Music Monday | Scott Storch


For this week, the next music producer is going to be Scott Storch. Scott has always been at the top of my list of best composers and definitely the inspiration for this series. Dr. Dre, Rick Rubin, Timbaland, Scott and Joost van der Breok were the five I originally wanted to discuss for the entire summer but I didn’t think I would have enough material so I made a last minute decision to add a few more people to the list and that was the end of it.

Despite my love of him being a producer, I fell in love with his way to create a killer beat. A lot of people tend to forget that a producer are also the ones making the actual music too! Back when the network VH1 use to air those episodes of The Lives of Rich and Famous. Scott was selected to be featured in one of them and he gave everyone a sneak peak into the way he came up with three of the biggest songs in 2003-04. He would play snippets of 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop” and “Just A Little Bit” and Fat Joe’s “Lean Back”. I always found it hilarious that while both of these rappers were feuding with each other, they were working with the same person who was helping them their music! Anyways, once I figured out how these songs were made, I was floored! I knew both “Candy Shop” and “Just A Little Bit” sounded similar, but I didn’t know how to explain what I was hearing; everybody would have thought I was overly obsessed because at that time I was a huge fun of 50 Cent.

Unfortunately, Scott sort of disappeared from the music world for a while. I think he finally came back out of the shadows in 2014 or sometime after that. I know he had produced songs for Fat Joe in the last year and recently released a brand new song helping carry out the reggaetón flavor, that I definitely enjoy hearing, in the summertime. The track is called “Fuego Del Calor” and it features Ozuna and Tyga. I honestly thought I wouldn’t really enjoy it, because when I want to listen to that type of music, I’d rather have someone who knows that genre in and out, and can make it sound completely different than the others on the radio. So, it was a surprise that I actually enjoyed the whole thing!

Do you know any Scott Storch albums he’s worked on in the past? What are your favorite songs ever?


5 thoughts on “Music Monday | Scott Storch

  1. I also find it funny that two rappers are having a supposed feud when they aren’t just on the same label but have the same producer and probably get offered the same beats and choruses etc. I’ve not noticed this guy but I’m sure I’ve heard. Lot of what he’s done. I like Regaeton tunes too, if like you say they are interesting and well produced.

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    1. I’m glad someone understands me! 😀

      I mean, it’s like the “scandal” that happened to Beyoncé & Kelly Clarkson a few years ago. Beyoncé had just released “Halo” and it was a smash but a couple of months later, Kelly put out “Already Gone” that had the same beat and she tried her hardest to get her label to not release it as a new single but they did it anyways! Honestly, I like Kelly’s way better.

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      1. It is and what makes it even worse is that the songwriter who wrote her song, also wrote and composed “Halo” as well! Honestly, a part of me thinks that is cool, not to mention lucky to do it, but the label thinking of releasing the song knowing it does sound alike is a little cruel to both singers.

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