EP Review: “Visions” by UNSECRET


While I was busy discovering Tommee Profitt’s third cinematic release last month, I actually found another batch of epic music that I accidentally stumbled upon on YouTube. There is literally no information about UNSECRET, there is nothing on their social medias of whether it’s a group, duo or one person creating the beats, and once a cycle is up, they just kind of disappear. All I’ve managed to find out that is that they’re released a new album and it features different artists, some you might know already and there’s a few you may not! The album is called “Visions” and consists of six songs, all with a different singer on the track itself. So let’s get right into it!

The first song we start off is “Wake Up World” and it has one of my favorite female cinematic artists, Ruelle. You may have heard of her music on different TV shows like The Vampire Diaries and Shadowhunters. UNSECRET has chosen a very soft introduction to the record. Ruelle has a beautiful soft and raw quality in her voice, there’s so much emotion built into it, even if the track itself is very mellow. I figured it would be rather jam-packed but it’s a slow building, although it never really loses that chill atmosphere, it’s still very charming. Next we have “Running For Your Life” and again we have a soft beginning, but then we have this burst of ominous elements with the piano and an almost haunting synths. This featured Australian singer-songwriter Butterfly Boucher, and her voice is fairly low throughout the entire song, it just stays in that one pitch but it’s lovely against the heavy sounds in the background.

Third is “Be A Witness” and you might recognize this singer too. Fleurie’s airy voice is nice and this has a urban feel and pop vibe to me, so it could work to pretty much anything. And the next one is “No Mercy” with Icetope. This has a very serious and fast pace! I liked it a lot, but I’ve realized over time that these are usually the shortest songs on the entire thing! I’ve never heard of Icetope, and like UNSECRET, finding any information about her or them is virtually impossible!

Now we have the fifth track is another featuring Fluerie, “From This We Are Born” and I liked the soft breakaway from the previous song. It has its up tempo moments, but it’s not as intense as the other one, but I actually preferred Fluerie’s voice in this one. I like the story she’s telling. Lastly there’s “Never Give Up” and this has Rose Cousins, a Canadian folk/pop singer in it. I like the fact that we started this on a semi-low note and we’re going to end it in the same way. Rose’s voice is very sweet, loving and encouraging with the meaning of the song. I really enjoyed this one!

This was a very interesting release! I’m glad you can actually find other producers and composers actually making really good quality cinematic music and it also helps that there are people like me, who also enjoy the genre just as much. I always want to know whatever music is playing behind the trailer or commercial. And usually I’m very lucky and can find it easily because somebody has usually done the work for me! UNSECRET made a very slow and steady product that I actually loved. I don’t like the epic ballads that some do, I like the fire blazing dramatic showstoppers, but every once in a while with the right singer, they bring out a certain emotion out of a scene or whatever you may be feeling at the time, and it helps you get it out.

Have you heard of UNSECRET yet? Do you like cinematic music too? Are there other artists that sound like them? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “EP Review: “Visions” by UNSECRET

    1. Ooh! Yeah, it did have of an Evanescence sound to it! I don’t know why that didn’t pop into my head! It’s different, isn’t it? Not what we’re used to, especially when we think of what is on pop radio. It still has that kind of fair, it’s relatable in its own way, but the sound is very grand. 🙂

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