Taking A Blogging Break



I have decided to have myself a week off.

If you know me well enough then you will know I never do this ever. Even when I’m sick, I usually try to have at least something new up, but I think I can have one week off. Whenever I write my blog posts I usually try to write up one or two a week and schedule them to go up later in the month. So to not force myself to create something too creative I decided I needed to just stop production for one week and recover from the wedding plans!

I do have a couple of new posts going up next week and a few others throughout the month of August! I did that so it’s not all about the wedding. I posted a poll on Twitter last week about what kind of playlist everybody wanted for July, I had a 63% for a wedding playlist! However I did create a regular monthly playlist too, so if you would like to hear that too! Click here and you can listen to it! I’m really hoping it works!

I hope you all understand!


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5 thoughts on “Taking A Blogging Break

  1. Take all the time you need lovely and enjoy it! I never used to take blog breaks either but now I’ve started to give myself lots of them throughout the year as I find it helps me to focus on other things and keep my posts fresh too. I hope the wedding planning has all been going OK too and look forward to your return! – Tasha

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    1. I already have two posts ready! And I have one more left, but I’ve got like three or four others that have nothing to do with the wedding to work on, I’m just trying to figure out the words to those posts!

      Thank you though, I’m just a workaholic! I also don’t like to be lazy either! šŸ˜¦

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