Last Minute “Blogmas” Ideas!



So it is the first of December! I know a lot of people have been in the Christmas spirit since Halloween! For all of my British friends and everywhere else in the world, they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving so I’ve had to put my festive side on the back burner for some time. I finally changed my profile picture to Rudolph and switched to my “holiday name” on Twitter back to “Mistletoe Meghan” like always! I’m so excited I can finally talk about Christmas things and announce that I will be doing Blogmas for the second year in a row! And I am absolutely terrified that I’ll end up repeating too much of what I discussed last year!

I have been going through different blogs, reading up some of their ideas that they have listed during the month of November and I thought, what if there were still some bloggers or vloggers out there that are still unsure if they wanted to join the movement. So I was reminded about my little worry and thought it would do some good if I went back through my older stuff I blogged about and maybe they would be good examples for anyone who were still on the fence about the whole thing!

So here is what I talked about on here last year for my first round of Blogmas!

  1. What To Get A Blogger For Christmas – It’s a collection of different things that most bloggers normally talk about on their site! Ex: beauty products, books, new camera, etc!
  2. Christmas Advent Calendar – My nana gets a cute little advent calendar that she puts on her refrigerator and she and I put on a different sticker for whatever day it is to help countdown to Christmas!
  3. Favorite Christmas Movies – I listed a bunch of my favorite Christmas movies! From cherished childhood favorites like Home Alone and Santa Claus to National Lapoon’s Christmas Vacation! You could also do this with music too! 
  4. Christmas Lights In The Park – My mom and I went out to our park one night and drove around to pick out our favorite lights! The arches are still my favorite!
  5. Ugly Christmas Sweaters – I went on Wal-Mart website and picked out some of the most ugly ass Christmas sweaters! However, I thought most were more cute than ugly!
  6. Decorating The Christmas Tree – This post is about the day, my nana and I decided to put up the family tree by ourselves! It was a very interesting time all around!
  7. The Christmas Tag! – This was one of two Christmas tag that I’ve done on here! If you don’t want to do the standard Christmas-y posts, these are a good alternative!
  8. Christmas Cookies – It’s become a bit of a tradition to bake Christmas cookies as my nana’s! So we bake sugar cookies and decorate them to be sort of cute and festive!
  9. My Own Charlie Brown Christmas Tree – One year my mom surprised me with my very own Christmas tree for my room. It’s called a “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” because it is very small and has a tendency of tilting to the side a bit!
  10. The “Would You Rather” Christmas Tag – This is the other tag post I have done!
  11. Christmas Tree Ornaments – I went around my family Christmas tree in 2014 and wrote about some of the unique bulbs we have on our tree!

I hope I have helped you figure out some ideas if you don’t know what to blog about this month! Honestly, it doesn’t have to be all about Christmas and a lot of people will say you need to blog every single day and you don’t! I’ll be publishing three posts a week and have a couple of posts that are far from Christmas themed, I don’t care what anybody says! I also hope you guys are excited for another month of Christmas worthy posts! You know there will be funny stories about my nana and I’s time together because you know we’ll be DIY-ing, baking, and whatever else we can get ourselves into, so hopefully you will like it!

Are you going to be doing Blogmas or Vlogmas? If not, who do you look forward to reading or watching around this time?


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