January Playlist



This is the first month of 2017, what did you think of it? Better than December in general? Or was it just okay?

Soo… I have some good news. My Spotify started working suddenly! My little logo on the side of my menu hasn’t been working since maybe April and then it went off officially in May and didn’t have it until Dec. 28th, I still don’t know why it’s working but I’ve been loving the crap out of it!

I knew I missed Spotify but I didn’t think I missed it this much! One of the first things I did was make a whole new playlist for my blog. I bet nobody knew it was different, which is okay. I haven’t been very open about it because I figured it would stop working on me. In case it ever does that again I created a playlist of songs I missed and hadn’t heard in a while! I was even adding songs that I was listening from YouTube for the past eight months. Funnily enough, it’s still growing! This playlist has a total of 300+ songs on it! The last time I checked it, I read 128 songs… I’m just making things easier on myself!

Now to talk about song of the month, which you’d think would be very, very difficult to pick from but it really wasn’t because I went with the first new single of 2017! On New Year’s Day, I woke up late in the afternoon and found out that London Grammar had a new song on their website! It was released about five hours before and I kind of hoped it was up on YouTube (I found it odd that my instinct was to look for it on there first) but it was there! The new track is called “Rooting For You” and man, is it good! I really love them, they’re different and tend to chill me out if I’m having a very hectic day!

Since I had the blog playlist at the side, I didn’t want to necessarily share it again, but I also hadn’t been keeping track because of the amount of music I’ve been listening to! However, I can tell you some artists and genres I’ve been listening to lately. Symphonic metal has come back into my life! I have quite a bit on my iPod but I have a whole playlist that has 830 songs in it. A band that I’ve been obsessed with lately is Beyond The Black. You’ll learn more about them on Thursday! I’ve also been listening to my ole hip hop/rap playlist that has all the good stuff on it. As I’m not much into new rappers, I have been hooked to G-Eazy. I literally have 7 songs on my starred playlist!

However, I’ve been very happy that I can listen to my “Fantasy” tracks without having to worry about it going on a break in the middle and become a total buzzkill! And I’ve titled them “fantasy” but not in a sexy way – ew! I think the best way to describe it is “epic” instrumentals. I mostly use them for whenever I’m doing blog posts or while I work on my project. So that’s what I’ve chosen to share with you today as January’s playlist, is my Volume II fantasy playlist. Enjoy!

What was your song of the month? What was the first song you listened to ring in the new year?


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