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So I am back with another Christmas-y post! This was an idea I’ve seen on numerous blogs with their own suggestions for Blogmas! I would have done our house but we’re not very festive, at least not compared to my nana and what she tends to bring out every year. I also haven’t done a house tour before, but I think it’ll be like how I wrote out my bookshelf post back in October so I hope you all enjoy all of the bright lights and decor!

The Kitchen:

I think the first thing you notice when you come up onto the porch is the ramp. She has a custom wheelchair ramp that was built by my dad a couple of years ago and she has her normal Christmas lights around the roof of the porch and a stand alone green light to support our veterans. She also has branches of a pine tree she has in the backyard she had my cousin cut off some of the lower branches when he was down for Thanksgiving. And lastly she has a wreath-like strand that wraps around the side of the ramp.

Next you enter the kitchen, she has two noticeable decorations in here! She got a yarn woven snowman with the word “Noel” stand on the table and of course we have “Nana Claus” or Alex if you read this post! She also has two extra Santa Clauses that don’t really have a place right now. They are just placed on the sides of the kitchen table until she finds an empty space for them!

To finish it off, she has these cute figurings of both Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus! She keeps telling me that they kiss, but whenever we moved them together they wouldn’t line up right. I think Mrs. Claus is supposed to go on his left side and maybe it would look better because her face is pressed up and to the side while Santa has his eyes closed like he’s blushing.


Nana’s Office:

My nana has a small collection of Christmas trees that she leaves up all year round, they’re just scattered throughout the house in various sizes. She has one in her office where she has added extra tinsel with a red ornament and two angels. I think it’s a cute and simple decoration!


Living Room:

Now this is where the majority of the decorations are, which is normal in almost every household because that has about the biggest space for a tree, whether it’s real or fake!

I think I’m going to start with the critters. She has these toys of different characters from the old-fashioned Christmas specials. She has two abominable snowmen, Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, and the very old Coke Cola Santa Claus is the one that I remember from my own childhood! However she is missing Rudolph’s female friend from the films. Also, does anybody know who the mountain climber dude is?

She has two more lit up Christmas trees on a small table up against the wall; she’s put up her Nativity scene there instead underneath the tree because with the amount of dogs that come around that area, even I would be nervous for anything old to be somewhere they could get trampled. I think this set up is very beautiful! Just underneath this, we have a giant Santa Claus that is bulky but not as bad as BoBo the Bear that my aunt’s friend got me as a present back in August!

Now for the main event: The Christmas tree!

Last year, nana and I put it up all by ourselves, which I have to say was exhausting but fun! This time, I did help with getting the sections out of the totes but the rest of my family put it up and I guess my Uncle David had fun putting up the tinsel as it looks like its raining down the tree, but my nana thinks it looks like shiny cobwebs! I’ll let you decide what it looks like! As far as having anything directly underneath the tree, we have a Santa with his reindeer flying him on the red rug and on the left side we have a small train that my papaw would have loved at the end of the tree. There’s also two little buildings in the back that I couldn’t tell you what they were, so I apologize for that!


So what do you think of the house tour? Do you have any interesting decorations up where you live?


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