Album Review: “Evolve” by Imagine Dragons


Imagine Dragons is back! They recently released their third album called Evolve and I was actually really excited to hear it, but I’ve been going back and forward on how I feel about them. They are one of those pop-rock bands that is really hard to categorize because they make their music so different. When played live they sound like a genuine rock band but studio versions it sounds totally out of the box; almost has an alternative sound going with it.

The band is made up of four members: Wayne Sermon on lead guitar, Ben McKee on bass, Daniel Plantzman on drums, and Dan Reynolds rounding it out on vocals. They also have touring members too, but I’ve decided not to include them on here.

The first song is titled “I Don’t Know Why” and it has a nice easy introduction, very electronic. It has the perfect ominous tone to be the starter of the album. It has a nice groove and sort of gives me an old school pop vibe to it as far as the popping sounds of the beat and how low Dan’s voice in the choruses. It’s very strange but in a good way! Next is a favorite of mine, it’s “Whatever It Takes” and Dan is very fast saying the verses, I always get kind of cringy whenever I hear singers do this, hell even rappers! It just makes me very nervous! Anyways, this gives me an urban feel. It’s mellow but the tempo builds at the choruses!

Third is their first single they released this year, “Believer” and since it has been played over and over again, I have been sort of dodging it on the radio. I do love the fact that it sounds like a regular ID song, but I will be honest when I say I was a bit bummed on how much it sounds like “Radioactive,” nobody seems to mind but me. Next is “Walking The Wire” and this is an interesting one, it has a slow start but they keep that beat going. I like the gentle guitar you can hear towards the second verse a lot. It’s another favorite of mine! The fifth track is “Rise Up” and I was expecting this one to be a heavier, but I was sadly mistaken. It’s okay though! I liked the stripped down sound in the beginning, again you have a nice guitar strumming in the background. I do like the drum beat throughout, so it was better than my exception!

Next is “I’ll Make It Up To You” and I’m happy to say this is as close to a ballad as we’re going to get with Imagine Dragons! I like the love I feel in the words and you guys know me, I don’t really pay attention to the lyrics! It’s not really that bad. “Yesterday” is the seventh track and this one kind of freaked me out a little bit. The first thing I thought of when I heard was, “are they drunk?” It also gives me a Beatles vibe too, so I was dumbfounded with this one! It totally has more of a pop sound despite the noticeable guitar towards the end of the second verse, but.. It’s a weird one let’s just leave it at that! Luckily after that one, you have a somewhat regular ID song again. It definitely has more of a rock sound to it with the addition of the piano it sounds like their normal tracks!

The last three tracks start with their second single they released called “Thunder” and it is my fourth favorite on the album! It is another that has a hip hop undertone to it. I love the drum beats in it and the high-pitched “thunder” throughout, ah it’s so good! I actually don’t have any complaints about it! Next is “Start Over” and this one gave me a tropical vibe, I know that sounds weird but it has an exotic sound and that was the first thing that popped into my head and that’s what I’m going with, but what’s more surprising is that I actually like it! The finale is “Dancing In The Dark” and it has a mysterious intro and leads into this electronic beat, it’s very airy and almost static-y since Dan’s voice keeps going in and out, but again I like it.

If I can be honest, I think it’s a good summer album. There are a few songs that I felt were meant to be played for the season. Despite calling the album “evolve” and it being their third album in general, their sound is generally the same. There’s nothing really different with it. I’m also finding myself comparing them to other bands in different songs. So even though I liked a few of the tracks I was kind of disappointed with it.

What do you think of Imagine Dragons new album? What were your likes and dislikes about it?


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