How To Wrap Presents!



You’re probably wondering how I have a post about wrapping presents up this early? Well for starters, I have been blogging about my cousin’s pregnancy for the past year now and since my nana and I couldn’t make it to her baby shower back in October, she and I had come up with a plan to get some things for the baby. So my nana and I order two different sets of baby books so she and boyfriend Joe will be able to read to him at night once he’s born.

When it came time to wrap up these items, I really wanted to wrap the books that I had specificly picked out for the baby and I will mention right now that I have never wrapped a gift in my life! Somebody has always done it for me, which back then was fine because I have a slight phobia of tape. I’ve been doing pretty good at handling it recently, but I still can’t stand the sound of duct tape!

We were probably four presents in before she said “you know this would make a good blog post” and I grabbed my camera from my bag and we started taking pictures since I’ve never been properly taught how to wrap a present with my toes, we both figured it was time to learn! Of course, everybody has their own ways, they either do it all pretty or they half ass it. It’s whatever works for you I guess!

My nana gets sent small sections of festive wrapping paper every year and since we literally have a box full of paper we decided to put them into good use! If the item is small, you could cut the paper in half so you could save it for something else. So first, we unfolded a section of the paper and put the book in the middle of the paper, and then once it was in the right area we folded the sides of the paper into one another, we folded both sides inward and put tape on top to secure it in place.


After that, we moved onto the bottom and top parts of the package. We folded one side and each of the corners into the book itself, putting enough pressure to get out the creases before putting another slice of tape on top of that. We then moved onto the other side and repeated the same method.


When we finished those steps, we folded the left overs into the actual gift and taped that as well as that will secure that side completely. Once we were done, we moved onto the other side where we used the same techniques again.

All that’s left to do now is to put on your tags and bows if you so desire. My nana didn’t have her bows out yet so we only had the tags, but I thought it would be too much to have the bows on them!


I thought we did a pretty good job getting all of the gifts wrapped for when Kristi came down for Thanksgiving (yes, we did these six days before Thanksgiving!) and I tried to wrap the pacifiers and they were a disaster! I could only get one half, it was just a smaller area of wrapping paper and once I tried going for the top of it I realized why people just half ass wrapping gifts because I was really confused on how to make it look pretty like the rest!

I’m usually not that bad as a perfectionist, years ago when I was drawing in school, I was really hard on myself which is why I don’t draw now, but doing this was really testing my patience and I was really worried that I’d just give up on it! I still got through it though! I really love learning what else I can do with my toes. One thing that I was really happy about was the fact that I got both of my feet to corporate and work together nicely! Since I write with one foot and now type on my keyboard with the other, they’re finally understanding the word “teamwork” a little bit now!

How do you wrap your Christmas presents? What are your methods? Any tips?



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