes. I was actually hoping to God that they were both looking at the trikes, because one of them especially was definitely too old to get on a motorcycle. I’m sorry, but they were! I was having fun sitting in the backseat listening to my music but when my mom was listening to something that had a lot bass, I turned them off and listened to hers. Listening to music in her truck made me miss using my stereo with my iPod. Since my iPod is so tiny, it runs down the battery now.

When we got home, we relaxed a little bit and mom got my hair washed for me. She had told me after she got home from work yesterday afternoon that she and dad were talking about going out to eat. When she came to the house, she told me what they were discussing and said that they were going out to eat, usually in these cases I’m just happy to be get out of house, but for this, this never happens anymore. Something always happens that day or a few days before and it all goes downhill from there. After were we went today, I was even wondering if we’d go out at all. Blondie got home early and then we all got dressed and hit the road. On the way there, we listened to the radio and heard my dad’s “favorite” song from a few years ago. Duffy’s song “Mercy” was on the radio a lot and on my iPod so I listened to it a lot too. I was literally sitting in the backseat singing right along to it. When we got to Ponderosa, I felt very excited because I was really hungry but also a very weird feeling come to me when my mom was paying for the cashier. My dad has a very weird sense of humor, as do I, but he was just in a good mood and started saying very inappropriate things and it got us all laughing when it shouldn’t have but instead of feeling embarrassed like normally, I was very positive and calm. I wasn’t mad at him when we got to our table either. I’d rather him be in a quirky, good mood than a bad one.

The last few times I eat out, I usually go with my mom and get a salad first. I have a very good memory sometimes and I’m glad I remembered of the last couple of times where I said “no more salad bar” because if I get a salad I generally eat a lot of it and get full by the time I eat my regular food and of course, dessert. So my dad and I started a first course of fried chicken, fish, deep-fried shrimp, green beans, mac and cheese, and a roll. It was comfort on a plate! My dad just put the shrimp on my plate because he wanted to try them too and he got my plate first so you know. Everything was good, but the chicken was WAY too crispy for me and he gave me a bite of these BBQ ribs and I’m so used to my dad’s take on foods, especially BBQ ribs and so, I gave him a compliment when I said to him that they didn’t taste like his, honestly nothing is going to taste like his food! After I was finished, dad and I went up to get dessert and I got a bowl full of vanilla ice cream (I love soft serve) with Oreo crumbs and chopped up peanuts. I remembered from the last time we went out as a family that my dad and Blondie had called me out about how I eat my ice cream. Somehow I was very comfortable being around them and though the ice cream was freaking cold on my teeth. I ate it like everything else without making a weird face. Dad got chocolate ice cream with a slice of carrot cake. Basically, all of us got ice cream and I’m also proud to say I actually got to finish my dessert. That literally NEVER happens!

Once we left, we all kind of agreed that we weren’t going back to Ponderosa again. According to my dad, when he goes to eat there with his friends, the food’s good. When we goes out with us, not so much! Again, I did not take this as an insult. I just laughed my butt off and kept looking at the TV were sitting below. My mom and I were kind of hoping we’d get home a little bit before the start of Dancing With The Stars and we got home an hour before the show started. Which was just torture because we were all exhausted! Blondie and dad had done work all day long and literally none of us got any sleep last night either. It didn’t really stop my mom and sister from going tanning after we got home though. It is kind of late at night and I just finished watching DWTS and voted for my favorites. Now I’m going to try to finish a couple of episodes of Frasier and The Golden Girls before I find some sleep. I also need to do my prayers as well too! I hope everybody enjoyed their day!