What I Got For Christmas 2016



I know I’m late and instead of repeating myself, I’m just going to move on and talk about what I got for Christmas anyways!

We celebrated a day early which is something we never do, but some of us had to work on the actual holiday so we had our fun the day before! Honestly, the whole weekend was a bit of a blur! I wouldn’t be surprised if I miss one or two things!

Last year, my dad was really sad that Blondie wasn’t at home Christmas morning opening her presents with the rest of us. So after Brandon got off work that Saturday afternoon, they came to the house before making their way to nana’s house. We opened our presents from each other there. Chipper and ChiChi went first, ChiChi got her favorite bag of treats and a brand new bed, while Chipper just got a huge stocking of chew toys! He wasn’t there maybe five minutes and he had broken into one of the toys!

We were forced to open our big presents first. Blondie and Brandon got a Keruig and I got a printer, which I’m amazed by it because that was definitely not on my list, nor have ever mentioned to anyone that I wanted one! Later, my mom told me that it was dad’s idea. I understand why he wanted to get it for me, mostly for my project but… it was a bit of a shock for me to say the least!

Moving on to what my sister got me, she had called nana’s house earlier in the week. I told both nana and mom, “well, I know it’s not for me because she never wants to talk to me” and it actually was for me! She was asking about nail polishes and she was going to buy the set I had included in my Christmas wishlist but she found another one instead! What was so interesting though was what she had put on top of the bucket they all came in, she used three rubber bands to attach Beauty and the Beast DVD!


After seeing these which pepped me back up a bit, I went back to the ones “Santa” got me! I went to the DVD and CD shaped presents first and I discovered I got my first Asking Alexandria album “From Destiny To Death” and then I found out how I only received one CD, but that’s okay because I’ll be buying more here soon! Anyways, I unwrapped a DVD that made me scream and no, I’m not joking! Chipper even freaked out and almost knocked me down as he came over to check on me! My mom and I can’t find Bad Boys on TV anymore (where it has the cuss words included) and it sucks! Well, I got them now! I actually still have the second on my part of the DVR.

The next thing I opened was a stack of different things. I got my fourth or fifth Five Finger Death Punch shirt, two different candies, and the third DVD I received was Olympus Has Fallen that my mom had tricked me the day before! She had asked in the car driving back home which one we already had and she said they bought London Has Fallen again! And then while I was unwrapping this I kind of sat and thought to myself like, “she tricked me!” One of the last things I got were two packages of candies! I got some sour gummi worms – I’m a happy camper!


Now when we went to my nana’s house! The first thing I remember opening was the present I remembering spotting while we were making the chocolate bark. You never grow out of looking at what’s underneath the Christmas tree! And even though I sort of found out what my nana got me was a book, I had to connect the dots and I realized she got me this dream book that we saw in one of her holiday magazines. I didn’t think she needed to get me anything because she’s been giving me money from all of the chores I do for her whenever I come over, but she saw this and thought I needed it. Everybody is in love with it!

After going through hers, I moved on to what Laurie and Mike got me and I got another set of pretty nail polishes, except these were smaller and had glittery shades! I’m going to publish a haul tomorrow of all of the polishes I got so keep an eye out for that! I also got some nice Christmas tree socks that have aloe inside them! They’re very cozy! Lastly, they got me a white fuzzy blanket that has “Let It Snow” and baby blue snowflakes all around! It’s very warm, I now have 3 blankets on my bed now but I don’t care!


I also got some gift cards but I decided not to show those off, sorry! It was a pretty good Christmas. Very different and maybe bittersweet but still fairly good all things considered!

What did you get for Christmas? What was your number one favorite gift?


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