Bridal Expo 2017!



Last month I had mentioned that my mom, Blondie and I went to a bridal expo. None of us had ever been to one of these things before. I’ve heard of them and imagined a bunch of bridezella’s running around trying to get all of the free stuff, but this one was not anything that I could cook up in my head.

It was held in a small community building in a section of the park. I want to say for a bridal expo I figured they’d want to put it somewhere a little bigger, since we were like the first groups there, it didn’t seem so small until more and more brides and their crew were making their way around the different vendors it was at that moment when it felt like such a small space! I want to say there were like 10-12 vendors in the actual room ranging from catering, photography, to DJs.

I did something that I never do, and that is I actually asked the receptionist if I could take pictures for my blog! I never do that, but since this is something in relation to Blondie’s wedding, I figured you guys would like my opinions and what all was featured there too! Of course the majority of the vendors are from the Southern Indiana area, so I don’t know if that’ll help the brides-to-be out there, but if you’re based somewhere in Indiana or going to have a wedding in the state of Indiana, I guess it would be helpful to find different stuff closer to where you’re having it!

As somebody in a wheelchair, especially a push chair, I found it a bit overwhelming and by the third one we visited (which was a videographer), I had written into my brain that if ever get married that I was going to talk my future husband into visiting the court house or taking a trip to Las Vegas and eloping because there ain’t no way in hell I am doing that to myself!

I thought the third catering company was pretty interesting though! While the first two only had a small selection of food to try, which were amazing by the way! I totally regretted eating a whole bowl of cereal just before getting there! One of the companies had brought a couple of their wedding cakes and a tear of different decorated cupcakes which were going to use for a game later that day! We didn’t stay that long to play or try the cupcakes, but I do remember a couple of the flavors: french vanilla and lavender? I think that was one of them, but I could be wrong!


This was this one cake where I was really curious about, mostly because I watch a lot of Food Network shows! I really wanted to know how they made the purple cake. My mom was really interested in it too. She kept repeating to me that she didn’t have that kind of patience (and she doesn’t) and thought a simple frosting was enough for her! There were three people from the company. I talked to the lady and asked her if the petals were made with white chocolate or sugar? She mentioned that she didn’t know, but guessed it would be fondant, which made my brain go all crazy! I really wanted to hit myself in the face because I knew that!


One guy was really sweet and he asked us how we were doing and I told him I was cold, but I had taken off one of my socks! Here’s the story about that: I thought my mom was going to give me my camera so I could take pictures, but she ended up doing it for me. Next time, I have got to talk her into letting me do it myself. I know she’s afraid I’m going to drop it on the floor, but there were things that I wanted to get but like I had mentioned above, she does not have the patience to get small details like I can!

Anyways, the guy thought what I had said about the sock was funny and asked for a high five, but my mom told him about my hands and he switched from placing his hand to my feet. He also seemed to enjoy the fact I am the maid of honor too!

I think one of the smartest vendors was the Scentsy lady selling a fairly large amount of scents. She had a whole table to herself and one section was nothing but these bars of scents! She had two different sales going on, if you bought one it would only cost $4 and if you bought 6 I think it would be $12 and poor Blondie didn’t bring enough money with her so she only got one. She likes the baking or food smells, she was conflicted between the two coffee scents but ended up going for the mocha blend. Another favorite was a lip company, they were advertising that these suckers were only $25 and the gloss was another $25, but it lasted all night and was waterproof, but kicker was it had a shelf up to 75 years! Blondie tried it out and got a dark nude shade. They asked if I wanted to try it, but I had been chewing on my lip in the car, so I didn’t want something to burn it!

We actually spent about an hour and a half there, I thought we were there a lot longer but I do have to say Blondie did just check out every booth and moved on very quickly. In her defense though, a good chunk of her wedding is already planned and they already have catering and a DJ ordered! Soon you’ll be told everything about bridesmaid and my maid-of-honor dresses!

So how you ever went to a bridal expo before? If you have, what was your experience like? 



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