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If you had read my first installment of my monthly write up review post from January, then you will be familiar that I am doing something different this year. I am writing a story, except I’ve been calling it a “project” to not put extra pressure on myself–that didn’t work as good as I thought it would!

I mentioned in that I was doing this old school. As modern writers would use laptops and special softwares to keep everything together, whereas I have decided to basically write out everything. I had given it some thought and just figured it was safer to do it that way for now! However, my poor dad went and bought me a printer for Christmas, despite the fact he is the actual reason why I’ve become so paranoid about using my laptop to write the project! And like I had mentioned in the write up post, once I get sections of my first draft done I will probably only type it out on an old typewriter!

In a way, this will be about what I’ve been using to keep things together! Some things are hand-me-downs and the rest were gifts from both of my parents! The “hand-me-downs” are just little things that my nana wasn’t using anymore so she just gave them to me instead!


My nana has a whole drawer full of different stationary stuff! I know about it because I’m the one who organized it for her! Since doing that, she’s given me a few different sizes of notepads here and there. I keep this green one for longer things, such as playlists! I’ve tried to write it songs on the thinner one she gave me that has lines on it, but unfortunately it is too small and you can hardly read my writing on it! I will probably have to use this with my project because since it doesn’t have the sticky stuff on the back I can use both sides of it!

I have two sets of post-notes. I use to have three, but I have no idea where it went to! These are handy if you wanted to remember something and it’s short enough that you wouldn’t need a bigger sheet of paper and a paperclip to keep everything together! I also like to write on them in the middle of the night, if I ever get ideas for both the project and/or future blog posts and I just stick them on the side of my bookshelf!

My nana gave me this small box of paperclips. Now these are bigger than your avenge paperclips! I like them this way actually, I mean, there still a pain in the butt to pull through the papers, but at least I can grip and see them! The last item she let me have is a stabler and she has another one in her desk, in case I ever needed it there! And yes, I can use a stabler! It’s the actual stable gun I cannot use! However, you should have seen me stable two sheets together one afternoon, not only did I miss like four times but in the one time it worked, the stable only went through one piece of paper, so I had to take it out and start all over again!

What I’ve had my mom buy for me are a package of pens. Yes, I am writing with pens instead of pencils. I don’t think I can grip regular pencils anymore and I don’t want to keep sharpening them every other day because of the amount of writing I’ve done in the past, so I thought pens would be an easier route! She also got me two packs of little tabs. They’re like post-it notes but these are small and skinny, they go on the edge of the book or anything and will keep tabs on what page you were on than just a normal bookmark.


Now this is where it’s going to sound weird, but in a way very helpful too!

One night I wasn’t able to sleep and I decided that since I couldn’t find anything to watch or drift off to dreamland that I was going to write a little bit. I have actually done this in the past, but I don’t necessarily recommend it. I’ve had to use my TV as my only source of light and after some practice the only thing that gives you enough lighting are cartoons. The bright colors work great for this, it’s the quick change of scenes that tend to mess with you!

I had mentioned this to my mom one afternoon and she felt bad that I couldn’t turn on my light so I could write, so she randomly left the room and came back five seconds later with a mini light that you press on top and you get a nice light for a small amount of space. Well, once my dad found out about this because I did try it out a couple of times. I have to say his solution came as a surprise because he doesn’t necessarily approve of me getting up in the middle of the night – he thinks I’m going to hurt myself, which I can understand.

They went to Wal-Mart one day and he bought me a small LED flashlight. This sucker is powerful! I guess I had never paid that much attention to how much space a LED light can brighten up but it works! I’m still trying to figure out where to place it whenever I write at night because since it is so bright, I don’t need to blind myself nor do I need to let my folks know that I’m awake at night either, but I’ll get there!

So these are my writing essentials, what are yours? 


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