Mixtape Review: “Heavy Rules Mixtape” by ALMA


I am always lost on how to title these types of reviews. I usually try to make things simpler for you guys so you know what you’re about to read below, but sometimes the word “mixtape” is included on the actual title of the record itself so I apologize if that whole banner looks weird. Thankfully, I’ve only done one other mixtape review, and it also had the word on it too, if you’d like to look into that one too, it was Dillon Francis’s “This Mixtape Is Fire” and it’s a lot of moombaton at once, but I loved it though!

Alma is a Finnish artist, she competed in Finland Idol back in 2013, she only made it through a few weeks before being eliminated. Back in 2016, she released her first extended play called Dye My Hair and a year later she lend her vocals on a track “All Stars” by French DJ Martin Solveig that I actually grew to enjoy over the summer! This record came out on March 2nd, and even though it only has six songs on it, she has quite a few guests, so let’s get into this!

The first track is “Legend” and it has a celebratory type of vibe to it, like you partied too much the night before or you’re still partying kind of song. It does have a somewhat mellow beat, so even though it’s like a party song, it’s not jam packed as I would have liked it to be, but it’s actually really fun! Second is “Dance For Me” and it features Danish singer MØ and again, it’s pretty chill on the beat, but it’s not boring so that’s a plus! I think adding MØ was a good idea, as they both have soft voices but MØ has a really unique voice and she just gives the song a bit of an edge and they both sound good on EDM music.

Next we have “Good Vibes” and I really liked the softness of it. The song isn’t really dance-y, more like a calm swaying back and forth, will do it enough justice! I actually liked the lyrics too, they were easy to follow and you could picture everything in your head. This featured Swedish singer Tove Stryke in it. This other song, I saw the title and was immediately intrigued for some odd reason. It’s called “Fake Gucci” and the beat itself was better, but not obnoxious. I do enjoy the little break in the middle, where the “drums” take on a stronger role to it. While I was listening to it, I felt it has a tropical vibe to it, but it was another one where I paid attention to the lyrics because I was really curious on what kind of story went with this. I really enjoyed it too!

Fifth song is “BACK2U” and this has a quirky type of beat on it, I’d say a little bit on the urban side. It wasn’t what I was expecting compared to the other songs before it, but it did stay on the chill and steady tempo like the rest, but it wasn’t that bad. I feel like these types of beats are kind of perfect for her voice, I envy the singers that can basically sing-talk without any trouble. She has a very pretty voice for this day and age of pop music. The last track is called “Chit Chat” and it features Kiiara, and we all should be familiar with her. She has this girly, but deep voice that give songs a sensual vibe. The beat alone on this already has this sexy tone to it, but adding Kiiara’s voice along to it makes it even better!

I have to say, I was really both impressed and surprised with this mixtape. I love not knowing what I’m going to hear come out of these records, everytime I feel like I know what I’m going to hear, I’m usually wrong and I like being caught off guard like that, it makes things a little bit interesting for me as a listener! And since the mixtape is made up of slow tempo songs really freaks me out because I like to listen to energetic stuff and this made me want to lay out somewhere alone and relax for a bit.

Have you heard of ALMA before? What did you think of the mixtape the first time you heard it? Do you have any favorites you’d like to share with me?