The Perfect “Vikings” Playlist


So… this is going to be interesting to explain to the whole world but I have recently created a “Vikings” playlist, but unfortunately I do not watch the series. Now you’re probably wondering why the hell I even bothered making it? Well, to answer the question truthfully, I am more interested in the historical aspect of it. I will instantly look into the stories, in this case, the sagas written by the Anglo-Saxons centuries after the Vikings.

In 2013, I watched a very cool program called America Unearthed and it was about conspiracy theories of the United States of America and what we were told throughout the generations. There was one episode that really got my attention; every year we have a “holiday” celebrating Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus setting foot on the New World first in 1492, but to me, that seems very weird because trade is such an old profession that when I watched this show I started to rethink what I was always taught in school.

The host Scott Wolter, explained about the different stones, what we now know as “rune stones” found all over the eastern side of North America. Before the colonists were made up and the states got their names, the French would “claim” land by putting different stones or boulders in sections of land and would crave their names and sometimes even the year onto it so the other explorers would know that somebody has already been there. This really gave away to the possibility that maybe Christopher Columbus was not indeed the one to first discover North America and maybe the French or Vikings themselves did instead.

To me, this is what history is all about, we’re finding more and more artifacts that we keep changing it and I do believe some things in the history books are wrong. However, it does not mean a thing unless there’s concrete evidence and since it was so long ago, somehow we don’t have enough documents that survived to help prove that somebody was here before the Spanish, but it is a very interesting concept and maybe one day somebody will be able to prove the impossible!

I also watched the mini documentary series called Real Vikings that would air just after the newest episode when it came back on November 30th. I thought it was pretty cool, but I’m a history junkie! I did learn a lot about their culture in those short four weeks. I also got to see the last 2 minutes of the episode plus the teaser of the episode that would play that next week, so it all sort of came together and inspired me I guess. Anyways, I do hope that sort of explains why I did create the playlist in general.

I will include the whole playlist at the end of the post, but I wanted to talk about a few of the songs that I feel are perfect for some of the characters or themes of the last ten episodes of season four! I also arranged the song in order of how I thought Ragnar’s life and reign started and how it will continue in the series and any other information I can find out in the meantime!

The type of music I am naturally drawn to symphonic metal, it already has a fantasy vibe. The sound of the genre is completely different from what you normally hear from normal rock and heavy metal bands. The word “symphonic” comes from “symphony” of course and that means it will have the sounds of orchestra plus powerful choirs deep in the background. Everything is still the same, except for a few things, one of which is majority of the bands have female singers. There are a couple bands that share the role with a much harsher male vocalists, which can bring out more of the heavy metal sound than the women, but where they lack, they also bring emotion to the character and story they are trying to tell within the song.

Sacrificum by: Xandria 

It was actually a little easier finding a song that fit the story and/or character of “Ragnar” more than anyone, including his sons. The word “sacrificum” is Latin for “sacrifice” and I thought the lyrics fit the ending of Ragnar Lothbrook on the show pretty well; because the song it tells you how the character started off in his life just like everybody else and managed to get at a certain level, in this case became an Earl, but is now facing death and it sounds like he is talking to his family, his descendants, and that’s what really sealed the deal for me!

The Howling by: Within Temptation 

I thought this was an interesting perspective as far as looking into the violent ways of the Vikings themselves. They were essentially killing machines and took whatever they wanted, whether it was gold, jewels or in some cases people. What drew me to this song though, was the outlook of the people that lived in those villages that they raided and sometimes destroyed. I thought the combination of the two views, the victim to the warriors would be a neat contrast and would give you another side of the story altogether.

Kings Of Kings by: Leaves’ Eyes 

One thing a lot of people may not know, is that there quite a bit of bands in different parts of the world (mostly in Finland and Norway) that do pull from Viking folklore. Leaves’ Eyes is one of those bands, their album “Kings Of Kings” is based off Norse kings and even have a song just for “Halvadan The Black” and I have included it below!

This song though I thought represented all of the kings (and queens) mentioned both on the show but historically too! I also think it could describe Ragnar’s sons Bjorn and Ivar The Boneless (we won’t get into what I think of that character right now!) as they become bigger than their father as far as traveling and invasions.

The Undiscovered Land by: Xandria 

I hadn’t listened to this song a lot before I realized it went with a certain character on the show, so I’ve been really into it lately!

I tried to look into the lyrics of the songs and that’s what made me think of giving this song to Floki, especially after what my dad told me of what happened in the season finale. It is a lot softer than the other songs, but since Floki has turned into this sad, almost depressed person now, I thought he needed a ballad to really show what he is going through and feeling after the death of Ragnar, Helga and his adoptive daughter.

We Are Murderers (We All) by Xandria 

I think with the title alone, I may not need to really explain how it got included into the playlist! It’s still pretty cool how I thought which character it would be belong to though.

It was actually the first verse that made me put it at the end because of the newest character on the show. Jonathan Rhys Meyers has joined the cast as a bishop/warrior Heahmund. There’s not much about him other than he is considered a saint in Roman Catholic Church. So I thought the song in general could be used to describe this character to a T, because I’m thinking the bishop as a peacemaker, not a fighter! At least, that’s what I was always taught. I think that is really going against what we all were told by our parents and grandparents about heads of the church and the fact that he was really a warrior is shocked me!

I recommend you either look up the lyrics to each of the songs I have listed above or if you had the time you can listen to them to see if you agree or disagree with me on placement. I would also love to hear of your playlist or song to that you think describes or tells the story of Ragnar or any of the other characters.

So what do you think of the playlist? Are you a fan of the show? Who is your favorite character(s)?


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