Dear NaNoWriMo


Every November aspiring writers gear up to attempt to write their novel in the full 31 days! I have done this myself–or at least tried to–I made it through three weeks with no stopping but back then I would lose my spunk right in the middle of every month. It was annoying as hell! One thing that I can be proud of is that I lasted a lot longer than I thought I would, so that was a plus for me!

After that, I have wanted to try it out again, but for some reason I always realize this like at the end of October, so I always feel rushed to get things done to be able to figure out my plot and material I want to bring into it. By the time the month actually comes along, I have absolutely nothing and I basically say “fuck it”. This year was similar to the previous ones, I tell my fellow writers that I’m going to do it, when in reality I know better. There is one difference and that is for the story I wanted to write, I have actually figured out how I wanted to start it, which is something I didn’t have the first time around!

I hope everyone who are doing NaNoWriMo good luck on their stories! For me though, I think I am just going to focus my attention on my blog and reading books. My mom and I have caught the bug again, so we’re both trying to get through Demi Moore’s memoir Inside Out so as she flies through it, I’ll be trying to finish The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood and Home Work by Julie Andrews. So, wish me luck too!

Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year? Why or why not?