Let’s Bake Some Cookies!



The cookie post has sort of became a tradition on accident. I don’t know why I decided to blog about it, one theory is because it was one of the first things I ever did on my own as far as decorating something food wise.

This year, I honestly wanted to keep the three posts a week and I started to fill up December a lot faster than I thought I would and my nana and I decided to wait a bit longer to do our annual Christmas cookies, plus we also made a variation of chocolate bark too! By the end of the month, I started running out of room quick so I apologize for the leftovers, I hope you don’t mind!

Technically, nana and I did make a few batches of chocolate chip cookies on Dec 16th, she wanted to get a head start without having to bake the actual sugar cookies. We always use the packaged cookies to bake and then we decorate as we go on, but with these since they were only divided up between the two of us, there was no decorating involved because who puts frosting on a chocolate chip cookie?! Ew!

My mom purchased these cute tins to store the cookies we made, somehow my mom got one in a different design. Ours is a fiesta while my nana got a beach-y theme equipped with palm trees decorated with Christmas tree lights all around! My nana is obsessed with the beach and anything with palm tree related so this worked out pretty well for her!


A few days after baking these, my nana slipped and fell one night and she was very sore and having some weird pains here and there. She kind of lost her spunk and we ended up only doing one chocolate bark instead of two, but my Aunt Laurie picked up where we left off because on Christmas Eve, when my mom and I got at the house she was in the kitchen baking the sugar cookies with nana! She also took pictures for me since I wasn’t there, I did get to help decorate the last bunch of cookies though so that made me happy!

I tried to put frosting on the cookies, but I was already feeling weird that morning so I just asked to put on the sprinkles. Laurie was the one who slapped on the vanilla frosting, I put on the pearls, and my mom put them into her tin as she was the one who wanted frosting on them in the first place! We had our own assembly line going on in the kitchen. It was fun!

I will be posting about the chocolate bark and how that went down later on this week! I also have my “What I Got For Christmas” coming next week, after that post I swear we’ll be moving on from the Christmas-y posts!

What is your favorite cookie at Christmastime? Sugar or chocolate chip? 


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7 thoughts on “Let’s Bake Some Cookies!

  1. I hope your Nana is OK after she slipped! The cookies look great, and I can’t wait to see how the Christmas bark turned out too, I’ve seen it all over Pinterest and I wanted to try a peppermint version next year, as it looks like lots of fun! Looking forward to your What I Got For Christmas post too. Hope you’re having a good week! – Tasha

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