Photo Diary | Feeling Like Spring



I had to do a last minute re-write of this post, because I honestly hated everything about it! If it wasn’t for the pictures of our cats below, I wouldn’t had even bothered of fixing it at all!

The first week of March we were greeted with some very nice weather! Everybody in the Midwest was semi happy, because they also knew how our weather likes to change drastically! Which is what happened on Monday. We haven’t had any snow since the first week of January and then all of a sudden, it decided to snow again. We usually get a decent winter, but not this year. The bugs are going to be absolutely horrible – mosquitoes are going to be the reason why I’ll be spending most of my summer indoors! ¬†Thanks to the goofy weather, our flowers and trees have been blooming!

I have this roll of pictures and I have a second batch (coming soon!) that will be the last from the pink camera as it decided to crap out on me! It was a long time coming though! I got into more details about that next week! March is the one month where I wasn’t on my game! Even I’ve been a little disappointed with myself! I usually have things ready for April and I haven’t done a single thing for that month. You’ll read about that on Monday!

Hope you’re having a good week so far!

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What do you think of this photo diary? Have you picked a favorite in the lot above?


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